01.00 Victoria to Brighton Train

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Kirsty had a weekend away in London and was travelling on a late night train from London Victoria to Brighton in the very early hours of Monday morning. She was sitting in the last carriage of the train and apart from a middle aged male asleep she was alone.

Kirsty was watching a short porn clip on her phone. She felt herself getting turned on and knew she had at least an hour of boring travelling time left and she wanted to cum.

The guy asleep was two rows away opposite her and had his back to her, Kirsty lifted her legs up so her feet were on the seat opposite and she pulled her dress up and started to explore the inside of her knickers with her fingers.

Kirsty shut her eyes and was thinking about the night before where she finally got to fuck one of her long term male friends. Kirsty began to rub her fingers in a circular motion around her pussy lips and was thinking of cock, she wished she had either a penis or her favourite bullet vibrator to help.

After several minutes of her fingers rubbing her sensitive parts she had an orgasm, cumming hard on her fingers. She was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t get a finger in her arse hole as she loved this. Kirsty looked at the middle aged man whom had his back to her still sleeping. She had just masturbated without being seen and that thought started to turn her on slightly again.

Kirsty got up and walked to find the toilet, she left the end carriage and entered the next carriage and again it seemed deserted. She found the toilet with the silly rounded doors and pressed the button.

When the door opened she entered the toilet and walked straight in to the cubicle. There was an older guy, maybe in his forties, he was standing up with one leg on the toilet with his back to the door. From this guys positioning Kirsty thought her was either urinating over the floor or was pulling himself off.

“Hi and what are you up to then?” Kirsty asked in a loud interrupting voice.

The guy slightly turned around to face Kirsty and he was trying to cover his exposed erection.

“Err, I’m hiding canlı bahis from the ticket inspector” Replied the man as his cheeks started to go red.

“That makes two of us then” Said Kirsty.

Kirsty pressed the button inside of the toilet to close and lock the door.

“Do you usually hide from the ticket people with your cock hanging out” Kirsty asked in a aggravating tone.

“Erm, err, well I was just about to go for a wee” Came the reply from the rather embarrassed man.

“Oh don’t mind me, I have to go in a minute” Kirsty informed him with a cheeky grin.

The guy stepped back from the toilet and motioned with his hand for Kirsty to go first. Kirsty inspected the seat to make sure it looked clean then sat down as she lifted back her dress exposing her trimmed pussy hair and pulled down her knickers to her ankles. The man still had his cock in his hand was looking at her shaved cunt. Kirsty concentrated and tried to piss in the toilet.

“You can put your cock in my mouth if you want” Kirsty asked him grinning.

The man did exactly what she suggested and he took a few steps closer moving his hips closer to Kirsty’s mouth. He placed his penis by her lips and she moved her head forward and licked around his foreskin. Kirsty placed her right hand at the base of his cock and pulled back so his foreskin was now coming away from his cock as she flickered her tongue all over his cock head. The guy closed his eyes and leant his head back breathing heavily. Kirsty opened her mouth and took his hard penis into her mouth. She could not piss now as she was concentrating on sucking the penis in her mouth.

Kirsty was so deep in thought and turned on. She wanted him to ejaculate his sperm so she could taste it. Kirsty felt his hand wondering down to her breasts and he was pulling and tugging at the trying to pull down her top and expose them.

Kirsty with her left hand yanked down her top and bra exposing her breasts and nipples, the guy grabbed them hard pinching her nipples. He gyrating his hips faster so his cock was slopping in and out bahis siteleri of Kirsty’s mouth. Kirsty tasted pre-cum dribbling out of his cock slit, she moved her tongue to where it was leaking out and lapped it up whilst still sucking hard on his cock and moving her right hand up and down at a fast pace on his shaft.

The guy could take no more, he felt his orgasm coming, it felt like his whole body was going to explode and he didn’t want the feeling to stop. His toes started to spasm, his heart was beating fast then the release of his spunk came. Kirsty felt her mouth fill up with warm salty cum, she swallowed the first load of thick warm sperm as more entered her mouth oozing out of his cock. Another spurt shot from his penis into her mouth. The guy moved his bum backwards and his cock pulled out of her mouth, he had spurted two loads of cum and was still mid orgasm. The man placed his right hand on his cock then wanked his shaft furiously aiming it at Kirsty’s exposed breasts. He managed to shot another thick stringy wad of cum from his penis, it landed on Kirsty’s right breast just above the nipple.

The guy wanked and another blob of gooey cum hit Kirsty’s neck.

“Rub my fucking cum in” Said the guy in a half crazed I’m having an orgasm voice.

Kirsty moved her hands to the sticky warm cum and moved both loads to both her nipples. She started to massage the gooey thick substance around her nipples and rubbed it in. The guy stepped back and kind of collapsed on the toilet floor, his cock quite soft but still in his hand.

Kirsty opened rearranged her top to cover her wet sticky breasts she stood up still needing the toilet but pulled her knickers up.

“Are you on this train next week?” He asked.

“Maybe” Kirsty replied.

“I will be and I owe you one” The middle aged man informed her in a heavy breathed voice.

Kirsty left the toilet and found a seat. The train arrived on time and she got off the train. The station seemed deserted, Kirsty checked the station clock and it was around twenty past two in the morning. As she walked bahis şirketleri down the platform she noticed quite a handsome young railway worker at the ticket gates.

“Is the toilet still open I’m bursting” Asked Kirsty.

“No the public ones are closed, are you that desperate” Replied the lad.

Kirsty nodded.

“You can borrow our staff toilet if you like” said the lad.

“If that’s ok you won’t get in trouble” Replied Kirsty.

The male walked her through the ticket gates and took her to a lift. He pressed a few buttons and the lift opened, he then signed with his right hand for Kirsty to get into the rather small lift.

Kirsty entered the lift and the handsome young man pressed more buttons and the lift went down. Seconds later they got to a floor where there were male and female toilets opposite the lift.

“There’s the ladies” The sexy lad said.

Kirsty went through the toilet door going into a larger room. Kirsty went into a cubicle but didn’t bother to close the door to. She pulled her knickers down and started to pee into the toilet. After a minute of peeing she noticed at the corner of her eye the sexy rail worker was watching her by peeping around the main toilet door.

“Don’t be she sexy” She said in a sweet innocent sounding voice.

The lad entered the main room a few feet away from her cubicle. He stood there just staring at Kirsty.

Kirsty finished going to the toilet looking directly into the railway workers eyes. She pushed her knickers to the floor and stepped out of them leaving them on the floor in the cubicle.

“I have finished” Kirsty said.

The young worker led her out of the toilet back to the lift, he was silent and never said a word.

The seconds lift journey back to the station level was awkward with the silence.

As Kirsty walked out the station she heard the young lad shout out something like, come back soon coz I wanna go on you.

Kirsty turned round and smiled, she had left him her knickers as a present in the toilet and wondered if he would sniff them.

It’s been a few days now and Kirsty is wondering should she have some more train fun with the fare dodger and even take up the young handsome railway guy’s offer of letting him have a go on her or should she just stay at home.

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