3 Sluts On The Night Shift

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I always thought that I knew my wife well. Belle can be a major flirt when she wants, but up until recently her antics have been confined to the odd bit of flashing and a few incidental affairs. We have been married for more years than I care to remember and that time has been mainly happy for both of us. We work for the same factory in our home town, but because Belle took time off to look after our two children when they were small, when she returned to work, she had to start again back on the factory floor. I continued with my career, rising up through a few ranks to become head of the department where my wife and about twenty other women work. This, of course, makes me Belle’s boss, but because everybody knows each other so well, it usually works out just fine. Usually!

Last summer the company won a fairly large contract and management had to look at employing more factory staff to cope with the extra demand, this also meant that extra cash was available to the existing staff by working extra night shifts in addition to their usual hours. Belle and I were saving hard for a late summer holiday and we both jumped at the chance of the overtime. The company make industrial cleaning fluid and it is my departments job to pack the thousands and thousands of bottles that come off the line and then ship them to our customers throughout the country. It is a busy department but there is always plenty of banter between the girls, which I have to admit is usually of a sexual nature and is usually led by my Belle!

At the end of the usual Friday daytime shift, the buzzer sounded and most of my department began to put down their tools and head for their lockers in preparation for leaving for the weekend. Belle and I had signed up for the night shift along with two other women; Mary and Linda. We were going to be joined by two new staff members who were beginning their work on this quieter shift, and when my phone rang at 6pm, I guessed that it was reception telling me that they were on their way down to the factory floor.

Waving goodnight to the staff that were leaving, I grabbed the phone and immediately heard the voice of Julie, the senior receptionist.

“Hi John,” she said, “sorry, but only one of your new people has turned up. His name’s David Wilkins. I’ve sent him right over to you. Should be there in a few minutes.”

This was fairly typical. Out of the amount of new staff that management had taken on, at least 20% of them never actually showed up to start work.

“Fair enough Julie,” I sighed, immediately trying to think how I was going to cover the extra work short handed, “I should have guessed this would happen, I suppose. Just have to manage with what we got! You have a good weekend, okay?”

“Thanks John, I will. Take care. See you on Monday.”

“Yeah, bye Julie.”

As I replaced the receiver I saw a young face appear at my door. I assumed that this was my new guy. My assumptions were confirmed as the young man introduced himself as David Wilkins. We had a brief talk and David explained that he was nineteen years old and working this job during his college summer break. My eyes scanned over him quickly. I guess he was a good looking boy in the way that the younger girls liked. Tall: about 6’2″, with fashionably styled hair and a slim build. Actually he was quite thin and didn’t look like he would have lasted long on a sports field, but he seemed keen to get started, and that was the main thing.

I called Linda into my small office and introduced her to David. I was a little surprised at the way she looked at him; it was almost as if her eyes were devouring the younger man. David smiled back at her warmly, and after a few words, the two left my office to get to work.

The night shift dragged on a bit. With only a few staff to contend with, my trips out onto the factory floor were limited and I decided to use the time in between to catch up on the mountain of paperwork that had collected on my desk. At about 3am, I decided to go to the canteen for some coffee. I was feeling drowsy and silently thanked the management for their foresight canlı bahis in keeping light refreshments available throughout the night. I checked on the girls and David before I left. All seemed to be going smoothly, although I could detect a deep, crimson blush on David’s face. I suspected that the usual banter and sexual innuendo had not been curtailed even though there was now a male working with them. I smiled to myself and hoped that he would be able to cope with everything that was likely to be thrown at him on his first night.

Sitting in the canteen, I studied the stock control report that I was working on and quickly finished my first cup of coffee. The caffeine was doing a good job of keeping me awake and I decided to order another cup to take back with me to my office. I looked at my watch and realised that it was probably about time I got back anyway. Gathering the papers up and clutching the Styrofoam cup, I began the short walk back to the factory floor. As I approached the large double doors that separated the packing room from the loading bay, I could hear laughter and raised voices from my staff.

“I’m sorry!” I heard David say, “Honestly, it was an accident. I was reaching for the sealing tape, I didn’t mean to touch you!” The other girls laughed as I heard my wife’s voice reply.

“Well, you did touch me. Your hand touched my tit! That’s sexual harassment, you know. I could report you for that!”

“But it was an accident” wailed David, “please don’t report me, I really need this job!” Linda and Mary had stopped their giggling and were eagerly anticipating Belle’s next move.

“Well, I don’t know,” said Belle with a smirk, “Sexual harassment is a serious problem for us women. This behaviour shouldn’t go unpunished.” She stopped for a moment, looking like she was deep in thought. During the heated exchange, I had taken the opportunity to creep silently into the packing room and was at present watching, unobserved, from behind several rolls of packing paper. I had to stifle a gasp of shock as I heard my wife’s next words.

“Okay, if you don’t want us to report you, then I think we should get to touch your body the way that you touched mine!”

Without waiting for a reply, Belle’s hand went straight to the front of David’s jeans and cupped his cock and balls through the denim. His eyes seemed to stand out on stalks and I saw him visibly jump as Belle gently squeezed.

“My! We seem to have quite a packet here!” said Belle with a wicked smile. “This is far too good to keep locked away in there, let’s see it shall we?”

Linda and Mary squealed their enthusiastic support for Belle’s suggestion and quickly moved to either side of David, holding on to his arms. The thin young man was no match for the three older women and I doubt he could have resisted even if he wanted to. He made a token gesture of a struggle as Belle’s fingers sought out his zipper and ran it quickly downwards. In a flash her hand was inside his trousers and rooting around for his prick while her friends held him a virtual prisoner between them. I saw David react as Belle’s fingers wrapped around his shaft and heard him gasp as she hauled his thick, erect tool out into the open. He was hard and throbbing and I saw his glans twitch as my wife let her hand wander over his hot, flesh stick. It appeared that David was not the only one in a state of excitement; Linda and Mary were hopping from one foot to another as they watched Belle’s fingers play a lustful symphony on their captive’s penis.

I had known the girls’ sexual banter to go a little further in the past, but I had certainly never seen it go this far. I guessed Belle must have been feeling extremely horny to go to these extremes and wondered how far she would proceed. I thought briefly if I should step in and put a halt to David’s dilemma, but by the look on his face and the throbbing of his large weapon, I doubt that he would have thanked me for interrupting! Besides, I was getting too excited myself from watching the scene in front of me. I was beginning to hope that Belle would continue!

“Okay,” bahis siteleri my wife said, taking a step back and reluctantly releasing David’s swollen cock, “Fair’s fair. We’ve seen you, so I think you should get to see something as well! I bet you’d like to see my big tits, wouldn’t you?”

David nodded dumbly as Belle began to quickly unbutton the top of her overalls. She opened the garment and displayed her ample chest barely concealed by the tight white bra that she had worn. “Come on girls,” she continued, “why not let him get a bit of pussy as well?”

Linda and Mary both looked at each other. Mary, definitely the quieter of the two, looked a little reluctant, but Linda, who was obviously already in a state of extreme excitement, immediately bent and grabbed the lower part of her uniform and began pulling it up to her waist. Seeing her friend’s lack of inhibitions, Mary quickly did likewise and within a few short seconds, David (and myself) were treated to a view of both women’s panties. Linda was still holding onto David’s left arm, and with a deft movement, guided his hand down the front of her briefs. Again Mary quickly copied her friend’s actions and both women gasped as they felt David’s fingers search out their moist slits and begin to slowly frig them.

As she watched, Belle had not forgotten her promise and promptly reached behind her back and released the catch of her bra. The garment immediately fell forward and she slid the straps from her shoulders allowing the twin globes of flesh to tumble out. I have always known that my wife’s boobs are one of the most sensitive parts of her anatomy and was not at all surprised to see her fingers go straight to her already engorged nipples and start to squeeze and play with the hard buds.

Linda and Mary were now taking it in turns to kiss the now eager David as he slid his fingers, rather expertly, I thought, in and out of their wet cunt’s. They were both leaning on his shoulders for support and Linda was gasping and moaning her way towards an obvious orgasm.

Now completely topless, Belle had brought a chair over and had allowed David to sit down while he fingered the two girls. Both had now let their panties slide to the floor and I could see the contrast between Linda’s sparse blonde pubic region and Mary’s thick matting of black hair. From his siting position, David was now able to thrust his fingers up into the girl’s wet vagina’s. Linda was the first to cum, and with a high pitched scream and a visible tremble of her legs, I watched her juices flow from her pussy and coat David’s animated fingers. Mary was not to be outdone, and a few seconds later joined her friend in a shuddering climax.

Belle was groaning and moaning deeply as she watched her two friends cum. She was kneeling in front of David’s chair, with one hand fiercely pinching her reddened left nipple while the other hand was buried between her legs as she rubbed her clit furiously. It would usually take my wife at least a half hour of serious foreplay to reach orgasm, but I could see from the way her head was flung back and her chest thrust forward, that her quick fingers had brought her to the edge of ecstasy in a very short time. With a final thrust of her hand and a tightening of her grip on her nipple, she screamed loudly; not the high pitched wailing that had come from Linda, but a deep, guttural groan as her whole body shook in orgasm.

Whilst all this had been going on, I confess that I had released my own cock and had been silently masturbating as I watched my wife and her friends in action. I knew that I was close to the point of no return myself, and had to force myself to stop before my balls emptied themselves over the rolls of packing paper! As I tried to control my breathing, it became obvious that Belle had not finished. All three women had orgasmed at the expense of poor David, and he remained sitting between them with his steel hard erection still poking out in front of him.

“I think it’s time for us to see a bit of man juice!” Belle said from her bare chested kneeling position in front of David. bahis şirketleri She scooped a heavy breast up into each hand and looked up at him. “You ever been fucked by a pair of tits like these?”

David’s answer was little more than a moan. His cock twitched, answering for him. Belle winked up at him and bent her head forward. Her long pink tongue darted out and licked the length of his solid shaft and curled seductively around his cock head causing him to gasp slightly. David’s gasp turned into a low moan as my wife lowered her mouth over his cock and took him inside. His voice increased in intensity as she dropped lower and lower, adjusting the angle of her head and swallowing his entire length until her nose was nestled against his pubic hair. A couple of swift movements up and down his shaft and she withdrew to see David’s penis wet and slippery with saliva.

“Come and give me a hand with him, girls.” Belle gasped as she continued to look at David’s throbbing tool. Linda and Mary seemed completely under my wife’s spell now and I half wondered if this was the first time they had “worked” together. It seemed that these suspicions may not have been completely groundless as I watched both girls join Belle in a practised kneeling position on the floor in front of David. They seemed to know exactly what they were doing as they each lifted one of my wife’s tits and placed a large fleshy globe on either side of David’s tool, sandwiching him in Belle’s deep cleavage.

My own cock was back in my fist again and as I watched David buck his hips forward with a sigh, I couldn’t stop this time and let a stream of my own seed erupt from the end of my cock and splatter against the rolls of paper. The mess that I had made on the packaging material oozed down in a white river and I briefly wondered what someone would say if they realised what the stain was when they unpacked their goods in the morning! I tried to silently clean myself up – I wanted to return to watching the rest of the action that was unfolding in front of me.

As I zipped up, my eyes went back to David and the three women. Damn! These girls knew what they were doing all right – there was no way they hadn’t done this together before, I thought. Mary and Linda each had a hold of my wife’s breasts and were working the heavy mounds over and around David’s slick tool. For his part, he was grunting and trying to thrust his throbbing weapon up into her cleavage to maintain as much sensation as possible. I could hear Belle sighing as the large cock slipped between her tits and she groaned when one of the other girls’ finger’s came into contact with her nipples. I could see that David was nearing his climax. His eyes were closed and he was calling my wife a “slut” and a “tramp” as he fucked her big tits. Belle loved the dirty talk. I knew that if I called her a “dirty whore” or any other condescending name whilst I fucked her, it would intensify the power of her orgasm ten fold.

But my wife seemed to have other things on her mind at that moment. She too could see that David was on the point of cumming and, with her hands free, she cupped his heavy balls beneath her chest and squeezed them gently. As he felt her touch, David thrust hard between her tits and, with a cry of satisfaction the three women watched as his seed spilled out onto Belle’s chest. Three pairs of hands and all fingers were immediately on his cock and balls as they simultaneously milked the young man of his precious fluid. Spurt after spurt of sticky, white liquid jetted from the eye of his cock and splashed obscenely over Belle’s breasts and face. One emission was even strong enough to send a stream of jism into her hair.

I was about to think of a way to avoid being caught myself when I heard Linda’s voice.

“You can come out now, John!” she said with a laugh, “We know you’ve been watching. I think that us girls could easily go another round while young David here recovers!”

The words echoed in my mind as I sheepishly removed myself from my hiding place. All three women were smiling as I approached.

“I hope you haven’t got rid of all your cum behind there!” laughed Linda as she quickly stripped the rest of her clothing off, “I need a good fuck and I need it now!”

But that’s another story! Maybe I’ll tell you sometime!

– The End –

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