4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: I am grateful for Utamu who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


Some days after Aidan’s eighteenths birthday he was over at the Miller house. Sitting in the kitchen he overheard a conversation in the living room between Vanessa and Daniel Miller.

Vanessa Miller looked angry at her husband. It had become more and more noticeable for her, what the effects of age can do to the body. In the last ten years, Daniel had put on quite a few pounds, mostly in the middle. He was no longer in good shape and had agreed to take ballroom dancing lessons with her as a mean to exercise. They had been married for almost twenty years and now he seemed just interested in his work. She had signed them up for class as a means to rekindle their relationship.

“You told me to go ahead making reservation at the dance studio. Our class is scheduled for Monday evenings from 8pm to 10pm for the next twelve weeks, but now you tell me, that you’re too busy to go dancing with me,” Vanessa said angry.

“I know I promised, but it’s just so damn busy at work. I’m sorry honey, but can’t you take the lessons yourself? ” Daniel apologized to his angry wife.

“Yeah right, I’ll go dancing on my own,” Vanessa hissed as she stormed out of the living room and into the kitchen. The 38 year old mother of two stopped when she saw Aidan standing by the kitchen sink. She smiled embarrassed at the handsome teen and said, “Bet you’re not used to a heated argument in your home, Aidan?”

Aidan quickly looked Vanessa up and down. He just loved the sight of her. Her face was gorgeous with brown eyes and full, curved, sexy lips. Her face was done up in make-up, not too much, just the right amount. Vanessa looked absolutely beautiful. She had no noticeable wrinkles and had dark black hair, down to her shoulders, and dark caramel color, skin. As his eyes looked downward he took in her sexy body. Vanessa was blessed with a pair of luscious breasts and this day she flaunted her assets in a tight, white low-cut dress, held up by two straining spaghetti straps. Her chest tapered down to her thin waist, which led to her perfectly curved hips. These led to her slender legs, and her high heel clad feet.

Aidan wanted his friend’s mother and a plan started to form in his head, so he said, “Yeah I heard you and Mr. Miller. I’m not much of a dancer, but maybe we could take the lessons together. I admire those dancers you see on TV. I often envied their grace and athleticism. For some time I’ve wanted to be better at dancing, but that’s not a thing I want to share with my friends.”

“Do you mean it Aidan,” Vanessa asked.

“Yes Mrs. M. But if you agree to it, you’ll promise to keep it a secret. And I have to warn you, I’m not a very good dancer.”

Vanessa just couldn’t believe this handsome jock wanted to take dance lessons with her. She was old enough to be his mother, but she had been looking forward to this for some time now, and going dancing with a handsome hunk as Aidan would serve Daniel right. She felt a little thrill rush through her veins ad she started to walk over to her son’s friend and opened her arms for a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and standing on her toes she whispered “You’ve got a deal. I’ll pick you up on Monday.”

When Monday night finally arrived, Aidan was waiting at home for Vanessa to come by and pick him up. As soon as her car pulled up he was out of the house and seconds later they drove the twenty minutes to the local dance studio.

Vanessa was really excited about the whole thing, as she had dreamed of going dancing for years now.

After parking the car they made their way into the dance studio. They were about ten minutes early and made their way into the large room. It was a sparse room with few adornments other than the folding chairs which lined the walls. People were standing around chatting, waiting for the lessons to begin. Looking around, Aidan counted a total of sixteen people, eight couples in all. They were in all ages.

Several minutes later the instructors walked in carrying a portable sound system which they set up in the front of the room. They were an attractive couple in their thirties. They presented themselves as Peter and Maria.

Peter and Maria stood in front of the room and gave a brief talk about the different types of ballroom dances following their initial introductions. They had an easy going air about them and punctuated their conversation with occasional laughter. When their talk was over they followed it with a demonstration of the various dances while the music played in the background. Vanessa could not help but be impressed by the ease of which they glided across the dance floor as the sixteen students stood back and looked on.

After the talk and demonstration, the couples were given some basic waltz steps. Vanessa and Aidan moved easily to the rhythm of the music coming from the portable stereo. Anadolu Yakası Escort Vanessa was kind of a natural, thanks to her days as a cheerleader, while Aidan needed a little more coaxing.

As they moved around the dance floor, their movements locked in rhythm. One time Aidan stepped on Vanessa’s toes and he apologized letting go of her, “I’m so sorry Mrs. M. I’m not very good.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll get the hang of it,” Vanessa said as she once again held out her arms and Aidan moved to her.

Aidan put one hand at her waist and held her hand with the other. Her other hand was resting on his shoulder. They moved a few steps across the floor at arm’s length from each other. It wasn’t very graceful and Maria stopped them.

“Is this the way you hold the girls when you dance, Aidan?” she asked.

“Yes. No. What do you mean?”

“Do you always keep so much distance between the two of you?” Maria said.

“No, but.”

“No buts, hold Vanessa closer. You have to feel your partner’s body and move together as one.” Maria pushed them more together.

Vanessa moved closer until Aidan could feel her body touching his. Her arm went from his broad shoulder to around his neck. Maria brought Aidan’s other hand around Vanessa’s waist and then took his hand in Vanessa’s hand and moved it between their bodies. Aidan could feel the swell of her breast against the back of his hand. It caused his cock to stir in his pants. Aidan hoped, Vanessa didn’t notice it.

Aidan tried to pull back but Maria stopped him. The music was still playing as his body was pressed against Vanessa’s. She looked up into his eyes and gasped.

Vanessa felt how Aidan penis was starting to press into her abdomen, and now it was her turn to try to pull away. Once again Maria stopped this from happen.

“Listen you two. You have to be close, when you dance. So keep together from now on.”

Vanessa blushed, as she realized Aidan’s penis continued to get harder. She gasped, but was also thrilled she could get this reaction from a handsome teen as Aidan. “Alright Maria, we’ll do our best,” she said while looking up into Aidan’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.” Aidan whispered sounding embarrassed as they danced around the floor.

“Don’t be sorry. I take it as a compliment. I’ve heard, some men have this reaction when they dance. Just relax and let our bodies move together. I like to know an old woman can have that kind of effect on you.” Vanessa squeezed his hand as they moved to the music.

Aidan was thrilled by this reaction from the hot mother of two, and his cock grew even harder. Now he pressed it against Vanessa all the time, so she could get an idea of how big it really was.

Dance after dance they moved across the floor. An hour went by then Maria and Peter showed some more steps.

As the couples danced again Vanessa almost snuggled into Aidan’s hard body. She also began to feel aroused by being held by Aidan’s powerful arms. Unable to block out the illicit thoughts that began racing through her mind, Vanessa imagined how the handsome teen was sliding his strong hands up under her dress as they danced across the room. Heart thumping as she panted for breath, Vanessa chastised herself for such illicit thoughts, wondering just how in the world she could even think of such a thing. In all her married life, never before tonight had she harbored such illicit thoughts, not until Aidan’s arousal had unnerved her so.

When the class was over, Vanessa and Aidan went for some coffee. They discussed their first dance lesson and both agreed that taking the dance class was a good move.

Vanessa noticed, that Aidan was fun to be around and a great conversationalist. He seemed so much more mature than her own son Coby. A little embarrassed she realized, that she was giddy like a teen girl, as she talked to the handsome teen.

This also didn’t go unnoticed by Aidan, but he decided to take his time. So when Vanessa dropped him off at his house, he just gave her a little kiss on her chin before he got out of the car.

Once a week Vanessa came by Aidan’s house and picked him up. With all the time they spent together Vanessa and Aidan developed a really great relationship.

When Vanessa thought about it after the second lesson, she didn’t think either of them had laughed so much in their entire life. They had become pretty relaxed with each other and that showed in their dancing.

The third lesson started much like the others before with the same results. Aidan always made sure he got hard in no time and now Vanessa also started to seek out his penis with her body. Aidan noticed, that Vanessa was dressing up for the lessons. Her dresses had become much shorter and with plunging necklines. She looked so beautiful, so trim it belied the fact that she had two children. Her legs were slender and she walked with a seductive grace that was just so natural and alluring.

On the third Monday, Aidan had become a confident dancer Pendik Escort and they tried a lot of different things. One time he leaned Vanessa backward and then got down on one knee while holding her up by the small of her back. He loved how she felt in his arms.

As they finished that move, Vanessa looked up into Aidan’s eyes and felt this immense feeling of passion. With her tongue, she seductively licked her moist lips.

Aidan knew, this was the time to make a move and he thought his friend’s mother also knew what was coming because he saw her expression change. He slowly moved his right hand up from the small of her back, along her rib cage onto her full round breast. At the same time he lowered his mouth to hers. He heard Vanessa gasp as his tongue entered her mouth and tasted the sweetness within. He felt her nipple harden under his hand before she pushed him away.

“Please stop, Aidan,” Vanessa moaned, “We’re at a public place.”

Aidan stopped kissing Vanessa and said as he helped her up, “Alright Mrs. M. But I can’t wait to be alone with you.”

Vanessa didn’t reply and soon they once again swirled around the floor. Aidan rolled his hips bringing his rampant cock to push into her at every move.

Vanessa turned her face to Aidan’s and shuddered, “What are you doing to me, Aidan?”

“Making sure you get to feel, what’s in wait for you, when the class is over,” Aidan growled as he looked into her passionate eyes.

After the class they returned to the now dark car park. Ever so confident Aidan had taken her hand as they walked toward the car and he smiled as he felt her petite manicured hand trembling in his.

He had taken her keys and soon the car was parked in the garage of his house. As the port rolled down, they both got out of the car.

Vanessa didn’t know what was happening, so when Aidan pulled her to him and let his left arm went around her trim waist to keep her from pulling away her moist lips parted slightly to utter an expected protest.

Aidan didn’t let her utter a single word as he bent down and planted his mouth upon hers, darting his tongue in between her parted lips. A moment later, with their French kiss continuing, Aidan picked her up in his arms and carried her to his room.

Soon Aidan was reaching up behind her neck expertly beginning the process of stripping the lovely and sophisticated black woman of her clothing.

Before Vanessa knew what had happened, the sexy red dress she had worn to the dance class was puddled on the floor around her red heels. Worst, her lacy red bra was lying atop of her dress and all she could do was to gasp with pleasure as the handsome young stud suckled first upon her left breast and then began paying homage to its twin peak.

“Ohhhhhh, oh Aidan, no! Please, pleeeeeeeeeease …this is wrong, we must stop!…I’m married!” she managed to pant out, though not very convincingly.

Hands up against the handsome young man’s muscular chest, though not pushing very hard against him, another French kiss ensued causing her knees to buckle just as Vanessa felt thick thumbs being inserted into the waistband of her lacy red panties. Seconds later, those panties were tangled around her trim ankles as Vanessa was easily being lifted up and placed upon the bed. She could only tremble like a little school girl as the handsome young jock caressed her trim and flawless caramel colored legs as she clenched her thighs together tightly.

Panties now dangling around her right ankle, her legs now being spread apart by the muscular jock’s shoulders, Vanessa’s marital vows were now in grave danger of being violated after eighteen years of a faithful marriage. Now this eighteen year old high school jock was doing intimate things that only her husband was entitled to.

“Oooooooooh, nooo …what are you doing?” Vanessa panted out as she felt a hot breath at the juncture of her widespread thighs. “Oh, God, he wants to perform oral sex on me!” she realized, something that her husband Daniel had not done since the first month of their marriage.

“Oh, Gooooooood…ohhhhhh, Noooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo!” Vanessa frantically cried upon feeling Aidan’s breathe right upon her sex. Reaching down, placing both hands at the top of his head, she desperately tried to push him away as she raised her legs up to push herself away from her son’s friend.

Mouth clamping upon her sex, Aidan slid his tongue right up into her silk like vulva. Much to his surprise Vanessa was really trimmed down there. Aidan enjoyed the situation as he nuzzled his mouth and nose into the trimmed crop of pubic hair above her slit. He loved the scent of a woman aroused and Vanessa was definitely aroused.

“Oh, Aidan…I don’t…no…We shouldn’t…,” Vanessa whispered but her heart was not into the rejection.

Ignoring her Aidan used his fingers to help part her gash. Her slender legs were spread wide, giving him ample room. He took in the sight in front of him. The close proximity made him realize, that his Kurtköy Escort friend’s mother had a real nice looking pussy. He noticed how her clit was poking out from its hiding place. The clit was hard and beautiful, like the size of a small marble. With his mouth he started to lick and suck it.

“Oh, my Gooooooooooood,” Vanessa gasped as she felt Aidan’s mouth on her clit. She was so aroused. When Aidan began to slid two fingers inside her wet vagina and found her g-spot, she started to climax. Never had she felt anything like this, her hips bounced on the bed like she was getting electrical shocks as she sought out her young lover’s mouth and fingers. Delicious waves of bliss devoured her body and she bucked against Aidan’s face as he continued to assault her pussy. Her whole body went stiff as her young lover worked her through her orgasm and she rode the waves of wonderful delight.

The hands and fingers that had been pushing at the top of the teen’s head at first were now reacting in a totally different manner as Vanessa’s fingers were entwined in his hair and palms pulling his head down between her legs.

Aidan was thoroughly enjoyed his tasty treat, as his mature lover continued to moan and squeal. He continued the attack on her pussy for some time. He loved the fact, that he had seduced another married woman and he knew it was almost time to fuck her senseless.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gggggggggggggh,” Vanessa screamed as her body continued to spasm on Aidan’s tongue and fingers as her orgasm consumed her.

When she finally relaxed, Aidan couldn’t stand it any longer. He moved up and kissed Vanessa even as she tried to recover. Her juices coated his face and she had to taste herself on his lips. Then he got up from the bed and looked down at the beautiful woman sprawled out while dazed upon the top of the bed, Aidan pulled off his t-shirt to show her his masculine physique. Seeing her eyes focused upon him, Aidan smiled upon seeing her eyes follow his hand movements, right to the unbuckling of his belt. And when he pulled down his pants and jockeys, he had to chuckle upon seeing her lips part in awe as she uttered a gasp at the sight of his big cock that was jutting out from his loins.

Putting his arms under her trim legs, Aidan then reached forward to grasp the beautiful married woman by her trim waist, pulling her towards him, right till her beautiful ass was at the edge of the bed. Now her sexy legs, with feet still clad in her red pumps, were widespread with the undersides of her knees resting atop the crook of his arms.

Vanessa didn’t know what was happening. She had just experienced an orgasm like never before and now she was under the mercy of her son’s friend. She was both scared and thrilled. Scared because he looked awful big and thrilled because she knew, he would have his way with her in a matter of seconds. Still she tried to put up some kind of resistance, as she said, “We can’t do this, Aidan. It’s not right, I’m married.”

“I don’t care. I want you,” Aidan replied as he moved even closer.

“You’re too big,” Vanessa said.

“Don’t worry Mrs. M. I’ll let you take control. Come on…use your hand to put me in,” Aidan smiled.

Vanessa let her small hand moved down between their bodies before she tenderly grasped Aidan’s long hard shaft. “Oh my God, It’s so huge” she repeated over and over as she grasped his cock sliding her hand along the length.

“Do you like it Mrs. M?”

“Yes. You have the biggest penis I have ever seen. It’s beautiful. Look at how long and thick it is.” Vanessa used the index finger of her right hand to rub the lubricating precum fluid around the huge mushroom head of Aidan’s cock. She was in awe of the size of the teen’s steel-hard pole but also a little bit scared.

“This thing is huge, and it is so hard. You could split me in two with this monster. Daniel’s penis is not even half…” Vanessa’s voice trailed off as she became aware of the fact she had just compared her young lover with her husband. Panting heavily as her heart thumped in her chest, Vanessa’s mind was filled with mixed emotions, and her entire body trembled as she began to rub the thick head of Aidan’s manhood up and down her slick juicing slit. She thought to herself, “He’s not your husband …he’s young enough to be your own son…you can’t let him make love to you…”

Aidan sensed her indecision. For some time he’d been obsessed with pushing his cock into his friend’s mother’s tight body. He couldn’t wait to feel her tight little cunt stretched around his large cock. So he pushed his hips forward and felt how her wet pussy lips started to split around his thick head. Slowly he began to push his huge cock into this voluptuous married woman.

Vanessa felt the pain almost immediately and started to panic and plead with the muscular teen, “Please Aidan, I think you’re too big. You’ll definitely hurt me.”

“It’s alright, Mrs. M. All the girls tells me it hurts a little bit at first, but it will soon be over,” Aidan assured her as he gripped her waist with both hands and pulled her up against his massive cock. As he trusted into her with his spear he was thrilled with the fact, that he once again has succeed in putting his cock into one of his friend’s hot mothers.

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