787 Amethyst Dr. Pt. 02

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Cliff Connor stood in the living room of 787 Amethyst Dr. He stood completely speechless in his blue jeans and white T shirt. A six pack of beer was in his left hand but this was completely irrelevant at this particularly awesome moment.

Mandy Rivers, the 42 year old fifth grade teacher from whom he rented a room from was standing in the living room. She looked at Cliff with a speechless expression of utter mortification. Cliff saw that she was wearing a neon, one piece bathing suit. Oh no, not like the modern ones. This article of swimwear looked like it had come straight out of the early 80s. It had the high cut hips, electric colors and more. It was even stranger that Mandy was wearing green soccer socks with this eccentric ensemble. He looked at her speechless. She looked at him speechless. Here they stood, silent in the living room.

Mandy Rivers was a kind woman. Over the past few weeks despite the lodger/landlord relationship, they had gotten to casually hit it off as friendly acquaintances. They had eaten dinner a couple evenings prior and Cliff who had frequently enjoyed spending his evenings out felt a longing to be spending them at home with his new friend.

Mandy Rivers was also a big woman. A big boned girl with nice thick legs and a wonderfully large ass. Cliff gazed in a stupor at her wide hips which jutted out from the neon leg holes of the bathing suit. Mandy’s thighs were naturally muscular despite the lack of ripped definition and they looked invitingly soft and creamy. Her large tits seemed to bulge against the tight, electric spandex as if they were under tremendous pressure.

Something else was also under a tremendous pressure. Cliff didn’t realize it immediately, but his cock had sprung to perhaps its most intense erection since his teenage years. It strained uncontrollably against the denim of his jeans. He wondered what it would be like to have Mandy ride his cock. How great would it feel if those legs straddled him and that ass and pussy sat on his dick? Cliff wondered if the weight of her ass and the warmth of her thick thighs would potentially cause his penis to involuntarily explode inside her fantastic cunt.

“I’m sorry Cliff,” she began. “I’m so embarrassed right now I don’t even know what to say. I guess I’ll just tell you the truth, which happens to be that I do laundry on Saturday nights. I neglected to do so the past weekend and this is literally all I have to wear. In fact, I had better put my clothes in the dryer so that I can look more presentable. I certainly didn’t expect you home on a Saturday night. It’s only midnight and that’s early for you. Excuse me.”

“Wait.” Cliff exclaimed.

He stopped her as she tried to dart past him and into the safety of the hall that led to the laundry. He simply blocked her path and grinned.

“You look stunning. Definitely the most attractive middle school teacher I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh for fuck sake Cliff stop!”

“No really,” he continued. “Your outfit is outrageous and a bit psychedelic but I can’t stop looking at you in this ridiculous one piece. This is fucking awesome, I usually only see you in your subdued, classroom casual wear. But this! I didn’t even know these still existed.”

“Well I think mine is technically an antique.” Mandy replied.

“Look,” he said. “I’ll go change your laundry in the dryer if you’ll watch a movie with me tonight. I came home because I couldn’t stop wondering what you were up to and I thought maybe we could hang out. I guess I didn’t expect you to be home on a Saturday night. I figured if you were here I’d surprise you, if not, well than there’s always Mortal Kombat.”

“Cliff it’s going bornova escort to be at least an hour till the dryer is done.”


“So you expect me to sit on the couch and watch a movie with you in my neon singlet? You pay me money for a room and we’ve spoken all of ten times. It’s past midnight Cliff.”

“I just want to watch a movie with you Mandy. I’ll behave myself and I even brought home some beer.”

Smiling, Mandy grabbed a can off the six pack of Miller High Life. She smiled affectionately at him and he returned an equally warm grin. She laughed at his expression and her big boobs tremored behind the tight spandex. Cliff could not control himself and by compulsion gazed straight down at Mandy’s inviting cleavage. There was enough there for the armies of Hannibal to trek through and Cliff’s cock stiffened in his pants. His mouth dropped open as he gazed into this perverse abyss. Finally, Mandy physically tilted his chin up to face her eyes and not her breasts. She caught him red handed and both of them knew it.

“I’ll watch a short movie with you Cliff. I’d appreciate it if you would go put my stuff in the dryer so I can put more appropriate articles of clothing on. Besides, I don’t want you staring at my exposed ass while I walk away.”

Red faced and embarrassed, Cliff set down the Miller High Life and headed down the laundry hall. Mandy opened her can of beer and took a long drink.

“Mortal Kombat.” She muttered and rolled her eyes.


Mandy’s heart was racing and her pussy was producing lustful juices at a cyclic rate. She had let Cliff sit next to her on the loveseat and that was her first mistake. Her horniness was uncontrollable at this point. Mandy had been aggressively fingering herself when Cliff had come home and she had been able to pull herself together moments before he had entered the living room.

Cliff was sitting next to her quite confidently. In a bold statement he had taken her hand on the couch and was playing with hers. His other arm was halfway around her and he teasingly played with her curly brunette hair. He would swirl it around his fingers as he pretended to watch the movie. She enjoyed his teasing tremendously as nobody had paid attention to her like this in at least three years. On screen, some demonic creature had a brain in its mouth. All Mandy could think about was having Cliff’s dick deep in hers. They were maybe 40 minutes into the movie.

“Cliff,” she said softly. “How come you don’t have a girlfriend?”

Cliff took a sip of his beer and continued playing with her hair and watching the horror film.

“Well I’ve got some pretty extreme sexual fetishes and desires.”

“I see.”

“I don’t think many young women would be particularly open to them. Many are prudish, immature and closed minded these days Mandy.”

Mandy was sitting to the left of Cliff on the loveseat. For an instant she reflected on Vulture’s Brew, Cliff’s perverse, female domination porn that she had watched days prior. At this point, her pussy was well lubricated with her desire and the electric lime spandex of her bathing suit was drenched. Slowly, she draped a huge curvy thigh over his denim clad leg. Instantly, a huge bulge began to appear in the crotch of his jeans as Mandy happily watched his penis grow. She took Cliff’s hand and placed it on her thigh and rested her own hand on Cliff’s crotch. Cliff moaned softly and Mandy smiled.

“Cliff,” she hissed seductively. “What if you could have a girlfriend that might be willing to engage in these desires and needs of yours from time to time?”

Cliff, who had begun stroking bornova escort bayan her silky thigh replied, “If I could, she’d have to be you. I don’t think I’d want anyone else. Besides, it’s a plus that you look phenomenal in eighties fucking swim wear.”

Immediately, Mandy was tearing off his blue jeans in a ravenous fury. In seconds, she had them down around his ankles. It occurred so quickly that Cliff couldn’t immediately process what was happening to him. Mandy dropped hungrily down on her knees and spread Cliff’s legs. His seven inch, fat cock bobbed up and down triumphantly, like some kind of monument to his horniness. She looked up at his surprised face.

“I’m going to suck your cock until you scream Cliff,” she declared. “I will keep my eyes focused on you during the entire cock sucking session. I want you to watch so you know what a wife-material blowjob feels like.”

“Oh my fuck!” Cliff wailed.

Mandy did not waste any time. Gripping Cliff’s cock firmly, she plunged the seven inch member into her mouth. Hungrily, she slurped and slobbered over his penis. She was not shy or prude with his dick and her head bobbed rapidly and rhythmically. Her aggressive cock sucking was extremely audible. Mandy’s variety of slurps, grunts and animalistic gags filled the living room on 787 Amethyst. The loud, wet sounds of the blowjob were complemented by Cliff’s increasingly loud moans. He was trying very hard not to nut prematurely and the veins in his neck stood out as he gritted his teeth. Mandy’s pussy at this point had metamorphosed into a sopping wet cunt. It was so drenched that a droplet of pussy juice would seep through the spandex crotch of the bathing suit and onto the hardwood floor. Cliff compulsively ran his fingers through her curly brunette hair.

Her gorgeous blue eyes gazed predatorily up at his own. The blowjob was becoming wonderfully messy. Mandy’s spit and slobber was running down in thick, ropy streams down the shaft of Cliff’s penis. Some of the mucous pooled at the base of his cock and some of her saliva ran in downward rivers on his ball sack. Mandy had been wearing no makeup with the exception of some eye liner that she had forgotten to remove. Black streaks of eyeliner merged with her reactionary tears from the occasional gag on Cliff’s dick. Moist droplets of eyeliner ran down her cheeks. The longer that Cliff desperately held out, the wetter Mandy’s cunt got. She finally sensed her man’s despair, grabbed his balls and removed his dick from her throat. The head of the penis emerged from her warm lips with a loud pop. Mandy looked up at a euphoric Cliff with her eyeliner streaked face. Her saliva dripped off his erect cock and down his balls.

“Let me cum!” Cliff pleaded.

“Not on my face,” she began. “So I guess you’ll just have to blow that big load in my mouth. I can feel how heavy and full your balls are Cliff. C’mon, watch my cheeks as they swell from the load of sperm you pump in me.”

At this point Mandy plunged her mouth around the head of Cliff’s cock and began jacking it while she worked his seed filled balls. Cliff did indeed scream. It was an uncontrolled scream of desperation and pleasure. The culmination of the best blowjob he had ever received. He ran his fingers through that gorgeous curly hair and his dick exploded into Mandy’s mouth. Mandy moaned at his orgasm and semen spilled out from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. She could feel surge after surge of it spraying her tonsils and uvula but she was careful not to swallow. Testing how much Cliff really liked her was going to be fun. She remembered the perverse atrocities of his Vulture’s Brew escort bornova porn disc.

Calmly, Mandy stood up and straddled Cliff’s lap. He compulsively gripped her huge ass and pulled her close to him. He ran his fingers over her dense, bare thighs and the firmness felt amazing. Mandy’s tits were now even with his eyes and face. Calmly, she popped them out of the neon spandex and he could see they were covered in blowjob saliva and specs of his sperm. As Cliff looked up, he could see splatters of his sperm around Mandy’s mouth. Her cheeks appeared to be full of his seed.

Mandy opened her mouth to talk and as she did, some cum leaked out of her mouth and fell down on Cliff. “Show me how much you like me. Show me how good it felt.”

Cliff reached up and cradled her beautiful face with his hands. He pulled her down to him and kissed her deeply. He did not care about the gobs of his cum around her lips and he soon found out that Mandy was not a cum swallower. Mandy aggressively forced her sperm drenched tongue into his mouth and Cliff found himself consuming his own load as she strenuously snowballed him.

Mandy spent the next 20 minutes grinding on Cliff’s lap as he ran his hands up and down her big thighs. They would kiss sporadically and Cliff had begun to pay attention to her breasts. Gently, he tried to fit as much of one boob into his mouth as he could. He suckled her tits efficiently and it was during this that Mandy pulled her spandex crotch to the side. She stuck Cliff’s recharged, hard dick into her drenched cunt and it slid inside her effortlessly.

Both of them cried out in unison. They took turns controlling the rhythm of the fucking. Cliff would hold her huge thighs and ass while fucking her. Mandy’s vagina was a place of ecstatic sensation. It was a perfect balance of tightness and wetness. Her large boobs swayed in his face as she rode his dick in a lap dance like frenzy. Mandy’s butt had a firmness and softness that was simply amazing. She could tighten it at will and yet when she relaxed, Cliff found that he could grab the creamy soft muscles with ease. Loud thok thok thok noises were heard as Mandy rode herself into a passionate tantrum. She squealed gleefully as Cliff slapped and squeezed her fat, amazing ass. She would smile down at him and force her tits into his face, muffling Cliff’s moans of pleasure.

“Do my tits taste good in your mouth Cliff?” Mandy cried. “You better keep sucking them as I ride your cock. It’s going to make me so happy when you blow your load up my cunt. I can see the look in your eyes that you can’t hold it much longer. Perhaps I need to tax your rent and force you to fuck me on a nightly basis.”

They climaxed simultaneously. Cliff’s cock surged cum into her snatch and the pumping action caused sperm to leak out the sides of her pussy. Her labia was covered in his nut and she grunted as she felt his dick erupt inside her. Cliff spanked and squeezed Mandy’s ass and thighs while he came. Each time he shot a jet of cum he would squeeze her butt. His cries of orgasm were muffled as she had shoved the end of her left boob into his mouth. His body convulsed and twitched as he pumped his seed into her.

Mandy’s own climax was near violent. She gyrated and bucked wildly, locking her legs around Cliff’s waist. She was a big girl with naturally large and powerful legs and Mandy heard Cliff gasp as she squeezed him. Her clitoris tremored and she reached down to finger it ravenously. Her cries were animalistic and two houses down Mr. Moore heard loud screams. (Mr. Moore was extremely obnoxious and senile and despite the cries he did not call the authorities.)

When it was over, their bodies were bathed in sweat, saliva and cum. The loveseat was definitely going to need a specialty cleaning of some sort as it was soaked in Cliff and Mandy’s juices. Mandy found herself exhausted and happy and looked down at Cliff’s dazed expression. Down the hall, the dryer had long since turned off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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