A Bad Dream Ch. 02

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This is Chapter 2 to “A Bad Dream”.. It is NOT a standalone, so for more of a backstory on Luke and Mandy please read the first chapter.. I gotta admit was the hardest thing I’ve ever written.. I scrapped the whole thing at least three times, mainly because I was feeling the pressure from the success of the first part, and seeing as I didn’t think the first was going to be as popular as it was, I was scrambling to figure out which route to take the twins.. I just hope this one lives up to the hype..

And yes, I hope to have Chapter 3 out a in less time than this one took.. I decided to break the story up somewhat, so there’s less pages, and it’ll be quicker to get more chapters done.

I also would like to thank any and everybody that read the first chapter, and sent me feedback/ideas.. There was definitely a few ideas I wound up using, so for that I thank you guys and gals..

Oh, and please continue to send feedback/ideas.. I’m a total rookie at writing, so help is always welcome. 🙂

This is a fictional tale, and everyone in this is 18+.


As usual this story is still a slow-building story.. so again bare with me..


Copyright ;&copy 2012 Logically Insane.



“A Bad Dream: Chapter 2”


Section 8: Autumn Arrives Home.


“Wow, I didn’t expect to see you back home so soon..” Autumn said as she walked into her house after delivering Mandy..

“Yeah, I caught a ride home with a friend.. my evening was kind of ruined when Mandy left..” John grimaced as he spoke..

“I hear that.. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on.. I mean why did Luke get so pissed when he saw ya’ll kissing?” Autumn asked rhetorically.

“I know what ya mean.. I’m trying to figure that out myself… any ideas on who they’re dating?” John asked curiously..

“I don’t know.. they’re being pretty vague about the whole ordeal..” Autumn stated as she plopped down onto the couch..

“Well didn’t Luke go out with Paizley Fuller at one time? I wonder if they’re trying it again..”

“No, I saw Paizley and her dad at Wal-Mart when we got back from our vacation and she invited me to her birthday party.. I’m pretty sure she would’ve mentioned something about that, and even if she didn’t, I’m sure Luke would’ve.. He really liked her back when they went out.. Plus, you know the rumors about her” Autumn replied as she thought of Luke’s mediocre love-life, and Paizley Fuller’s alleged love affair with her father .. She looked over towards John and noticed his eyes were staring into space, lost in thought.. She waited for a few seconds and then coughed to break him out of his haze..

“Wow.. Speaking of those rumors, I think I’ve kinda got a theory going.. Wanna hear?” John asked and continued when he saw Autumn nod..

“Okay.. So we know they’re both dating someone, but neither will say who, and then Luke gets all pissed when I kiss Mandy….”

“John, stop.. Seriously, are you going to say you think they’re “dating” each other?” Autumn asked with a harsh tone..

“That’s exactly what I think..” John said as he saw Autumn roll her eyes and then he carried on..

“I mean c’mon! They have always been pretty close, and who can blame them with everything they’ve gone through? But think about it.. They’re twins, they hardly go out, and when they do it usually doesn’t last but a date or two.. I mean seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me at all..”

“John, you’ve seriously got to get your head out of the clouds.. Not every brother and sister fuck each other..” Autumn responded with a hostile tone..

“Yeah but you know..” John smiled and blushed at the same time..

“Yeah, but that was different.. We were both drunk.. It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.. I really wish you wouldn’t bring it up..” Autumn added bitterly..

“We weren’t that drunk.. All I’m saying is it happens..” John stammered..

“Whatever, I’m not having this conversation..” Autumn stated crudely as the room went quiet for a few moments..

“Do you really think what we did was wrong? Or a mistake even?” John asked curiously with his voice in a whisper-like tone..

“Yes.. it was stupid.. but shit happens.. You’ve moved on, and so have I.. So let’s keep it that way, and please stop bringing it up..” Autumn said as she faked a yawn..

“Autumn.. honestly, I’ve never felt like that before.. Hell I think that’s the biggest reason why I can’t hold onto a relationship.. It always lacks somewhere.. With you, it didn’t.. I sometimes wish we could be together..” John muttered out loud as his cheeks turned crimson red..

“John.. look it was good.. hell it was great, but it was definitely, one hundred percent, a HUGE mistake.. we’re just now getting to the point that we can talk civilized to each other again, don’t ruin it by bringing up the past… and I’m going to bed.. I’ll ride over to the twin’s place tomorrow and see what I can find out.” Autumn halkalı escort said as she stood up quickly..

John didn’t have time to even tell her goodnight as she sprinted up the stairs and to her room.. He sighed and thought about everything that had happened nearly a year before.. The hurt look on Autumn’s face when she woke up laying naked next to her equally naked brother had damned near broken his heart, not to mention the months of bitter silence between the two.

John had tried to talk to her about it countless times, but she either refused to talk, or accused him of taking advantage of her. He finally just gave up on things ever being the way they were before, and slowly but surely, things started to work themselves out..

The fair was the first time they had been out with each other; without their parents; since the drunken night that they made their “mistake.” It had shocked the hell out of him when she asked, but then she went on and on about how she wanted some alone time with Luke, and that he needed to keep Mandy busy.. It had put a big dent in his heart when she told him that, but he’d always liked Mandy, and honestly he thought if he couldn’t have Autumn, Mandy was a great fallback choice.

John decided to let the thoughts go for now, and try to figure out if his hunch was right, but to do that he needed sleep.. So he made his way upstairs, fell onto his bed with a sigh, and sleep overtook him quickly..


Section 9: The Morning After.


Amanda Tucker woke up with a feeling of pure bliss and peacefulness. She raised her head just a bit, and saw the love of her life laying under her. The thoughts of the previous night quickly rushed into her mind, and she honestly had a hard time believing she had truly made love with her twin brother Lucas.. She had initially thought it was all a dream, but now waking up naked in his arms, made her fantasy come to life.

Mandy carefully rolled off of her brother, trying not to wake him. She was a little surprised that she hadn’t rolled off during the night or that he hadn’t pushed her off, but then she again remembered how amazing their love-making had been, and how exhausted they had been afterwards..

She laid and watched him sleep for a few minutes and slightly grinned when he let out a few simple snores.. Luke had always made fun of her for snoring, so now she had something to hold over his head the next time he tried to poke fun at her..

The smile quickly left her face when she remembered what had waken her in the first place.. She was absolutely dying to pee.. Mandy quietly got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom..

After a few steps, she felt something wet and sticky on her thigh.. She looked down and blushed a bit as she watched Luke’s leftover cum gently slide down her leg.. She sped up her pace, entered the bathroom and quickly wiped the remnants of cum off..

After relieving herself she decided to take a quick shower and make her way into town.. She knew that she was in the “grace” period of her cycle, but she did want to get a morning-after pill, and get set up on birth control immediately.. The night before was just too amazing to not repeat soon.

Mandy showered as quickly and quietly as she could, mainly because she didn’t want to wake Luke.. She knew her shower would be more entertaining if he was in there with her, but she had to admit some “alone time” was nice for a little while..

She slowly drifted away in her thoughts and was still in disbelief that she was no longer a virgin. She had saved herself for 18 years, and then suddenly it was gone.. “At least it was with a man that truly loves you.” She smiled at the thought…

She turned off the shower, dried herself off, and made her way towards her bedroom. After putting on her simple pink cotton panties, and a standard bra, she found a cute little sundress with flowers on it. Mandy put the dress on, looked in the mirror, and noticed immediately the change in her demeanor.. She “looked” like a woman now.. She smiled because she knew that she “was” a woman now.

Mandy then left her room and tiptoed down the stairs.. She made a quick run to the kitchen and left Luke a note telling him where she had went, and how much she loved the night before. It was something that had been a bit of a tradition around the house before their parents had died.. Mandy remembered how her mom and dad would leave little love notes on the fridge telling how much they loved each other, where they had gone to, and when they would be back.. Luke and Mandy had taken it up trying to be just like their parents, and when their parents had passed, they continued it simply because they wanted each other to know they were there for each other.. Mandy finished the note with a simple “I love you soo much”, then made her way outside, and hopped into her car for the ride into town..


Luke heard a car engine start and then the pitter-patter of the gravel being crunched.. taksim escort He quickly opened his eyes and noticed that he was in bed alone.. Initially he thought it was a dream, but he quickly realized it was all real.. Then the terror started..

“Oh shit.. Mandy left.. I bet she thinks I forced her into making love, and now she’s leaving me..” Luke thought with a panic..

He jumped out of the bed, and ran down the stairs to see if he could catch her.. It was no use, she was gone.. Luke had a tears in his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, still stark naked.

He reached into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water to quench his thirst, closed the door, and noticed the little yellow note on the refrigerator door. He quickly read it and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luke walked into the living room, laid the note on the coffee table, and then made his way back upstairs, laughing at his own ignorance.. He quickly disposed of the empty water bottle, and jumped into the shower.. He could tell Mandy had showered before she left because of the water splattered all around, and he started getting hard at the thought of her bare naked breasts having water cascading down onto them.. He tried to shake the naughty thoughts, as he wanted to save his hard-ons for his love, but the image just wouldn’t leave..

He went ahead and washed himself, and slowly let his hand caress his solid red prick. It was almost painfully erect, and Luke decided he might as well jack-off to get his hormones under control. He started out slowly, but quickly found himself on the brink of cumming. He started a mental countdown from “10” for his upcoming orgasm, but when he reached “4”, he heard a faint knocking noise..

Luke immediately released his dick, and listened a little harder.. He heard the knocking again.. This time it was a little bit louder, with a bit more force.. He sighed, and quickly turned the shower off.. His still solid cock was going to have to wait..

He dried off as quickly as he could, and started down the stairs.. He, however, realized pretty quickly that he wasn’t wearing anything other than the towel.. He mentally sighed and blushed but decided to just play it cool..

When he finally got to the door, he opened it slowly and saw Autumn..

“Umm.. hey Autumn.. what are you doing here so early?” He asked with curiosity as he stayed hid behind the door.

“It’s not that early Lukey..” Autumn smiled..

“Riight.. umm sorry I was in the shower, do you need something?” Luke asked..

“I just came to check on you and Mandy, ya’ll both seemed upset last night.. but I see Mandy isn’t here..” Autumn replied..

“Yeah she had to run to town, I think she had a doctor’s appointment or something..” Luke said, trying not to give too much info away..

“Well, can I come in?” Autumn giggled as she saw Luke blush as he tried to prevent the towel from slipping down and open the door wider at the same time..

“Yeah, sorry.. come on in..” Luke glanced down and was horrified that he was still half-hard.. He hoped Autumn hadn’t noticed, but seeing her smile, he knew she had..

“Looks like I interrupted something, eh?” Autumn giggled as she ran over to the couch and sat down..

Luke ignored the comment, and told her he’d be back down in a few and for her to make herself at home..

He quickly ran upstairs to change into some clothes, and Autumn sat back and placed her feet on the coffee table.. She noticed a yellow note on the table, and her curiosity got the better of her.. She picked up the letter, gave a quick look towards the stairs, and quickly read the note..


“My dearest Luke,

Last night was the most amazing moment of my life.. I never knew just how good it felt to be so completely in love, but now I do.. I’m running to the clinic to get some birth control, so we can have more fun whenever we want.. I’ll be back home as soon as I can.. Oh and please mow the yard, it looks like a bunch of hillbillies live here.. haha

I love you SO much,

– Mandy”


Autumn placed the letter back onto the coffee table and sat back on the couch with her eyes wide open, and her mouth not far behind.. She had a million different thoughts running through her head, mainly about John being right with his hunch, but regardless the note made it pretty clear.. Mandy was screwing her brother.. Autumn quickly dismissed the thought of confronting them, because it really wasn’t her business, but still had to wonder what had caused all of this..

“Well that certainly explains why Luke got mad when John kissed Mandy..” Autumn thought nearly outloud..

Autumn continued to rack her mind to figure out why this had started, and what she should do about it when Luke came back down..

“Sorry I took so long, I had to brush my teeth and stuff..” Luke said.

“Oh, it’s fine.. Sooo umm are you two okay after last night?” Autumn asked, and immediately noticed that Luke blushed slightly..

“Calm şişli escort down Luke.. she doesn’t know…” Luke’s conscience rang out quickly..

“Yeah, everything’s fine..” Luke replied simply, hoping he was able to hide his guilt.

“Well you left in such a hurry, and Mandy was bawling like a baby.. I guess I’m just trying to figure out why..” Autumn stated, trying to back Luke up against a wall mentally..

“Oh, I just didn’t wanna see my little sis getting kissed, kinda awkward.. I don’t know why she was crying though..” Luke lied..

“Ahh.. Well, we could’ve put on a show for them..” Autumn smiled, and mentally wished he would jump on her right then..

“Autumn.. you know..” Luke got cut off..

“I know.. you’re dating someone.. I’m just kidding..” Autumn replied with a half-smile.

“Well look, I need to do some yard work and I’m sure Mandy will be back soon.. If you want to stay you can…” Luke said trying to change the subject..

“Yeah, that’s fine.. I’ll just wait on Mandy..” Autumn muttered, her mind was still pretty scattered at the moment..

Luke went out and started his yard work, he wanted to stay as far away from Autumn as possible, because he knew that if he didn’t, he might accidentally say something about Mandy, and that probably wouldn’t be the best thing..

The weather was surprisingly cooler than it had been due to the cloudy skies, but he was still sweating profusely as he made his way around the yard.. The twins had inherited a pretty nice area of land, and while Luke used a riding mower on the bigger portion of the yard, he preferred to use a push-mower on the front.. He was starting to regret the decision as the sun poked through the clouds, however..

Autumn was inside the house debating what the hell she should do with her new-found information.. She glanced out at Luke a few times, and couldn’t help but be a little jealous of Mandy.. Luke was definitely starting to become a good-looking man.. He was also a total sweetheart and the fact that she may have missed her chance with him was starting to depress her.

“Maybe she’s dating someone else named Luke, and he left before I got here..” Autumn mumbled outloud.. She knew that couldn’t be the case though, if last night had taught her anything about Luke, it was that he was protective of his sister.. He wouldn’t have allowed some guy to be in here doing the naughty with his sis..

“God this is seriously fucked up..” Autumn said a little too loudly..

She sat for a little while longer trying to figure out how long Luke and Mandy had been fucking each other.. She knew Mandy had told her she was still a virgin only a few months before, so she figured they had started their “relationship” recently, especially since she was going to the doctor for birth control.. The thought of Mandy losing her virginity to her brother only brought back bad memories for Autumn, so she quickly banished the thought, and picked up her phone to call Mandy for a little chat to try and clear her head..


“Well Miss Tucker, what brings you in today?” Dr. Robert Webster asked as he walked into the patient’s room.

Dr. Webster had been the Tucker’s family doctor for as long as Mandy could remember, she was pretty sure he had treated her parents as well when they were kids.. He looked to be nearly 65, but he was still damned good at his job, and he knew every one of his patients by name, something that every one of his patients appreciated and loved him for. Luke and Mandy especially loved him because he had been there for them quite a bit when their parent’s had died. He called their house frequently, and even visited a few times to just chat.. He was able to listen to them, and give them solid advice at a time that their whole world was falling apart.

“Well, I’m going to cut to the chase, Dr. Webster… basically I want to get some…umm… birth control pills..” Mandy said with blushing cheeks..

“Ahh yes.. finally at that age, aye?” Dr. Webster asked with his famous half smile..

“Yes.. I know I’m still young, but…” Mandy was trying to explain but Dr. Webster waved her off..

“Amanda, it’s quite alright, you’re a woman now, and it shows just how mature you are by taking preventative measures like this.. Just make sure the man in your life loves you, and treats you well..” Dr. Webster replied simply with his smile.

“He does, Doc… and I love him too..” Mandy smiled with lust in her eyes..

“Well that’s great.. Anyhow, are you just here for birth control, or do you need anything else?” Dr. Webster again had his half smile on..

“Well, honestly I just recently became sexually active, and umm.. I might need a morning-after pill too..” Mandy replied truthfully..

“Ok.. Well let’s give you a simple check-up, and we’ll take care of the other stuff..” Dr. Webster replied as he walked out into the hallway for a few minutes..

Mandy was waiting patiently when her phone started to vibrate, she looked at the screen and saw that it was Autumn, she figured Autumn was just calling to check in on her, so she went ahead and answered it..

“Hey Autumn, do you need something?” Mandy asked with a sense of urgency..

“I was just calling to check in on ya, and see when you’re coming back to your place..” Autumn replied..

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