A Bigger World

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This is my first ever erotic work. I like to write stories for fun and so I decided to turn one of my superhero origins story into an erotic. In future chapters, this story will have straight sex, gay sex, shemale on male. If I get suggestions for kinks or fantasies, I’ll also revolve the story around that. My character is designed to live for more than 300 years so anything can happen. Hope you enjoy. The weird terminology I made up will be explained in future chapters.

I sat in the middle of a courtroom. The wooden chair was very comfortable and armrests fit my arms perfectly. But for some reason I couldn’t move anything but my head. I could wiggle my toes and fingers but no limbs would budge. I looked around the court, it wasn’t a traditional courtroom like I was used to in the movies, in fact it looked completely different. I was sitting in the center of the room, encircled by a very high bench. Behind the benches sat the most odd group of individuals I had ever seen with their elbows propped onto the desks and looking down intently towards me. Three of them looked like ordinary lawyers I’d seen so many times on TV, but 9 of them were definitely not human. They had a variety of skin colors from red to yellow to black, and some had single eyes and others had no eyes. Some hair others were bald with Sincan Escort large horns popping out of their heads. I should’ve been scared, overwhelmed, and questioned what the fuck I was doing here, but the comforting chair seemed to make me feel calmer, puzzled but calmer.

Directly in front of me was one of those non-humans. He was bald with a triangular face (I don’t exaggerate, his head was shaped exactly like a triangle but with curved points). He’s blue skin matched his completely blue eyes that didn’t blink, it seemed to glow, no pupil or retina, just a pair of glowing blue eyes staring at me. A very large red faced girl behind him tapped him on the shoulder with her paws which made him shudder and consider the others around him. He then began to speak, or at least I thought so until all I heard were strange sounds. “Tla kire Earth English kou lrai.” Earth and English was all I could make out before a sudden high pitch sound penetrated the room and ended just as fast. “Now now, to the matter at hand.” I could understand him now, but his accent was nothing like I’d ever heard, in fact it sounded like a combination of a bunch of accents.

The others drew their attention away from me and towards the blue eyed man and a mumbling erupted immediately.

“Chancellor, Etlik Escort this is a mistake. We cannot trust someone so close to the canyon!” a human looking man spoke on my left in the same accent as the blue-eyed man.

Then a man with a face of what looked like a lion said “why the hell not? If he can touch the light, he’s on our side!” Again in that same accent.

“What makes you so certain he can even touch the light! We can’t spend so much energy on a whim!” Another spoke from behind me.

At the moment the blue-eyed man opened his mouth once more and the murmur died as suddenly as it appeared. All eyes and ears were open to him now. “I trust the boy. I consent to form a 3.5 centurion deliberation with the possibility of adjustments. That is my final contention”

The murmur erupted once more at that. It sounded as though the majority thought 3.5 was too large a number, whatever 3.5 centurion meant. The blue eyed man spoke once more as the room became quiet “Have you any other ideas, lords? No? We are at the face of extinction here. While we sit contentedly with our power and no desire to take risks, the enemy grows stronger by the second. I’ll be open to suggestions but if you have no other ideas, the boy receives Çankaya Escort a 3.5 centurion deliberation to become the overlord.” There was a thoughtful silence in the air, some thinking, some just sitting quietly.

“Chancellor. If I may, I agree with you completely, but a 3.5 centurion may leave us too dependent on the Overlord.”

“Like I said to you my Lord, ‘with the possibility of adjustments’, it can be less or more than 3.5. Only time will tell”

“Hmm. I too consent for the boy. Raise your hands if your consent agrees with the chancellor.”

No one moved for a moment, but hands slowly began to rise. First 2, then 3 then a total of 7 raised.

The chancellor spoke again, this time in a conclusive tone. “Alex Dubrani. Earth Born. 18 Solar-Terra years. I, the Chancellor of the free Universe, give you the opportunity of a 3.5 centurion deliberation with the possibility of adjustments. Court dismissed.”

With that, the sound of talking was replaced by scraping of chairs, and moving bodies as the so called lords and the Chancellor began to head off behind the benches and disappear.

The red faced woman, at least I thought she was a woman, now appeared again where the chancellor had been. When she spoke, she had a perfectly American accent, as a matter of fact, it was a very strong southern tone. “Alex, you can stand now.” Suddenly, I felt control over my limbs once more and stood up very slowly as if I was doing it for the first time. Now that I was no longer sitting on the chair, the overwhelming nature of what just happened dawned on me. I started hyperventilating, sweating, and my eyes became blurry.

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