A Birthday Surprise For Sarah

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Sarah was a typical twenty-year-old. She was a little rebellious, a little shy, and a whole lot hormonal. Her three brothers were also typical brothers. They were very playful, usually sweet, and always fiercely overprotective. Jeremy was the oldest at 24. He’d truly been her savior when their parents had died six years ago and a barely legal Jeremy had convinced the court to give him custody of his three younger siblings. Next came Eric at 22. He was the average college senior; not exactly a serious student but definitely a serious party-er. Sarah often had the pleasure of fixing breakfast for his latest conquests before he shooed the poor girl out the door. Jeremy often used Eric as an example of how depraved men could be, Eric didn’t mind. Finally there was Matt who was a year younger than Sarah at 19. Matt was sweet and shy but had a silent strength that seemed to secretly seduce women. When girls fell for Matt they fell hard.

Sarah loved her brothers more than anything in the world. They had been both mother and father to her for most of her life, even before her parent’s death they had been the ones who looked out for her and raised her. Most of the time having protective brothers was great, like when creepy Joey Steppino had pushed her into a locker in ninth grade and tried to feel her up. Eric had been there in a heartbeat and Joey had ended up with a broken nose and a black eye. Other times it wasn’t so welcome though; especially when gorgeous football player Jesse Hartford had asked Sarah to Prom and then quickly rescinded the invitation the next day. Sarah hadn’t known until several weeks later that Matt had threatened to break both of his legs if Jesse didn’t back off. Jeremy had said it was for the best because obviously Jesse wasn’t really interested if he couldn’t even stand up to Matt. But Sarah couldn’t blame Jesse for not standing up to him. Matt was a big guy and could easily have done major damage. She didn’t blame her brothers either, they knew what happened after the Prom and they hadn’t wanted that for her. Unfortunately at this rate Sarah felt like she’d never get laid.

“Looking at grad schools little sis.” Eric whispered in her ear.

Sarah jumped, surprised to have him so close to her when she hadn’t heard him come into her room. “I wish you wouldn’t sneak up on me like that.” She pouted. “And yes I’m looking at a few schools. And don’t suggest State again. I know you love it but I don’t and I actually might want to go away to finish school.” She said the last part a little slower like she was confessing a sin.

“Away? Why would you want to go away? You’ve got everything right here. Plus State is a great school. And if you really don’t like it then there are at least three other universities within driving distance. Who would want to live in a cramped dorm room when you’ve got a great house right here?” Eric said matter-of-factly. He was leafing through one of her girly magazines probably hoping to catch a peek at a scantily clad celebrity.

“Nevermind. I don’t want to talk about college anyway. What are we doing for my birthday? It’s in two weeks you know. You’d better start planning! I want a big party this year. 21 is important.” Sarah beamed at the idea of finally being twenty-one and able to legally drink. She looked expectantly at Eric.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not gettin’ nothin’ out of me little girl. It’s a surprise and you know it. Besides half the fun is in the anticipation.” He smirked and tossed the magazine back on her desk as he sauntered to her bed. Lying down next to her he put his head on the pillow and closed his eyes like he might take a nap. “What do you think of a Luau?” He asked peeking out of one eye.

“A Luau! Really! With tiki torches and grass skirts and everything?” Sarah bounced on the bed excitedly making Eric laugh and open his eyes. “That would be so cool! Is that what you guys were building out by the pool last weekend? Something for the Luau?”

Eric smiled at her and then zipped his lips with an imaginary zipper and tossed an invisible key over his shoulder. “No more! You’ll get no more information. Just make sure you have a bathing suit that fits.” He rolled off the bed and walked to the door. Just before leaving he turned towards her again. “And you better make it a one piece or we’ll have to spend the whole night following you around beating the guys off.” He smirked but Sarah assumed he was serious and mentally went through her array of swimsuits searching for modesty.


Within a few days, news of Sarah’s Luau Birthday Bash had spread over campus. Sarah was popular enough with her great figure and sensual personality, but her brothers were also legendary party gods so the chance to party with them was something almost any one would kill for. Usually it bothered Sarah to be a means to an end at getting close to her brothers, but just this once she didn’t care a bit. It was her twenty first birthday and she wanted it to be huge!

“Everyone is coming!” Sarah casino şirketleri screeched as she bounded into Matt’s room and jumped on his bed, practically landing on top of him as he lay there reading his book. “I mean everyone! Half the frats and sororities are talking about it and everyone in my classes is coming too! It’s gonna be amazing!” She laid her head on his shoulder and smiled.

“Good. If you’re happy, I’m happy.” He said absently running his fingers up and down her spine over the cool silk of her tank top. He kissed the top of her head and turned back to his book.

After a few moments of silence with Matt’s hands dragging slowly up and down her back Sarah could hardly think. “Matty? Do you think about mom and dad much anymore?” Sarah was staring into the distance and speaking slowly and quietly.

“Of course. I guess not as much as I used to, but I think about how they’d feel about the things I do. Why?” He had put down his book and was watching her closely.

“I don’t know. I just don’t think about them very often. I’m afraid I’m forgetting about them, like you guys are my only family and that’s the way it is.” Sarah said meeting his eyes. Their faces were only inches away and she studied his lips as they formed a thin line and then fell into a frown.

“Sarah you were fourteen. You’ll never really forget them and you’ve always got us to remind you. But it’s okay not to be sad and miss them all the time.” Sarah’s face stayed solemn. When their eyes met again Matt leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips for several moments. Sarah’s eyes closed automatically and when his lips left hers she felt a loss that shouldn’t have been there after a brother’s kiss. “Just enjoy your party and don’t worry about how you’re supposed to feel about the things you can’t change.” Matt smiled at her and turned back to his book as if he hadn’t just kissed his sister so intimately.


By the weekend the kiss was forgotten. Sarah wrote it off as a comforting gesture on her brother’s part and just a hormonal reaction from her. It didn’t mean anything. Matt was after all, her brother.

Sarah stood at the kitchen counter waiting for the microwave. Just a quick meal then out to tan by the pool. She wanted to look perfectly sun-kissed for her Hawaii inspired party. She didn’t hear Jeremy come into the kitchen, though it didn’t surprise her when she felt his body press against her back and his arms wrap around her.

“So, have you decided what you want for a present?” Jeremy said resting his chin on the top of her head.

Sarah leaned back into him reveling in the warmth of his arms. “Hmm… presents and a party? I’m so lucky.” She said teasingly. “I’ve got the perfect present. How about for once you and the henchmen take the night off and let a guy get within a few feet of me.” She was only half kidding and had a feeling he knew it.

“Sorry sis, no can do.” His chuckle vibrated through her back sending little tingles all over her body. Maybe he sensed her disappointment because he stopped laughing and spoke quietly. “You know we’re only trying to protect you.” Sarah nodded but didn’t say anything. After a short pause Jeremy squeezed a little tighter and said “Maybe we’ll figure something out. A way for all of us to be happy.”

Sarah turned in his embrace and wound her arms around his middle. “Really?” She said skeptically. “What could possibly make all of us happy?” For just an instant Sarah felt something twitch against her abs. Through sheer force of will she didn’t look down so she couldn’t be sure, but as close as they were standing she thought she felt the beginning of an erection.

Jeremy released her quickly and moved to the doorway leading outside. “We’ll see what we can think of.” He said again though his breathing hitched a little at the end and Sarah had to struggle to hear him correctly. He closed the door behind him and Sarah stared openmouthed after him.

‘First Matt’s kiss and now Jeremy’s erection, what was going on?’ Sarah thought stunned. She grabbed the melted cheese from the microwave and poured it over the plate of chips before grabbing a glass of water and making her way out to the pool. Unfortunately she didn’t get far before she saw Eric sitting in her favorite chair in his wet trunks.

“Eric! Come on you’re getting the cushion all wet. Can’t you sit in one of the other chairs when you’re dripping water?” Sarah whined, her issue with Jeremy already forgotten.

“Ouu Chips. Yum. Gimme.” Eric said as he reached for the chips in her hands.

“No, mine.” Sarah spun away from him before he could grab them. “If you get out of my chair I’ll share.” She bargained.

“Fine, here.” He jumped from the chair and grabbed a chip from the plate. A drop of the hot cheese dripped off of it onto her very exposed chest.

“Ach!” Sarah shrieked as the hot gooey liquid started sliding down her breast. She started to juggle the plate and her water but couldn’t figure out of casino firmalari to free her hand. “Get it off! My hands are full and that’s hot.” She squealed to Eric.

“Oh relax.” He cooed as he swooped his head down and licked her from the center of her bikini top to the top of her full breast. “See, all better.” He said and crunched on the chips in his hand. He turned and sat in a chair next to hers and lay back to sunbathe again.

Sarah stood temporarily dazed. Her brother had just licked her breast. And if that wasn’t strange enough, she had liked it. Loved it actually. Her nipples were hard and a heat that had nothing to do with the afternoon sun swept through her.

“So, are you gonna sit or what? You asked for your chair, I gave it to you.” Her brother was looking up at her now. She knew he could probably see the shape of her nipples through the thin swimsuit but that didn’t bother her. “At least give me the chips.” Eric said as he reached up and grabbed the plate with both hands. The outside of his knuckles grazed her erect nipples making them ache to be touched more.

Eric apparently hadn’t noticed or didn’t care that her body was reacting to him like this because he didn’t say anything as he started munching on the chips and looked out across the yard. Sarah snapped out of her reverie and sat down on her chair. It was still wet from Eric’s suit but she hardly noticed. She put her glass on the deck and tried to relax. It didn’t work.

“I think I’m gonna go in first.” Sarah said as she got right back up off the chair and moved towards the pool.

“Okay. I’ll come in too.” Eric set the plate down and jumped in after her.

The cool water helped settle her aching body but when Eric grabbed her waist from behind to spin her around she felt that familiar heat. This time though she noticed the hard pressure against her butt. Eric was turned on too! The thought nearly made her gasp. Instead of letting him launch her away from him she spun around and grabbed onto his neck. He was surprised but still tried to throw her. She giggled and wrapped her legs around him. He stopped struggling and just held her while he laughed.

“You’re getting better at that you know. I used to be able to launch you across the pool before you even noticed I was there.” He smiled at her and held her closely.

“Well I’m not a kid anymore.” She was surprised how husky her vice sounded. Apparently Eric was surprised too because his smile faltered and he stared into her eyes. She felt his erection pressing firmly against her warm cunt. They were both breathing heavy even though they hadn’t done anything to cause it. Eric’s hands slid over her back, up and then down. They kept getting lower and lower. When the touched the top of her suit bottoms Sarah had expected him to stop and move back up again. Instead they went down further and his fingers gently squeezed her ass. Sarah’s eyes fluttered close as she took in the sensation. That was all it took to break the spell. Within seconds Eric’s hands had jerked her hips away from him and her hands slid easily from his neck. The cold water rushed in around her stomach and breasts as he moved away to the pool ladder.

“You’re right, you’re not a kid anymore.” He mumbled as he got out of the pool and grabbed his towel. Before he went inside he looked over his shoulder, “And that suit is too small. Don’t wear it next weekend.” His words were rough but he was smiling. Sarah just felt empty. One minute she had been savoring that heat that she’d always hope to feel and now she was standing in the pool, a deep ache for rapture settling in over her body.


Tuesday night Matt had asked if she wanted to go shopping for supplies for the party that loomed only days away. Of course Sarah was thrilled. Until now the boys had been keeping all the details a secret but Matt had explained that they were only going to get the basics: cups, plates, plastic silverware, boring stuff. But Sarah didn’t care she was just happy to be part of it.

They climbed into Matt’s truck and Sarah had to hop a little to keep from flashing the neighbor’s her thong from under her barely there jean skirt. ‘The things we do for fashion’ she thought as she scooted to the middle seat and buckled her seatbelt. Her skirt seemed to be even shorter now that she was sitting and a little blush creeped into her cheeks as she realized practically her entire thigh was exposed to Matt. He didn’t seem to mind or even notice though so she quickly relaxed.

“Are you sure you don’t need me to pick out some decorations too? I’m really good at that. Remember Jeremy’s party last year? I did an awesome job, you have to admit.” She smiled over at him and nudged his knee with hers. If anyone had seen them it would have looked like flirting but Sarah told herself it was normal big sister little brother behavior.

“Haha… thanks anyway sis.” Matt said smiling and patted her knee. “Don’t you worry about it. It’ll be great. I promise.” He güvenilir casino hadn’t moved his hand off of her knee and it felt warm on her cool skin. Without seeming to notice he slid his fingers to the inside of her knee as he watched the road and turned onto a busy road. “Besides if you help decorate then it won’t be a surprise when you see it Saturday.” He spoke just as casually as he had been. But Sarah couldn’t help notice that his touch didn’t feel very casual. His fingertips were making tiny circles on her inner leg and she couldn’t stop herself from parting her thighs. Her body seemed to be willing him to touch more of her. Though she wasn’t sure what her head was telling her. It seemed wrong for her brother to be caressing her like this but it felt so right.

They didn’t say anything else as he made the few short turns to the store. But his fingers started to make bigger circles, traveling up her parted thigh. Her leg rested against his and she felt his body heat slowly flow into her. Her other leg lay open on the seat creating a large open gap that his fingers were taking advantage of. Sarah’s little hands fisted the seat cushion as she tried to keep her breathing steady. She didn’t want Matt to stop like Eric did when he realized how much she was enjoying herself. Matt didn’t seem to want to stop either. His hands slowly massaged the inside of her thigh and back down again. Each time they rose a little higher. As they pulled into a parking spot his fingers gently brushed against her pubic mound and she had to fight to keep her moan inside. Unfortunately it didn’t matter how quiet she was, he stopped anyway. They were at their destination and he reached up to turn the car off leaving a hot trail along her leg as he went.

Reluctantly they got out of the truck and she secretly hoped for a repeat performance on the way home. In fact the entire shopping trip Sarah was lost in fantasyland with her brother’s fingers playing the leading role. She wanted to feel them all over her body, wanted to feel them slip inside her warm wet hole. Wished he would thrust in and out of her finally giving her the release she needed.

Unfortunately the ride home was a huge disappointment. He’d put the two large paper bags in the middle seat of the truck forcing her to sit on the far side which was no where near is magical wondering fingers. He chatted politely about the weather and mentioned that it would be nice for the party but Sarah barely managed a nod. She felt a hollow bitterness in her chest and wished for the millionth time that she wasn’t a virgin.


By Friday night Sarah had gotten over the brief and random interludes between her brothers and she was a little ball of excitement. She ran back and forth between the windows facing the pool trying to see what her brothers were working on in the yard. They had mostly blocked the windows and had locked the door telling her they would cancel the party if she dared to step foot outside. She knew they weren’t kidding so she couldn’t do anything but attempt to see through the little cracks of daylight streaming in.

She eventually gave up and started fixing food hoping it would give her an excuse to open the door and call them in for dinner. Her plan fell through though when her brothers came in just before she finished cooking. They got cleaned up and sat down to eat. All through dinner she begged for details but none of them said a word. They all just smiled and laughed at her giddiness. Eric and Matt cleaned up and did dishes while Jeremy went upstairs to wrap presents. Sarah only knew that’s what he was doing because he expressly forbade her from coming into his room which he never bothered to do.

After watching TV for a while Sarah started thinking about what she and Jeramy had talked about. He’d said they could think of a way for everyone to be happy but Sarah still had no idea how that would happen. She wanted a man and her brothers didn’t want her to have one. There wasn’t a lot of room for compromise. She finally decided Jeremy had had enough time to wrap presents and she went upstairs to talk to him about it.

She knocked on his door just in case he wasn’t done yet, she didn’t want to get any of her presents taken away because she had accidentally seen them.

“Who’s there?” Jeremy’s voice called from behind the closed door.

“It’s me.” Sarah said without opening the door yet.

“Oh… hold on. Almost… okay.” He called. She pushed the door open and watched him slide the presents hastily under the bed. All she saw was a glimpse of flowered wrapping paper. ” Hey. What’s up.” He said smiling at her as he got to his feet and sat on the bed.

Sarah slid into the room and sat down on the bed beside Jeremy. She had changed out of the jean skirt and into her cotton short shorts and tank top so she curled her legs up on the bed next to her. “Remember how you said you’d think of a way for me to have a boyfriend that you guys like… well did you?” She asked sheepishly.

“I don’t remember telling you I’d get you a boyfriend. I remember you asking me to let a guy near you.” Jeramy said warningly. He didn’t seem to want to discuss it but Sarah wasn’t letting it drop. She was way too sexually frustrated to let this subject drop.

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