A Case of Incest Ch. 13-14

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~I know many want a resolution to A Case of Incest, none more so than I. It was not a personal choice to step away, it was fortuitous. My return has been remarkably fresh and I feel ready to pick up on Roxanne and Frank’s twisted case. For those of you following this tale, we left Frank in the hospital — the victim of a vicious bombing that ended Cybil’s life. For those of you just joining us, I would suggest you look up the first chapters in this series and enjoy the ride~


I allowed the woman of my life and the nurse to exercise their womanly need to nurture. With a great flurry of concern, they assisted me from the wheel chair to the car. It would have done little good to protest; and besides, I enjoyed the attention. Once safely in, I said my good-byes and thanked the nurse for everything.

“You take care now Mr. Logan and mind what Roxanne tells you.” I smiled weakly and nodded my head for Roxy to get moving.

Once we were on our way I stripped off the arm sling and grimaced. Roxanne shot me a look but, kept her mouth shut. She wasn’t about to give me a lecture and the look I returned made it absolutely sure. My arm was still a bit sore, it was the only lingering ailment from my near death experience.

“So what’s the news, Roxy? You find out where that bitch Lora is staying?” I questioned, as my sister eased out into traffic. Sensing my “back — to — business” attitude, Roxanne didn’t offer any smart ass comments.

“Yup, sure did. She’s got a house at Lake Como — nice fucking place. I guess we were wrong, daddy did do something for her.”

“Huh — she’s not paying on it?”

“Nope, it was bought for cash, out right. She’s living pretty large for a black-sheep daughter.”

“What about the old man?”

“He’s still kicking and I can’t imagine why that whack job hasn’t tried to off him yet. You got any ideas?”

“No but, I’m damn glad things calmed down. I was worried you’d get all caught in something you couldn’t handle while I was…”

“Recovering from something you nearly didn’t handle?” Roxy quipped and grinned, cutting me off. For her efforts, I gave her a raised, upper, lip sneer and then turned my mind back to the task at hand.

“Okay then, Lora has faded to the back round — for the time being; the old man is still alive, doing God knows what; and what about our friend down at police central, has Rocker raised his ugly head lately?” I questioned as Roxanne made the final turn towards our brownstone. Roxanne glanced over at me and smiled.

“Oh yeah, he’s been real vocal, and in my face, since you damn near got your ass blown up. I had to give him something to keep him at bay. Basically I told him what we’d been doing but, I didn’t let him in on everything — did I do good?” Roxy replied.

“You did, you did real good babe. He was the last thing I wanted to deal with when I got out.” My answer made Roxanne smile and she spurred the old Ford onward towards home.

When I finally sat down in our living room, I felt exhausted and told Roxy as much. It had been a very long time since I’d been laid up, for any reason, and I forgotten just how tiring that state could make you. I held my arm and slid down on the couch. I needed to rest and gather my wits.

“Wake me in a couple of hours. I need a nap.” Roxanne smiled a sisterly smile and nodded her head.

“Got it — in two. Oh by the way, shut off that brain of yours. You’ll rest better.” She added and walked away. n hour and a half later I woke with a start. I’d been having a nightmarish dream, of fragmented scenes, involving Lora, Cybil, Roxanne and myself. Sweating and arm aching, I forced myself to sit up and only then caught the scent of cooking — it smelled fabulous. Shaking off the dream, I wiped my brow and got to my feet, heading for the kitchen. When I hit the doorway to the kitchen I stopped and sucked in a quick breath at the vision that greeted my eyes. Roxanne was cooking alright but, she was nude, except for an apron. She heard my approached and turned her head smiling back at me.

“Hey, sleepy head — hungry?” She asked, ignoring my stare.

“Ahhh…Yeah, kinda I guess.” I muttered back, still taking in Roxanne’s beautiful ass. Roxy winked at me and went back to her stirring, as she continued our conversation.

“Well, I thought you might like a good old fashioned spaghetti dinner. Sound good?” I nodded my head forgetting she wasn’t looking my direction. “You like my cooking attire? It was hot and I just grabbed the apron.” She added and sent her butt cheeks into a delicious rolling motion as she stirred the sauce.

“Wha — what’s not to like?” I asked, stumbling on the first word.

Roxanne wore a full cook’s apron, the kind with a neck strap and small upper bodice attached to a short apron skirt. I heard the stove control click twice and she turned, throwing out her arms, and pirouetted for me, giving me a full three hundred sixty degree look. Her breasts popped in and out with the turn and came to reluctant stop when she did. Hard nipples pushed against the bodice and a crimson color eased across bakırköy escort her cheeks, as she forced her eyes to look into mine. Her return look was short and she took a deep breath, placing her hands on her, bare, hips.

“So, I take it you like what I’m wearing – dinner is nearly ready. I thought you might like a shower before you eat…” She announced, as she slowly crossed the kitchen, on bare feet. She raised an eyebrow when she ended her comment early. I guessed I was supposed to fill in the blank and I grinned at her. Before I could say, one way or the other, Roxanne gripped my good arm and wrapped it around her body.

“Come on my sexy man. Let me take care of you just one more time.” She purred and shoved my hand down, squeezing my fingers into her bare ass cheek.

“But, what about the stuff on the stove?” I protested, as my sister began dragging me away.

“It’s fine. I set it all on low and it needs to simmer for a while.” The answer came just as we reached the stairway and Roxy pulled my hand from her ass, to take the lead. “Follow me big boy and Roxy will make you feel all better.” She added, beginning her assent.

There was no reason to argue. I waited until my sister had gained three steps ahead of me before bending quickly and planting a soft kiss on one of her fabulous ass cheek. Roxy let out a little squeal of delight. I grinned, without saying a word and moved to follow her.

Roxanne’s steps slowed and I felt certain she was wanting for more attention, as we climbed. Obliging her was easy and her tiny gasps of appreciation were stimulating, to say the least. I was sliding my hand from between her legs when she reached the top landing and turned. My fingers slid around her well toned leg and slipped under the apron skirt. Roxy grinned and using her hand encouraged my fingers to explore.

“Oh God Frankie I’ve been waiting, so long, for this.” She sighed out, resting her hands on my shoulders, as I probed her wet pussy. We remained there for a few moments, until I felt the first quivering of her legs. It was then she pushed away, lightly, and took a step back leaving my wet, out stretched, fingers dangling in mid air. With a gentle, sexy, laugh, she extended her index finger and curled it, indicating for me to follow. She didn’t have to ask twice and I mounted the landing sporting a very hard cock.

In the bath, Roxanne was just bending to start the shower when I entered. Mentally, I wished I’d had a camera, as I gazed on the most perfect camel toe I’d ever seen. Of course, I could have been prejudice. I felt certain that the camera subject would come up in the near future. I was just as certain that my sister would love the idea. Roxy righted herself and turned, giving me a wondering look.

“I’ll tell yeah later.” I said before she could ask and got a raised eyebrow. I knew she wanted an answer but, teasing her felt wonderful.

“Fine then.” She replied and stepped in to unbutton my shirt. For next the few moments Roxy took me through a very slow strip tease. She was thoroughly enjoying herself, exposing my hard penis in slow stages, as she lavished kisses over my tight sensitive skin.

“Have I — have I told you — umm, how awesome it is — to have you as my…Umm, lover, Frankie?” Her words came out in bursts, following kisses and a long slow slurping suck of my cock head, at the end. The skin tightened on my cock head, as the tell tale sign of excitement formed in my piss hole, making Roxy smile.

“Not since yesterday.” I replied and received a slap on my bare ass.

“Frank-EEE, don’t — I’m serious! I love you so much and your making love to me is fucking great. I damn near cum just thinking about it!” She retorted, even as she helped me extract my legs from my pants.


“You should be. Do you like fucking me; I mean do you think about it like I do?” She asked, slowly rising to gain her feet. I nodded my head, as seriously as I could, allowing my eyes to speak for me. It worked and Roxanne blushed, as she untied her apron string.

Moments later we were in the shower. It was our first shower together and, admittedly, a weird experience — for me anyway. I closed my eyes letting the hot water cascade over my body and instantly imagined being on an exotic island. I imagined being a caste away, with my sister, and we had no hope of ever being found. Roxanne’s hands found me and slowly began working my sore body with the bar of soap, I smiled a lusty smile. The feeling was glorious, sensual and erotic, made even more so when Roxy pressed her wet tits and hard nipples into my lathered back. I leaned my head back and reached to steady myself against the shower head wall.

” Frankie?” She purred into me ear.

“Yeah babe?” I replied back, just as her fingers slid around my hip and gripped my cock.

“I want to try something — something I saw Cybil do to Peter. I can’t get it out of my mind.” Her words were soft, almost pleading in a way and before I could answer I felt her other hand between my ass cheeks. A soapy finger pressed past my beşiktaş escort anal muscle and she began finger fucking my ass.

“JESUS…Oh my God…Fuck that feels good!” I cried out. Roxanne laughed softly and pushed her finger in deeper.

“My God Frankie I think you just got bigger!” Roxanne exclaimed and started to stroke my cock in time with the finger she had in my ass. “I thought I was seeing things but, my God it was real! Peter got huge when Cybil was doing this.” She added, picking up her pace.

Even in death Cybil was still apart of our lives and I mentally thanked her. In seconds Roxy had my legs quivering like an excited school boy. I felt her drop and bent over slightly to help her efforts. I couldn’t have ever imagined having someone shoving a finger up my ass, in a sexual manner anyway, let alone enjoying it as much as I was. Before she quit I felt sure the skin was tearing away from my cock head and I shaking uncontrollably. Roxy stood up and we embraced. The look on her face was pure excitement, with a large dose of young girl lust. She moved her pelvis in a gentle rolling motion, massaging my sensitive cock against her belly.

“Frankie?” I shuddered, again hearing that certain something in her voice.


“You ever thought about fucking me…You know, in the ass?” She whispered out, as she gently rubbed my back, under the hot shower. I swallowed hard, blown away by her question.

“I — I…” I stammered out, unsure what to say.

“I have… I want to feel what Cybil felt; and Peter looked like he was going crazy the day I watched them. Please, please Frankie, I want you to fuck my ass — please?” Her plea was sensual and urgent. “We could do it right here, right now Frankie.” She added and pulled back just enough to stare into my eyes. There was no denying she was dead serious and more than ready. Hey, I’m a crack PI — I’m trained to notice such things!

The truth was I had thought about it, well not about fucking my sister’s ass exactly but, ass fucking in general. Roxy was gently soaping my cock as my mind wandered. I’d seen videos and secretly wondered where these women were. The ones that wanted to try ass fucking, or loved it out right. How many husbands, boyfriends and casual lovers had wanted to put their cocks into the ole back door but, were afraid to ask. Roxy smiled coyly at me and slowly turned around breaking my thought pattern.

“You’re ready and I am ready as I’ll ever be.” She whispered and thrust her ass out, leaning against the back shower wall. I stared at her tight anus and recalled the videos. Roxanne’s ass didn’t look ready and one look at my throbbing cock intensified that thought.

“Roxy I don’t think…” My words came out hoarse and I swallowed hard, unable to finish what I was going to say.

“Try it — please baby.” As she spoke she spread her legs as far as the tub would allow and strained to look back me with pleading eyes. I took the half step toward her and gripped my soapy penis, certain there was no way. Her anus looked just too small and tight for me to ever get my cock inside. I was wrong.

Never underestimate a determined and lustful woman. I rubbed the soapy head of my cock up and down the crack of her ass and stopped at her ass hole. Re-gripping my cock, I leaned forward, slowly, wiggling my swollen head against her rectum. We both let out loud gasps. Just when I thought it wasn’t going to happen, my cock head disappeared. It happened so fast neither of expected it and Roxy stiffened, crying out louder than I did.


She scared the hell out me and I was going to pull out but, Roxy reacted quicker than I did. Wiggling her hips, she started to push back, moaning as she did so. I released my cock and froze in place, not believing what I was seeing. Slowly, my shaft began to disappear. Groans, gasps and loud moans came from Roxanne’s throat but, she wasn’t going to be denied. Her hip movement changed and went to an up and down motion, gently working my cock in farther.

“Sweet Jesus, I can’t take any more Frankie. Work it in and out Frankie — easy like.” She gasped out, with breathing ragged from her obvious exertion. Her words broke my spell and I felt a sudden wave of relaxation wash through me and Roxanne sighed in relief.

“Damn I don’t know what you did but that feels better.” She moaned and again tried to look back at me. I felt something else wash through me — a basic animal instinct, a lustful, rutting instinct that I had to fight. I wanted to drive my cock home and hump her ass like a wild man. I didn’t. Instead I did as she asked and pulled back slowly. The tightness was maddening. When Roxy’s anal muscle locked onto my cock head I stopped and push forward again. The tightness remained but my shaft slid in easier. Roxy’s legs were quivering hard and she thrust her ass back, with a vengeance. I went in deeper.

“Sweet mother of …” She gasped out and her hands slid farther down the wall – the effect of which was making her ass jut back and up slightly. It was perfect. beylikdüzü escort I eased out again and started a slow hip thrust, getting my penis in a little farther each time. Roxy picked up on the tempo and added a quick up and down movement with her hips each time I stopped pushing.

“Ah — Ah — Ah, Ohhhh GOD BAYBEEEEE, yeah — yeah, don’t stop, please don’t…”

The animal in me took over. I wasn’t going to stop. I was close, far too close and I pushed harder, sending my balls against her firm ass and legs. Roxanne jerked her head up and made final, squealing, cry out. “Yes, GOD damn — YES BABY! Fuck me — fuck my ass!”

With my eyes transfixed on her ass, the animalistic lust built inside me. My legs were growing weak and unsteady, a sure sign I was close to climaxing and still I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sight before me. Roxanne’s body transmitted her climax through her hips. My hand felt the huge quiver just as she screamed. It was the last signal I needed and I felt an all too familiar feeling in the head of my cock. For a scant second, her rectum held my explosion at bay. I tore my eyes away from her ass, closed them and arched my back, pounding my hips into her ass until the pressure of my building semen finally overcame the tightness around my shaft.

“ARGGHHH — Oh GOD — God!” I cried out, certain the thick wad of cum had split my piss hole wide open. Even over the sound of the shower water I could hear the soft sputtering sounds coming from Roxy’s ass, as I continued to hump her wildly. Every ejaculation pulse brought a new pleasurable pain that I never wanted to end.

“Oh my God — Ohhh my God Frankie, God STOP — please STOP!” Roxy finally cried out, forcing my mind from the primal state it was in. By then, I’d packed her rectum with cum and as I looked down I knew I’d never forget that sight and it sent a shuddering wave of excitement through me. Slowly, I came down and eased my still throbbing penis from her sweet ass and watched her rectum tighten and release, several times, as she leaned heavily against the shower wall moaning. Each time her anus flexed more cum oozed out, along with the air that I’d pumped inside her.

I started to laugh, it was uncontrollable. Roxy wasn’t amused. She was in love. No sooner than my laughter started, she regained an up-right position and whirled, bear hugging me and panting kisses all over my face until she found my mouth. By the time our kissing ended I thought she was going to devour my tongue. We parted lips but, not our bodied.

“Any time, any where, and…any hole Frankie — I’m yours forever!” Her words came out in a husky, determined sort of way that sent a strong message after we parted lips. I matched the look on her face, knowing she was dead serious and we embraced again. My good arm was low and our compression sent another low, sputtering, fart from her ass, as the last of my cum drizzled out. It was Roxy’s turn to laugh and it was a raucous, belly hardened, laugh. When the laughter died down, Roxanne picked up the soap once again.

“Your turn big boy.”

Chapter Fourteen

Roxanne had always been a good cook but, that evening’s meal was the best I’d ever tasted. Maybe it was a combination of things that generated the feeling inside me. I felt more alive than I had in years, every sense inside me seemed to pick up on the taste, the texture and aroma of the spaghetti dinner and I heaped praise on my, scantily clad, sister. She blushed mightily and looked away, unable to maintain eye contact with me and I laughed.

“Stop Frankie – you’re just prejudice, it wasn’t all that good.” She mumbled through the hand that covered a wide smiling mouth, as she turned back to face me. Still recovering from embarrassment, she absently stirred the small portion remaining on her plated and added, “Thank you — I love you too.” Our eyes finally locked and in a final gesture we leaned towards each other and kissed, tenderly. The rest of our dinner was more romantic than any night out, with a large helping of sensuality thrown in. It didn’t take much thinking that our wearing only underwear was a prime reason.

We lingered at the table for an hour longer, occasionally reaching to hold hands, as we filled the time with small talk. It was Roxanne that brought up the case once again when she rehashed her time watching Cybil and Peter having sex.

“God, I can’t tell you how horny watching them made me.” She commented, grabbing my plate.

“Really? I would have never guessed.” I replied dryly and smiled. Roxy stuck her tongue out and stood up. My smile widened seeing Roxy’s full luscious body. She turned away without comment and my eyes locked onto to her ass. The sight sent a quiver through me and without thinking I opened my mouth. “That was a first for me.”

Roxy stopped her walk to the sink, sending her ass cheeks into a little quivering shake and turned to look back me. A crimson glow stretched across her face, as she grinned and replied, “I would have never guessed. I’m really hoping you don’t plan on making it your last time.” It was my turn to blush, which pleased my sister, to no end. She finished dropping off the dishes in the sink, making the most of the few steps remaining — obviously for my benefit. For the first time in my life I realized just how much could be communicated with so few words and a little body language.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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