A Christmas Party , A Real Party

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My ex-husband (who I will call Dwayne in this story) always had great Christmas parties at his company. There was the same old everyone dressed up in formal wear with their significant other and stuffing your face with food before some God awful speeches about how great the company is blah, blah, blah. But after that the real party started, alcohol flowed freely and everyone was really friendly.

The events at this party was one of the best and most memorable for a number of reasons.

I wore a white dress that came to just above my knees with gold colored stockings. The dress offered built in cups so I went without a bra and as I was getting ready I couldn’t help but notice the dress gave me nice cleavage, a lot of nice cleavage.

We knew we would be drinking heavily that night so we took an uber to the party and arrived part way through the cocktail hour.

Since Dwayne had been with the company for a number of years there were a lot of familiar faces to me. Seems like some of the other ladies were having a shortest skirt competition and didn’t invite me!

We got some drinks and found a table to sit and have dinner. I had a few drinks through dinner, helped me get through the speeches. I’m not sure that there was anyone they didn’t pat on the ass in the company, apparently they are all model employees. Dwayne sensed my boredom and said he would make it up to me.

“Sure, whatever that means” I thought to myself.

Finally the speeches were over and I went to use the bathroom while Dwayne got us more drinks. I met him part way to the dancefloor and he said he wanted to go out and get some air. I said I would go with him and we headed outside, fortunately it was a fairly mild night.

We were walking around the building holding hands when he pulled me into a doorway that was locked from the outside and looked into the kitchen. He pinned me against the wall and gave şişli escort me a very passionate kiss, our tongues danced with each others travelling between our mouths, this was getting me very wet!

He was tracing the line between my breasts that was showing above my dress and his touch was intoxicating, as was the drinks we had! I reach down and touched his cock, he was hard, he never got hard like that with it in his pants. I looked at him in a sort of disbelief and excited state and pumped it through his pants.

We kissed again, this time his hands went under my dress and he rubbed my pussy, making me moan and my underwear was getting drenched. He pulled my thong to a side and slide a finger into me, it was cold and when it went in it sent blasts of stimulants through my body, my nipples were so hard and then he began to finger fuck me. His thumb rubbing my clit with each thrust of his finger deep inside me. It didn’t take me long to cum. He pulled his finger out and licked my juices off and told me to turn around.

I was just coming down off of the high and braced myself against the wall as I was a little shaky in my heels after a few drinks and a really good spontaneous orgasm. I felt his hands under my dress again, slowly feeling up my legs to my waist and then back down, shit that felt so good. Then I felt cold air on my pussy and realized he had taken off my underwear in a really smooth move!

I stepped out of my thong and he put it in his pocket for “safe keeping”. He unzipped his pants and released his hard cock. He lifted my dress and held the tip of his cock against my ass, I felt the precum on it as he rubbed it in. He slide his cock down to my slit and held it at the entrance to my pussy and then thrust into me. I almost came again right there as it must have been the cold heightening the senses. The slowness was over as he started to fuck me quicker and escort bayan quicker, his hands now inside my dress on my breasts pinching my nipples, I came again.

I heard a crash and realized I just dropped my drink, how had I forgotten that I was holding a drink? Oh yeah, a hard cock going in and out of me while my nipples are being pinched, more than just a little distracting!

My moaning must have been heard and if not certainly the shattering of the glass now at my feet, but I didn’t care, this what hot and naughty and the thought of it made me cum again.

I didn’t want it to end but then I felt him hold deep inside of me, his balls started to pump the cum out of his cock and I felt him throb inside me, that was a really big load. I felt him withdraw from my pussy and heard him zip up. I turned around and he kissed me, I don’t know where the hell that came from but that was fantastic!

I looked around, through the window I saw the commotion in the kitchen, looked the other way and there were about 3 couples looking like they were out having a smoke about 50 feet from us, treated to a show for sure.

“Do you want your panties back?”

“Nope, no need for it now!”

We headed back inside, stopping at the bar for another drink. “Don’t drop this one” Dwayne teased.

“Let me finish my drink before you stick your cock in me again then”

We mingled with his coworkers and then I felt the cum running down my leg and was almost down to my knee. I thought about going to the bathroom and wiping it up but I decided I like the feeling of it, people will certainly see it and know what that pervert did!

Then we bumped into the President of the company and his wife. He’s an older gentleman, very nice and pleasant to talk to but his wife always has a sour look on her face. I could tell he liked my dress, he had trouble making eye contact, he was clearly beşiktaş escort focused on my breasts and I figured hell maybe if he looks long enough he’ll give Dwayne a raise!

His wife did not look impressed at all when she saw him in a full stare and pulled him away. I’m not going to lie, I liked the attention and wondered if she saw what was on my leg.

After a while we ran into another couple Andy and Jenny. Andy worked with Dwayne for years and they were pretty close. Jenny was very nice we chatted numerous times. She is a petite brunette with small breasts but very sexy short legs. We were having a friendly conversation and Andy stands very close to me and puts his arm on my back. His cologne smelled really good and his touch was very nice, secure and firm. He began rubbing my back while we were talking and I just smiled. I was thinking of telling him to stop because his wife was right there, but I was enjoying it too much.

The photographer came around and is going to take our picture, Andy and I pose and his hand is now on my ass under my dress, he squeezes it just as the picture is taken. Then Andy and Jenny head to the dance floor. Dwayne asks what I thought of Andy, I said he certainly likes my ass!

We spend much of the night with more drinks and chatting and end up standing with Andy and Jenny. Andy and Dwayne are talking, can’t hear what they are saying but probably shop talk so I talk to Jenny complimenting her on her dress and how good she looks. She is surprised and says thanks but can’t compare to my dress with my assets and motions to my boobs!

Then Dwayne comes over and stands between me and Jenny hugging us both and Andy is one my other side with his arm around my waist.

Dwayne leans down to me and says that he just ordered an Uber to take us home and Andy and Jenny are going to join us.

I nodded in acknowledgement and then I thought about what he just said and looked at Andy’s face, he is smiling from ear to ear and then it hits me:

He didn’t mean they were sharing a ride with us, he meant they are sharing, well us.

Holy fuck are we swinging tonight?

More to come!

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