A Crazy Deal

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My buddy Bob comes up with crazy ideas several times every year. I usually go to lunch with him a couple times each month and he pitches his newest deal. Sometimes he actually comes up with something that sounds interesting. Last Spring he hit it big. A friend of his was going into a divorce and needed cash so he sold Bob a sex saddle. This sex saddle was a favorite item of the soon-to-be divorcee and she was going crazy looking for it. Bob gave his friend $500 for the toy. Of course, Bob wanted to sell the toy to me or split the cost with me. Bob gave me a video tape that the manufacturer distributed with the sex saddle and told me to watch it after work.

After work I took a secretary from another office out for a few drinks. Maryanne is a cute little redhead with firm tits and a great ass. I have a very comfortable relationship with her and we satisfy each other sexually without the complications of a long-term relationship. Maryanne is the “friendly fuck” that every man wants and few ever find. I mentioned to Maryanne that I had an X-Rated video that Bob wanted me to watch and I hated watching porn without female company. Maryanne said she was horny and an X-Rated video and a stiff cock was just what she had in mind for the evening.

I took Maryanne home and she headed for my bathtub while I made some dinner and poured some wine. In about 20 minutes she was back into the Kitchen wearing one of my shirts and some thigh highs I bought for her. She snagged the video and went into the livingroom.

The video showed the sex saddle and how well made it was. It looked like a small hassock with a handle on the front and a 3-inch slit down the middle. It had speed controls on a small remote and a solid-state motor. Then this nice looking blonde brought out a special 7 or 8 inch dildo and attached it to the machine. Maryanne was really intent on watching the video as the blonde started the machine on slow and the big pink dildo bobbed up and down and rotated. The blonde ran the speed up to high and the dildo moved quite fast. The Ankara travesti woman stopped the machine, slopped some KY jelly on the dildo and climbed on the saddle. She spread her pussy and inserted the head of the dildo between her labia. Once she was seated she started the motor and the big pink dildo speared in and out of her pussy. She began rocking forwards and back as the dildo slowly plunged in and out of her. She twisted another control and started rolling her hips. I learned later, from watching Maryanne, that the second control started the dildo rotating. The girl reached an orgasm in about 2 minutes and then twisted the first control again. This time the dildo gained speed until it was rapidly thrusting in and out of her pussy. The blonde looked like she was on a mechanical bull in a bar; she was moving forwards and back and twisting her hips and going crazy. Maryanne was mesmerized. When the little blonde had a thunderous climax and the video ended, Maryanne said she had to try that machine.

I called Bob and told him to swing by with the sex saddle and pick up my check, then I told Maryanne that Bob was on his way over with the machine and if she really wanted to try it out she needed to be prepared for an audience. Maryanne dropped my shirt on the couch, knelt down on the rug and said she would suck or fuck anyone I told her to if she could just ride the sex saddle.

Bob showed up shortly after Maryanne finished sucking me to a nice orgasm. Bob halfway knew Maryanne, and was shocked to find her naked and waiting on my couch. He and I set up the machine and plugged it in. Maryanne spread some KY on the dildo and then straddled the machine. I flipped the machine on low and the dildo started moving in and out of Maryanne. She had a smile on her face that turned blissful as I turned the second switch and the dildo started rotating. Maryanne had a small orgasm and smiled at us. I told her I was going to see if she liked it a little faster. She did. In minutes she was moaning and rolling her hips and thrusting Antalya travesti back onto the dildo. Her hair was flying and her tits were bouncing as she came for the second time. I slowed the machine to let her catch her breath, then cycled it back up to high. This time Maryanne started shaking all over and had a screaming orgasm.

Maryanne had four small orgasms and two screamers while I worked the controls and alternated between high and low. Inside of an hour Maryanne was worn out. As I helped her off the machine Maryanne had a dreamy expression on her face and her eyes did not focus well. I helped her to the bathroom and ran a tub full of bubbles for her.

Bob had a dazed expression on his face when I returned to the livingroom. He held out my check and said he didn’t realize what he had when he offered to sell it. I told him Maryanne would never fuck me again if I sold him the sex saddle and I wasn’t going to take my money back. We compromised and became partners.

On Friday evening Bob brought over his girlfriend April, some lumber and an end roll of carpet. Together we built a small platform and covered it with the carpet. Finally we bolted the sex saddle to the platform and ran the electric cord through the access panel underneath. I made notches on the underside of the boards on each side of the platform.

Maryanne arrived as we were finishing the carpet along the edges of the platform and I had her fix everyone a round of drinks. April had been real patient for over an hour but I could tell she had no idea what Bob and I had been doing. I asked Maryanne to let April in on the reason for our construction project. April blushed and said she had heard of the sex saddle but had never seen one. Maryanne said that everything she had heard about it was correct. It was the best bull ride ever.

I told Maryanne that April was a guest and she could use it first unless she was too shy. April decided she was too shy and did not want an audience. Maryanne had no qualms and jumped at the chance to İstanbul travesti go first. She started pulling off her clothes and I had to stop her from immediately jumping on the machine. I told her I had picked up a cowgirl outfit for the evening and if she wanted to ride she had to wear it. Maryanne grabbed April and pulled her into the bedroom so they could talk while Maryanne dressed. The “cowgirl outfit” was a sheer white halter top with nipple cut-outs and a white belt that had 12 inch fringe all around. White thigh-highs and a white Stetson completed the look. Maryanne looks great in white. April was a little shocked that Maryanne would be so casual about nudity. Maryanne told April that after watching Maryanne ride the sex saddle for a few minutes April would have no more inhibitions. Maryanne was right. After five minutes all doubts were gone and April was tossing her clothes on the couch and impatiently waiting for her first ride. When Maryanne had another screaming orgasm, I made her give April her first turn. Before April could climb on, Maryanne insisted that April had to have her own “riding outfit”. She and April dug through my closet until they found a package of thigh-highs. Wearing the thigh-highs and the hat, April positioned her knees and then impaled herself on the dildo. Bob started the dildo slowly and it stroked in and out of April. April smiled and told Bob to pick up the speed. Bob increased the speed and started the rotation. April started moving her hips and rocking. Soon April was shaking all over and her eyes fluttered open and closed. Bob reached over and pinched one nipple, and April quickly had an intense orgasm.

The rest of the evening was memorable. Maryanne would ride and suck Bob or me. Then April would ride and suck Bob or me. Both girls had three rides and multiple orgasms. I came twice for Maryanne and once for April. Bob came twice for both.

About midnight Bob and I decided that we had a great business opportunity and we hired Maryanne and April to run the business. We figured it would take a woman-to-woman network to keep the sex saddle busy and yet discreet. The saddle is working almost every other night. It pays our costs, gives the girls an extra $100 per month, and keeps Bob and me oversexed. I’ll have to tell you more about our crazy little deal later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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