A Curious Man’s Fantasy Ch. 01

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This story is straight out of my mind, nothing about it is true . . . but it’s hot! If you, the reader, would like me to write about your favorite fantasy . . . all you have to do is let me know.

I really hope you enjoy this story.


Part I

For years, I had kept my bisexual fantasies to myself.

One night, while living in the south, I had enjoyed a few drinks after my wife left for a business trip. I began thinking about my favorite fantasy of being naked and in bed with my fantasy lover. I started to think about our bodies rubbing against one another; what it would feel like to have a man’s hardness grinding against my own. Before too long, I had my pants unzipped and was stroking my erection.

Suddenly I stopped masturbating and started pondering the possibilities of exploring real sex with a man. That thought sprung me into action! I took a long, hot shower, and dressed with shaky hands as I pondered my actions for the evening.

I drove to the nearest city, which was about 30 miles away and hunted for an hour before finding a bar that I had seen advertised on the Internet. I parked my car, and with weak knees found my way into the dimly lit den of my fantasies!

I made my way to the bar through the crowd of mingling men and women. I noticed immediately that as many men as I was checking out were checking me out. This fact surprised me, as I do not find myself a hunk or a stud. I was in my early thirties; about 5’11” and around 200 lbs. I have short, dark brown hair, a moustache, and blue eyes. I am normal, like every other normal man in this world. However, walking through the bar, you would think I was an Adonis. I was so pleased, and relieved by this that I knew I was going to fulfill my desires on this day.

I got to the bar, ordered a drink and settled onto a barstool. As I was looking around, I couldn’t help but notice the eyes of a guy riveted on me. At first, I was uncomfortable, but the more and more I thought of it, the more I realized that he was probably there for the same thing as I was.

He was about the same height and weighed in the area of 190 or so. Short, blonde hair, no facial hair and looked . . . yes, normal. As he began to walk in my direction, my heart jumped to my throat! I was there to be picked up, but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly. I could already feel my erection building, and that didn’t help me in the decision making process.

Wayne eased onto the stool next to me, and just like in the movies, told the bar tender “I’ll have what he’s having.”

Just like that, I had a suitor for the evening.

“What are you having, by the way?” He asked.

“Scotch and water.” I quietly replied. Of course, he couldn’t hear me and said so. So, I leaned closely to his ear, and more loudly told him, “You?” I couldn’t believe I said that and quickly moved away from him. Nevertheless, the smile on his face told me that he was okay with my brazen reply.

As Wayne leaned close to my ear, he got close enough and replied, “Done.” With that, I felt his tongue in my ear and his hand slide up my chest.

Without thinking about what I was doing, I turned my face toward him and our open lips met in a seriously passionate kiss. I was so excited to be this intimate with a man that I didn’t care! I had wanted this for so many years, and finally, I was acting on impulse; I was going to be with another man, this man.

We didn’t even finish our drinks; he asked me if I wanted to go to his place where it was much quieter and more relaxed. So, I threw a twenty on the bar and we walked out . . . hand in hand.

It was around nine at night, so it was dark, and we made our way to the parking lot without a single word. When we got to his car, he turned to me and slid his arms around my waist. Within seconds, his tongue was in my mouth and we shared another wet, passionate kiss.

“This is my car, you can follow me to my place if you’d like. That way your car will be there in the morning.”

In the morning? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and doing, and going to do. “Great idea, I can’t wait to get to your place.” As soon as I finished speaking, I was all over him again. I pressed my body against him, our mouths locked together, our bulges pressing together, and we were still in the parking lot. After he peeled me off him and got into his car, I almost ran to büyükesat escort my own, which was parked a few rows away. I climbed in and rushed to the exit of the lot to find him waiting for me.

While following him to his house, my mind kept pulling me to the highway and to the safety of home. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had met a freak, or if he was a druggy, and all of the other bad things. As my mind was pulling me home, my body and my heart were keeping me right behind him, almost too close to him.

Within just a few minutes, we were pulling into the driveway of his house. The garage door was opening, and I noticed room for both cars. Wayne’s hand appeared out of his window, pointing for me to take the other spot. I slowly entered the garage, and with shaking hands and knees, climbed out of my car as the garage door closed.

I met him at the door to his house, but before he opened it, he quickly turned toward me and pinned me up against the wall. We embraced, we kissed, and we pressed against each other. We began grinding our crotches together, and I actually and uncontrollably moaned into his mouth. As his hands slid down my back to grasp my ass, I broke our kiss and began kissing him all over his face and neck.

“Unless you want to have sex in the garage,” he breathlessly whispered, “we should go into the house.” I dropped my hands to my side and pulled my face off his neck in mock frustration. “I don’t care where we have sex, I want you.” I said to him while giving him the sexiest look I could muster.

Wayne held the door open for me, and I walked into his house. As he walked in behind me, I felt his arms slide around my waist, his body pressed against mine. I leaned back against him, placed my hands on top of his and turned to explore his mouth once again. The feelings of desire and lust were intoxicating; I loved being treated like . . . well . . . like I would treat a woman. He was in total control, and in a very tender and sensual way, he was exercising his control over me.

“I’m so glad I met you.” He whispered in my ear as his hand slid up my belly and over my chest and lightly grasping my neck. “I had no idea you were going to react like you did.” Every word was separated by a kiss on my neck, and pinches on my nipples. If he would have continued this, I probably would have reached orgasm just standing there listening to him and feeling his seductive kisses.

I reached back over my head and ran my fingers through his hair; I think I even cooed at his kisses. “I’ve been waiting to be with another man like this for so long, you’re just right.”

“You’ve never been with a man?” He asked as he continued to kiss and explore.

“No I haven’t, unless I count the thousands of times in my mind, no.”

“Then I’ll make your first time, the best.”

Then he swatted my ass and walked around me into the kitchen. He looked at me and grinned, he was gorgeous! Not because he’s a stud, but just because he was actually enjoying being with me and it showed. I liked his playfulness, and his tenderness, and the down right seductive look on his face.

I followed him into the living room as he whistled his way to the bar. Without asking, he poured us both a glass of wine, handed me a glass and walked over to sit on a couch. Of course, I followed him, and sat right next to him. We turned to face one another, with a knee up on the couch. We sipped our wine while staring at each other over the brim of the glasses. I reached over the top of the couch and began playing with his hair and his ear. “I find you extremely sexy, you know that?” I continued, “Not because of your clothes, or your looks, although you’re quite handsome, but because of the way you act.”

Placing his glass on the coffee table, he turned to me, “I don’t pick people up at the bar all the time,” he said, “I saw something in you at the bar that I couldn’t resist. Maybe it’s a look of inexperience, maybe it’s just a mutual attraction . . . but you turn me on.”

As he continued, he reached over to me and began unbuttoning my shirt, “I love the idea of being your first.” Each button slowly coming loose and his eyes riveted to the skin being exposed. “I want to make sure that you’re comfortable, we can do whatever you want.” Pulling my shirt from my pants, and unbuttoning the last few buttons. cebeci escort “Are you comfortable?” He asked.

“I couldn’t be more comfortable,” I sipped my wine. “This is exactly the way I wanted it to happen.” I placed my free hand on top of his, and slid it into my shirt, and my eyes closed as I felt his fingers brush over my nipple. “I don’t want you to do whatever I want,” I said, “I want to do whatever we want.”

My lover took the glass from my hand, sat it on the table and climbed up on top of me. “Whatever we want then.” He whispered as he lay upon me, his eyes closed and his lips firmly locked onto mine.

I stretched my leg out to one side and lifted the other leg, resting it on his calf. I slid down the sofa to allow him to lay fully on top of me. My hands roaming up and down his back, and over his ass. My tongue was sliding in and out of his mouth, dancing with his tongue, tracing his lips, sliding over his teeth. We were both breathing heavily, sucking on each other’s tongues and lips. We were grinding our erections together, locked in an almost supernatural embrace of passion.

It seemed as though we were making out on the couch for hours. I was completely lost with Wayne. My legs were wrapped around his, slipping up and down his. I pulled him into me, our hips and crotches pushing for release.

Breaking our kiss, Wayne whispered to me, “Please come to bed.” He got up off the couch and took my hand in his. I grabbed both glasses of wine, and he left me to get the bottle. I followed him up the stairs, down a hallway and into his bedroom. He pointed, “If you need to use the bathroom baby, its right there. Do you like candles?” He asked.

“I love candles, and I love the way you call me baby.” I smacked him on the ass as he bent over to light a candle. “I owed you.” I said as I walked to the bathroom, my shirt billowing out over my arms. As I got to the door, I turned to look at Wayne. He was standing there, and seemed to be watching me. “Hurry back please.” He winked and went about lighting more candles.

As I stood over the bowl, I felt flush. I imagined that I felt like anyone would doing something like this for the first time. I finished relieving myself, and walked into the bedroom.

There had to be twenty candles burning. The room was aglow in warm light, and Wayne was standing at the window looking out into the neighborhood. I quietly walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him from behind. I rested my chin on his shoulder and was completely surprised by how natural I felt doing this.

I felt Wayne’s hand slide between us as he began to gently trace the outline of my returning erection. I started kissing his neck again, and between each kiss, I said, “I – really – want – to – make – love – with – you.” I worked my hands down to his crotch and I immediately felt his hardness. “I – don’t – want – to – just – have – sex.”

I pulled his t-shirt from his pants and over his head. Finally, I could feel my bare skin against his. I explored the front of his body with my hands as I looked out the window with him. I marveled at how soft his skin and body hair were. I lingered at his nipples, pinching and lightly pulling them. With one hand at his nipple, the fingers of my other hand dipped briefly into the waistband of his pants. I didn’t reach his erection, but the idea of my fingers in his pants made me want to explode right there.

We stood at the window for a long time. We silently enjoyed the closeness and the feeling we were experiencing. I found that I couldn’t keep my hands from his nipples. They were hard and so sexy. I turned Wayne to face me, and once again, we danced the tongue dance of lovers. Our hands roaming over the front and back of our upper bodies. Again, I spent a long time with his nipples, and he with mine. Our kisses landed on each other’s necks and shoulders. I was overcome with lust, my face sunk to his chest and I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Wayne groaned and scratched his fingernails along the sides of my body.

He pushed me away from him and sunk to his knees. As he stared up into my eyes, his fingers found the button on my jeans. With the experienced hands of a man who knows what he wants, he quickly had my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. He deftly pulled them to my knees, and then ran his hands up my thighs; over my erection kolej escort and that is where he focused.

I was in heaven as his fingers traced me through my underwear. I was watching his hands work, and then watched as his tongue took over where his fingers were. I was wearing snug fitting underwear that had a pouch. The material outlined my penis extremely well when I was hard, and I watched, as the dark blue material got darker with moisture from his mouth. Just when I thought he was going to pull my underwear down, he stood up. I whined with passion, and his tongue went directly into me, silencing any further protest.

As we stood there at the window, outlined by the candles, I reached down to free his manhood from its confines. I wasted no time in unbuttoning his pants, and as I unzipped him, I sank to my knees.

I pulled his pants down and he steadied himself on my shoulders as I pulled off his shoes, sock and then his pants. I sat lower on my haunches and slowly pulled my eyes from his feet, up his legs and finally to his crotch.

He was extremely hard. The outline of his erection was clearly definable through his underwear. I slid my hands up his legs, and into the leg of the white, micro fiber underwear covering his ass. My fingers glided over the skin of his ass, and then around to the front.

My fingers slid through his pubic hair on both sides of his erection. When I touched his balls with one hand, and encircled his cock with the other, he threw back his head and loudly moaned, his hands covering each of mine.

I turned my hands around inside his undies, grasped the waistband and pulled them down. His cock sprang up, slapping his stomach. It was beautifully shaped and sized. He is about 7 inches and on the thick side. The head of his cock is perfectly shaped, and very large.

I sat there, slowly stroking his cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. I felt the need to feel every inch of him with my fingers, and I did. I guess you could say I spent some time worshiping his erection. After a few moments of this I noticed a bead of liquid at the tip, and that was all it took!

I rose up on my knees, leaned into his body, sinking my nose into his pubic hair to take in his scent. My tongue sprang forward to lick and caress his balls. Up over the ball sack, and the lower part of his shaft. I moaned as my mouth encircled his shaft and continued up to the head. Once at the head, I flattened my tongue to gather all of the pre cum waiting there for me.

Once I recognized the taste of his liquid, I moaned and engulfed the head with my wet mouth. My tongue swirled around the head, and my mouth slid down the length of his shaft. The feeling of the soft skin covering the hardness of his cock was pure sex. I raised my hand to follow the movements of my mouth. Clearly, with one end in my mind, I masturbated his cock as I feverishly sucked him inside.

After a few minutes of this, I felt Wayne’s knees grow week. Therefore, I stood up and guided him to the bed, lying him down on his back. I finished undressing and then I climbed up onto the bed, pushing his legs apart and climbing between them. I lay upon him with all of my weight, our cocks together, our stomachs, our nipples and finally our lips and tongues.

Now I was in control, I wanted him to explode and I wanted it now. I kissed him hard and passionately, my hands running through his hair and pulling his head to one side so I could begin my descent.

My lips and tongue ravished the skin on his neck and shoulders. Down over his chest and to each nipple. I sucked them into my mouth, flicked them with my tongue, lightly bit them and pulled at them with my teeth. I rubbed my belly over his cock as I worked on his chest, I could feel the wetness there, that wetness that only two men making love can understand.

My mouth continued its travel, over his stomach; stopping briefly at the navel. Then further down, over his hipbone, through the pubic hair, moving gently and seductively.

Once my mouth reached his penis, I ravished him. I stroked him with my hand, and sucked him with my lips and mouth. I got him very wet with my mouth and began stroking and sucking as hard, and as fast, and as passionately as I could.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take too long. Wayne’s legs went stiff, his balls grew hard, his cock swelled in my mouth and he exploded. I swallowed the first jet of his cum, and then watched as he came all over his stomach and chest.

Slowly stroking him, as he grew soft, I cleaned up his juices with my tongue, and slid up beside him. We kissed a few times, and then fell a sleep. When we woke a few hours later, we continued . . .

That’s another story.

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