A Daughter Fucks Her Mother

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Talisa’s soft brown eyes darted from the wooden framed door to the electronic clock next to her bed. Growing more and more restless as the time ticked on. Her thin legs stretched down to the edge of the creaking bed and slowly pulled back as she felt the cool-cloth back over her somewhat pale white skin.

Her mother was late. The clock read “2:23 AM”, and had just passed the next second mark as she counted down the minutes in her head. Samantha always arrived at the same time every night. The restless girl listened intently, sweat beaded across her pretty pale features. There was a slight hitch in her breath as she heard a door upstairs close, followed shortly thereafter by a series of tell-tale steps headed for the stairs. She knew the weight of her mother’s footfalls, she knew the route the woman would take, she could practically tap her foot in time with each step, and before long the door to her utterly dark basement bedroom would creak open.

The bright red numerals of Taly’s digital alarm clock would provide the illumination needed for her mother to descend the steps, as well as cast the young girl in a warm soft glow, exposing her features to the surely peering eyes of her loving parent.

The small-red light shone on the girl with a tinted appearance, which gave her form a pinkish glow about it as she turned her body fully to the door. A curve of muscle was set upon her youthful frame, the body of an athlete. Even in the dim light, it was a sight that no one but her mother had ever seen.

Her loving girl’s strong-lithe legs that bounded her across the tennis-court, and ripe arms rich in muscle from both the weights tucked in the corner of her messy room and the constant stretching of her arms with that racket. A lithe thigh gently pulled back to fully expose what her mother was here for, presenting it just as she arrived. The taut-supple skin of her daughter’s leg pulled up to reveal that thick-turgid cock. It was spread out over the blankets before her, as if on a cushion. The thick mass erect in the dark room, her delicate fingers sweeping over the length of the throbbing bare-shaft. Taly put on a little show for what her mother could see as those fingers continued down to the girl’s heavy-set underneath her shaft. She cupped those smooth-rounded balls in hand. She was a bit unkempt, with a forest of black hair around the base of her shaft.

Talisa closed her eyes softly as she heard the door latch shut, she knew her mother was waiting at the top of the short flight of stairs which lead into the basement, and though she couldn’t see the woman through the darkness, she could imagine precisely what the woman looked like. Her mother would be standing there, wearing nothing but a thin black bra and matching black panties which would clash with the milk white complexion of her skin.

The matronly figure was thick, and her heaving, creamy white breasts would threaten to spill from her top as they jiggled and bounced delightfully with every step she took down the dark stairway. She felt her way carefully down the steps, one hand bracing against the wall, and the other holding the railing. Her long black hair was full bodied and would cascade generously down her back, and while age hadn’t entirely ignored the mother of one, she showed few signs of her thirty-eight years.

A soft gasp would leave the older woman’s throat as her nostrils flared. She could always smell her daughter before she ever saw her, and thanks to the illumination of that glowing clock, it wasn’t long until the thickly laden women laid her eyes on her precious girl. She’d finally descend the steps fully, at which point she’d casually push those panties down her thick, curvy white thighs. Her legs were on full display, and now were briefly illuminated by the clock, as was her delicious little slit, lined by a hedge of wiry black fur, kept nice and trim just for her daughter’s benefit.

“Taly…” She rasped, girlish excitement evident in her voice.

Talisa was silent at first, her mouth a bit dry as she wetted her lips. All the anxiety and doubt from before now draining from the girl. “You’re late… Mommy,” she said in a slow, declarative tone.

“I’m sorry.” She’d respond, her voice filled with submission and sincere regret.. “I wasn’t sure he was asleep.”

Talissa was trying to invoke some dominance and regain her composure, and even the brief mention of her snoozing father would send a small jolt of jealousy up her spine. She pushed her body up a little, trying to get herself in full view of the dim-red light for her mother.

One part of her anatomy that she wanted on full display for her mother to see; that thick white-cock, stiff against the soft sheets of her bed. Her fingers slowly stroking it as they climbed up the warm-hot mass, straight to the head, before crashing back down in a sultry motion as she pushed her cock across that hole in her hand. Small strands of sticky-white precum were dripping from that coated, bulbous head, and mixed into the soft-plush sheets she was laying on. She was stroking herself off amid the silence that came between them, istanbul escort picturing her beloved mother coming out into what little light there was. She said nothing in response to the woman’s apology, stroking her cock slowly, deliberately arousing the other as she’d be staring at her daughter’s form.

Sam’s eyes were glued on that pale piece of fuckmeat that jutted up from between her daughter’s thighs. The woman was no better than one of the helpless girls she taught, as she desperately craved that fat prick like a hormone fueled girl. She made her way, dutifully to the side of Taly’s bed, and her cheeks filled with a hot blush as she obeyed a command that didn’t need to be uttered. Slender and affectionate fingers would replace the stroking digits of her daughter as she slid her hand up and down that slick, pre-soaked cock..

Her bra fell from her slumped shoulders to reveal each of her milky white titties, and in the next moment she was crawling into bed beside her precious angel. Her luscious, heavy titties were now fully on display, each of them swayed with the natural rocking movement of her shoulders, and were peaked by a pair of stubby pink nipples. Soon she found her lips smashed against those of her daughter. The sound of their incestous coupling would fill the room as she jerked off that throbbing prick and forced her tongue into her little girl’s mouth.

“You’re not wearing a condom.” She’d observe between kisses, stray strands of saliva stretched from her lips to the youthful mouth of her daughter, confusion in her tone.

The little angel was silent at first. The perplexion of her mother was the guise she used to get closer. She threw one of her sleek legs over her mother’s as she shifted her position to place herself above the woman, her leg rubbed down slowly onto the supple flesh of her mother’s creamy thigh. Her fat-cock rose with her as her mother’s hands continued to slide up and down her prick, pleasing her daughter as those aged-fingers nimbly fit along her mass in such a motherly manner.

“Punishment for being late,” she rasped out, edging back every bit of pleasure she was feeling to put a fair amount of husk in her voice.

Samantha offered no response but a sultry moan that quickly filled the void between them. Her thighs slipped open invitingly as she felt her baby girl’s wetness gather in her stroking palm, her fingers now slipping around the girl’s soaked helmet.

“No.” Came her whisper, but it wasn’t a command, and it certainly didn’t stop her slit from glistening with the excitement of her daughter’s control.

Thin streaks of that precious fem-cock nectar would drip down the older woman’s wrist, her baby girl always leaked ~so~ much for her, and Sam would make her approval known through a lust filled moan.

Taly had been working her mother over ever since they started their little taboo love affair. It had started out with the littlest things: pressing her lips to her beautiful Mother’s when her father’s back was turned, coming to her while she was cooking dinner with hours before dad would be home, her fat cock needing a wet pussy to encase it. This was the culmination of years of training… Tonight, Taly was going to make her move.

“You’re going to take it, raw.” her daughter ordered, contradicting the pathetic resistance of her mother’s response.

Punishment had recently become a concept for her mother, and it was new step in her submission to her daughter. Taly was starting to see just how desperate of a whore the woman was for her sleek white rod. Anytime the girl hadn’t gotten her way, she’d withdraw her throbbing cock from her desperate mother, leaving the poor woman begging and pleading until Taly got what she asked for. Samantha had spent the last year utterly spoiling, her girl.

This too was the culmination of every little manipulation she’d been holding her mother to. Forcing her into the very real reality of baring her own daughter’s child as the younger girl’s lithe body lingered above her in the dark-room. The expression on her face in the dim-red light stern, glaring at her beloved mother. The look gave her an ultimatum that needed no declaration; she got fucked and very possibly bred by her little-snuggle-bug or she got no fucking at all.

Samantha squirmed beneath her angel, and while she was bigger and heavier than Taly, she simply lacked the strength for an easy escape from the trained athlete. Those creamy thighs would lurch upward, trying to get her daughter dislodged even as her hand continued to pump that fat prick.

“We can’t, baby.” There was a desperate moan as Taly’s dick would spurt a puddle of pre into her mother’s gripping fingers. Sam figured if she couldn’t get the girl off her, she’d just have to get her ~off~. She pumped those dripping wet fingers up and down that lovely hard shaft, throwing in a few sultry moans for effect as she slowly tried to work that baby-batter from her baby’s sack.

“Let me up, Talisa.” She’d use her daughter’s full name, suddenly trying to get avcılar escort stern with the girl.

“You’re going to fucking take it!” Her little angel growled in response. Her hips thrusting instinctively into her mother’s matronly fingers as they pumped along her rigid cock. She was restless. All day her mother had been preoccupied, leaving her little baby pent up, and Sam could feel it… She’d tighten her grip around her daughter’s pulsing, thrusting dick, making the hole her fingers formed nice and tight for her baby girl.

In seconds the restless was pumping out splatter after splatter of warm-hot cum onto her mother’s lewdly jiggling breasts. Her daughter’s hips thrusted forward, rushing turgid meat through that hand as she elicited a loud moan into the dark room. Spasming and shaking in Sam’s hand, her daughter’s cock gave way. Her features went limp for just a few moments as she let herself go.

Taly’s burning-hot seed spilled out of her cock, and onto Sam’s chest. Seeping over her breasts as it started to drip down her tits in strands. The potent cream was soon smeared across her sides, staining her abdomen milky white. Taly’s breaths came out in ragged droves as her mother could hear the girl panting already. Her cock remained stiff in her mother’s hands, her eyes bearing down on the woman.

“Oooh. . . Yes.” Sam encouraged her daughter, continuing to pump that twitching, spraying fem-cock as she continued to unleash a gentle dribble of cum on those jiggling and swaying mommy breasts.

Sam’s eyes would widen in slight as she realized her daughter’s dick was still rock hard, her gripping hand would continue to stroke, but she was tired, and she was forced to resign her attempt to satiate the girl’s immense need. She’d bring her coated fingers up along her chest, her fingers spreading that cream across her full breasts, coating them in her daughter’s sticky excess…

“You have to pull out.” She’d warn, though obviously she was all bark and no bite, and they both knew it. Her knees would shift through the soaked sheets, bending at an angle so Taly was directly between each of her thighs, that bobbing, dripping cock dangling ever closer to her unprotected sex. Soft gasps would break from the older woman’s throat as she watched and waited, her chest heaving as the scent of her own arousal would rise from the soaked sheets beneath her slit.

What little light there was showed that girl’s pink tongue spreading over her lips. Her mother had only given the girl a tease of what she was used to. It was only ever when Sam was so full that her daughter was forced to climb off her mom. A brief rustling broke the ambience of the mother and daughter’s breathes. Talissa was getting closer to her mother’s pussy. Her hand gripping the base of that slick cock and eagerly letting it flop atop her puffy-sex. Slapping her cockmeat over her mother’s pussy, and for the first time bare. Taking every moment she could get to feel just how warm and wet she was.

“Does this feel good, mommy?” She asked the question as a slow thrust was given, pushing her sleek-white cock upwards, and causing her parent to immediately moan. Taly pushed the rigid mass along her sopping-wet labia until the base of her meaty shaft was pressing overtop of her mother’s cunt. There was a slight tickle as every inch of her cock’s underbelly was massaged by her mother’s cunt, that unkempt hair now being coated in Sam’s nectar. Her heavy balls bouncing slowly onto Sam’s plush ass, hands setting themselves atop her mom’s breasts with a soft-gentle rolling, spreading her cum over that soon to be claimed woman. Enjoying the scent of her own cum drenching someone she loved so much.

Sam was an utter mess, her body trembled as she felt that hairy sack press lewdly against her ass and slit, both of her hands would rise, and her fingers curled around either side of her daughter’s waist, holding her in place, the older woman was helpless as her hips lifted up towards that offered meat…

“It’s so… Warm, baby…” She was mumbling, her pale cheeks were filled with blush as she felt her daughter’s bare cock against her dripping slit for the first time. She was breaking down, and she’d let loose a series of groans as her cum soaked breasts were mauled and groped by her daughter’s prodding digits.

“Please, put it in me. You feel so good for mommy.” Her knees spread further apart, which forced her plump pink cunt lips to spread with them, and sent her daughter a clear offer. Her back arched off the bed, her lips parted, and those soft brown eyes shut tightly. Soon she guided that dick to her mommy-hole, the heat between their sexes was enough to start a fire, and Sam would add a little more friction as she pumped that guided dick..

The edges of her little girl’s lips curled into a smile. There was nothing she had wanted more than this. The apex of her domination had started over her mother. She wasn’t about to just let her have it yet. She didn’t want a victory, she didn’t even care about the fucking. She wanted submission.

“Beg for it.” şirinevler escort She let out in a low voice, testing Sam’s resolve again.

“Pleaaase! Fuck mommy!” Samantha cried out immediately, without a moment’s hesitation. Her back arched painfully from the mattress, making the springs creak underneath as she tried to push her cunt against that throbbing prize that jutted from her daughter’s pelvis like an impaling spear.

“Louder!” She ordered, her words echoing in the bare room. Punishing her mother further for showing resistance.

“Oh Taly! I neeed you!” Her words echoed from the bare walls of the basement, her voice carrying straight to the ceiling, and possibly to the room two stories up, where her husband lay asleep.

Her daughter’s brows knit together as she heard that cry bouncing off the walls. She leaned back, pulling that cock away from the woman’s hole like she was going to leave her.

“No! Please…!” She’d mumble desperately, her hands trying without success to hold her daughter in place before the girl swiftly came back, and pressed her thin body up against her mother’s. She’d nearly tackle her as she held her down on the bed. A hand was seen just before it descended towards her mouth in the dim-red light. The texture was unmistakable as it was shoved straight into Sam’s moaning mouth. A dirty-sock from the girl’s foot, which was then folded into her mouth with two fingers by her grinning daughter.

“Ooh! Ye-…” Her cries were muffled as she suddenly choked on the sweaty sock forced into her slutty maw, her hands pushing around her daughter’s back as she held the girl against her, not letting her leave.

“Do you want to wake that limp-dick pussy up?” The girl chided as she stuffed that whore’s mouth with a sock, a wicked, satisfied grin perched on her lips.

The movement had only gotten them even closer now. Sam’s pretty little angel was spread out over her mother’s voluptuous body. Her arms wrapped around her mother’s body, her lithe form was soon smeared in her own cum as she slowly rubbed herself up and down her mom’s supple-flesh. Much to the older woman’s moaning, gurgled delight.

Talisa’s grin only got bigger as she looked down between them. Her massive-cock was pressing right up against her mother’s drenched-pussy, forcing a desperate moan from the older woman. Taly’s hips slowly pushed up from Sam’s hold, sliding an eager hand down below to grab at the base of her meaty shaft. Her gaze rose up to meet her mother’s eyes as she let instinct start to take over. Taly wanted to see every pleasured reaction she got out of Sam having her pussy-pounded like an animal, and Sam’s blush filled glance back up would fully announce her submission to what was about to happen.

Taly was slow at the start, savoring every moment she began pushing that thick-bulbous head into her mom’s pussy. Rubbing that drenched helmet into her labia, pressing it down into her folds as she’d begin to make her descent. She pushed forward and listened as her eyes closed gently; that familiar squeaking of the bed and this new sound of slick-wet genitals mixing. The start of her fuckmeat was pressing her mother open. The entrance to her pussy was so wet, already so accepting of her daughter’s cock. Taly’s hips heaved forward, as she thrusted her cock down into her mother for the first time bare, and forced a barely stifled, simpering moan from the older woman. Taly felt those folds push back as she was just barely inside her mother, already on the verge of another climax. There was no plausible way her father could have ever pleased this voracious whore.

“Ohh – Fuck! That’s good!” The girl cried out with a shiver down her spine, wrapping her arm around her mother’s cum soaked body.

Sam couldn’t respond other than to cry out. Her back arched upward, forcing her full breasts to bounce as she tried to jam that prick deep into her gushing slit. There was no regret, not a single ounce of guilt about what she was doing with her own daughter. She was a whore, and she simply needed to be fucked by the biggest and best cock in the house.. She’d squirm as her daughter held her so tenderly while fucking her so brutally… The way her breath caught in her throat, Taly would know for sure that she wasn’t going to last long, soon that sock would be put to the test, and the sheets beneath them would be utterly drenched…

Her daughter was having the absolute time of her life as she bounded forward and back into her whimpering mother. She sunk that thick mass into her body, running it against her leaking cunt. She rammed the length of it down along her walls as she felt out every crevice and dip there was to her mother’s pussy. She wanted to know every inch of it, memorise every fold and crevice her mother’s walls had to offer her.

If her scream by the end wasn’t going to wake the house, the creaking of the bed might have. Sam had never felt her daughter fucking her so relentlessly, ravaging her cunt as the sounds of their bodies slapped lewdly against one another. In a matter of seconds her insides would clench hard against that thrusting cock, her warm inner folds would ooze and tremble as the girl forced her own mother into orgasm, and that sock did its damndest to silence her cries of pleasure. The girl’s sweaty balls collided into Sam’s ass as she was being fucked, an ever constant reminder of the danger that was to come of this, and the sweet reward she was going to receive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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