A Devoted Mother and Son Team

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My mom has always done everything for my dad and me, she’s a real hard worker. Not only does she do everything at home, all the housework and stuff but she also held down a full-time office job, to be honest, I don’t know how she did it. My dad didn’t work too hard, his father owns the company where he works so he’s a bit of a spoilt and lazy kind of guy. At home, he seldom lifted a finger to do anything. Mom never complained once cos she really loved him and just pretty much doted over him their whole marriage.

Even when mom found out about dads affairs, she didn’t stop loving him. My mom just had a naturally caring heart, and no matter what my father did wrong she would always forgive him. But I always hated to see mom get hurt by dad, and there was always something. Always!

I’d always helped mom with the chores around the house, cleaning tidying, cooking. I didn’t like to see her always having to do everything. Even when my dad called me a sissy boy for helping her I didn’t stop. Why should I?

Even though my mom gave my dad everything, the day came when he told her he was leaving her. He’d decided to go live with one of his girlfriends. She was much younger than him, closer to my age than his. Mom was heartbroken. I’d never seen her so sad in all my life. For weeks she moped around the house. She didn’t stop her from going to her job or from doing any of her house tasks, but I could see she had lost a lot of passion for life.

I didn’t know what to do to make her happy again. Of course, I helped around the house much more than ever before, I even learnt how to cook new meals. But nothing seemed to cheer her up. One day I even came home with some flowers for her hoping they would do the trick, hoping to make her realise that someone still cared about her. But still, she was lost in the past.

So one day I figured I would wake her up with a specially made breakfast that I would bring to her in bed hoping to break her out of her blues. I prepared a continental breakfast with sausages, bacon and croissants and took it to her. I woke her up with the surprise and for the first time in weeks, I caught the glimpse of a slight, but sudden, smile as it flickered across her face.

“Good morning mom,” I said. “I thought you’d like breakfast. You said you visited Paris when you were at college and you love the breakfast they made there. Well, here’s one I made especially for you.” I smiled.

“Thanks, Jake,” she said running her fingers through my hair. You’re a good kid you know. You always have been.”

“Thanks, mom,” I replied, happy that finally, something was working. Something was bringing her back to life, back to the old mom I’d always known.

The next morning I did the same, only this time it was Saturday and mom always liked to sleep in a little extra to get some rest after the hard weeks work. So beforehand I went for a quick morning run, and when I returned I was all hot and sweaty and took a quick shower and thought nothing of cooking in just my towel and then taking the breakfast to my mom with damp hair and the towel still clung round my waist.

“Did you make that while you were in the shower?” Mom joked. I guess it had been a long time since she’d seen me in just a towel. Now I was eighteen I didn’t walk around shirtless too much anymore either.

“Oh, I took a run before I made it. I wanted to let you get your beauty sleep.” I smiled.

“Beauty sleep.” She laughed. “I haven’t heard that in a while. I guess your dads’ new girlfriend doesn’t need any sleep to be beautiful, not at her age.” She said falling back into her reflections.

“Hey, I didn’t mean it like that mom. You’re already beautiful. Way more beautiful than dads new girl, and I should know cos I’ve seen her. She’s nothing on you mom, I don’t know what dad’s thinking. Going with her when he could still have you. He must be crazy.” I ranted angrily.

The smile returned to my mothers’ lips, I could see she was feeling much better.

“Thanks, son,” she said and reached out her hand to the back of my head, drawing me closer, she gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead. As she did so something very peculiar happened to me. As I come closer to my mom and my mom came closer to me, her bedcover slipped down a little to reveal her naked breasts! I hadn’t realised it before but mom was in bed seemingly naked from the top at least. Looking down at her uncovered body the blood rushed in an instant straight between my legs and suddenly, uncontrollably, I felt myself going hard, right there with my topless mom lying in bed beneath kissing my forehead.

Seemingly lost in the moment my mom just remained there, her lips on my forehead, eyes closed, lost in thought. While I, her son, could do nothing to hold back the rising erection growing under the loose towel, that tiny piece of cloth was the only thing between me and my mother, and my penis and my mothers’ breasts. Just thinking about them made my cock even harder. My manhood was just centimetres from my mothers’ naked breasts, esenyurt escort and right now it was trying with all its power to break through the weak containment of my towel and expose itself to her.

With a huge amount of relief, my mom slowly began to come back to the present and release her lips from my forehead and return to her reclined position on her bed. Opening her eyes, she too realised her breasts had escaped from her covers and were naked for her son to see. But more than that she also notice the rising tiger, waiting to escape from within my towel and pounce on her with all its fury.

“Oh no!” She laughed, “I’m so sorry Jake, I didn’t know I was…” before she could finish, and before my massive hard-on could escape, I quickly got up and shot to the door.

“Sorry mom, I didn’t mean to.” I spurted out as I made it out of her room and back to my own.

For the rest of the day, I pretty much stayed in my room, not knowing what to do, too embarrassed to speak to my mom, to even look at her, to even be close to her. Until around midday when I heard a knock at my door.

“I’ve made some dinner honey.” She said. Would you like it in your room or downstairs?” I didn’t know what to say. I was still too embarrassed to see her, or even talk to her. I didn’t want to leave my room, but I didn’t want her to bring it to me in here. Not after what had happened in her room. Bedrooms were definitely a bad place right now.

“I’ll come down mom,” I said. “Thanks.”

As I sat down at the kitchen table it felt like a huge weight was on me. I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to say. What could I say? I’d just seen my mothers naked breasts. More than that my hard cock was as close as it would ever be to being slid up between them like a hotdog in a bun.

“Breakfast was lovely Jake, thank you. You know I never forgot how kind you are. I wish your father were more like you. You’re always so caring. Unlike your father,” she continued. “If your father had been more like you he would still be here with us now.” She said, her eyes now watering a little.

“He was never good enough for you mom. I know that now. He doesn’t deserve you you know.” I said angrily. “But I do,” I said defiantly. “And I’m here with you now, so I guess he must be wishing he were a bigger man than he is,” I said, not realising I might have made it look as if I had decided I wanted to take my fathers’ place when in fact I was just trying to say what a good son would. But in my mistake, having just had my cock so close to her naked breasts and now appearing to tell her I wanted to be her husband, I might have inadvertently just come on to my mom.

With that, mom burst into tears and immediately ran over to me. Throwing her arms around my head and pulling me into her bosom, hugging me like a mother hugs a son. Yet now, with my father gone, and my memories filled with her beautiful naked breasts and the sight of her tiny sweet nipples, I began to think about her as a husband.

Beneath the table my cock rose again, growing with every moment my head was crushed into my mothers heaving chest, her arms around me, pulling me closer, wanting me?

“You’re such a good son Jake, you know you are. You know how much I love you.” Mom said, her hands now resting on the sides of my face, my head now released from her motherly bosom. Her lips at the same level as mine, so close I could feel her breath on them. “I want you to make breakfast for me again of course. Please don’t stop Jake. You know you make me so happy when you try,” she said. Filled with emotion she ran up to her room leaving me alone at the kitchen table.

As fate would have it, I had planned a pretty full Saturday. So when I returned him late in the evening, mom was already in bed, and I guessed asleep. Now that I had time to myself I thought back over everything that had happened in the kitchen with my mother that day. Memory flashes of my mothers’ naked breasts, her nipples, my hard erection, her eyes seeing that I had become sexually aroused. Sexually aroused for her, my mother. Then in the kitchen when she had pulled my head into those breasts, burying my face deep into her soft bosom. Now I remembered her lips so close to mine and her words. “I love you. You know you make me so happy. Please don’t stop Jake,” she had said. “Please don’t stop,” her words repeated in my head again and again to the memory flashes of her naked breasts, lips. Lost in thought, my eyes suddenly opened as I realised my cum was spurting from the end of my penis. All the time I had been lost in thoughts of my mother I had been masturbating atop my bed, and now my cum sprayed all over my face as it gushed like an erupting volcano. Never had it shot so far before! But never had I been so sexually aroused by anything, or anyone, before.

The following Sunday morning I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to repeat yesterday almost perfectly just to see if this time things might move a little further with my mom, avrupa yakası escort or if she had come to her senses, and would make me aware that they had unknowingly crossed a line somewhere along the way.

After working myself up again by heading out for an early run to get my testosterone going I again jumped in the shower and followed it up by making mothers’ breakfast in nothing more than a towel. However, this time, before I’d even entered the room, without realising it, I already had a massive erection, and my mother would notice it the moment I entered her bedroom.

“Oh, baby. It looks wonderful,” she smiled enthusiastically. It was clear that her melancholy depression had almost completely subsided. “So tasty,” she said, licking her lips. I almost dropped the meal as she said it, because to my shock and surprise, her eyes had dropped away from the breakfast and down to my massive hard-on below. Without knowing it, my cock had not only grown to its full size, but it had escaped captivity and was roaming around outside the towel. Sure I had wanted to see how far things could go with my mom, but I hadn’t planned on blatantly flashing her like this. Shocked and embarrassed, I rushed to my mothers’ bedside cabinet, hurriedly placed down the breakfast atop it, and rearranged myself as best I could in the circumstances.

“I’m really sorry, I…,” I muttered out as best I could. But it was clear my mother wasn’t as embarrassed as I was because she couldn’t stop laughing.

“It’s ok, baby. You know I saw you like that many times when you were a little boy,” she giggled.

“But I’m not a boy any more mom,” I managed in total embarrassment.

“Well yes Jake, you are certainly right on that score. I don’t ever remember you being so big and so long, and so thick, and so hard,” she said laughing even more. “Oh, Hunny, come sit down here.” She gestured patting her hand on her bed just beside her. As I sat down mom sat up further in her bed, and as she did so, again the bedcovers fell away from over her breasts, once again revealing them to me. But this time, sitting further upright than before, the bed covers fell further down to below her waist, revealing her beautiful slim tummy and bellybutton. My jaw dropped as she revealed herself to me without even the hint of care. Now, under my towel, my cock was starting to get wet with pre-cum ebbing its way onto the head of my penis, ready for action, ready to be inserted into a wanton female. Ready to penetrate my mother if she so much as made a sign that she wanted me to ease myself inside her.

Now my face was blushing. Red with blood I started to feel like a kid again. Sitting next to my topless mother in her bed, beautiful breasts brazenly exposed to her eighteen-year-old sons’ eager eyes, nipples growing in size with every second we were close, aroused by the presence of her half-naked son and her own half-nakedness, I simply sat in silence, unable to speak or to even contemplate what might happen next.

“I don’t mind if you see my naked breasts,” she said, now lifting her right hand to rest on his uncovered knee. At her touch, a tingle shot through his body. His mothers’ hand, now on his naked skin, so close to his pant-less penis, standing free beneath the towel.

“It”s ok that you are hard baby.” She continued. Now the pre-cum was really starting to drip from the end of my manhood, maybe there was so much it would be running down my thigh, down my leg to where my mothers’ hand rested, I worried. My eyes shooting down to check.

“You’re a grown man now Hunny. Now you’re the man of this house,” she said moving her other hand to the side of my face, comforting me. “You’re father has gone for good. Now it’s just you and me baby. You wear the trousers now.” Now she started to giggle again. “Although not right now of course,” she smiled looking down at her sons’ naked legs and towel-covered crotch. Now I saw the funny side and started to laugh along with her.

Lifting herself further upwards, closer to her son, she again kissed me on my forehead. Now her covers had fallen back even further revealing the slight valley between her legs and the glimpse of her thin blonde pubic hair. Looking down at my mothers’ wonderful breasts beneath me and the revelation of what was between her legs, I felt the sudden urge to passionately kiss my mom deeply and fondle the fruit she was dangling within hands reach. I wanted to then kiss and lick and suckle on her amazing breasts and nipples and then run my kisses all the way down, down, down, deeper to the heart of her soul, all the way into the middle of her legs where her wet vagina must have been hidden. Once there, I wanted to lick the outside of her wet pussy and then slowly circle my way inside her, deep inside my mothers’ wet hole.

“What are you thinking baby?” My mom asked, snapping me out of my fantasy.

“Nothing,” I said almost apologetically, “I was…” I started before my anadolu yakası escort mom cut me off.

“It’s ok, baby. Mother knows,” she said, smiling again before once more kissing me, yet, now on my lips. “Mothers know everything about their sons you know,” she told me. “We know what you really want. We know what you really need,” she admitted before kissing me again on my lips. “So tell me. It’s ok, no secrets between a mother and her son. Tell me what I already know baby.”

“I…I…” I didn’t know if I should admit to what I was thinking. Did she really know what I was thinking? Did she really know what I wanted?

“Well, Jake?” She asked comfortingly. “Are you gonna tell me?” She asked, waiting a moment. “Or am I going to have to tell you?”

“I…I…” I couldn’t say it. I wanted to kiss and fondle her breasts and eat her pussy, and then, then I wanted to take off my towel to reveal my erect and wet penis and slide it deep into her, into her wet vagina and make love to her for as long as it took me to make her orgasm. Writhing in ecstasy to the motions of my, her own sons, love-making.

“Well if you’re not going to tell me Jake…” she began, but before finishing she slowly removed the bedcovers from her body revealing her completely naked body underneath. Now I could see the short trimmed blonde pubic hair between her legs, her thin waist, her rounded bottom, her long thin perfect legs. As my jaw dropped as I took in the most amazing sight of his still young life, I didn’t notice that my mother was already removing the towel from around my waist, removing it to reveal my thick, hard, long, wet pre-cum dripping cock. Gazing at her amazing mid-section I was entranced by her perfect body as she lowered her head onto my dripping cock and took it into her mouth.

“Oh shit!” I gasped as I realised my mothers’ warm wet mouth was gliding up and down the shaft between my legs. Bobbing up and down like a buoy in the sea bouncing on the waves, my mother sucked my long shaft from its balls all-the-way up to the purple rounded head atop. Slowly, she sucked and licked me without a care that it was her own sons’ cock inside her mouth and on her tongue.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Sure I wanted to see how far things would go this time, but I never thought it would end up with my mom giving him head. And this wasn’t even the end. As she was happily giving me head now, I felt sure she would want me to make love to her next.

As I accepted what was happening, I started to explore my mothers’ body with my hands. First starting at her breasts I then roamed down to her tummy and then finally to the magnificent lips of her vagina. Now playing with her soft pink clit with the tips of my fingers and thumbs I slowly moved inside her, penetrating the wet mouth between her legs with my middle finger, gently starting to please her. All the while my mother stroking, licking or sucking my cock. Every once in a-while she would grip my thick beast with her hand and push her fist up its shaft, expelling a big bobble of pre-cum onto the top of its purple head, before rubbing it into the head with her fingers, sending impossible sensations through my body, uncontrollably I writhed in her hand. Then she dived down again onto my penis, licking and sucking at my pre-cum, taking it into her mouth before gobbling my cock whole.

Unable to continue my tender rhythmic fingering in my mothers’ vagina when her hand-job or blow-job skills proved beyond ecstatic, I stopped, lost in my own pleasure for moments at a time. When the sensation eased I moved my legs up onto my mothers’ bed, as she moved over to accommodate me. Both sliding down the bed a way I rolled on top of her, my cock now dangling down into her mouth, my lips now kissing and licking around and deep into her pussy. Rhythmically, my ass now started to Bob up and down as I slid my hard shaft deeper then shallower into and out of my mothers’ mouth, her lips sucking on me as I did so. My head now buried deep between her legs, mine digging deeper and deeper inside her wet gapping wanton cunt, I licked her out vigorously loving every taste of my mothers pussy juiced up hole. Now her midsection began to shiver and buckle as the oral sex I was giving her reached a climactic tension. Deep at the root and tip of my cock, I could feel the tension rising within myself too, as my mother gorged on my hefty shaft all while my bobbing momentum grew faster and faster. Feeling the urge to cum and the same within my mother, I quickly rolled off to the side and pivoted my whole body around to join her on the bed, now face to face.

“Oh baby,” she begged. “Why did you stop? I could feel you were ready to blow inside me. And I was ready to gush for you too.” She admitted, her body quivering from the pre-climactic tension.

“I wanted to rest awhile,” I responded. “I wanted to kiss you mom,” I whispered, wandering down to her breast again and arousing her again by bathing her breasts and nipples in my kisses and tongue.

Now she too had followed the curve of my muscular chest back down to my penis, and was again, gently playing with its wet tip.

“Mom,” he began, “I don’t want this to be the only time you know. I want you always. Every day when I come home from school and college I want to have you. Will you let me?” I asked concerned. “Or do you want this to be for just one time.?” I asked her.

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