A Family Affair Ch. 01

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Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

I’m taking a break from Batgirl at the moment, but thought I’d like to share this story with you. I’d like to say that it’s a true story, but I should be so lucky!

This is part one of probably four, but I reserve the right to change that if the story develops differently – well, what’s the point being an author if you can’t ‘bend’ the rules!

I’m always interested in people’s comments if you’d care to leave one, and please vote if you’ve liked the story – fives are particularly welcome!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy…




I’m not sure if it was the cool breeze wafting across my bare chest, or maybe the sweet fragrance of the jasmine in the large garden below my open bedroom window that first stirred me from a deep slumber.

But, then again, it may have been the gentle, delicious feel of lips and tongue caressing my nipples!

I sighed as I lay there on my warm bed, but kept my eyes closed as I gradually surfaced, wallowing in the warm feelings triggered by those pressing lips until the taunting tongue was eventually replaced by teeth that began to nibble a little more aggressively.

“Hey!” I gasped as my eyes shot open instinctively, “What…?”

“Time to wake up sleepy-head, we don’t have much time left,” was the response from my assailant as she lifted her head slightly, tussled hair still draped over my bare chest.

I looked down at my bed-mate, gloriously naked and laying across one of my splayed-out legs. Her lively eyes sparkled with mischief as I reached down to caress her head, and push it gently down back onto my chest. I wanted more of the lips and tongue!

But she wasn’t co-operating!

She twisted her head out of my grasp and propped herself up on her elbows laughing. My gaze had immediately switched downwards as I drank in the sight of her two beautiful breasts, dangling enticingly in front of me. They were high and firm, with dark, purple-like nipples almost rubbing across my chest. I knew from recent experience that they just fitted nicely into the palm of my hands, and suddenly that was the only thing that I wanted as I reached down to grasp them.

But again she twisted away, and intercepted my searching hands with her own.

“No, no carissimo,” she gasped as she trapped my wrists together in one hand, “… it is my turn now!”

Then she was crawling over me, lifting my hands above my head and placing them on the white rails of the bed head.

“Now keep them there,” she admonished with a little giggle, “while I enjoy myself!”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but it sounded promising so I complied and grasped the rail with both hands. It was also clear to me that she’d made a strategic mistake if she meant to taunt me though. By crawling over me, her left breast was swaying above my face and it was the most natural thing in the world to lift up slightly and let my lips capture her swaying nipple!

“Ohhhh” she cried suddenly, “that’s not fair…aaaahhhh!”

I’d quickly noticed that she hadn’t pulled away this time! So I set to work enthusiastically, sucking hard, pulling with my lips and letting my tongue tease the little button relentlessly as I felt the nipple harden and stretch under my assault.

It was a glorious, almost animal like feeling as I sucked at the hardened bud, letting my tongue explore her again, tasting the slight saltiness of the sweat from our earlier lovemaking. She was gasping above me at the electric pleasure starting to radiate out from her breast, and one hand dropped briefly to caress the side of my head as she pushed it harder into my mouth.

“Oh Paulo, you’re just…ohhhhhhh…”

She stood the exquisite torture for long minutes before finally pulling away, breathing hard now. But only briefly. Before I could respond, she’d twisted and was feeding her other breast at me, nipple already erect and anticipating my attention!

I didn’t fail her, sucking it quickly into my mouth and repeating the treatment that I’d given the other one, making her gasp and mew with pleasure again as this second breast began to radiate its own sensual awakening.

Eventually, it seemed like an age later, she regained a measure of control, taking a deep breath as she reluctantly pulled away again, replacing her breast with a quick kiss on my lips as she shuffled back down over me again. Her hair was caressing the sides of my face, her eyes inches away from me as she shook her head expressively.

“Now stop that Paulo,” she admonished in between long, deep breaths.

I was pleased with myself. She was clearly aroused – very!

” I told you before that it was my turn, and now it’ll be your turn to suffer you little devil!”, she said slowly before chuckling to herself as her head twisted away and began to slide down my chest again.

Something else was moving as well now and my body tensed automatically as I felt her hand sliding over esenyurt escort my bare chest.

Suckling at her nipples hadn’t just aroused my partner either! I’d felt myself hardening and growing as I awoke to her sensual attentions, and now that her hand was sliding purposefully downward, I felt my cock really spring straight up in anticipation. I lifted my head slightly to see what she was doing but all I could see was the back of her head and her graceful, slim shoulders as she blocked my view. Somehow, I knew that she’d done that on purpose!

Then the muscles in my buttocks were tightening as I felt her fingers running lightly through my pubic hair and I fell back onto my pillow gasping as they quickly wrapped themselves around my swollen member.

“Mmmm Paolo, very nice,” she murmured as her grip tightened and pumped me a couple of times.”You know I think it’s getting even bigger!” she chuckled again as my fingers locked hard on the bed-head rail, my eyes closing as I absorbed that wonderful, electric sensation.

“Still, wouldn’t do to make it too easy would it,” she said mischievously as her wonderful fingers slipped down my straining mast and began to caress the tight skin around my balls and between my legs.

It seemed like the whole of my body was tensing up in a ball of mixed pain and pleasure as she continued to let her fingers explore me. One minute sliding lightly up my taut shaft, then teasing the hyper-sensitive head, then sliding down to play with my balls again. It seemed to go on and on and on.

It was sheer torture, and she knew it!

It was getting to the stage where I was dizzily contemplating simply rolling her over, spreading her legs and plunging into her just to get the relief that I so desperately wanted when I finally felt her lifting her head off my chest.

I almost wearily lifted my own head again. My eyes had been squeezed shut as I tried to control myself as she tormented me, but I squinted down at her again, seeing that she’d moved down my tense body and seemed to be examining my erect cock closely. It was ram-rod straight, veins almost bulging, as big as I’d ever seen it.

She too seemed to be impressed as she whispered huskily, “Mmmm Paolo, you really are tempting me. Maybe I should just get on you and ride that big cock until we’re both fucked.”

I wasn’t at all sure that I’d last much longer than the time it would take to slide into her. I just needed release. Urgently!

“Yes…yes…just…get…on…with… it…PLEASE!!”

“But then again…,” she paused as she glanced back into my tortured eyes, “…well, I did promise you something different I suppose…”

And then she was holding my cock upright as her mouth dropped down and she began to repeat the torture that her fingers had started with her lips and tongue sliding up and down the now super sensitive skin.

I cried out “Oh God!” as I grimaced in sweet pain again and watched, mesmerised, as her lips finally closed around the head and her tongue began to caress me inside her mouth. I’d never had a woman do that to me before. And it was so, so good. It was almost killing me though!

Her eyes were watching me all the time as she worked on me and she seemed to know that I couldn’t last much longer. I could have sworn that I saw a secret smile flit across her face as she twisted her head sideways and began to drop down, forcing my rampant cock deeper into her mouth until I felt her throat closing in on me. Her serpent-like tongue somehow still slid sensuously around the shaft as she held me there for long, long moments before she quickly began to jerk her head up and down. It forced my cock up and down in her warm mouth, hitting all my pleasure spots simultaneously. There was no way that I could hold out any longer and with a cry of relief I finally came!

As I pumped my hot seed into her, something in the back of my mind was wondering if this was really okay. Had she really wanted me to unload deep into her throat like this? Not that I could have stopped myself!

Afterwards, it took me quite a few minutes to get my conscious thoughts organised, and my breathing back under control. And when I finally looked down again, I wondered if she was going to be angry at my total lack of control. But I needn’t have worried. She was still holding my cock, even though it had lost most of its strength, but she was smiling, licking the tip, sucking in my juices still.

“Mmmmm… you do taste nice Paolo…now wasn’t that a nice surprise?” her eyes were glinting with her own unfulfilled desire though,”… now how about you return the favour…!?”

I gasped again as my head fell back onto the pillow, and my mind was suddenly spinning as the amazing events of the last week washed over me.

2.Airport Excitement

I’d always felt a little uncomfortable in airports.

It isn’t that I’m unfamiliar with them. After all, with a big extended family the size of a small army spread out across large parts of Southern Europe, I’d got used to jetting avrupa yakası escort around from one place to another for family ‘gatherings’ as I’d grown up. My mum in particular seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time making sure that we kept in close touch with various aunts, uncles and cousins alike, tracking birthdays and other significant events closely. And, of course, it meant that we were never short of holiday options in warm, sunny places!

So the Arrivals Hall at Pisa International Airport was no stranger to me, and no different to its equivalent in big cities right around the world I suppose. It is a big concrete, cavernous structure with high ceilings, bright lights, advertising hoardings extolling Pisa as the ‘Gateway to Tuscany’, rows of offices, officials in a wide variety of uniforms, lots of noise and lots of people. I’d been here many times in the past of course, but for once I felt a little surge of trepidation run through me. Maybe because, this time, I was here on my own.

I’d been really looking forward to visiting my Aunt Luisa and Uncle Flavio in their villa in the rolling Tuscan hills near Sienna. As was the custom when my mum arranged these things there had to be a ‘celebration’ of some sort and this was in reward at completing my first year at University. Frankly, it’s pretty difficult not to complete your first year, so I wasn’t feeling any sense of achievement yet but I had been looking forward to a nice few days in the hot sunshine and maybe to meet up with their son, Guilio, again. He was a couple of years older than me, but he’d been a regular visitor to our ‘English Outpost’ of the family over the last couple of years and we got on well.

And, of course, there was always the big attraction of seeing Maria again. I knew that she was one of my main reasons for being here. And maybe this time we’d move on from childhood friends and soul mates to something else? I’m not sure that I really knew what, but I did know that I wanted to see her again so much.

Then my mum had dropped the bombshell a couple of days ago that something had come up at the small gallery that she runs in Chelsea and that she and my older sister, Jasmine, would have to drop out of the trip. My father, who’s something fairly senior in the British Foreign Office, had never been considered for the holiday as he was attending some high powered conference in South America, so that left just me! I’d considered abandoning the trip myself, but why should I? I’d been looking forward to the holiday so I’d told my mum bluntly that I was going anyway.

Which was why I was now scanning a small sea of expectant faces after sweeping out of the Baggage Reclaim area in triumph at getting hold of my case amongst the first batch to be circulated round the black caterpillar. Unfortunately the feeling of elation at such a quick exit was now being replaced with one of dismay as I realised that none of that mixture of family members, tourist reps and taxi drivers standing expectantly or with name cards held up was one that I recognised. I was briefly annoyed at my mum again. She’d just blithely told me that ‘someone’ from the family would be there to meet me and I’d somehow assumed that it would be Guilio so I hadn’t actually asked her who it would be. Big mistake apparently!

After hesitating for a few seconds and unsuccessfully rescanning all the faces, I pursed my lips and pushed my way through the crowd and into the main arrivals hall. Scanning left and right I still didn’t see anybody that I recognised so I made for the main glass doors which automatically swept aside in front of me. I’d expected it to be warmer than London. Well, most places are at this time of year, but the wall of heat that suddenly hit me was a bit of a shock and I immediately realised that my heavy duty jeans and thin red pullover were probably not the right gear for this heat wave as I felt the sweat spring out instantly on my forehead and neck. It was so incredibly bright as well and I mentally kicked myself for packing my sunglasses in my case. Idiot!

I squinted around anyway for a few minutes, but still didn’t spot anyone familiar so I quickly retreated back into the air-conditioned coolness, drifted away from the main exit area and found a couple of vacant chrome seats in a quiet area opposite a car hire desk. After collapsing down next to my case, I started to consider options. A taxi? Not a chance, it would have cost a fortune! Public Transport? Did it even run anywhere near my Aunt’s place? Unlikely. Car Hire? Possible, but I’d only just got used to driving in England, and the thought of Italian traffic manners on the ‘wrong’ side of the road was distinctly daunting!

But, just as I was dithering between alternatives, my eyes were drawn to a young woman passing in front of me. She wore a simple, light blue dress which flapped about her as she hurried across the marble floor, waving energetically in the direction of the arrivals gate.

“Felicio…Felicio!!” she cried, her round anadolu yakası escort face a picture of joyous anticipation as she gave up trying to walk fast and began to run. Her long, wavy brown hair billowed behind her as I watched, mesmerised, until she reach her quarry, a tall, slim young man in jeans and tattered white tee-shirt, and literally threw herself into his outspreads arms.

“Elena! Ohhhhhh!” I heard him respond, equally joyously, just as her enthusiastic arrival almost knocked the breath out of him and he staggered back a couple of paces as he wrapped his arms around the girl and twirled her around. Then they stopped spinning, still wrapped in a tight embrace and got on with the serious business of kissing each other!

It seemed to go on forever and I found that I had to consciously wipe away the wide grin that had spread across my face as I’d watched their happy re-union. And it wasn’t just me. The people milling around them all seemed to pause and smile at the happy couple, still embraced in their own blissful world.

“I wish I’d had a reception like that!” I thought ruefully, and maybe a little jealously as well. The painful truth was that I was ‘between girl-friends’ again, having broken up with Susan a couple of months ago. But she’d been just the latest in a string of relatively short term relationships. And I knew that it was generally my fault that they’d all complain that I lacked ‘commitment’. Maybe I was comparing them all to Maria? I shook my head in exasperation as my fleeting reminiscing was interrupted by the two lovers finally pulling apart.

They still looked blissfully happy, and she reached up to whisper in his ear. Then she was pulling at his arm as he grabbed hold of his overnight bag and started almost dragging him bag in my direction. They were both laughing, intent on each other, but for some reason I got the impression that he was suddenly looking a little reluctant as he let her lead him past me.

Well, not quite past me as it turned out.

I hadn’t really noticed it before, but there was a grey, floor mounted advertising machine almost opposite me and sideways on, with a large six by four screen that was busy trying to persuade innocent travellers to use the right sun tan lotion and toothpaste. It was also almost covering a short gap between two of the hire car cabins along the wall in front of me. The gap was empty and seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever. Well not normally anyway, and my eyebrows narrowed in surprise as I watched her glance both ways before pulling her young man into the recess, confident it seemed that they’d be able to resume kissing in a privacy of sorts, away from prying eyes. Except mine of course. Clearly she’d not seen me, sat quietly, almost hidden behind the advertising machine.

As soon as they’d dived into the gap and he’d dropped his bag again, her lips were back on his and she was enthusiastically pushing him back against one of the cabin walls, pressing her young body hard against his.

This time the kiss was even more passionate and almost immediately their hands were roaming. Hers were caressing his face and neck, running briefly through his short black hair. His started in the same area, roaming around her neck and long wavy hair, before dropping to her shoulders and back, pulling her harder into him. Clearly any reluctance he’d felt initially was being blown away by their joint passion.

I was starting to fell vaguely uncomfortable in my voyeuristic role and glanced nervously around, but she’d clearly chosen her spot well because no-one else seemed to have noticed anything, and I couldn’t help but look back as the action intensified.

By now one of his hands had dropped to her waist, and then rose upwards to cup her breast. She seemed to flinch momentarily at his touch, but as his hand began to massage the taut flesh through her thin dress I could almost hear her groan as their lips separated and she buried her face in his chest, letting the hot, electric sensation wash through her. They were side on, so I couldn’t see his other hand, but from her reaction, I guessed that her other breast was receiving similar attention!

But after taunting her for a few long minutes his visible hand started dropping down her side, sliding round her dress to caress her full, round behind, making her wriggle in pleasure against him. I swallowed as I started to imagine how that would feel for him, feeling my own response between my legs as I watched, transfixed.

But soon that wasn’t enough for them, and his wandering hand quickly slid lower, down her thigh as he bent her backwards a little so that he could reach down to the hem. Then it was sliding upwards again over her bare skin, dragging the dress up with it and gradually exposing more and more of her beautifully tanned legs as they continued to kiss passionately.

When his hand reached her waist again, there was a sudden flash of white as the side of her panties burst into view and my eyes widened even further as I watched him slip his hand inside. Their kiss was suddenly broken and she seemed to shudder in his arms as his searching fingers began to explore her expectant pussy. Briefly they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, as though deciding how far to go, but then she gasped as he hit some particularly sensitive spot and she buried her head into his shoulder again as his fingers worked their magic between her legs.

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