A Family Holiday Surprise Ch. 01

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The structure was lowslung and rustic in an eighteenth century way, so common with farm houses in the region. It was easy to imagine how it must have appeared to its inhabitants two hundred years ago, as they returned from toiling in the fields all day under the Tuscan sun. But they would have been totally confused by the interior today. It now boasted a modern kitchen artfully blended into the ancient structure, and living areas on the main floor decorated and furnished to maintain the local ambiance, but with every comfort.

The upper floor had been converted to accommodate four bedrooms, accessed via a curved staircase to a hallway that ran the length of the building. Headspace was at a premium. Care had to be taken not to bump the lintel when entering a bedroom.

Our room was at the end of the hallway, a large spacious room with a queen size bed, down duvet and ample pillows. Good comfort for cool nights. We also had an en-suite bathroom, with wash basin, bath and toilet, but no shower.

Now, I may be old fashioned, but I’m a shower rather than a bath man, so after a couple of days shaving and washing in the sink, it was high time to seek out a shower in the house. As it happened, there was only one, and that was in Penny’s room, adjacent to ours. Yes, the shower was literally in her room. A self contained, steel cubical set in the corner of her bedroom, it was telephone booth size, with two frosted glass walls, and sliding doors that met at the corner.

Perhaps I should pause to explain the population of the household that particular week.

Some years ago by my wife’s cousin Lorie-Anne had purchased the farmhouse. She and her husband Andrew had spent fifteen years or so in renovation mode. There was probably another fifteen years worth of ongoing renovation work. In fact, truth be told, it could well be endless. Regardless, it was very habitable, and they had spent almost every summer there with their kids, who were now two healthily developed teenage girls, Julia eighteen, and Natasha nineteen, or Jooles and Tash as they liked to be called.

Andrew’s mother Penny completed the immediate family, thus with the addition of my wife and I, it was a full household the couple of late summer weeks we planned to stay.

Penny was definitely the senior member of the contingent at the ripe age of 70, Still sharp as a pin, she had been widowed for some years. Hip problems slowed her down a bit, but she had enjoyed a globe trotting, active life and was determined not to let anything deny her pleasure.

A diminutive five foot four, her short silver hair framed a slightly angular face that sported a ready smile, and soft brown eyes that carried a hint of mischief. During our visit, she was quick to join in any discussion, enjoyed a glass of wine and indulged in the occasional small cigarillo. She basked in the attention of her grand-daughters, who clearly doted on her. I found that following Penny up the stairs was an act of secret pleasure. With her hip problems she took her time, thus affording ample time to enjoy the swell of her ass and shapely calves. Although somewhat dimmed, Penny had lost none of her sex appeal. Full busted with a trim waist, she was pleasing on the eye as well as excellent company.

And so the third morning of our visit I found myself begging the use of her room to take a shower. The family was all outside enjoying fresh air and sunshine. The girls were working on their tans by the pool, hardly preserving their modesty with the briefest of bikinis that draped their lithe, nubile bodies. My mind tried not to wander there! Their Gran Penny was keeping them company seated in a deckchair, and their parents working at the back on installing a patio with the assistance of my wife.

Leaning out on my bedroom window, I called down to Penny, asking if she minded me using the shower in her room. She grinned up at me, waving permission. I stripped down, had a quick shave in my bathroom, and grabbing a bath towel, padded down the hallway to her room. Entering, I was struck by the faint, not unpleasing atmosphere which older ladies seem to generate through a mixture of face powder, lipstick and perfume. Now, at 58 I’m no youngster myself, but standing there naked in her room enveloped by Penny’s aura, it felt somewhat naughty. The naughtiness was enhanced by the fact that a piece of her lingerie lay across her pillow. Her room was neat and tidy, the bed made. So I could only surmise the lace-trimmed chemise istanbul escort had been left there on purpose. I smiled to myself.

The shower was located in the corner of the room at the foot of the bed. I slid the doors open and turned on the water. Adjusting the temperature to ‘comfortable’, I stepped inside and closed the glass doors. The water hit me with force. Certainly no problem with water pressure in this part of the countryside. I luxuriated in it, soaping myself down, daydreaming of soft lingerie.

Shutting off the water, I let myself drain for a few moments, then stepped out, and scooping up my towel, rubbed myself vigorously. Standing there, I basked in the warm summer breeze that wafted through the open window, letting it dry me off completely as I contemplated Penny’s piece of lingerie.

Snapping out of my reverie, I left her room, closing the door behind me, and headed back to my own room. Slipping on some shorts, a T and sandals, I descended, and joined the others round the pool, just in time to plan lunch.

Two days of laid back vacation passed, good food, wine and company. It wasn’t until the fourth day of vacation that I felt the need to cleanse myself with a torrent of water. And so it was that on the day we had all agreed that it would be beautiful to lunch together alfresco at the local trattoria, I was in need.

All the family had made their ablutions except myself, and having scraped two days growth off my face in our en-suite bathroom, I was in serious need of a shower. Knocking on Penny’s door, I expected no response and free access to the shower. This was not to be the case.

“Hello.” called her voice.

“Hi Penny.” I responded. “Free for me to take a shower?”

“Not just yet.” she called. So I retreated to my bedroom. I took the time to lay out my clothes for lunch, stripping to my briefs. And waited.

“Shower’s free.” she called down the hallway. Scooping up my towel, I wrapped it around my waist and headed next door, only to find it closed. I knocked tentatively.

“Here.” Penny’s voice responded.

I entered, and closed the door behind me.

Robe draped tightly around her, she was seated at the dressing table located next to the head of the bed. The mirror was angled by the open window, so as to shed light on the person seated at it. Facing away from me, she was peering into the mirror.

“Go ahead,” she said lightly, “I wont look, although nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Caught between modesty and maturity, I chose the latter. Dropping the towel on the end of her bed,

“Thanks.” I said to her back.

Caution to the wind, I peeled of my briefs, and threw them on the end of the bed also. Glancing into the dressing table mirror before I turned to the shower stall in the opposite corner, I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw her staring at me in its reflection.

Not one to be modest, yet I turned and presented my buttocks as I hit the shower control, and setting the temperature, entered, and closed the doors.

Trying hard not to think of Penny just beyond the frosted glass of the shower doors, I lathered myself, and spent longer than usual soaping myself down. Done, I had a good final rinse and turned the shower off. I stood still, draining. Through the frosted glass, I could still clearly see Penny’s form seated at the dressing table. The knowledge of her proximity had certainly had an effect on my loins. My cock had stretched from its usual reposed state, and hung elongated. I made an effort to think neutral thoughts.

It felt like a Mexican standoff.

Finally I thought ‘This is stupid, I’m a grown man for goodness sake.’ and threw the shower doors open. Stepping out onto the shower mat, I found myself staring at Penny’s back as she worked on her makeup.

Feeling a little easier, I commence to dry myself.

“Feels good?” she asked. I glanced up, and saw her looking at me in the mirror.

“Yes thanks.” I responded, as nonchalantly as I could, naked, on one leg,exposing myself as I lifted my other leg to dry it. “Feels good.”

And it did. It felt good at the thought of a septuagenarian voyeur enjoying my nakedness.

I felt my cock lengthen just a trifle.

Penny swiveled in the dressing table stool to face me, holding her robe tight to her chest with one hand.

“We should have a good lunch avcılar escort today.” she said, as though it was totally normal to have a relatively strange man, naked in front of her.

Two can play this game, I thought. I continued to dry myself as usual after a shower, toweling all the nooks and crannies I would normally pay attention to. I finished by briskly rubbing my hair, conscious that I was standing just a little straighter than usual, and holding my stomach in. Completing my ablutions, I stood there looking down at her as she stared up at me.

“I should get dressed,” I said “or we’ll be late for lunch.”

By this time the others would be almost ready, and congregating downstairs or outside prior to driving to the restaurant.

Her eyes dropped to my cock. She looked up at me again, and I saw a little smile playing round her lips. With a small toss of her head, she beckoned me closer. I took two steps forward, and stood within arms reach of her, dropping the towel on the end of the bed.

“What’s this?” she asked, husky, sotto voce.

Reaching out, she gathered a pinch of my foreskin between her thumb and forefinger, and gently lifting my cock by it, examining the underside of my knob. Following her gaze, I saw a large drop of clear pre-cum glistening from the tip. I groaned inwardly. So much for being mature.

Keeping my cock raised by the foreskin pinched between her fingers, she released the grip on her robe, and with her other hand extended her middle finger. She slowly ran it under my knob, capturing the drop on her fingertip. Drawing it away, her finger remained connected to me by a gossamer thread of my clear liquid emission. She stared at it for a moment, then looked up. Holding my gaze, she opened her lips sucked her finger clean.

“mmm.” she approved.

Now I’m not made of stone, and my body responded in the most natural of ways. Blood rushed to my cock, and it swelled from its elongated softness to a healthy erection. Penny released it from her pinch, and it rested at ninety degrees, standing out from me its full seven inches.

Not a word passed between us. It didn’t have to. Our eyes still locked together, she leaned over slightly and patted the side of the bed. Her robe opened slightly, exposing a little cleavage. I did as bid, raising one leg and placing my foot on the bed. I put my hands on my hips. Standing posed like this in front of her, one foot on the floor, the other on the bed, my hard-on bobbed in time to my pulse. I was hers.

Leaning forward slightly, she blew gently on my cock, and I felt her warm breath envelope my exposed sac. My cock strained as it hardened anew. Reaching up, Penny cupped my balls in her hand and kneaded my sac gently, all the time holding my gaze. We were both grinning a little at each other. My cock was on fire, my knob burning to be touched. I felt a fresh supply of pre-cum course its way inside my shaft and ooze out the end. I really wanted to reach down and fondle her. But I held my pose.

She continued to blow warm breath over me as she played with my testicles. With her other hand she encircled the base of my shaft, and in one smooth movement milked me, captured the rush of pre-cum spilling out in her palm and spread it over the surface and around the glans of my bulging prick. I gasped, ready to explode. But she had other ideas. Releasing my knob, she broke her upward gaze to look at it. I looked down also, marveling at the smooth, slick covered, oozing tip of my cock bobbing just inches from her face.

She glanced up at me, giving me a huge mischievous smile. Leaning forward, she nuzzled her face against my prick, never once stopping her hand play with my sac. Her cheeks felt smooth against the heat of my erection. I groaned quietly, staring down at the top of her silver haired head, which partially obscured my voyeuristic pleasure. I remembered the dressing table mirror, and turning my head was rewarded by a full profile view of Penny, eyes closed, pressing her face against my shaft, playing my knob over her cheeks, against her nose, her neck. Her skin was streaked with my emissions.

I felt my orgasm rumbling deep down inside my loins, ready to erupt in her face. She must have sensed my tensing slightly, and drew back. Opening her eyes, she caught my stare in the mirror, and blew me a little kiss. I reciprocated.

Releasing my balls, she half turned and reached behind her. I watched as she şirinevler escort dipped her fingers into a pot of cold cream, scooping a liberal dollop on her fingertips. Turning back to me, she trapped my gaze in the mirror again, and taking care not to get cream on the inside of my thighs, passed her hand between them, her forearm brushing my scrotum as she did so. She pressed her fingers into my crack, and I jumped slightly at the coldness of the cream against my ass. Her fingers played my crack, insinuating themselves between my buttocks until they found my bumhole. Her fingertips fluttered against my anus, which I clenched instinctively, but she pressed against the resistance, lubricating me with the cream, gliding over the nub of my bum. I groaned anew in pleasure, relishing the total lack of inhibitions we were sharing.

My crack was by now liberally coated with cream, and Penny turned her hand sideways, running the edge of her palm up and down it, hard against my asshole. The sensation was intense, and I pressed back against her hand. But she had other ideas again, and grasping my scrotum again with her free hand, she pulled and stretched it to the limit, in doing so fully exposing my dripping knob. As I watched in the mirror, she leaned forward, and parting her lips she engulfed the end of my cock in her mouth. I exhaled a long sigh at the visual and physical sensation of her mouth engulfing my prick. Her tongue worked itself around my glans, exploring the opening of my urethra. Between the pressure of her hand on my anus, the gentle tugging on my balls and the way my cock seemed to melt in the wet heat of her mouth, I surrendered to my orgasm.

Tensing my buttocks, I felt my muscles tighten and initiate their spasms deep inside me, priming the sperm in my pump. Totally in tune with me, Penny changed the position of her hand between my buttocks, rubbed a slick fingertip against my anal ring and pressed it inside my rectum, all the while keeping up her oral assault on my prick.

As my orgasm began to thunder up my loins to my shaft, she released my knob from her lips and removed her hand from my balls. Making a ring of her forefinger and thumb, she encircled my glans in a massaging motion. Penny stared intently at the end of my cock as the milked me, shoving her finger hard into my bumhole. I let out a low, intense growl, and still maintaining my balance, one foot on the bed, hands on hips, shot my initial load of cum straight into Penny’s face.

My gaze glued to the scene in the mirror, I watched the stream of cream land across her nose and closed mouth.

Tightening her finger and thumb around the base of my glans in an iron grip, she shut off the flow as my loins heaved spasm after of spasm of sperm up inside my shaft, seeking exit. I was in turmoil, and winced at the intense pleasure of release with nowhere for it to go! The end of my prick seemed to turn purple. She grinned up at me, her tongue working around her lips, consuming the sperm splashed there.

Meanwhile I writhed, but she kept an iron grip on my cock, and a finger firmly up my ass.

My orgasm subsided and calmed. Penny leaned forward, and letting go her grip on my knob, she opened her lips and slipped it into her mouth. My trapped cum pissed out in a continuous stream as she closed her lips over the end of my prick. The sensation of release reached down to my toes, feeling like a double orgasm as I drained into her. Penny worked my hardness with her mouth, engulfing the entire length of my cock.

Reaching forward, I took her head gently in both hands as she sucked the last drops from me.

I stroked her soft silver hair as she played with my wilting penis in her mouth, finally releasing it into the cool air. I leaned down, and cupping her face in my hands, delivered a long, deep lingering kiss, twirling my tongue with hers, savoring the taste of my own cum. My hand dropped inside her open robe, discovered a ripened breast and elongated nipple. I squeezed it hard, and she gasped, breaking off our kiss.

“Later.” she breathed.

She eased her finger from my ass, and whispered, “Bend over.”

Doing as bid, I turned my back on her, spread my legs, and leaned down to the bed on my elbows. I heard a rustling as she took some facial tissues from the box on the dressing table, and felt her hand ease my buttock apart as she wiped the remaining cold cream from my crack.

“You know,” she said, “I haven’t tasted that pleasure since Allan died.” referring to her late husband.

She patted me on the buttock. “Go.” she said. “Get dressed. Time for dinner. They’ll wonder where you are.”

I turned and kissed her again, scooped up my towel and briefs, and as quietly as possible left her room for mine to dress for dinner.

My wife called up the stairs. “Are you ready yet Roland? We’re all waiting for you.”

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