A Favour Ch. 02

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The sun slowly brought Josh back to consciousness, as a shaft of warm light slipped through the curtain and into his eyes. Awareness crept into him at snail’s pace. He felt heat on his skin, as the sun drenched his naked body. An unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room. The ache of his morning hard-on. The pressure of a full bladder. The slight fog of a hangover drifted in the corner of his vision. An arm draped across his chest, her hand…no his hand…resting on his shoulder. With a start, the images started flooding into his mind unbidden. David sitting next to him, vulnerable and lonely; a cock (David’s cock) in his mouth, the salty taste of him under his tongue. An image of David’s face, painted with Josh’s own cum. The creeping invasion as he slid his cock slowly inside him.

He risked a glance at David’s sleeping form beside him. He lay face down, chin almost on Josh’s shoulder, naked arse on show, comically highlighted by a shaft of intruding sunlight. Josh could feel himself longing to reach out and rest a hand on one buttock, to feel the soft, downy hair under his fingers. His hard cock twitched at the thought, and panicked he hastily extricated himself from under the sleeping body.

Trying not to wake him, he glanced around the room, looking for his clothes. Unsuccessful, he remembered throwing them off in the living room what seemed like an age ago. He stood still, not wanting to wake David. It was too soon to discuss what had happened. He didn’t think he could deal with his mate looking at him differently or seeing the hint of regret or disgust in his eyes that would surely be there in the sober light of day. Desperate now to empty his bladder, he gave up, and wandered naked down the hall to the bathroom. An awkward lean, a careful aim, his erection finally fading as his bladder emptied noisily into the toilet bowl.

Noticing the dried remnants of their intense session from the night before on his belly, his balls and down the inside of his thighs, he decided to take a much-needed shower. Standing under the steaming water, it was all he could do to turn his thoughts away from what they had done, and how good it had felt. The feeling of David’s finger smearing their combined semen around his hole, first outside, and then slowly venturing…

As if coming out of a trance, he shook himself, pulling his own soap-slicked finger out of his arse and quickly finished washing and turned off the water. He towelled himself dry, eyeing himself in the mirror. Nothing seemed to have changed. His toned, masculine body looked no different after a night of hot man sex. There was no rainbow suddenly tattooed across his muscular chest. The more he thought about it, the more he realised that his worry was that David wouldn’t want to do it again. He knew David would never tell anyone, and whose business was it anyway? If he liked a bit of cock from time to time, surely that wasn’t harming anyone.

Hungry now, he made his way to the kitchen. He considered heading into the lounge-room to collect the clothes he had left lying on the floor, but with his new sense of freedom, he decided to leave it all on show. It was already mid-morning, and the day was quite warm. He opened the fridge and cupboards looking for something to satisfy his hunger. With limited options, he found the ingredients for pancakes, and turned on the stove. Batter mixed, the butter spat hot oil as it melted in the pan. Looking to protect his most valued asset, he grabbed an apron hanging on the side of the fridge and draped it over his neck, tying it behind him.

The running shower signalled to him that David had finally risen. He heard the toilet flush, and a momentary regret flashed through his mind as he realised how ridiculous he must look. He cast his eyes to the door, about to race for his clothes in the other room just as David walked into the room. Blushing furiously, Josh turned to face him and was instantly taken aback by the toned body in front of him. His bulging package seemed so inviting in his tight, black underwear. Josh couldn’t understand how he’d never noticed this attraction before. It had hit him so quickly and with such confusing force.

“How’s my little Centurion this morning?” Noticing Josh’s confused look, David indicated the half-naked Roman soldier printed on the front of Josh’s apron.

“Always ready for a little hand to hand combat.” Josh immediately regretted his flirtatious tone, not sure yet how David was going to take the events of last night.

Blushing again, he turned back to the pancakes, remembering too late that this meant flashing his naked arse at him. With his options limited, he decided to just run with it. He flipped a couple of the cooking pancakes, affecting an air of nonchalance.

David coughed as he took in the sight before him. “I…ah…don’t think that’s standard issue Roman uniform.”

Josh smiled over his shoulder. “You’d be surprised. Those Roman’s fucked like rabbits apparently.” He turned back rus escort to the pancakes, appalled at what he was saying. He had no idea if David was into this or if he was just making things worse. He flipped the pancakes out of the pan and ladled in some more batter, desperately trying to appear relaxed.

He kept his eyes fixed forward as he heard David approach quietly behind him. His breath caught in his throat as he felt one warm hand rest gently on his buttock and David pressed himself against him.

“Well, it’s quite a sight to wake up to.” David said huskily, his chin resting on Josh’s shoulder. “I half expected you had run screaming when I woke up and you weren’t beside me. Thought maybe last night was all a bit much. And then here you are, cooking me breakfast!”

Josh said nothing, but pressed the side of his face against David’s, arching back slightly. David continued to stroke his back softly, his hand running up and down his flank. He was well and truly tenting the apron by now, a leaking spot of precum leaking through the Centurion’s skirt. He could feel a corresponding push into his side as David began to respond in kind.

David reached forward and grabbed the bowl of pancake batter. He pushed Josh forward, bent over the bench in front of him, his legs spread, and arse exposed. He filled the ladle with batter, and holding it high above him, poured the pale liquid slowly onto the top of his arse crack. Josh gasped at the cold liquid, parting his legs further to let it ooze down deep into his crack, coating his hole and then running down to drop slowly from his balls. David was on his knees behind him in a flash, burying his face deep into his arse and licking at the sweet batter. Josh moaned, as the tongue lapped up and down his arse, lapping the sticky liquid from his cheeks, and slowly making its way down into the cleft.

A moment of clarity had him switching off the hotplate, before he leant down further, elbows on the bench. He felt David’s hand reach up between his legs and grab a firm hold of his cock. He moaned, a deep rumble as it twitched, and a glob of clear fluid escaped lazily to the floor. Glad once again that he’d showered, he parted his legs further, thrusting his pelvis back towards David’s clean-shaved face. His arching back, arse exposed, somehow made his feel super camp, like one of the cliched effeminate men he had always thought of when he thought of gays. Uncomfortable, he straightened and turned slightly, about to step away, just as David reached out with his tongue and lapped his warm, tender hole. Knees buckling, he whimpered as his nerve endings fired instant bliss into him. He had to have more! The image forgotten now, he was back on the kitchen bench, arse thrusting back, legs spread to give him better access to this new found pleasure. He lifted one knee up on to the bench beside him, properly exposing the tight, puckered bundle of nerves that had rarely seen the light of day. A constant stream of thick, viscous precum leaked from him now, running down the inside of the apron and soaking into the material.

David worked earnestly, lapping up the sweet batter from his buttocks and deep within the cleft. Periodically he returned to running his tongue in laps around Josh’s hole. With each lap, his tongue probed him gently, slowly advancing into him a little deeper each time as the tight muscle relaxed. Letting go of the hard, leaking cock, his hands gripped Josh’s thighs, holding him up in a crouch. Looking down at him, Josh’s view was mostly obscured by the apron hanging from the tie at his waist. He smiled to himself as he noticed the wet patch running down the front of the centurion’s skirt, as if he’d had an accident himself. Below the apron, he could see David’s pelvis, knees spread wide, his black briefs straining from the pressure of his erection, the material soaking wet.

His thinking clouded by pleasure, Josh continued to examine the situation in which he found himself. Twenty-four hours ago, the thought of having his arsehole touched by someone that wasn’t a doctor seemed like the most unlikely thing he could imagine. That it was a male made it that much more incredible. That it was his best mate, and that he was using his tongue was completely outside the realms of expectation. To top it all off, he was experiencing the most intense pleasure that he could remember. Who knew that the key to such an experience was a part of his body that he had always treated as purely functional?

One final foray inside him and suddenly David withdrew his tongue, standing up beside him and removing his stained underwear. Josh’s hip now getting stiff, he put his foot back down on the floor, remaining bent over the bench. He didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise the attention David was paying his no longer virgin hole. David stood now beside him, his wet cock pressed into Josh’s left hip as he leaned across him and dipped his two fingers into the yenimahalle escort tub of now softened butter on the bench by the stove. He pulled back Josh’s arse cheek to give better access, and wiped the soft grease thickly onto his saliva-covered opening. Closing his eyes, Josh leaned down onto the bench and rested his cheek on the cool surface. He closed his eyes and breathed, as he felt the thick oil being massaged into him. Centring on his hole, David pressed the pad of his thumb against him, slowly but steadily sliding inside, the melting butter providing a silky lubricant.

Josh felt no pain as he was entered so gently. The base of David’s thumb pressing against him told him that he was fully inside. His first two fingers slid down either side of his ball sack as if he were holding a bowling ball. Josh felt his eyes roll back in his head as David almost imperceptibly wiggled the tip of his thumb deep inside him, stimulating the pleasure centre that he now knew his prostate housed. Each tiny stroke set off the waves of pleasure that he had first experienced last night; starting in the base of his cock, and spreading in increasing ripples to his very fingertips and toes. David rubbed his back gently with his spare hand and the heightened sensitivity created near unbearable bliss.

He opened his eyes as David removed his thumb, and stood squarely behind him. He put his knee back up onto the bench, inviting his entry, as David smeared more of the soft butter on his cock.

“Tell me you want it.” David’s voice was husky, and his words caught briefly in his throat. He slapped his greased-up cock against Josh’s hole.

“Oh yes!” Josh moaned, looking over his shoulder at the masculine figure behind him. A sheen of sweat shone on his forehead, his biceps flexed just a little, and the clipped hair scattered across his well-toned chest.

“I need you to say it.” David was insistent. “Say you want me.”

Josh looked him in the eye. He didn’t just want it, he needed it. His arse ached with a longing to be fucked. He felt empty. He needed to be filled. He needed to see the look of pleasure and desire on David’s face as he came.

“Give me your cock, man.” His voice was a deep rumble. “Fill me like you did last night. I want to feel you come inside me.”

David needed no further encouragement. Pressing the head of his cock against Josh’s now slick hole, he leaned forward over him, resting one hand on the benchtop beside him. He pressed forward gently against the muscular opening. Josh turned his attention to his arse, apprehensive about the sudden pain that had occurred last night. Changing focus, he concentrated on pushing down and allowing his hole to open, just as he had without realising it in the shower that morning. He identified the muscles in question, and with no more than a thought, he relaxed, sucking the slick rod inside him. There was no pain, just a hot, gliding friction as David slowly and smoothly advanced straight into him. In a single push, he was all the way in, hips pressing firmly against Josh’s buttocks. A constant low moan came from both of them as they were fully engulfed by the sensation of their joining.

Deep inside him, David leaned forward, covering Josh’s body with his own. He slipped his arms underneath him and gripped him by the shoulders, kissing the back of his neck. His belly and chest lay atop Josh’s bent torso. With a slow, careful tilt of his pelvis, he withdrew halfway, holding there for just a second or two before sliding forward again. Slowly, slowly he used his cock to massage Josh’s passage, his anus slowly relaxing to accommodate his substantial girth.

Josh was in heaven, filled again with the warm, throbbing meat that David was thrusting into him. He relaxed into his embrace, no longer feeling the discomfort of doing something so foreign. This felt right now. It felt good to surrender like this. It felt good to be the object of David’s desire, and to allow himself to be pleasured in such a way. His focus turned towards his pelvis again. He was intrigued by the degree to which he found this pleasurable. He tried to identify the pleasure that he felt, to locate its source. He felt the sensation of being filled, and the vague pressure of the cock advancing into him. He felt a gliding friction, as smooth as silk, around the opening of his anus. Every vein and bump on the surface of David’s cock seemed to stimulate the nerve endings at that sensitive entrance. More intensely though, he felt the glancing stimulation of his prostate with every thrust forward, and this was what truly blew his mind. The waves of this pleasure rippled right through him. Even more, he found that when he concentrated on that feeling, he could amplify it, each ripple building on the next. The waves built, one upon the other, until he felt his knees would buckle with the pleasure. Thankful he was being held up against the bench by David’s overheating body, he allowed the sensation to overtake him.

He moaned uncontrollably as it built to a slow climax. The warmth spread from his pelvis across his whole body, but slowly concentrated more and more back to his pelvis, and into the base of his cock. With a gushing eruption, it burst from him like a tap turned on. A constant stream of ejaculate shot forth from his cock onto the inside of the apron still hanging from his waist. Shaking tremors shook his whole body as he convulsed, the tidal waves of pleasure slowly receding back into a gentle lapping at the shores.

The pleasure didn’t resolve entirely though. This was no standard orgasm that exploded in a climax that left him drained and satiated. This was a whole-body sensation that grabbed him and shook him, before retreating just enough to let him catch his breath, and was already beginning to build again.

David sensed the change in him and slowed his thrusts to a stop, kissing his shoulders and rubbing his hands gently down Josh’s flanks. Slowly he pulled his cock from him, standing him up and wrapping him in a tight embrace.

“Well that was pretty amazing!” he said, his erection still poking into the small of Josh’s back.

Josh turned and faced him, deliberately knocking his own still-firm erection into David’s through the soiled apron. “Don’t think that’s it, my friend.” He grinned impishly up at him. “You haven’t satisfied this cock-hungry Centurion yet!”

He grabbed David by the cock and dragged him over to the table. Pushing a couple of plates out of the way, and quickly ripping off the cum-covered Centurion, he climbed up onto the table, and lay back, his legs spread, staring straight at David. David needed no further encouragement. Grabbing hold of his cock, he directed it straight back into the now well-lubricated hole. There was some sense of resistance, enough tightness to squeeze him firmly, but the reflexive spasm as he tried to enter was gone. Josh knew how to do this now. He’d learned to allow a cock inside him quite literally overnight.

Fully entered now, Josh could feel David’s balls resting lightly against his buttocks. He clenched down on him rhythmically, and felt him twitch in response. A quiet moan told him that he was pleasuring him. He reached up and gently teased David’s nipples, feeling them harden rapidly at his touch. Eyes locked, he felt like David could see directly into him. He wanted the pleasure that Josh was giving him, and knew that he was able to repay the favour simultaneously. This was a connection, a sexual equality, that neither of them had ever felt.

Josh’s cock was aching again, the gentle pulse of pleasure deep in his pelvis continued, but just a faint memory of the body-gripping waves he had felt earlier. He wanted that back again. Holding David’s gaze, he rested his right ankle on his shoulder, his other leg wrapped around the naked pelvis impaling him. Using this as leverage, he started to rock his pelvis back and forth, stroking David inside of him. He found the prostate massaging spot again almost straight away and concentrated on stroking it firmly with the end of the rigid cock. The pleasure built in him rapidly again, and he watched as his cock twitched and leaked with each stroke, amazed that his balls hadn’t been entirely emptied with the last eruption.

He felt a shudder grip him, and his pelvis convulsed, shaking and tremoring uncontrollably. The effect was amazing. As the tremors gripped him, his pelvis shook up and down, convulsing on David’s rigid cock. His prostate was jack-hammered uncontrollably, causing more pleasure, and more convulsions, until Josh thought he would explode with ecstasy. David looked down at him with a rapt look on his face, as again the pleasure reached a climax, cum pissing forth from Josh’s cock, coating his belly and running down to pool on the table.

As Josh’s breathing returned to normal, his eyes opened, and he stared back at David again, looming over him, gripping his right leg against his chest. Again, the eruption was incomplete and still hard he pulled David down towards him.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” he panted between kisses, “but it feels like we could just fuck like this forever.”

“I’m not sure how much longer I can last.” David was already holding himself back, trying to prolong the pleasure.

“Well why don’t you fuck me then, and we’ll see what happens.”

Pushing Josh’s leg aside, he stood up straight again, gripping both of Josh’s thighs. He slowly pulled back from him and then rammed his cock home hard. Some of Josh’s cum had run down beside his balls, and it made a satisfying slapping sound as David pushed into him.

“So this is what it sounds like to get fucked” Josh mused as David began to find a rhythm and fucked him harder and faster.

Beginning to feel the need for a more complete release, he reached down and began to stroke his cock. He still felt the blissful warmth inside him as his prostate was repeatedly stroked, but the focus of his pleasure rested more fully in the base of his cock. David was beginning to zone out again now, and was slamming into him hard, fucking him with his full length. Josh could feel his balls slap against his arse with every thrust.

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