A Fling With Temptation Ch. 3

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After straightening ourselves up we headed back towards the parking lot and I had a pretty good idea where we were off too.

Controllers (especially supervisors like Dan) make an enviable salary however most of us tend to live a couple hours away from the notoriously expensive Bay Area in order to get more house for our money. Because of weekly quick turnarounds some people purchase an RV and keep it in the back of the parking lot. Needless to say that is where we were headed. Instead of cutting through the center of the lot we walked the parameter so hopefully no one would see our darkened silhouettes. We walked up to his brand new camper and he quickly opened the door. Never being in one before I marveled at the setup. It must have been at least thirty feet long. Before entering the RV I noticed a satellite dish on top, and inside it had a shower and a separate bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen/dining area areas. Definitely not what I had expected.

After locking the door Dan came up to me and apologized for not being in a more romantic setting. He said he wanted everything to be just right. I assured him that things couldn’t be better and that I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He smiled and said he had too. He came up to me and softly slid my sweater jacket off of my shoulders and onto the floor. He kept saying how sexy I was. He said I had the hottest body and for months he had been dying to get me alone with him. He started to kiss me slowly and deeply. His wet kisses quickly made me hot all over again. He picked me up so that my firm legs were straddling his waist and he gently set me down on the dining area table. I hiked my skirt up so he got a good view of my juicy pussy which was already staring to drip down onto the table which happened to be the perfect height for us. His still-hard penis was pushing perfectly against my cunt. I wondered if my juices had soaked all the way through his pants yet.

Before things got any hotter I asked if he had a cell phone. He grabbed one from the drivers seat and I called my supervisor. Still playing the not-feeling-well-card I asked to take sick leave for the rest of the evening. For once my area wasn’t undermanned and he approved. I giggled as I hung up the phone and Dan snatched it out of my hand laughing as well. He said he might as well do the same since there was another supervisor on hand for his area. As he started dialing I pushed him back and hopped off of the now slippery table. I quickly undid his pants and whipped out his cock and put it in my mouth where it belonged. I blew him hard and fast. He seemed to be enjoying the fact that he was talking to his asshole supervisor who had a crush on me, while he was trying hard to concentrate on his phone conversation. He hung up the cell phone and told me how bad I was. He asked me if I knew that just about every guy in the facility istanbul escort wanted to get into my pants. I ignored his question and kept on with the best blowjob I could give him. He continued on and said how lucky he felt and that he wished he could take me home with him.

That’s when I took him out of my mouth. Before I let it go I ran my tongue and cheek along the side of it and kissed the tip. I stood back up and was surprised to see that he looked saddened. I asked him if everything was okay and he said he felt like he had really gotten to know me over the past few months. He said how much he enjoyed my company and my personality as he ran his fingers through my long wind-blown red hair. Once again he said how long he had waited for this moment and said he didn’t want this to end after tonight. I told him I felt passionate about him as well but also reminded him that I was married. In my head I had imagined this encounter to be full of lust and sloppy, wet sex. In a way his comments turned me on even more. He wanted me. He wanted to keep me for himself. Before He had a chance to say anything else I took his hand and led him back to the bed. I laid him down and stared at his beautiful face. I too was starting to fall for him and I was having a difficult time with my emotions. I felt a year welling up but I climbed on top of him and leaned down to kiss him so he wouldn’t notice. This was turning into something more than a random fling. This was becoming very real.

I stood back up and seductively took off my clothes. First my skirt which quickly dropped to the floor. I slowly stepped out of it and lifted my shirt above my head slowly revealing my perfect breasts. I allowed my hands to graze over them while traveling down to my wet, bare cunt. I dipped my middle finger in and slowly dragged it out bringing with it a delicious trail of pussy juices. I ran that finger up my tight stomach, up over my bra and finally into my watering mouth. I tasted so fucking good. He sat up a little and I could tell he wanted some too. I could also tell he enjoyed the sight of my freshly waxed pussy. I reached behind to undo my lacy bra and finally gave him the full view of my 34 D tits. I know how good they must have looked. I work out every day and I know my body was looking good. I took my finger and dipped it back into my pussy. I took it out and ran wet circles around my nipples. Then I took that nipple into my mouth and sucked the juice off of it. When I looked back up at him he said he had never seen anything so erotic. He stood up and I took his pants down. His underwear was soaking wet from both his pre-cum and my wetness so he quickly got rid of them and his cock sprung up towards his belly. He laid back down on the bed slowly and absentmindedly rubbing his aching penis. I walked towards the bed avcılar escort and sat on the edge of it and gave him a little show.

I spread my glistening pussy lips apart to give him the full view of my pink, wet hole. He started to pump his penis while I ran circles around my hard clit and pumped my fingers in and out of my swollen pussy. He was definitely loving the show but I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to feel his hands on me and my cunt was dying to be filled. I crawled on top of him and was about to position myself over his cock when he pulled me up some more. He grabbed my waist and positioned my dripping cunt onto his face. Oh fuck that was just what I needed! He ran his fingers over my mound to feel the hairless softness. Finally he went to work. While his tongue was exploring my depths his mustache was tickling my clit. I had never experienced a mustache before and it was driving me wild. I looked down and saw that his stache and chin was overflowing with my juice. I leaned forward and grabbed the small headboard and began relentlessly grinding into his face. His tongue was amazing and he really knew how to suck on my clit. I rocked back and forth shouting at the top of my voice. OH YOU’RE SO GOOD AT THAT!! Ya lick me harder – yes right there – like that. OH FUCK you want me to cum all over your face don’t you. Ya? Okay – OH FUCK HERE IT COMES….. OHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMM! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!

I squirted all over his face and even down onto his neck. I let him up for air and immediately hopped down so I could kiss him and get my fair share. I kissed him deeply trying to get every last bit of my cum out of his mouth. I slowly licked the side of his neck and then wiped his moustache off with my trembling fingers. He too was shaking and pointed down to his semi erect penis which had exploded when I came on him. The whole time his hands were around my waist and I finally realized exactly what I did to him. I had never seen a guy cum without using his hands before. For a fifty year-old, he seemed to be in his sexual prime! His cock readily became hard again and I whispered how amazing he was into his ear. I laid next to him and ran my fingers through his light chest hair. We looked into each other’s eyes and without speaking I knew what he was thinking. We were totally falling for each other. We both knew it was wrong but the chemistry between us was undeniable.

Next he rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. He went down and took one of my breasts into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around my hard nipples and was slowly sliding his penis up and down over my slippery clit. He took the other nipple into his mouth. He seemed to savor the taste of them. He then pushed my tits together and kissed the embellished cleavage. He looked back up into my eyes and told me he wanted to make love to me. I smiled şirinevler escort letting him know my body was now his.

He took his penis and gently entered my swollen hole. His cock was wide and it was really spreading me apart. My pussy was very tight and the way he filled me up felt so good. I wrapped my legs up around his waist so he could have better access to me. Once he was all the way in he stopped for a few seconds. We were both relishing the sensation of what we had been waiting for. He began pumping me faster and he leaned over and rested his chest onto mine. I kissed him feverously and I began to feel tingles all throughout my body. The way he was laying really allowed his pelvis to grind into my clit and it felt unbelievable! I could still taste the remnants of my last orgasm in his mouth and that made me even hotter. He pumped me harder and faster. He was really getting into it.

He took my legs and spread them out so he was holding onto my ankles – fucking me as hard as he could. I reached down and rubbed my clit. He told me to keep rubbing – please don’t stop. Your making me even fucking harder! I started to get kind of loud myself. Oh GOD fuck me harder. I raised my hips up to meet his thrusts. Oh Dan look how wet you make me!! Fuck that feels good – DON’T STOP! Please don’t stop! Oh shit I’m gonna cum all over your cock! Oh YA make me CUMMMMM!! I rubbed my clit even faster. My grunts matched each of his thrusts. MMMM…MMMM…MMMM…YESSS…HARDER…FUCK YA I’M GONNA CUM. MMM OOOOH I’M CUMMING OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

My pussy tightened around his thrusting cock. OH BABY I’M GONNA CUM TOO – SUCH…A…TIGHT…PUSSY!! AWWWWWWWWW YAAAAA OHHHHHHH. I felt his cock get even bigger and then I felt the explosion against my pussy walls. He collapsed on top of me and he stayed inside of me enjoying my pulsating mound. I felt his cock twitching inside of me and that was all I needed. Without any warning I had another orgasm with him resting inside of me! He cried out and couldn’t believe I was cumming again so quickly. He said I was the best and my pussy was unbelievable. He collapsed onto me once again and our hot sweaty bodies stayed like that for a long time. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead. I really couldn’t believe this all came true but I was also shocked and overwhelmed by my feelings for him. I wasn’t really surprised though. I knew I was totally enjoying the time we spent together in the past.

He pleaded with me to spend the night but I had to decline. Derek was probably at home by now waiting for me. With that he started to cry a little and said he understood. He told me Derek was a lucky man. I gave him a tight hug and kissed him once again I said we both needed some time to think clearly. We were both married and we couldn’t make irrational decisions about our future in the afterglow of perfect sex. I took a quick shower with him, dressed and then got ready to leave. I thanked him for the evening and told him how much it meant to me. We agreed to get together again as soon as possible.

As I drove home my thoughts jumped back and forth between the two men I loved. Surely one great evening with Dan wouldn’t erase the past Derek and I had together – or would it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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