A Gamer Has to Game

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It had been a few years since the wife started drinking. I did my best though, I bargained, pleaded and threatened but she never gave it up. And then it happened, she went to work with alcohol on her breathe and lost her job. Well I had no choice now, I had to go back to surveying and working out of town. I wasn’t at all happy about it, after all I had gotten used to be at home and being with my kids every day. To say I was angry and depressed at the same time was putting it mildly.

So I traveled, I worked and I gamed, a lot. Hell, since Donna, my wife, started drinking I had been gaming pretty hard. It was a great way to pass the time while she was either at work or passed out drunk. Of course staying faithful and killing time behind a monitor meant the love life went to shit. Yeah sure there was porn and erotic stories online to help, but something was missing. Guess you could say I missed direct human interaction.

Then it happened. One night while online playing World of Warcraft, a guildie and I were chatting. It was the usual fare, spouse problems, who was acting up in the guild, work and most of the mundane trappings of life. I don’t think either of us were looking for it to happen yet it did. The subject of flirts in the game came up and I mentioned a new member of ours was putting it rather thick and she replied “Don’t play with her, play with me instead I’m much safer : ) ” And there I went down the rabbit hole. Ever since then I hadn’t got much achieved in the game except for a lot of raging hard-ons and endless hours jerking off and typing with one hand.

My company I was working for now had a good policy of giving us a week’s heads up in advance on where we were heading next, damn good thing too or I would have never pulled it off. I was heading to Little Rock in a week. Soon as I got home I was online in flash but not to play the game rather to hit the sex toy websites. I burned a good thousand on things, had a room reserved near the work site for the week and another several days passed when we were supposed to be done. I called my boss and asked for a week off after we wrapped up and he said not a problem.

The next week came and off we went. It took several hours driving with a raging boner but we got there. Me and the crew were checked in and unpacking when the front desk called, “Hello?”

“Yes sir, we have several Fed-Ex packages for you sir, they’ve been here since last Friday. If you like we can bring them up to your room.”

“Sure, ya’ll bring them up. They’re kind of early but I appreciate you holding them for me.”

I hung up and in a few minutes two of the front desk clerks were knocking on the door. I opened the door and saw one tall gangly looking fellow and a cute petite blonde, I let them in and they dropped the packages off on the desk. I tipped both of them a twenty and as they were leaving the blonde winked at me, “I hope you don’t plan on having all that fun by yourself” and with that she giggled. I just stood there in the doorway a little shocked as she walked away, sway her ass from side to side down the hallway. As she turned the corner for the elevator she looked in my direction, smiled and lifted the hem of her uniform’s skirt to expose the tops of her nylons and a very sexy garter belt and with that she was gone.

As I closed the door I thought to myself, “Now exactly how did she know what’s in the boxes and my plans?” Then that’s when I noticed the boxes had been opened and carefully re-taped to hide the intrusion. I smiled, “So she’s one of those curious little kitties”, I opened the boxes and unpacked the contents into the chest of drawers next to the California King sized bed.

The next four days we worked like devils possessed to finish the construction layout and control networks for the building project. After talking to the client and walking them through the site showing them everything I told the guys to pack it up. I called the boss, “Hey Carl, yeah it’s Chuck. We wrapped up the site, yeah really a whole 4 days ahead of schedule. Yeah, I walked the client through the site and he’s happy. So do I get those extra days off and what we had planned for what was left on the job?” He agreed which made me happy, “Great man, appreciate it.” Now for my plan.

I had the guys drop me off at a car rental and grabbed me a nice sports car for my little stay and called the wife telling her the job was going to take another week at least. She’d never know since the way I got paid was based istanbul escort on the cost of the job plus with my vacation hours, with the profit margins so padded on this one I was covered. Next I called Joe, aka. Crankster, “Hey Joe, guess who.”

“Muhn (my gaming handle)? Hey man, what’s up?”

“Oh I’m in town amigo, look I found that little pub you always play at, mind coming over there in about thirty minutes? I want to run something by ya, think you’ll like what I got planned. And make sure your alone amigo.”

“Alright, I’ll see you there.”

I headed to the hotel room and packed up a little care package and then got cleaned up. Before long I was sitting at the pub and Joe followed in shortly after I did. There was a lot talking between us, then general crap most gamers talk about when they meet for the first time. Then I dropped the hammer on him. I told him about the night when his wife, Susan, and I had started our little gaming hook-ups. I followed up with everything after that. It took a few hours with all the details and my plans for the next week.

Considering the poor fella was just told what most would consider grounds for a justified killing, he took it rather well. He sat there mulling it over while I sipped on a single malt scotch, I needed it, trust me. I was surprised when he got up, stuck his hand out to help me up, I was expecting a left hook to sit me back down. But he ended up hugging me and wishing the best of luck with my plan.

“Hell, Chuck if anybody was going to pull that off it would be you. But, do a buddy a favor would ya?”

“Anything man.”

“Make sure she has a good time.”

“Done, man.” I shook his hand and walked him to the car, I popped the trunk and handed him the package.

“This is for her, tell her to be ready around 7 pm. I’ll have a car come by and pick her up.”

And with that we parted ways. I headed back to the room and prepared for the evening. I called a nice little club I found online, it was a swanky little place for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike, booked a booth for 8 pm. I figured about this time Joe had gotten home, hugged his wife as instructed, handed her the box and told her to put everything on and nothing more that was in the box and once finished to let him know. I’m sure Susan gave him the oddest look and was asking a million questions after she opened the box. And I instructed him he hopefully responded, “I love you hun and you have fun. That’s all I can say and I’ll see you when you get back in a few days.”

I can only imagine what Joe’s face looked like when she walked out of the bedroom wearing the outfit in the box. It was a black plastic semi-see through short trench styled coat, black lace stockings with matching garter belt, knee-high padded leather boots that shined with a wet look shined like a mirror and a cup less leather corset with red lace trim.

Yep, 6:45 pm my phone got the text ‘The panda has landed’. I immediately opened the app I had programmed into the phone and if she was wearing ‘everything’, she was probably collapsed on the floor to her knees as the vaginal/anal vibrators were alternating back and forth on full blast. It was a nice little purchase and worth every cent to be able to pleasure-tease or torture somebody from anywhere in the world with a smart phone and the app that came with it. In fact, I was fiddling with the settings at that moment and switched the pattern to one of the pre-programmed settings called ‘rollercoaster’. The graph of it showed alternating wave patterns of up and down with high peaks and deep valleys that mirrored and opposed each other. I’m pretty sure she’s either biting her lip in sheer agony or screaming in pleasure right in front of her husband leaving a puddle of pure sex on the floor between her legs.

7 pm, hopefully Joe had gotten Susan outside and into the car that was to bring her to me. If he did like I asked she still has no clue as to who, what or where this evening will end. 7:10 pm the phone goes off with another text “The panda is in flight”, I smile and shake my head, these code messages are crazy, but they were Joe’s idea of letting me know at what phase of the plan was underway. I opened the app up and flip through the presets again, “Hmm, ‘The Thumper’, high intense varying pulses ranging in random sequences every 2-3 minutes, sounds like a winner. God she’s going to be stark raving mad by the time she gets avcılar escort the club.” I pressed send and then I wait, like clockwork my phone goes off again in a few seconds with another text, this time from the driver “Message received and the lady is reading it loud and clear.” The driver was probably going to have a hell of a time negotiating the traffic with Susan in the back of the sedan having a one great orgasm after another, but I wanted to make sure her mind was well open to tonight’s plans. Myself? I was having a hard time getting dressed without the constant dirty thoughts of what she was doing in the car’s backseat. I imagined she was stroking her clit and pinching her nipples under the plastic coat. I found myself almost dressed and trying to stuff a raging hard cock into the fly of my slacks when there was a knock at the door. So here I was dressed to the nines in a nice suit with my fly undone and my cock waving in the air answering the door, using the door to shield my exposed position. It was my little curious kitten from earlier, smiling like a cat that ate the canary but not before blowing him first. I looked down and her name tag said “Hi! I’m Heather, how can I make your day great?”

“Umm, hey Heather, what are you doing here?”

“Mr. Chuck, sir, I wanted to make sure everything in the room was to your satisfaction. May I come in and check before I leave for the night?”

Her uniform top was unbuttoned to her navel showing off a lot of cleavage and skin. I knew what was going on now.

“Sure, come on in.”

I swung the door open for her. As she walked by I slapped her on the butt, it was quite firm indeed. She turned around and her eyes lit up once she scanned me up and down locking in on the raging hard on I had developed. She stepped right up to me and wrapped her hand around it, her slender fingers felt cool to the touch causing it to jump in her hand.

“Oh my. Is that for me?”

“Sorry hun, sadly no. I have a date tonight with somebody special, the same somebody those packages are for. But since your job is to make sure I have a great day, which includes the night too I hope. Would you be a dear and help me with getting finished dressed.”

She frowned for moment and then a wicked twinkle in her eyes lit up as she dropped to her knees.

“Well it’s not going to fit in your slacks like this, no sir, not at all. And it is my job to help in anyway. Shame this lovely cock isn’t for me though, but at least I can have some fun with it, how long do I have Mr. Chuck?”

I looked at my phone, 7:20, I went ahead and sent the driver a text to delay for ten minutes.

“You got forty minutes Heather. But the sooner you get done the sooner I can get to the club for my date.”

She smiled and undid my belt, pulling my slacks down along with my boxers. She then stood up and unzipped the back of her skirt and dropped it to the floor exposing her garter belt and the tops of her lovely thighs, to my surprise and pleasure she went without panties and had the cutest little blonde trimmed patch topping a pierced set of pussy lips. She held onto my cock and rubbed it across her piercings and sunk back down to her knees.

“Forty minutes is plenty of time. I just love being the hotel whore for you married men and your little getaways.” She quipped with a grin.

And with that she commenced with what could considered one hell of a blowjob. Her tongue danced all around the head of my cock and she cradled my balls with her slender fingers, her nails scratching the underside of my cleanly shaved sack. I watched intently as she sucked, stroked and squeezed me. Her green eyes locked on mine as to beg for approval. She responded as I smiled and ran my fingers through her hair, her pace became enthusiastic. Her eyes squinted almost closed as the head of my cock tickled the back of her throat. Her head was moving at such a pace that her top finally fell open to expose a set of beautiful brown puffy nipples. Then she stopped and pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled, reaching into her little shirt pocket she produced a condom and began to roll it onto my cock. A puzzled look came over me. She then stood up and spun around facing away from me and slapped her ass as she braced herself against the door.

“I’m sorry I looked in the boxes sir. But I was curious and ever since they came in Friday afternoon I’ve been dripping wet waiting for the owner to show up. And I have şirinevler escort to say your one hell of a sexy guy. Now you mind fucking this fire out in me before I burn up?”

“Well you know curiosity killed the cat, but a good fucking brought it back.” I looked her over, damn she was a hot little fuck.

I stepped up behind her and grabbed her hips. My cock touched her pussy, yeah she was wet and the heat was beyond belief and with one smooth motion sunk myself into her pussy up to the hilt, my balls firmly slapping her lips as I sank in. She grunted and I could feel the walls of her cunt throbbing and contracting around me.

“Fuck that’s nice, now fuck me with that cock nice and hard will ya’? My brother will be here anytime to give me a ride home. You know that ugly guy that was with me. I told him when he got off work I’d be late, don’t want him to come looking for me.” She rocked her hips up and down, stroking me slowly with her pussy.

And with that I drew my cock from her pussy and slammed into her again. I could tell neither of us were going to be long before we came so I gave it all I had. My hips went into overdrive, pile driving her pussy like a madman who was fucking for the last time. Her reflection in the mirror was one of pure lust as we fucked. My grunts were loud but her moans were even louder as she begged for it harder and faster. All I could do was comply with her wishes and forced my cock as deep as it would go with each stroke, I watched as sweat rolled down her back to the crack of her ass. Then a wicked devilish idea crossed me and I slapped her ass.

“Fuck yeah, harder. Fuck me, Fuck me hard. Slap my ass, spank me like the whore you want. Oh yeah baby, fuck!”

She was ramming her ass into me so I took my hands from her hips and with one spanked her ass every other stroke and with the other began to probe her ass with my finger. She moaned in agreement, her ass gyrating to force the intruder in.

“God your ass is tight, hmmmm you are a nasty little bitch aren’t you?”

“Fuck, fuck, that’s it pry my ass open. Yes I’m the dirtiest nastiest whore you’ll find.”

I quit spanking her ass and reached up to pinch a nipple of hers, by now two fingers were in her ass and she was loving it. Then it happened, I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock like a vice ceasing any movement inside her except for my fingers in her ass. She began a deep throated moan, gasping as her orgasm washed over her. Then she grabbed my hand snatching the fingers from her ass and sunk them into her mouth. She moaned around them as her tongue began to clean my fingers and that was all it took.

My cock as if on command went rigid and my balls tightened. I sighed as my own cum exploded from the head filling the condom. My hips ignored her vise-like pussy and we both felt the head brush her cervix. Before long her moaning had stopped and I felt her cunt loosening its grip. She turned around with my fingers still in her mouth and stared at me as she pulled them away, licking between them like you would lick a popsicle stick.

We both smiled and then she dropped to her knees again and peeled the condom off me, I watched as she sucked the contents into her mouth and swallowed. I could only watch her as she sucked my fading cock back into her mouth and cleaned it from the head to my balls of every last trace of cum.

“There we all sir, everything is tended to and it’s about time I get downstairs to the lobby to wait on the goofball.”

Heather stood up bringing my pants and boxers with her, she tucked my cock back inside of the boxers, then tucked my shirt into the slacks, fastened the buckle and zipped the zipper. She then got her own uniform in order and was checking her makeup and hair in the mirror on the back of the door. And once she was satisfied she had gotten herself presentable, she turned around, put her hands on my shoulders and stood on her toes as she kissed me. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her back intently.

“Well Mr. Chuck that was the best quickie I’ve had in a long time. I hope you plan on staying with us more often in the future.”

I smiled at her. “Oh I do and if things go well I might need this late afternoon room check for the rest of the week.”

“If you do, just let me know, that’s what I’m here for. Excellent guest services.”

And with that she skipped her way right out the door and down the hall to the elevator.

7:50, not much time to get to the club. I best be heading there in a quick hurry. I straightened myself up, brushed my hair and teeth, washed my hands good and out the door I went. “Damn it, I left the app going.” Susan is going to be a hot mess when she shows up. I text the driver, “ETA?” I got a quick response “15”. Good I got plenty of time to get there before she does.


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