A Golden Heart

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This story is the continuation of my story Trapped. Thanks to all who encouraged me to write this and helped me along.


Alyssa stood frozen on the bottom step staring at the door. She could clearly see him standing there on the front porch through the window. How did he find me? It had been three weeks since the most erotic night of her life. Now, the man responsible for it was standing at her door. Alyssa had gone out of her way to avoid him since that night. She hadn’t known what to say or even how to act about it. Even thinking about that night could cause her body to awaken in ways she hadn’t known existed until Eric.

Shaking herself out of the memory, with a deep breath, Alyssa crossed to the door and opened it. Her eyes soaked up the sight of him, reliving that night was so erotic it was almost painful. Every inch of him was seared in her memory. His every touch etched in her heart. He looked wonderful. “Hi,” she said softly.

“Hi,” Eric said, just as softly. “May I come in?”

Opening the door wider, Alyssa allowed him in the house. She wasn’t sure what to say after avoiding him for so long. Just looking at him was making her knees weak. Alyssa led them into the living room. “Would you like something to drink?” she asked.

“No, thank you,” he replied as he sat down on the couch. Wanting to keep a safe distance, Alyssa took the chair across from the couch. She wasn’t sure what he wanted or why he was here. She watched him look around her house with interest in his eyes. Thankfully she had cleaned the day before as her brother was coming into town soon. Finally his eyes met hers from across the room. “How long do you want to pretend it didn’t happen, Alyssa?” he asked her.

Startled, Alyssa couldn’t speak. That was not what she expected him to say. I don’t really know him at all, she thought to herself. She’d done nothing but think of him in the time since that night. She’d longed to talk to him but didn’t know where to begin.

Taking a deep breath she said, “I’m not pretending it didn’t happen.”

“Oh, then why have you been avoiding me since then?” he demanded.

Alyssa looked into his eyes and saw not only frustration but also hurt. It was his pain that got to her. How could she explain to him what she felt? How could she tell him that she’d never done anything like that before? Would he understand how she felt? All of this ran through her mind as she fought with herself to come up with an answer to his question. Seeing him sitting on her couch alone affected her in ways she couldn’t explain. He looked so right sitting in her house, as if he belonged there. Deciding to stall a little she asked, “What makes you think I’m avoiding you?”

“You haven’t been coming into the office very much since then. You haven’t returned any of my phone calls. I’ve left you several messages both here and at your work,” he stated, factually. She could hear the anger in his voice.

Why is he so angry, she wondered? It’s not like I’m the only woman he’s been with. I’ve seen the women he goes out with. Over the last year that he had worked in the building with her, she’d seen him leave with several different women. All of them were tall, slim and beautiful. Alyssa thought to herself, why is he pursing me? I’m not anything like the women he normally dates. Alyssa knew she was pretty but she could never compete with the women she’d seen him with.

Yes, she had started doing more work from home but she told herself it was because it was easier. As for the phone calls, she didn’t know what to say so why bother calling him? Realizing he was staring intently at her waiting for an answer, she decided to ignore the phone calls for now hoping he would too. Alyssa replied, “I haven’t been in the office much because it’s easier to work from my house.”

Eric just stared at her for a long time. Alyssa began to fidget with her jeans wondering what he was thinking now. She’d lost a lot of sleep wondering what he was thinking and how he felt. None of the messages he’d left hinted at what he wanted. They all simply stated for her to call him. More than once she’d picked up the phone to call him back but hung up each time without dialing. ‘What do I say?’ she always asked herself. Finally he spoke, “Do you have plans for tonight?”

Before Alyssa could respond her front door slammed open causing her to jump to her feet. A tall fit man of about twenty-two came strolling in and said in a booming voice “Lys, honey, I’m home”.

Alyssa was shocked. It was her brother Adam; he was the only person who ever called her Lys, her nickname from childhood, but he wasn’t due to arrive until tomorrow. He swept her up into a big bear hug and kissed her cheek never noticing Eric sitting on the couch. Finally finding her voice, Alyssa said, laughing, “Adam, put me down. What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming into town until tomorrow.”

Adam replied, “I got an earlier flight and thought I’d come to stay longer. Hope you don’t mind.” Hearing a throat istanbul escort cleared, Alyssa turned to see Eric watching them intently. Realizing he thought the worst, she quickly said, “Eric, meet my brother Adam. Adam meet,” she paused, not sure what to call him. Eric supplied the generic answer of “just a friend” as he stood up. Shaking hands she could see them each sizing up the other. Adam was rather overprotective of her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Eric said. Alyssa could feel the tension in the air. Eric and she still needed to talk, but she couldn’t do that with Adam so close by. Her brother had always been protective of her; ironic, as he was six years younger than her. Adam looked from Alyssa to Eric before saying, “Lys, I’m really thirsty will you get me a drink?”

“What’s the story with your friend?” he demanded as soon as the kitchen door closed. Alyssa rolled her eyes while her back was to him as she got his glass of water, but couldn’t stop the blush she felt brighten her cheeks. How does one tell their little brother about such a thing? Deciding it was in her best interest not to try, she replied, “Eric and I work in the same building.”

Adam gave her a knowing look as she turned and handed him a glass. She prepared two more glasses before returning to the living room with Eric. Adam headed for the door, saying, “I have to go unpack; I’ll be back down soon.”

Thankful her brother was astute enough to realize she wanted to be alone with Eric, Alyssa smiled at him. Turning back to Eric, she saw him watching her intently. “I guess you do have plans for this evening,” he said, standing.

She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t honestly say if she would have said yes even without Adam’s timely arrival. Walking Eric to the door, Alyssa still couldn’t find the words she needed. As she opened the door for him, Eric gripped her tightly to him and kissed her passionately. Alyssa forgot all else in the world as soon as his lips touched hers. It was as if they were back in the elevator and time stood still. Her heart accelerated, her body went limp against him as he delved deep in her mouth. Breaking the kiss, Eric smiles softly and said, “We will have this talk and soon.”

With those parting words he walked out of her house to his car. Alyssa shut the door slowly, her mind in a fog. How can he reduce me to a puddle of desire with just a kiss, she wondered to herself as she leaned back against the door to steady herself. Looking up the stairs she saw Adam watching her intently. Smirking, he turned back to the room he was going to be using for the next week. Damn, thought Alyssa, I don’t need this now.

As Eric drove away from Alyssa’s house he couldn’t keep the smile off his lips. He knew she wanted him. It was enough for now, but he wanted more. All of his life women had pursued him, but the one woman he wanted had eluded him until now. He could still remember the first time he saw her; she’d been crossing the street to his office building.

The first thing he noticed was the sway of her hips as she walked; she had a bounce to her step as if she didn’t have a care in the world. The second thing he’d noticed was her shiny auburn hair that shone with gold highlights in the morning sun. Eric had walked a little faster so he could hold the door open for her. When she turned to say thank you his heart almost stopped looking in her emerald green eyes. They had a gleam to them as if she knew some private joke about the world. Since that day Eric had gone out of his way to see her. He’d been trying for over a year to find a way to approach Alyssa. Every time he saw her she would give him a small aloof smile and move on. How ironic it had taken a broken elevator to bring them together. Now she was acting as if it never happened. He’d be damned if he let her forget. Eric had waited for over a year to get Alyssa to notice him. Now that he’d had her, he wanted her again. He couldn’t explain this need inside of himself.

“For the last time, it’s none of your business,” said an irritated Alyssa. Adam had been grilling her all night about Eric. It had started just before dinner and now, doing dishes, Alyssa was fed up. “Adam, you’re my brother and I love you, but back off,” she said.

“Lys, I love you too. I just don’t want to see you hurt again,” Adam said as he walked out of the kitchen. Alyssa stood still next to the sink. She knew what Adam was talking about; it still hurt to think about. It had been three years since then. Alyssa had met what she thought was her dream man in Greg; instead he turned out to be her nightmare. She’d caught him in bed with her best friend the night before they were to announce their engagement. She could still feel the shock at finding them wrapped in each other arms. It had taken a few minutes before either of them noticed her in the doorway. When they finally did all Alyssa could do was run away crying, ignoring their pleas to wait. Ironically, she missed avcılar escort her friend James more than she did Greg. Just goes to show what a great judge of character I am, thought Alyssa as she put the last dish in the dishwasher. Closing it and heading to turn off the lights, she couldn’t help but think about the pain she went through back then. She’d spent months re-building her self-esteem and she knew she still had a long way to go. Finally shaking herself free of the memories, she climbed the stairs to bed.

“Oh no,” Alyssa exclaimed as she climbed out of bed the next day. Why did I have to oversleep today of all days, she thought as she rushed to get ready. Today was the one day this week she was going into the office and she wanted to look nice. She told herself it wasn’t because she might see Eric, but because she was meeting a new client. Hurriedly, she put on her black slacks with the button-down blouse, added her strap sandals, ran a comb through her hair, brushed her teeth and left the house. Alyssa barely made it to the office in time for her meeting. Since she couldn’t handle being in the elevator anymore, she jogged up the stairs to her office. Stepping inside, she barely set her stuff down when a knock came. Opening the door, she was stunned. There stood Eric, looking wonderful as usual in his tan trousers and blue pullover that made his eyes really stand out. Taking a deep breath, Alyssa said, “Hi, sorry, I don’t have time now; I’m meeting a new client.”

“Yes, I know, I’m the client,” Eric said. Barely breathing, she replied, “Oh.”

“Well come in, please, and have a seat.” Alyssa said in her most business-like voice. What is this about, she wondered. Walking behind her desk, she arranged things to her liking, buying time before she had to address Eric. Finally she looked up and said, “How can I help you?”

Eric smiled softly as he watched Alyssa arrange things on her desk. He knew she hadn’t expected him; he’d had his secretary make the appointment. It was the only way he could think of to get time with Alyssa. Now that he was here, he didn’t really know what to say. Giving her his best smile he replied, “I made this appointment because I couldn’t think of any other way to get you alone. I want us to get to know each other. Will you have lunch with me today?”

Floored that Eric had set up an appointment to ask her out, Alyssa couldn’t speak at first. Perhaps she should be irritated that he had wasted her work time but she wasn’t. Fighting against that little voice within her, she said, “Yes, I think I’d enjoy that” “What time would you like to go?” Eric asked. Thinking about her schedule for the day, Alyssa replied, “I can’t get free until one, is that alright?”

Thankful she was going at all; Eric said, “Yes, that is fine. I’ll make the arrangements.”

Standing up to walk Eric to the door, Alyssa was conscious to keep some distance between then. She could still feel his kiss from yesterday on her lips. Eric simply smiled as he left saying, “I’ll see you about one.” Closing the door softly behind him, Alyssa slowly walked back to her desk and collapsed in the chair. What am I doing, she asked herself. I cannot possibly get involved with him. Seeing the time, Alyssa shook her head and got ready for her next meeting.

As one o’clock drew near, Alyssa began to question her decision to say yes. What will we have to talk about, she wondered. Wondering where they were going for lunch, she was glad she’d worn the outfit she did. At precisely one o’clock there was a knock on the door, taking a deep breath, Alyssa grabbed her purse and walked over to open it. Seeing who was at the door Alyssa couldn’t breathe, her head was spinning. “Hello Alyssa,” said James. All the hurt and pain came rushing back to Alyssa at his words. She knew it had been three years but she still wasn’t over it. Feeling the anger build up in her she asked icily, “What do you want James?”

Sighing, James leaned against the doorframe. “Alyssa, it’s been three years. Can’t you let it go?”

Seeing red, she was so angry; Alyssa just looked at James with disdain. “Are you and Greg happy still?” she asked.

Actually blushing, James replied, “We are still together; yes”

The nerve of him coming here now, thought Alyssa. Before she slammed the door in James face, she said, “Then no, I can’t.”

Eric stood at the end of the hall in shock; he’d overheard the exchange. It didn’t completely make sense to him but he could see it had upset Alyssa. He’d never seen her so mad before. He watched the man she called James leave and wondered what that was all about. Eric walked into Alyssa’s office without bothering to knock. He found her just staring out the window. Deciding not to pretend he didn’t see what had happened, he asked, “Are you okay?”

Alyssa didn’t even turn to face him as she said, “Yes, I’m fine, but I think I’ll cancel our lunch date. I’m not very good company right now.”

Why now? Why did he have to come back şirinevler escort now? Just when she was finally beginning to get her life back together, thought Alyssa as she continued to stare out the window. She felt Eric put his hands on her shoulders. Just his touch made her feel calmer. He turned her slowly into his arms and just held her. Alyssa rested her head on his shoulder; this feels so right, she thought. She didn’t know how long they stood there when she looked up into his eyes. The world stopped the minute they made eye contact. It was as if nothing else mattered but the two of them.

Slowly she saw his mouth descend to lightly kiss her lips. Her mind completely shut down at that moment. Everything in her came alive as his kiss became more urgent. She wrapped her arms around him pulling his mouth harder onto hers as she ran her tongue along his lower lip. Feeling the need grow inside her as it had last time, Alyssa opened her mouth to his probing tongue. Melting into his body, she could feel his hands roaming across her back sending shivers down her spine. She didn’t realize they had moved until she felt the desk behind her.

Leaning back she sat on top of the desk without breaking the kiss. She felt his hands move to the front of her blouse, undoing the buttons slowly. When Eric had enough buttons open to slip his hand in, she gasped as his fingers caressed the skin just above her bra. Kissing his way down her neck, Eric moved to lightly flick at her nipple through the bra. Alyssa’s nipples hardened at the touch. Arching her back into his hands, Alyssa couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her. Eric trailed his lips down her neck along the line of her blouse until he could pull it aside to kiss lightly on the exposed skin. Pulling his hand out of her shirt, he trailed them down to her pants, undoing them. Slipping his hand inside her pants and past her panties, he lightly trailed his finger down her slit, feeling how wet she was. Alyssa felt a bolt shoot through her as his finger touched her. It was this bolt that brought her back to her senses. Grasping his hand, she pulled it out of her pants. Pushing Eric away, she hurriedly did her blouse up and said, “We…we can’t do this.”

Eric watched Alyssa flee the office in stunned silence. He hadn’t meant for that to happen when he’d come to her. He’d only wanted to offer comfort, but whenever he touched Alyssa, he couldn’t control himself. Cursing his libido, Eric started to follow her but thought better of it.

“What’s going on Lys?” Adam asked. “I’ve watched you go through the motions for three days, now tell me what’s happened.”

Alyssa hesitated before telling Adam everything. What had happened with Eric in the elevator, James showing up at her office, and what had almost happened with Eric on her desk. Adam sat silent the whole time she was talking. When he finally spoke he didn’t say what she expected. Adam simply asked, “How long have you been in love with Eric?”

After getting over her shocked Alyssa replied, “What makes you think I love him?”

Adam just smiled and said, “Lys, I know you better than anyone else in this world. Believe me; you are in love with him.”

“I can’t be in love with him; I barely know him,” she replied. Images began running through her mind: how sensual their lovemaking had been in the elevator, how right he looked sitting in her house, and the comfort she’d gotten from him in her office before her body had taken over. The reality slammed into her with the force of a body blow. She hadn’t realized she’d fallen in love with him, but sometime in the last year her infatuation had turned to love. Alyssa fell back against the couch cushions as she fully realized how much she loved Eric. Adam just smiled as he rose from the chair. “I’m heading to bed and, by the way, I’m leaving a few days early.” Kissing Alyssa softly on the forehead he headed up the stairs to his room.

Alyssa sat thinking for a long time, just staring at nothing. What do I do now? Could Eric possibly fall in love with me? Finding no answers in the room around her, she headed up to bed.

“Promise you’ll come back soon?” Alyssa asked as she hugged Adam goodbye the next morning. Smiling Adam replied, “Of course.”

Alyssa stood on her porch waving as Adam pulled out of the driveway and down the street. Her mind still on what to do about Eric, she turned to go back inside when a car pulled in her driveway. James stepped out. Alyssa watched James walk up on the porch. “What do you want now James?”

“Will you please listen to me?” James asked. Realizing James wouldn’t let this go until she did; Alyssa sat on the porch swing. “Fine,” she said.

James sighed and sat down in the wicker chair. “I’m not even sure where to begin. I’m so sorry about what happened three years ago. Neither Greg nor I meant to fall in love. It just happened. We never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry that you got hurt and I’m sorry that our friendship was lost over all of this.”

When he was done talking, Alyssa just stared at him. “What do you want from me, James? Do you want me to say all is forgiven? Well I can’t, you hurt me in ways I can’t even describe. You stole my fiancé. You betrayed our friendship. How am I supposed to forgive that? I can’t believe you have the nerve to ask that. I moved on; why do you feel the need to come back now?” Alyssa said.

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