A Good Send Off

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The location: A back lot
The Players: Me and You
The Purpose: A good send off

I roll up in my car and see you sitting in the yours…my heart is beating 1,000 beats a minute.

The music is blaring in my car to help calm me down, but it’s not helping at all.

I stop and look at you through my windows…is this actually happening? I can feel it all through my body, like being electrocuted, like being washed over wave by wave, like falling during a dream I am awake for.I know it’s wrong, I know it’s going to cause some awkwardness after but I want it still. Lust is an unquenchable thirst that I cannot get enough of.

As I step up to greet you I see that smile, the one I can never get out of my head. We sit and talk for a minute; I’m already hot, ready to go. I can’t stop staring into those god damn blue eyes. My hands are shaking, my nipples are hard, my mouth is wet. I have wanted this moment for what seems like forever, and I am scared to death. The thrill of the hunt has come to Ataköy escort an end, If we cross this line where does it go from here? I know in my heart I don’t want to be yours but I want you. I want to feel you all over me. I want to taste your lips, I want you inside of me… I just want you.

The words are over I take your hand in mine and I pull you to the bed. I can feel the heat between us, its like an inferno. Both of us are breathing uncontrollably, touching and grabbing wherever our hands can grab. We don’t need to speak, our hands do all the talking. I can feel your hardness pressed up against me, and I can’t stop myself from making noises of pure desire. I can’t pull you close enough as I take your neck with my lips. Slowly sucking and teasing with my tongue as a prelude to what I want to do with your cock. The need to release all of these long built up tensions are getting closer to completion. we are frantically taking off each other’s clothing now. Every thought of guilt, shame, uneasiness, and Ataköy escort bayan betrayal leave my brain as ecstasy fills me.

You push me hard on the bed and stand over me as I take you in my mouth. I look up at you with eyes that see you for the first time. I use my hands, tongue, lips, in various motions and in multiple combinations. I can feel you dripping down my throat. I can feel the excitement in your cock, but I like to play it out to make you want more and more and more.

Finally you can’t take anymore as you pull out of my mouth and turn me over exposing my ass. I feel you grab my hips and enter me, my vagina already dripping. You can already feel that I have orgasmed, I’m still trembling with you inside me. You are forceful but I let you have it for a few mins, then I turn it down a little. I take charge and ride you slower, deeper. We are both moaning and sweating pushing each other to the brink of insanity. I stop you again, I take you out and get you back in my mouth, tasting escort Ataköy me and you at the same time.

Your dick is throbbing; my mouth works you slow and purposely. Your begging for more with your hands as they grab my breasts tighter and tighter. I’m moaning with you still in my mouth and you can feel it all the way through your body.

Enough is enough as I get flipped over, legs up over your shoulders. The intensity, the force, the quickness of you and the feeling of it coming on has us both engrossed in making each other finish at once. I end up exploding first and you feel the shot of heat and the tightness clench and unclench on your dick. It is making you move faster, on a mission to erupt. I can see it on your face, close to madness. Finally you pull out, take yourself in your hand and release all over me. The combination of cum and sweat all lay on me in a puddle.

You look at me and I back at you, the deed is done. We both feel sort of a relief, no words necessary. In a kind gesture we dress each other slowly still close. I run my hands through your hair and brush your cheek. You kiss my forehead and stroke my neck. Till next time we meet my friend, till next time… as I step outside and back into my car.

Will there be more… I can only hope. I can wait. I want to wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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