A Good Teacher Ch. 06

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First let me revise the story up to now. My Mum is already fucking my friend Jamie and me. I suggested that we would like to have another young guys cock for her to play and fuck with. We want her to be spunked in every hole and even have two cocks in her lovely, shaved cunt. Mum was hesitant about that, as she didn’t want too many people involved, as someone might brag about it and the story would go around our small town. Jamie and I thought of a guy we know and we told Mum that he is a bit younger then us and has a good looking body also that we think he be trusted. We told her that we won’t tell him anything before hand and just invite Dean to watch some DVD’s and that she could seduce him if she liked the look of him.

Now let me tell you that as I’m writing this, I’m sitting here wearing one of Mum’s sheer G-string undies and that I’ve got Mum’s butt plug all the way in me and my cock is tenting the undies. Naturally I have to stop typing every now and then to pleasure it. Since after the first time Mum and I began to be sexually intimate, she has purchased a number of new sex toys over the Net. She uses the butt plug when I screw her, as she likes having cock up her arse at the same time and it also makes her lovely shaved cunt so tight. She also told me that she wears it up her sometimes when she goes shopping and that she has often creamed her panties by just walking along with the plug in her.

A few days had passed, as we had holidays, before I caught up with Dean. I told him that I had hired a few real good DVD’s and would he like to come and watch them. He jumped at the chance and I told him to come over tomorrow evening. I must admit I was internally shaking a bit at the thought of all three of us fucking Mum. On the way home, I already had visions of having my cock up Mum’s arse as Dean was pumping her cunt and Jamie fucking her mouth.

I told Mum that I had asked Dean to come over tomorrow. Again I had to reassure her that he was ok. I also mentioned how exciting it will be to watch her seduce him. She gave me one of her sexy smiles and came over and gave me a tight hug.

“Alright then, I’ll do it for you. Mmm have to think what I’ll wear.”

“I’m sure you’ll find something seductive to climb into.”

Dean arrived around seven. Jamie and I were already into the first DVD and Mum was tidying up in the kitchen. WE had just loaded the second one, when Mum appeared. She looked absolutely stunning. Her top was a tight fitting light sweater with lots of her cleavage showing and her nipples were straining against the material. No bra of course. It was her short, summery, slightly flared skirt which had my attention. I had never seen her wearing it. Every time she moved, the flares would swing out a little and at times her arse cheeks could be seen. I found that to be very provocative and sexy. She looked at me as if to seek approval and I gave her a nod and a wink.

I saw that it gave her confidence, as she pretended to tidy up the lounge were we were and we caught lots of glimpses of her arse, as she swirled around. She either had G-string panties on or none at all. I was watching Dean out of the corner of my eyes and caught him looking at her more the watching the movie. Great, he was interested and after a little while, I saw his cock was beginning to buldge in his shorts. Yea Mum, you’re doing ok. Now all Mum needed istanbul escort to do was to figure out how she was going to seduce him.

I was sitting on my own on the actual lounge. Jamie and Dean occupied the two chairs. After Mum had finished her pretend tidying up, she joined me on the lounge. I thought I’d help her out a little and innocently placed my arm around her. A somewhat natural thing to do for a son. Mum snuggled closer to me and I could perve on her firm boobs. The temptation got the better of me and I placed my hand that was around her on it. I love to feel her well rounded boobs. I began to lightly squeeze on it to get the full effect in my hand. Mum made it a bit easier, by snuggling closer into me. I began to stroke it and felt her hard nipple in the palm of my hand. From where Dean was sitting, he couldn’t help to see that I was playing with Mum’s boob and that she didn’t object me doing it.

She moved and laid her head in my lap with her feet up on the lounge, with her legs slightly apart. Her flared little skirt barely covering her sex. Dean would surely see if she was wearing a G-string or no undies at all, he kept looking often enough. This time I put my hand inside her top and massaged her boobs. Jamie and Dean both were watching us now, both cocks were bulging. Mum pretended to have an itch near her crotch and moved her hand to scratch it. When she removed her hand, the little frilly skirt rose with her hand and she was wearing the same sheer G-string that I’ve now got on as I’m writing this.

The boys were now staring at here cunt that was visible through the material. Fuck, my cock was bursting and I wanted to take it out of my shorts, but I wanted to see what Mum had in mind first. Once again she moved her hand to her crotch.

“I think a mosquito must have bitten me.”

This time she put her hand inside her G-string and her finger was scratching very close to her outer cunt lips and for much longer. Fuck Mum, you sure know how to turn us guys on.

“Sorry guys, I don’t mean to be vulgar. It’s just that it itches so much. Jamie, could you come over and see if there is a bite there?”

As he came over, she moved the G-string to one side and took his finger and placed it really close to her now fully exposed cunt.

“Can you feel it? There is a little lump there. Be a Darling and scratch it for me.”

Jamie began to rub his finger just where Mums thigh met with her snatch.

“Ahhh Jamie, that feels real nice. You’ve got nice hands. It’s also itchy a bit further in. Can you give that a rub too?”

Jamie of course knew that Mum wanted him to play with her cunt and let Dean see him do it. He took his other hand and parted her cunt lips and moved his finger up and down just inside her now glistening cunt.

“Dean, would you like to rub my bite as well? Don’t be shy about it. I’d like you to rub me as well.”

Dean blushed badly, but came over and placed his finger on Mums cunt as well. Fuck Mum, you’ve made it. You’ve got both rubbing your wet cunt. I could no longer stand having my hard cock cooped up. I let go of Mums boobs and undid my shorts and took my hard cock out. As soon as it was out, Mum took hold of my stiff shaft and stroked it. My pre-cum was already oozing out making my cock all slippery.

“Jamie, avcılar escort would you like to kiss my bite better? Your saliva will calm it down.”

She removed her G-string completely and Jamie lowered his mouth on her cunt and began to lick her.

Dean didn’t know where to look first. Mum playing with my cock, or Jamie eating Mum out.

“Dean, would you like Mum to play with your cock as well?” Just take your shorts off and Mum will play with it.”

He dropped his shorts and out sprang a beautiful, big hard cock. I never suspected for Dean to have such a big, straight cock. I suppose I never had given it much thought. I’m sure Mum is going to like having it slide up her and once I have my cock up her arse, it will fill her. Mum reached out and took hold of it with her other hand. Her fingers didn’t quite meet, that’s how thick it was. His pre-cum was also leaking out.

“Dean that is a very beautiful cock you have. Can I taste it?”

He lowered his cock towards her open mouth and she let him slide it into her. This is turning out better then I had hoped for. Mum was getting herself licked by Jamie and mouth fucked by Dean and was stroking my hard cock as well. I don’t think Dean ever had his cock sucked and Mum sure knows how to suck a cock. Dean was making moaning sounds of pleasure and then he thrust his cock all the way into her mouth and held it there as he spunked down her throat and filled her mouth as well. I saw her gulp his spunk as he kept on filling her mouth and Mum’s body stiffened as she began her first climax letting her sweet juices flow into Jamie’s mouth.

After a little while when things had calmed down, Mum asked me to lie on the floor on my back. My cock was pointed towards the ceiling and Mum lowered her pucker onto it. She had already put some lube on it earlier before she came out in her sexy frilly skirt in anticipation of getting her tight arse fucked during the evening. Now she also had the use of her cunt juices and my pre-cum to add to it. My cock now slides in much better compared to when we first had anal. Then her using the butt plug fairly often also helped. Mum had her back to me as she began to let my cock sink into her arse.

Dean looked on in amazement as he saw my cock slide into Mum’s arse. His cock just grew in enormity watching us. Mum once again reached out and took hold of it and within a few strokes along his massive thick shaft, it was as hard as before Mum had sucked him off. She now had my cock all the way up her and she leaned back onto me with her legs folded under her on each side of me, opening her legs even wider. Her wet cunt hole now fully exposed. I put my hand on her boobs and fondled them and the other on her engorged clitty, which was now quite visible in her slightly arched position.

“Dean, I’d like you to fuck me. Please put your hard cock in me and fuck me. I want my baby to feel your cock sliding into me. I want to be a good mother to all of you. I’ll do anything you want me to. I’ll let you all fuck me as often as you want. Ahhh Dean, please put that cock in me now and fuck me good.”

Dean knelt down in front of her and guided his stiff cock towards her wet hole and then I felt his cock entering Mum’s cunt. I still had hold of her clitty and gave it a squeeze. Mum gave out a scream that sounded like: – Ooooohhhh ffffuuuccckkk şirinevler escort and her juices came gushing out over my balls and soaking into the carpet beneath me. Fuck I loved the feel of his cock ramming into Mum. So did she. She was having a continuos climax. Jamie was wanking as he watched us. He knelt to one side and Mum turned her head towards him and he shoved his cock into her mouth once more, just as Dean filled Mum’s cunt with more of his spunk. I could no longer hold mine back either and I let my load shoot deep into her arse. Mum’s mouth was doing her bit and Jamie let fly with his cum and Mum swallowed the second lot of cum for the evening.

After Dean got off her and Mum raised her body off me, she turned over and laid on top of me. She cradled my head in both of her hands and began to kiss me with tender kisses over my face and then my lips. Not with an open mouth at first, just on the lips, telling me how much she loved me. Then slowly she opened her mouth wider with each kiss and soon our tongues entwined. I could taste the musky odour of the remains of Jamie’s cum. My somewhat deflated cock was laying in between Mum’s wet cuntlips, but our kissing and yes, the taste in her mouth, made it stir and started to get hard again.

“Is my kissing making your cock hard again? Do you like the taste of cum in my mouth?”

“Yes I do and it is getting me excited again. I bet your snatch tastes full of cum. Let me have a taste of it.”

She rose and put her cum filled cunt over my mouth and I began to lick her outer wet lips. It tasted deliriously delicious and I let my tongue go in further, licking her spunk, mixed with her sweet juices and enjoying the flavour, so much so, that my cock went rock hard. Mum reached behind her, but wasn’t able to reach it. My cock was so hard it was throbbing. Then I felt a hand touching my cock and it began to slide up and down on my hard shaft. Mum turned her head.

“Ahh, it’s you Jamie. Woww, that’s nice to see you playing with my baby’s cock.”

“Honey, you don’t mind if Jamie plays with your cock, do you? Fuck that turns me on watching someone else play with it. Do you like Ron’s cock?”

“Yes, I’ve admired it ever since I first saw it fucking you. Ron, you sure you don’t mind me playing with your cock. It feels so hard in my hand.”

“Errr, no.”

I was enjoying drinking Mums juices and I needed to spunk soon. Jamie wanking me, didn’t make me feel as a homosexual, after all I was eating Mum out. She was still watching Jamie and so was Dean, who was also wanking. Then Mum moved off me and laid on the carpet and began to frigg herself.

“Seeing that you guys are all hard and wanking, why don’t you stand over me and let me watch. I want to see the spunk flying out of your cocks and let it shoot all over me. Make me feel the slut that I’ve become. Ohhh yea, that’s great. Your cocks look so big from down here.”

Dean was the first to cum and the globs of spunk landed all over Mum. Then having nearly spunked when Jamie was wanking me, I followed suite and let Mum have it on her boobs and the hand she was using to frigg herself.

“Ohhh guys, with all this spunk flying down on me is making me cum as well. Ohhh fuck, I’m covered in it.”

With her spare hand, she began to rub it over herself and then it was Jamie’s turn. He had more spunk then the two of us put together. Maybe it was the excitement of having played with my cock earlier. Huge blobs just kept on squirting down on Mum. That took her over the edge and she climaxed once again.

I think the shooting of spunk over her is her way to come to terms of letting her son and his friends fuck her. She wants to be made slutty.

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