A Helping Hand Ch. 02

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Authors note: This is a continuation of a story written by Many Feathers. Please see his story page for Chapter One.

Standing in the kitchen, I was deep in thought about everything that had happened last night. After our little three-way session, when I gave Jack my horny look, Linda had suddenly withdrawn from us quite abruptly. She’d scampered off to her bedroom, saying she hadn’t intended to stay up so late, and she really needed to get some rest. We couldn’t even react, she’d disappeared so fast.

“Do you think it was too much for her?” Jack had asked with a worried frown. “You don’t think we’ve taken it a step too far do you, showing her how you squirt and all?”

“I don’t know, honey, I don’t really think it’s that at all. Actually, I think she’s surprised herself. She may feel a little embarrassed right now, but I’m sure she’ll be alright. I’ll talk to her in the morning, don’t worry about it my love.” I grabbed his prick and pulled it towards my mouth. “Now shut up and let me suck you, baby, and then fuck me, hard!”

Well, Jack had done just that, had he ever, in every position possible! We’d been at it for hours! Smiling, I could feel my cunt getting all wet again just thinking about it. Jack was my dream lover, he turned me inside out every time we made love, and he knew it!

After Jack had left for work this morning, Linda entered the kitchen in her terrycloth robe, pulled around her so tight I was amazed she could even walk. Shyly she wished me good morning and watched me pour her a fresh mug of coffee. For a while we were both silent, and I studied her face with concern. Had Jack been right? Had it all been too much for my sister?

Suddenly Linda scraped her throat and put down her mug. “About last night…” she started, then fell silent again.

“Yes hon, what about it?” I asked carefully.

“Oh, I don’t know, it was…I’ve never…You and Jack…and I…oh shit!” she said, and started crying.

Immediately I drew her into my embrace. It was like a dam had broken, Linda sobbed uncontrollably and my shoulder was wet with her tears. I let her cry. It hurt me to see her so upset, but I said nothing, I just held her, sheltering her, stroking her hair, while softly humming a soothing little melody our mother used to play for us on the piano when we were small children.

After some time, she calmed down, and just hugged me, and it took a while before I realized she was humming along with me. Gently I pulled back a little to look into her face.

“I’m sorry Kay!” she whispered, “I don’t know what’s come over me, it all became too much I guess. Thank you for letting me cry.” She wiped her face with both hands.

“Hush silly, nothing to be sorry about. Glad to be here for you. You must have needed that!” I said, reaching across the table to grab a couple of tissues. Linda blew her nose and wiped her face, and looked at me.

“Aren’t you going to ask?!” she finally said a little defiantly.

“Nope, I figure you’ll tell me when you’re ready. All I hope is that this wasn’t caused by what Jack and I did last night”

“God, no, not at all!” Linda exclaimed. Then she thought, “Or, maybe it was, in a way. Maybe it was the catalyst I needed to let it all go. You two are so loving and so free with each other, Kay. Goodness, you talk about everything, even with me! Do you know how amazing that is? The way you tease and treasure each other; I had no idea that truly existed. You have no idea why my marriage failed, do you Kay?”

“Only what you and mom have told me, and that wasn’t much” I got up to pour us some more coffee, and Linda started telling me all about her marriage to Harold, who at first had seemed the perfect husband, and about how, while they dated, they’d kissed and fondled, but had no sex before they got wed, because Harold said that wasn’t proper, and how Linda had thought that was sweet and respectable.

I tried not to look stupefied, but she must have seen it in my face, for Linda shrugged and said, “I was in love, Kay! I didn’t have much experience and he was sweet; he wooed me on every occasion. What can I say Sis? I’d never had a man make such a fuss over me, it felt great, I was flattered beyond belief. When he wanted to get married after six weeks, I thought he was as anxious to be with me as I was to be with him!”

On their wedding night he was too drunk to make love, squirting all over her before she even touched him. He’d been so embarrassed about that; they had been married for over a week before he even wanted to try again and they’d actually made love for the first time. It wasn’t at all what she’d expected. Harold was not interested in giving her pleasure; fucking was merely a macho thing for him. She was supposed to lie still and open her legs, and that was all he ever wanted. When she asked for more, he called her perverse. Linda proceeded to tell me their marriage went downhill rapidly from there.

“In the end, he drove me mad. He is not the nice caring man he pretended to be, Kay. He’s a controlling bully. When güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I didn’t get pregnant, it got worse. In the end he told me he needed a woman who could give him a son. He doesn’t need a wife; he needs a breeding sow, a housekeeper! That’s when I knew I’d had enough and I filed for divorce. He said he was glad to be rid of me”

After Linda had left, looking for work and a new place to live, I sat at my kitchen table pondering over a mug of coffee, before leaving for work myself. Here Jack and I had been calling her a prude. I felt bad about misjudging her. No wonder she was shy and inhibited. She’d been taught by her husband that she wasn’t pretty or desirable, that she was lewd and not worthwhile, and after a few years, she’d lost most of her self-esteem and started to believe him.

“We have to find a way to free my little sisters’ spirit again!” I thought. “She’s naughty enough when she’s horny, she proved that to us last night! We’ve just got to show her how beautiful she is, how smart and loveable. She needs to be shown how much pleasure she deserves to get, and how much pleasure she can give. God, I could kill that man! I’m going to have a word with Jack about this!”

That night, I was almost ready preparing dinner when I heard Jack’s car pull up in the driveway. Grinning, I looked down my body. I was wearing nothing but a short orange apron that barely covered my large breasts and pussy, and had only a small bow in my neck and above my round naked ass. We loved to tease each other every chance we got, and I knew my husband would like my outfit!

“Kay, honey, you home?” Jack yelled from the hallway, hanging up his coat.

“In the kitchen, darling, my turn to cook today, remember?!” I yelled back, quickly straightening the apron one last time, and pretending to be really busy cutting tomatoes for our salad. I listened to his footsteps approaching, and then they stopped. I smiled inwardly when I heard Jack’s sharp intake of breath, and his soft low whistle.

“Who’s this brazen little wench in my wife’s kitchen?” he demanded with a gruff voice. Then he laughed and bounded up the steps and embraced me from behind. “Fuck Kay, you look so fucking naughty I want to ravish you right here and now!”

“Then why don’t you?” Rubbing my bare ass against the front of his trousers, I quickly turned off the stove, and reached behind me to pull him closer. His fingers had found my stiff nipples, and started pulling and twisting them, up and out, lifting and jiggling my breasts by their taut little peaks.

“Oh fuck, honey, you know what that does to me?” I moaned, feeling my cunt twitch and jolt as he lifted my tits and squeezed them firmly.

“Oh yeah” he whispered, licking my ear, “It’s making your pussy drip, isn’t it? It’s making that hussy little pink cunt leak and flow for me, isn’t it baby?”

My hands slipped to the front of his trousers and found his dick, straining behind his zipper, begging to be released. Blindly, I opened them, and slid my hand inside. It was greeted enthusiastically by Jack’s engrossed meat. My fingers curled around his shaft and started stroking up and down, my thumb teasing his crown, coaxing his precious pre-cum juices out to lubricate his dick. Jack bit my neck, and slipped a hand down over my belly to my aching cunt.

“Shall I finger you baby? Do you want me to finger fuck you?” he breathed in my ear as he slipped two fingers into my slippery snatch.

“Fuck yes baby!” I moaned as I squeezed his oozing prick.

He grunted and pushed me over the kitchen table, spreading my legs wide open with his knee. Without warning, he shoved a finger in my pussy and one in my ass, and before I could moan, he started fucking me like only he could. In no time, my pussy was flowing with creamy juices.

“Oh babe that feels so amazing…Yes…Just like that…Harder…Finger me harder… Make me cum!” I screamed. Jacks’ fingers fucked me hard, slamming my cunt and ass, and I knew I was going to cum. He knew it too, and quickly pulled out his fingers.

“I need to eat you honey, I need you to fill my mouth with your cream” my husband moaned, and before I could protest he quickly turned me over.

He lifted me up on the table, pushing me down on my back and lifting my legs up high and wide. He stared at my wet pulsing cunt for a moment, before he dived forward and sucked my lips into his mouth. His tongue started flicking my clit as his fingers found my needy slippery holes again. That onslaught was too much for me, and I screamed his name as I came in huge spasms into his slurping mouth.

Still riding the waves of my climax, I screamed even louder when Jack stood up and speared me onto his fat turgid prick, shoving it into my convulsing cunt with one huge deep thrust.

“Oh FUCK yes, FUCK ME! Give me your cock! Fill me, you horny prick, fill me up with your big dick…Fuck your horny cunt. FUCK MEEE!!!”

Jack was very happy to do so, fucking me with long hard strokes, pounding his raging cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into me, driving me into the kitchen table. I was almost delirious with lust, not knowing where one orgasm stopped and the next began. Or maybe it was just wave after wave of one long drawn out orgasm. Whatever it was, it felt so good it made my head spin.

From far away I heard Jack screaming too, and I did my best to focus again.

“I’m gonna cum honey, I’m gonna squirt…! I am gonna pump your cunt so full of spunk it will come out your ears…OH FUCK…OH FUCK…!” He almost split me in half, ramming his swollen meat into my cunt like a sledgehammer.

“YESSS…Cum for me!!! FILL ME UP YOU BASTARD… CUM FOR ME!!!” I yelled and squeezed my cunt muscles around his prick.

That was too much for my Jack. He threw his head back, bellowing his pleasure when his cock spewed his fuck juices into my hungry cunt. Shaking, oozing, dripping, we lay there panting for a while, stretched out on the kitchen table.

A little later, I started laughing.

“What?” Jack enquired languidly.

“I think I have impaled myself on a fork!” I grinned. Startled, Jack got off me, and carefully pulled me up. A fork was stuck to my back, but hadn’t pierced the skin.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” my husband asked as he softly rubbed the three little puncture marks.

“Oh baby, I was too busy enjoying being impaled on your dick! I never even felt it till now!” We laughed and decided to clean up the lovely sticky mess we made.

A little while later, over our reheated dinner, I told Jack what Linda had told me that afternoon. He was quiet for a while.

“Don’t you hate men like that” I fumed, “I’d like to go kick his ass so bad”

Jack laughed. “I know you would, too!”

“I was thinking we should cheer her up” I said, and explained to my husband that I had some ideas about how to make my sister feel better. “How about you give Linda a nice massage one of these nights, see if we can’t loosen her up again like we did last night?”

“How about we give her a nice massage together honey? I’d feel much better if we were into it together, and I think Linda would be more at ease with you there as well” Jack replied, and I agreed.

“How far do you want to go with this?” he asked.

“I don’t know, depends on how far she’ll let us take it. I’d love for you to suck her pussy; I bet she’s never felt anything like that in her entire life! Would you like to?”

“If you are ok with that honey, sure I would! You know how much I love to eat pussy! It’ll be interesting to compare your tastes, if anything!”

“Let’s take it slow, see how we go with her. And if we can, do let’s drive her wild, we shouldn’t make her cum until she begs for it. It’ll be fun to make her lose control, have her be naughty and free like she was last night!”

“Deal” said my husband, giving me a high five. We laughed, and started kissing and fooling around…as usual.

Linda came home late, all worn out. Her job hunt had not been successful and she’d only seen grubby horrible apartments so far. I heated up some food for her, which she picked at halfheartedly. She looked so tired it tore at my heart. I gave Jack a questioning look. Perhaps tonight was too early, but then again, maybe it was just right. A little pampering might be just what she’d like right now!

“Hey Linda” I started. She looked up at me. “How about you take a nice hot shower, and then we give you a nice massage, Jack and I?”

She blushed, and then snorted. “Yeah right, you two horny buggers would do anything to get your hands on me!” She giggled when she saw the looks on our faces. “Oh lighten up, I didn’t mean it, and hell yes, I would love a massage, if you’re serious.”

A while later, my sister yelled “I’m ready if you are!” and came out of her bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Jack had put clean towels on the mattress we used for that purpose, on the floor in the den, while I’d warmed a bottle of oil and spread cushions all around the mattress for us to kneel on as we massaged my sisters’ body.

“Come lie down here Sis, make yourself comfortable” I stretched my hand out to her, and helped her as she knelt and then lowered herself unto her tummy.

“Are you comfy honey?” Jack asked, as he carefully removed the towel. Linda moved her head and nodded. “We’ve got the fire burning, but if you get too cold, just tell us so, ok?”

Again, she nodded, and I reached for the bottle of warm oil and handed it to my husband. He poured some oil on her skin, and she sighed softly. I smiled, oiled up my hands, and we kissed each other quickly before we turned our attention to my sister.

Softly, our hands caressed and stroked and eased her tense muscles. Jack worked her back with his wonderful warm oily hands, and I took care of Linda’s legs and feet, kneading and soothing, and it wasn’t long before she was so relaxed she almost purred.

“Turn around sweetie” I whispered softly, and she güvenilir bahis şirketleri never even thought twice about it. She turned unto her back, exposing herself without any shame or hesitation. Jack and I were the ones to gasp this time. Linda had shaved her pussy! Her mound looked pink and smooth, and very inviting. Jack licked his lips as he smiled at me, and I knew he liked it too, he always had a thing for bare pussies. I grinned, and kissed my sister softly on the lips. Her eyes opened, and she smiled at me, but she closed them again with a soft sigh as Jacks’ slippery hands started kneading her thigh muscles.

I poured an ample amount of oil on her shoulders, chest and upper arms, and worked my way towards her breasts in slow circular moves. By the time Jack was kneading her belly and my hands concentrated on her breasts, Linda’s breathing went considerably faster.

“Linda?” I asked softly. “We would like to make you feel even better. Will you let us, little sister?” She was silent for a while, then opened her eyes and looked at us.

“Yes” she said. “But no fucking, ok, Sis? I don’t want to fuck your husband, I couldn’t, is that ok?”

Jack looked at her and smiled, and my heart leapt at the sweetness I found in his face.

“We won’t do anything you are not completely comfortable with; you have but to say so, and we’ll stop whatever it is we’re doing, that’s a promise. You don’t have to worry, Linda, all we want to do is make you feel good” he said.

She smiled at him, then at me, and nodded, and suddenly she looked impishly naughty. “Well, then, yes please, make me feel good, you’ve made me feel so fucking horny, you really should!”

I laughed at that, and Jack grinned as well. We both bent over at the same time, and each took one of Linda’s nipples in our mouths, giving each other a wicked smile when she gasped. Our hands and mouths caressed her differently now, teasing and tormenting her with licks and nibbles and squeezes, but we never touched her pussy. We had promised each other we’d drive her wild, and that’s what we were going to do!

It was fun to watch Jack lick Linda’s breasts. I could feel every stroke of his tongue as if he was licking mine! He smiled, and must have recognized the hungry look in my eyes, for he winked and mouthed, “You’re next!” before he attacked Linda’s nipple ardently.

When Linda started getting restless under our hands and mouth, I told her to sit on the couch with me and let Jack do what he did best. He grinned broadly, and Linda said: “You don’t have to sell him, you know! I watched him taking care of you last night, and I can’t wait to feel him do that to me!”

Giggling, I climbed on the couch, and pulled Linda against my body. I sat half behind, half beside her, letting her lean against my tits, and she rubbed against me like a little puppy until she was comfortable. Taking both of her perky tits in my hands, we both looked at my husband expectantly.

Jack pulled Linda forward, to the edge of the couch, and spread her legs. Actually, she spread them for him herself, eager to be touched by now. He pulled her even closer to him, so her ass was right on the edge and her feet were on the floor. Kneeling in front of her, between her legs, he started running his tongue from her knee up the inside of her thigh, kissing and licking his way to her crotch, talking to her about how smooth her pussy looked, and how delicious she smelled. Linda blushed and squirmed under his touch. She looked up at me, and I kissed her lips and pinched her nipples till she gasped.

Delicately Jack traced his tongue along her outer lips, still carefully avoiding her clit. Then his kisses and licks went over her freshly shaved bald mound across her firm belly. He licked down her side where he teased her with more sucks and licks. Another line was traced down across Linda’s belly to her smooth sex. Jack gently bit down on her bare love mound, again being careful not to make contact with her nubbin, despite her arching and rotating it towards his flicking tongue.

Linda was panting by now. My own pussy was leaking just from watching Jack’s tongue tickling the lips of her increasingly sensitive cunt. Teasingly, he would not let his tongue touch her clit. It made her squirm with anticipation and need, but by the way he smiled up at me, I knew she would not get that satisfaction from him, not yet anyway.

Jack’s tongue went further and further down along my sisters’ wet slit to her puckering asshole. As his hot breath hit her there it was almost more than she could bear. She pulled her knees up against her chest, whimpering softly, opening her slit to its fullest, offering it up to him almost desperately. I felt her body trembling against mine, and stroked her arms and breasts soothingly. My wicked husband took a long admiring look at Linda’s opened flower. Even from here, I could tell it was beautiful, tight and slick and glistening with her juice.

Both Jack and I noticed how she was squeezing her cunt muscles, trying to make herself cum. Again Jack started to slide his agile tongue up along the center of her slit, licking her succulent quim all the way up, but still avoiding contact with her clit. As he pulled back from her for another good look, he put his hands on the back of her knees and pushed them ever further back and open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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