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This guy is home all alone by himself, suddenly the mail arrives and the mail lady turns out to be a horny milf looking for a fat meat to fuck her sluttish pussy…

It was the summer following my senior year in high school. I was just sitting in the house with nothing to do, mom and dad gone, as always, it was a blazing hot day in my small town and I was fucking horny. It was just about the time when our local mail carrier was delivering mail all around the hood. No one was at home. I was looking out the door just waiting for the mail to come when a sexy, long, 35 year old blonde fat ass, substitute mail lady. I heard from my dad talking to his buddies, that she had been divorced for a couple of years and that approximately this woman was not having much of sex in her life. Dad’s friends laughed and were saying that they would give her some good fun, and she might have been fucking horny, and craving for sex. But all the time, when my mom or someone appeared, they would stop talking this and change the topic of conversation. Some of my dad’s friends were already boasting of fucking her, it was uncle Harry, but I knew him as a great talker and nobody seemed to take him seriously.

She was so beautiful, wearing her short mail shorts and her mail shirt with the button undone, showing her cleavage. Sweat was dripping from her perfectly tanned body. As she walked on my porch I just stared. When she came Anadolu Yakası Escort to my mail box and saw me staring at her, she smiled, put the mail in and walked away. I had to think quickly. When she walked away, I said:

“Excuse me, but would you like to come in for a drink? It is very hot today, and I would really appreciate your company! Just for a couple of drinks!” she came in right away and said thank you and that it was really hot day.

So we went into the kitchen and passed the living room. As we went inside, she glanced at some of my baseball pictures and asked what position I played. I answered I was a pitcher in my team.
“Well, that’s what explains your strong body!”

I blushed as she stared at me, while I was wearing nothing more than a shorts and a tank top. I continued to pour drinks, and then we walked back into the living room. She sat on the couch and I sat in the chair across from her.

We looked at each other for a minute then I asked the first question:

“So, how do you like your job?” she looked at me in a funny way and answered saying:

“What’s your name?”

“Franky” I replied.

“Now Franky, I know you really didn’t bring me in here to just talk, did you? You want to fuck, so, let’s get to fuck! Now come here”

I was surprised to hear her say this but I didn’t hesitate. I got up and walked over to Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan her. She snatched my shorts down, and stared in awe at my 8.5 inch cock.

“Wow, that’s the size!” she said: “I have never seen any thing like this except in movies!”

She held my rod stroking it and rubbing my balls softly, my dick got rock hard and when it did she kissed it gently and licked the head and blew on it. The tip of her tongue caressed my shaft and my balls and without any hesitation she put my cock deep in her mouth.

I almost came in her mouth right then. I had her head hanging over the arm of the couch and made sure I stuck all the 8 inches of my cock in her mouth! She moaned in pleasure when I did too. She sucked me off for about 10 minutes. She sucked so hard and long and at her last thrust I shot my load deep in her throat. None of my cum seeped out. She swallowed every last drop! Then I got on my knees and slid her shorts of to reveal her completely shaved pussy, I didn’t waste any time putting it in my mouth. I sucked and licked her clit like none ever before.

It tasted so good and sweet. And before I knew, we were on the floor she was riding my face, wild screaming:

“Don’t fucking stop! Keep licking my pussy! I’m cumming!!

I didn’t stop and she let her juices flow into my mouth, she collapsed on me exhausted:

“That was Escort Anadolu Yakası great! she said breathing heavy. But we were far from end! I got up and pulled her over to me leaned her over the couch and put my finger in her clit! With that her body jerked. I rubbed her clit slow, then put the head of my huge cock on her lips and massaged her dripping wet cunt.

She was breathing heavy and waiting for all of me to go inside her. She whispered into my ear to fuck her hard and soon I rammed her tight pussy! She screamed in pleasure moaning and throwing her body against mine. I could tell she was loving it.

“Fuck me, oh my God, fuck me harder!” I was giving her my all and she was taking it like a pro. Then she told me to stop, I thought we were going to be done.

Then she licked her fingers and placed it on her ass hole. I knew what was coming next. I had never had anal sex before but I wasn’t going to refuse by now! I spread her cheeks and put my tongue right in her ass hole and heard her moan. I stuck my finger in just to make sure it was ready, and then I brought my cock toward it. Without hesitation my dick was balls-deep in her tight ass! I fucked her long and hard, I was enjoying it and she was too.

But I knew I couldn’t last much longer. When I was going to blow my load, she turned around and sucked the cum right out of my cock! This time she gargled with it and let some drip to her huge tits, and licked it off! This time I seemed to cum at least 7 huge shots of cum! We just sat there for a moment in silence.

“Well, I’ll be back, tomorrow, Franky!” she put her clothes on and left. Soon after this episode, she began to appear in our hood frequently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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