A Huge Workload

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I was working late at the office, since I had some extra work to catch up with after my extended lunch break. It was about 6 in the evening and my perky 22 year old secretary came in to tell me that she was leaving. She was wearing her usual white shirt and woolen jumper, with a tight mini-skirt and had black nylons on with the seem perfectly down the back of her young, beautiful legs. She walked over to me to tell me that we were the only ones left in the office because everybody else had gone home to their families, and that she had some extra material that she had to show me.

She leaned over my desk, her left leg bending at the knee and slowly raising into the air, her jumper getting stuck between her hot body and my old wooden desk, stretching as she leaned further over, hugging tightly to her firm breasts, letting me perve. She closed her eyes seductively and kissed me on the cheek. I slid my hand around behind her head, feeling her long black hair in my fingertips, and kissed her back, on the mouth this time. We kissed again, letting our tongues explore the reaches of each others throats for at least a minute.

She leaned back, licking her lips, “Come and see that material,” she beckoned, “Its just on my desk.” As she left the room I watched her long legs and tight ass sway back and forth, hearing the slight ‘swoop’ noise of her nylons rubbing together around her crotch. I stood up and went to meet her at her desk.

She was sitting back down now, in front of her computer, typing up some sort of crud, I wondered why she hadn’t left. Her desk was ‘L’ shaped, in front of her was a computer and printer, and on her left was a little bench area, cluttered with papers and pens and other assorted junk. She turned to look at me, smiling sweetly, “Ah yes, that material…” She sat up straight and pulled her jumper off, her hair falling back down onto her face and breasts, al messed up and sexy. She ran her hand through her hair, putting it back into place. She then continued to undo the top two buttons on her shirt, letting me see much of her bouncy breasts, and a little of the bra they were being held in.

Swiveling around on her chair she sat right in front of my fly and, seeing that there was my bulging menace inside, she decided to relive the days frustration. She ran her hand up between my legs, feeling my hard dick. She then slowly unzipped my fly and pulled out my bulging cock, again licking her lips. She looked up slyly at me as she wrapped her wet lips around my cock, sliding her head down taking more of me in. Her magical tongue giving me all kinds of sensations it had in my mouth. She pulled back, letting halkalı escort my saliva covered dick hanging there, waiting for more. She put her hand, with its long painted fingernails around me and started to pull me off a little. She had obviously done this before because she knew just the right amount of saliva to use to get her hand slipping away just right.

This was starting to get a little overwhelming, so I pulled her hand away and started to take off her shirt. Her patterned white bra with the warm melons it contained almost sending me off right there. As I stood and watched she lifted up her leg, letting me peer down her dress, at her perfect thighs and matching patterned white panties. She slowly unrolled her nylons, flipping off her high heels also, exposing her cute little toes also with painted nails. I moved forward, picking her up and semi-slamming her through all the crud on the other side of her desk, her sigh of ecstasy and her wicked grin turning me on even more.

I ripped off her skirt, leaving her lying there, with only her sexy lingerie on, as she begged to be fucked. I awkwardly laid down on top of her, pushing her bra up over her tits so that I could suck her hard nipples. with one hand I massaged her tit, with the other I fondled her amazingly firm ass. She undid her bra, taking it off as I licked and sucked and threw it across the room, not caring where it landed. She wrapped her legs around my waist, letting me feel her warm thighs rubbing against my sides through my shirt. I licked her neck and moved upwards again to her face. “My panties…” she puffed as she started to sweat a little from the passion, making her body more slippery and sensual. I stood up and moved back a little so that I could stick her long legs straight up into the air and pull her panties all the way up.

I grabbed hold of my throbbing cock and led it into her hole, a little way in I felt something, she was still a virgin! I looked at her as she started to blush and then forced my way into her making her shudder with pleasure. I laid back down on her, letting her again wrap her legs around my waist as I started to slide in and out of her freshly popped tight spot. Her pants became more and more frequent as I shoved myself harder and harder into her wet hole. I felt her soft, warm breath on my face and she screamed out loudly as she came. I wrapped my arms around her back and held onto her spasming body as she rode out her orgasm.

I pulled myself back out of her and put my now lubricated dick in the middle of her juicy tits. She realised taksim escort what was happening as I climbed around on top of her and she squeezed her soft breasts together around my cock. I started to pump away, each time trying to get my end into her mouth, until I felt my balls clenching up. I blew my load all over her face and neck as she eagerly licked it up and rubbed it onto her slippery tits.

I sat up a little and she put her hand around my dick, again sliding her hand up and down its length. I dropped down onto the floor and faced her open legs, her now glistening pussy lips and the whispy black pubes that surrounding it looking so inviting. I rubbed my nose a little on her clit, as she rubbed her tits and begged for me to eat her out. I let my breath fill out over her pussy, making her pubes wave and making her beg more. I sent my tongue into her wet, tasty snatch, feeling the walls of her cunt and exploring deeper I nudged my nose around on her clit as sent my tongue around her beautifully young hole. I rubbed my hands on her glorious thighs and felt their warm, textured surface and she again become to lose touch with reality.

As she came furiously, sending her juices pouring into my waiting mouth I noticed her panties on the floor in front of me, I picked them up, their cotton texture bringing back memories, and put them into my back pocket, to remember the day. When her orgasm came to a halt I swallowed her juice and sat down in the chair. She started to beg for more yet again, “More cock, give it to me!”. “You naughty little Vixen!” I scolded, but all she did was beg more. I picked her up and laid her down over my knee, face down. “No!” I scolded again as I spanked her bare ass, as I heard her shriek out with pleasure-pain. I spanked her again, sharp and hard, leaving a red mark. “Again! Again!” she pleaded, there was no stop to her. By this time I was starting to get hard again, so her wishes could be fulfilled.

I laid her down over the desk, face down, guiding my cock into her tight, warm ass, grabbing onto her lap as I slid into her young body until my balls were touching her dripping cunt through my pants. For a virgin she took in allot, she seemed to naturally know all the moves which could only have come from years of masturbation as a teen. I again started to pump in and out as she panted and moaned in time with my thrusts, her amazingly tight ass tightening more and more around my cock. She slid her hand down her slender body to her clit, where she started to stimulate herself even more. She started screaming out stuff at me in a delirious state of pleasure as şişli escort I thrust my dick harder and harder into her warm ass. “Deeper, deeper. I was to feel you in my chest!” I pulled out of her. She turned around and sat up on the desk, again stroking my cock and rubbing it furiously.

She undid my tie and took it off, “Tie me up!” she said as she rubbed the tie all over her cum-coated tits. I took the tie off of her and grabbed her little wrists, tying them up with the best knot I could manage. We stood up on the desk and I tied the end of the tie to the overhead rafters as she grinned wickedly at me, her hair all cascaded over her face.

I licked her lips and rubbed her thighs. She heaved towards me and licked my cheek as I ran my hands from her tied up wrists down her beautiful arms, down her sides and towards her pussy. I rubbed my palm over her hot lips, feeling her ticklish pubic hairs. I looked deep into her eyes as I slid two fingers into her hole. She grabbed onto the rafters as I started to slide my third finger into her. She panted and moaned as I started to slide my juice coated fingers in and out of her young, tight pussy. She leaned over to me, pushing her breasts into my chest, letting me get even more aroused by her hard nipples poking me, “I want your cock.”

I pulled my three fingers out of her and stuck them into her mouth. She eagerly sucked away, as if it was my cock, enjoying the taste of her own juice. A sultry grin came over her face as I grabbed onto her ass and shoved myself deep inside her snatch. She yet again wrapped her powerful thighs around me as I started to slide in and out. As my thrusts became harder and harder and her pants louder and louder her pussy became as tight as I have ever experienced, clinging onto my cock as it rammed into her. She started to again come in my arms as I grabbed onto her ass as hard as I could, almost tearing into her hot flesh. My cock became engulfed in her slippery juice as it flowed out of her young pussy all over my pants. She looked into my eyes at heat of her passion, as if it was a thank-you, and kissed me with her long tongue.

She managed to the tie and let it drop to the floor as I stumbled across her desk to slam her into the wall, my cock still throbbing away in her cunt. she wrapped her arms around my neck as I heaved into her. One final pump and it became too much, She licked my face as I blew my load deep inside her. She felt totally invigorated, losing her virginity in such a way as this. I pulled back out of her and sat back down into her chair. She held onto the rafters above her to keep her totally satisfied body from collapsing. She let go and laid down on the desk, knocking some more stuff off it. She let the last of her juice dribble out onto some memos, falling asleep with me.

After that night we stayed back all the time to ‘look at material’, until I was fired six months later, for spending too much time with the secretary instead of doing my work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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