A Kidnapped Woman For Sale!

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A Kidnapped Woman For Sale!
Part one
Originally written by Mary Alice an attractive 25 yr old woman on a different site. Who seems to have disappeared and I thought this story was so good that it needed to be posted where others could read an enjoy it! I take no credit as it is all her story, but is a story that very much appeals to my perverted side and many of the things I have tried to write about.

(a continuing saga).

I’ve often fantasized about being kidnapped, blindfolded, bound and raped, and then taken to a “private club” to be auctioned off to the highest bidder(s)…
Terrified, with my wrists cuffed behind me, and a leash hooked to a dog collar, I am led completely naked, up to a stage, before an enthusiastic audience of several dozen horny men. I am introduced by name and age, and the leash is tugged to force me to walk back and forth at the front of the stage as an introductory “preview”. Two men lift me by my thighs, forcing my legs wide apart to display me.
“Just look at that lovely cunt! Completely hairless and smooth, and look… nice ‘n yummy inside.”
There are whistles and lewd jeers and comments, as my labia are pinched and spread wide. The two men holding me finger my displayed vagina for several minutes, pinching at my clit, and making me shriek in discomfort and shame. Then I’m put back on my feet and roughly turned so my back is toward the audience.

One of them lifts my wrists up behind me, so that I’m forced to bend lewdly over at the waist. One of them spreads my ass-cheeks wide apart to display my anus. I am mortified and sobbing.
“Get a loada’ this! She’s had cocks up there before, but she’s still tight.”
He inserts a finger roughly into my rectum, and I lurch and sob. He inserts a second finger, and while I grunt and tearfully beg, he fucks my anus with his fingers for several minutes. Then I’m forced to my knees.
“Okay, lets show everybody how well you can give head, slut!”
He pulls down his pants and underwear. His erection is bobbing and pointing upward. He shouts down at me…

“Lick my balls!”
Trembling, I look up at him. His wide-eyed glare; the snarl on his lips; the clench of his jaw, all blurry through my tears… so horribly threatening to obey or else, yet I turned my head away in shame.
“Oh God, please!” I sobbed.
He grips my hair, and yanks me to look up at him, but I forced my gaze to the right… away from him and the murmuring audience.
“Look at me, slut!” He shakes me by my hair hard, “Look at me!”
I look up at him, trembling uncontrollably.

He spits out a tirade at me.
“Those lovely pink stripes on your ass, thighs and titties might need refreshing! Would you like us to hang you up again and renew them? I’m sure we’d all get a charge outta hearing you scream your brains out!”
The audience murmured it’s approval.
“No, please!” I shrieked, “Pleeeease!”

“Or maybe you’d rather be hung up by your ankles, spreadeagled, so we can take turns flogging your cunt!”
I wailed pathetically, “Nooooo!”
The audience cheered, urging him to carry out the threat.
“I got a better idea,” he shouted, “Lift ‘er up… spread ‘er legs!”
I was lifted abruptly by my thighs and under my arms. Large hands held my legs lewdly wide apart. He was handed an object… it looked vaguely familiar. Oh my God!
“Open her cunt!”

I shrieked and lurched, as my labia were again pinched and pulled open. He stepped toward me with the object held up so everyone could see it. It was a large stiff haired bottle-brush! The audience burst into jeers and encouraging clamor,
“Yeah, porcupine ‘er!”
“Oh yeah, quill her pussy good!”
“Fuck her with it! Make ‘er scream!”
“And put one up her ass too!”
They began to chant,
“Quill-quill-quill-quill-quill… !”

I began to shriek hysterically, kicking my legs, tossing my hair, squirming and straining against their grip trying to free myself.
“Open ‘er wider, damnit, OPEN ‘ER!” he shouted, touching the awful bristled end to my entrance, “And hold ‘er still!”

They each hooked two fingers into me, and my vagina was yanked widely open. He held the end of the brush hard against my entrance, and vigorously thumbed my clitoris with his other hand, sending jolts of involuntary tremors and lurches through my body. He pushed the brush into me, and I began screaming hysterically, trying desperately to draw my hips back away from the awful insertion. They laughed while I screamed, and cheered him on. He placed the palm of his other hand under me, and pushed his thumb hard into my rectum, clamping his thumb tightly toward his palm to hold me rigidly in place. Then he pushed the brush all the way into my pussy.

The awful sensation was like being raped with a cactus. Hundreds of wirey bending plastic quills, pushing against my tender interior, trying to spread themselves straight. The pain was electric, as though I’d been entered by a sparking electrode.

He let go of the brush-handle, and while still clamping my rectum with his other palm and thumb, he turned and shouted something to the clamoring audience. I could barely hear or comprehend him through my painful screams and shrieks.
“The bitch thinks she has choices!” he yelled.
He turned toward me again, and while I continued to shriek and kick my lower legs, the other two men held me tightly… up at chest-height, widely spread. He took hold of the brush-handle again, and wiggled it. I screamed.

“It’s called ‘Quilling’, bitch! And we do it to sluts who don’t follow orders.”
He looked at my eyes, spreading his thumb upward in my rectum… which forced against the brush in my vagina. I shrieked loudly, and nearly jolted out of their grasp.
“Oh yeah, she feels that!” he shouted, “Hold er tight, damn it!”
They gripped my arms tighter, and yanked my thighs outward against their hips. He wiggled the handle again, sending sparks into me. Again I screamed.
“You’re gonna lick my balls and suck my cock, aren’t you,slut!” he shouted, wiggling the handle.
Wide-eyed with terror and discomfort, I frantically nodded.yes.
“Answer me, slut!” he yelled, “Speak up!”
“Yes!” I shrieked, “My God, yes!”

He leaned in closer to me, and shouted again,
“Yes, gaziantep escort tanıtımları what, slut? What’re you gonna do? Answer me!”
He gave the brush a swift yank-and-push, barely moving it an inch outward and back, but the pain was excruciating. I shrieked like a police whistle. But I answered.
“I’ll lick your balls and suck your cock, I’ll lick your balls and suck your cock, my God I’ll lick your… ” My voice trailed off in a sobbing wail.

He leaned close again, and snarled at me.
“You bet your lovely sweet ass you will! And you’ll lick and suck like you lick and suck your boyfriend, won’t you! Won’t you!”
“Yes!” I wailed, sobbing, “I will, yes! I will!”
He let go of the handle,

“You fucking well better, slut! Or so help me, I’ll fuck your cunt raw with this thing, got it? Savvy?”
I shouted hysterically, “Yes yes no please!” They laughed at my nonsense.
“And I’m gonna leave it in your cunt while you show everyone how well you can lick and suck a man, and how good you can swallow a load’a cum! And if I even think you’re fakin it, I’ll fuckin rape your cunt for an hour with that thing! Understand?”
“Oh my God…! Yes,” I moaned begging, “I will. I will.”

He nodded at the two holding me, and I was forced to my knees with the stinging horror inside me. He stepped close, letting his erection lean against my face.
“Now!” he shouted, “You can start by giving my balls a good wet licking! And you can keep licking until I tell you to suck!”

Trembling, and with the stinging sparks of pain in my pussy, I tipped my head back, and began to lick his testicles… “lovingly” as though I were trying to please him. He moaned, while the audience murmured. He gripped my hair, and coaxed me to lick under and behind his scrotum. His erection grew larger… stiffer. Then he barked at me to suck him.

“I wanna be convinced that you’re trying real hard to please me, slut. Suck my cock like you love me! Or so help me, I’ll quill your pussy with that thing like a gun barrel!”
Trembling uncontrollably, I opened my mouth and took his erection in as far as I could. He stood with his hands on his hips, defiantly, as though daring me to fail.
With his rigid drooling cock in my mouth, I began to bob my body back and forth on him, sucking, and using my tongue like a whore.

He gripped my hair and began to tug and push, guiding me forcefully to suit his taste in rhythm. He pointed to a padded stool, and snapped his fingers. One of my two “attendants” dragged it over and placed it for him to sit. He squats on it, spreading his heavy thighs, holding my head still for a moment… to see what I’d do.
“That’s a good little slut,” he says, “Use that tongue. Ahhhhh yeah, good little bitch. Pampered little cunt gives head like a whore!”

He yanks my head up, and his erection slips out of my mouth.
*”Okay pull it out of her.” He grips my hair tightly, and cups my chin. One of my attendants kneels behind me and unceremoniously pulls the bottle brush out. I shriek in shock, sobbing, both at the sudden stinging pain, and the welcomed relief. He yanks my hair hard to force me to look at him. He’s been handed the brush, and he holds it up to show it to me.
“Take a good look, you precious little pampered cunt!”

To my relief the menacing horror is surprisingly devoid of blood or skin. Its bristles, standing fully extended now, as though stretching their legs, no longer bent in their evil confinement of my slit. He spits out a warning.
“One more little example of disobedience, and I’ll make this your new boyfriend! Savvy?” He grips harder and shakes my head for emphasis. Rigid in fear, I nod hysterically.

One attendant cups his hand under me, between my thighs, and starts to finger me, probing at my clit, and pushing his thumb up against my anus. I whimper, biting my lip and squeezing my eyes shut. His finger slides into my pussy, touching the brush’s bee-stings. I lurch. His thumb pops into my rectum, and I lurch again. He begins a maddening massage between my openings, kneading and squeezing them together. I am close to fainting. Suddenly I am yanked downward to resume my chore. The large erection is back in my mouth.

“Now make yourself useful, slut! Suck it!”
He releases my hair to allow me to display my obedience. The thumb and fingers continue to squeeze and probe, while I bob like a whore, sucking and tonguing madly to urge him. I can sense him holding his breath, huffing through clenched lips.

“Take it in your throat, bitch!” he growled.I straighten my neck, and lower my shoulders. Relaxing my gullet, I push forward, barely controlling a gag reflex. I take him completely down my throat, and back out… then down again.”Faster, cunt! Fuck your throat on my cock!”
I lunge myself back and forth on him as fast as I can. Trying desperately to comply, trying not to gag. Then he grabs a fistful of my hair again, and takes over, brutally hauling me back and forth like a rag doll. My mouth and throat are making loud perverted sucking noises. The audience is urging him on. The fingers and thumb are massaging and pinching my holes together. Both attendants are now pinching and twisting my nipples. I’m being throat-raped by a mad man. Suddenly, he swells, and starts to rut, humping at my face, grunting and cursing.”Ohhh yesss… Oh yeah! Fuckin yeah, bitch!”

He stands, and lunges downward at me savagely, slamming into my face, mashing my lips with his pubic hair and scrotum. His shaft bloats, and he shoots a jet in my mouth just before reaching my throat. The initial squirt rushes and bubbles out of my nose, trailing onto his cock, and piling onto my upper lip as he thrusts in again. He pulls out as he shoots a second stream, pointing it at my face, gripping my hair to guide his aim. Then one of the attendants takes a grip in my hair and turns me toward him. He forces his erection into my throat and holds it there, burying my nose against him.
“Lick my balls, bitch! Lick em!”

Gagging, in panic, I struggle to extend my tongue to lick at his scrotum. He senses my urgent struggling, and grips my hair tightly with both hands, keeping me impaled… out of air. OMG! Finally he releases a massive load, and pulls out at it spurts, splattering my face with several more jets.
Then the other gaziantep escort telefonları attendant grabs my hair, and shoves into my throat. He fucks my mouth savagely, bumping my nose against him. He keeps a steady brutal rythm, cursing in cadence to his thrusts.
“Sexy little pampered bitch! Fucking cock-teasing little slut!”

Barely able to draw a breath between his thrusts, the room starts to spin. I am not aware of other men behind me, as another eruption of sperm is sprayed in my mouth and on my face. He groans and collapses on the stool. Then I’m grabbed by my arms from behind, and roughly lifted to my feet. New pairs of hands begin to fondle and probe me, while I gasp and gulp for air, sobbing now, in reticent resignation. My face is coated with sperm. Some has splattered on my shoulders and breasts. A sticky string of it hangs from my chin.

The room is spinning. Hands are squeezing my breasts and buttocks. Fingers are probing my mouth, my anus and cunt, pinching my nipples and labia. The audience is getting involved. Some are coming up on the stage. I’m dragged to a waist-high padded bench, and bent over it. The vocal clamor of numerous men is frightening…

“Strap ‘er real tight.””Haul ‘er arms up good behind her.””Okay spread ‘er legs and strap her ankles.””Mmm. she’s got a lovely little asshole. Lets do her ass ‘n throat.”
“Yeah but I wanna sample that pussy first.”
Countless men… all completely naked, surround me. Some are in various stages of erection. Some are fully rigid, many of them holding or stroking themselves. I can’t breathe. I can’t catch my breath. I am gasping in grief and terror. My hair is yanked to force me to look forward. A man stands in front of me. His gruff voice orders me to lick him. Behind me, fingers are probing at my vagina and anus. Thumbs part my labia widely open. I’m licking an erection, sobbing hysterically.

“Now that’s a nice little pussy… look at this!” “Mmmm, pretty pink. And nice ‘n wet!”
A long thick erection slides into my cunt. I lurch against the bench.
“Whoa, this is sweet pussy! Mmmm, holy Christ!”
He begins to fuck me in hard deep strokes, shocking the breath out of me. I wail as I’m forced to continue licking. Suddenly the erection in front of me is pushed into my mouth.
“Ahhhh, that’s a good little slut! Use your tongue! Let me feel that tongue! Ohhh yeah, that’s it baby!”

He grips my hair and chin, and starts to rape my mouth… brutally, lunging into my throat with savage thrusts. His pubic hair pounds at my nose. His scrotum slaps my chin. Behind me, a pelvic bone is jarring against me. My muffled choking is accented by my lewd involuntary clucking noises as the mouth-raping erection pistons into my throat… “gluck-gluck-gluck-gluck-gluck… “.
“Ohhh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Ahhh shit, me too… holy fuck, this is good pussy!… Ahhhh!”

The man in my mouth pounds me in slower, heaving strokes, while the other grips my hips and shoves into me with a shuddering halt. He announces his discharge with shouts of male triumph, shooting into me with humping hip-grinds.
He releases his grip, and pulls out. The man in my mouth suddenly grips my hair with both hands, and shoves into my throat, holding there, tremoring with male release. His discharge comes out in multiple short jets, shooting down my gullet. While he drains, two fingers are inserted into my rectum.

My head is released, and the shriveling penis is pulled out of my throat. An obscene trail of semen follows it, then dangles momentarily from my lower lip. Gasping and gulping for air, my lungs fill with deep but short bursts, disguised by wretched sobbing and wails of grief. The fingers are twisting deeply in my rectum.
“Hey can we hang ‘er up? I wanna do ‘er ass while she’s hang-in like a flag.”
“How, by her wrists?”

I’m released from the bench, and my wrists are cuffed in front of me while a dozen hands fondle my breasts, ass and cunt. A chained hook is lowered from a pulley, and it’s clipped to the cuffs. My arms are steadily hauled upwards, until I’m barely on my toes, stammering hysterically, whimpering in grief.

Two men begin fondling me, front and back. One begins to rape my pussy with two fingers… with rapid stabs, shoving up into me, and grinning. The other forces two lubricated fingers up into my rectum, twisting and turning his wrist. I squeal and shriek, dancing hysterically on my toes.
“Mmmm, you got a nice tight little butt hole, bitch! This is gonna tell me how much you’re worth.”
“Whoa-whoa, what the fuck, she’s pissin!!”
In my hysteria, my bladder releases.
“Ohh dude, no way!!”
They spread my legs and catch the remaining stream in a bucket. I am mortified. An attendant comes out with a mop. I’m placed back on my toes.
“Well the starting bid just went up! She’s a streamer!”
There’s ribald laughter, and a clamor of approval.
“Yeah, no sloppy spray, just a nice steady stream!”

My hair is yanked back. A growling male voice in my ear…
“I’m gonna fuck your ass, slut! Look at my cock… look at it!” His erection is average in thickness, but incredibly long, adorned with a grossly lubricated condom. I suck in my breath, my diaphragm straining against the pull of the hanging chain. He lifts my legs, placing my ankles over his shoulders. He fumbles with himself, poking his glans against my anus. I shriek in mortified shame, going rigid. He hunches his hips slightly, forcing his erection past my sphincter and slowly but forcefully, completely up into my rectum. I wail in shame and grief.

While I shriek hysterically, he grips my thighs, and savagely sodomizes me, slamming into me with long brutal thrusts, calling out in cadence to his ramming…
“Ohhh yeah! Ohhh yeah! This is one sweet ass-fuck!”

He continues for several minutes, sawing in and out of me rapidly, my shrieks and wails in time to it… my guttural moans betraying my attempts to clench on him to make him ejaculate. Sperm is oozing and dribbling from my pussy, the trickles waving back and forth under me. Another man yanks my hair to force my head back. He forces a thick rubber penis into my mouth, and begins fucking my gaziantep escort videoları face with it… rapid up-down strokes, matching the rhythm of the man in my ass.
“Ahhh, she likes it in ‘er ass ‘n mouth! What a good little slut!” “Hell yeah… lucky girl!”

Suddenly, the man in my ass withdraws, and he releases my legs for me to stand on my toes again. He stands behind me, and while the rubber penis is fucking my mouth, he’s fumbling again at my anus. His erection slides forcefully up into my rectum, and he reaches around to grip my breasts, squeezing them hard. I cough a muffled shriek around the rubber penis, as he begins surging in and out of me, lifting my toes off the floor. I kick my legs, causing him to slip out.
“Fuck! Shackle her ankles!”

My ankles are shackled by an attendant, and the rigid male pole is again slid up into me. He resumes his insatiable sodomy, driving up into me with savage thrusts. I wail in muffled shrieks around the rubber penis.
“Ohh! Yeah! Ohh! Yeah! Ohh! Yeah! Uhhh! Uhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!”
He slams up into me and holds momentarily. Then suddenly he draws himself out.
“Drop her down! Get ‘er on ‘er knees!”
The rubber penis is removed from my mouth. I am quickly lowered, and forced to kneel. He grips my hair, pulls off the filthy condom, and aims himself at my mouth.
“Open your mouth slut!”
I wail in protest, “Nooo, please don’t… not in my mouth now!”
“Would you rather eat the condom, slut? Suck me off! Suck it!”
I take half his length into my mouth. His pubic hair smells of my ass. I squeeze my eyes shut at the scent.
“Dinner time, bitch! Get your protein! Suck it!”

I bob back and forth on him, sucking like a good little bitch… a good little pampered cock teasing slut. He explodes in my mouth, withdrawing in mid-squirt, sending splatters of semen on my face and shoulders. He milks himself on my breasts. Then I’m hauled to my feet. The auctioneer shouts to the audience…
“Alright gents, who else wants a crack at her?”
Four other men raise their hands.
”Okay, Ty, she’s all yours. How you want ‘er?”
Ty is a huge muscled black man. He steps up to me, and peels off his shorts, revealing a long huge erection, curving upwards. He looks at the man who’d just sodomized me.

“Strap ‘er wrists to her ankles. How was her ass, Martin? I wanna fuck her ass.”
Two men put me on my back, and cinch my wrists to my ankles.
“Oh it was great man,” Martin said, as he squeezed my buttocks apart, “Nice ‘n smooth ‘n warm in there. Just look at that! A real hot tunnel’a love!”
“Mmmm, look at that gaping little brownie hole! You reamed her good Marty!”
“Yep. My work is done here… For a while anyway, eh baby?” He touched my face, and sneered at me.

“Alright bitch,” Ty said, “On your knees, and get your tits on the floor! I want that pretty asshole pointin straight up at me!”
Strong hands grabbed me, and positioned me in a folded doggie-style pose on the floor. Ty knelt down behind me, and fingered my vagina and anus, fucking me with three fingers of each hand. I grunted and sobbed at the violation, while the others murmured their approval.
”Oh yeah, Ty, she loves that!” ”Yep, she’s a real ass-slut!
”Is that right baby?” Ty said, ”You like it up the ass?”

He kept fingered me! The others goaded him into licking my anus… eating me like a wolf.
”Mmmm, real tasty, bitch. Now let’s see how my cock feels in there.”
He stood and squatted over me, one hand on my lower back, the other hand aiming his huge erection downward at my anus.
”What’s that, about nine inches Ty?”
”Nine and a half, Pete.”
”Sweet. Drill ‘er good’n deep.”

He pressed downward, pushing his enormous meat into me. I gritted my teeth, and grunted. He gripped my hips, and lowered himself, pushing his curved dick completely into me. I shuddered with the feeling. He groaned.
”Ohhh man, what a sweet hole!”
He began to move up and downward, driving into me faster and faster. I squeaked and wailed in rhythm to it… another sodomy… another ass rape.
His stamina was extraordinary. He squat-fucked my ass for nearly ten minutes, huffing, puffing and grunting in male defiance. After what seemed like forever, he slowly withdrew.
”Put ‘er up on the table,” he said, ”On her left side.”
I was lifted, and placed as he instructed, on a leather padded table. My ass was positioned at the edge. He stood at my ass, and re-entered me, shoving hard… making me shriek.
”Oh yeah,” he said, ”This is good!”

He was able to fuck me harder in this position… faster… deeper! I wailed and grunted as he drove into me. Several hands held me in position, as he sawed in and out of me. My head was near the adjacent edge.
”Somebody put a dick in ‘er mouth,” he huffed, ”I wanna see a dick in ‘er mouth.”
A pair of hands gripped my hair and chin. A deep voice above me growled,
”Open your mouth, cunt!”
A huge thick erection was presented to my face. A hard backward yank of my hair persuaded me.

The pole of male flesh was shoved into my mouth, and immediately began sawing rapidly in and out, poking at my throat with each thrust. It was suddenly forced inward, into my throat, and a rapid throat-fuck began, as Ty sodomized me brutally.
”Ohhh yeah,” the black man grunted, ”That’s what I like to see while I’m fuckin an ass!”
Voices around me were jeering and rooting the two men on…
”Whoa yeah! Up ‘er ass and down her throat!”
”Dude, she loves it. Listen to ‘er!”
I was making awful ‘gluking’ sounds, as my throat was raped.
”Fucking little cock teaser! Choke her with your cock!”
The two raped me for nearly fifteen minutes, before pulling out to squirt on my face. Then two more men took my ass and mouth… this time on my back on the table, with my head hanging over the edge. They too squirted on my face.
I was untied, and removed from the table. My wrists were cuffed in front of me, and I was then suspended, with my toes pointing up!.. . A man had put straps around my ankles, and cinched them together.
”Now!” the auctioneer said, as I was pulled up ”Before the bidding begins, I’m sure you’d all like to hear her scream.” Someone handed him a switch-like rod. I began to plead hysterically, wailing in grief as he stepped behind me.
”Those nice pink stripes on her ass, thighs cunt and titties will now be refreshed for your enjoyment!” “Oh! My God” as the switch fell again, and again found its mark on my naked helpless body!

Continued in part two

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