A Late Night

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The lights were all dimmed when I opened the front door, and the house had that serene feeling of pure night-time silence over it, the only sound being the air conditioning and the crickets outside the screen door. Wearily I slipped my sneakers off and padded over to the laundry room on bare feet to pull my sweaty gym clothes off and throw them in the hamper. Tights, shorts, and sports bra, all in various dark grey colors, disappeared in the hamper, and I decided to at least keep my cotton panties on until I reached the bathroom. My pulse was no longer racing from the work-out, but I had not stayed for a shower at the gym, so the one thing on my mind now was to get in the shower and freshen myself up before bed.

I made it into the kitchen first, feeling a little exhilarated by the darkness and by tip-toeing around in just my undies. A big glass of pineapple/grape juice was refreshing in and of itself, but I shivered as a drop of condensation fell from the bottom of the glass and landed on my right breast, the sensation causing an immediate tightening of my nipples as goosebumps appeared on my upper arms. A shower was seriously going to be the most perfect thing ever invented, at least that was a thought that made sense to my mind right then.

The hum of the air conditioning fell quiet for a moment, the hiss of air from the vents slowing and hushing, like a whispered request for silence in the night. Something about the nighttime makes me feel alive, more aware of myself and my senses, peaked and primed and, somehow, sensual in the way I was quietly making my way through the quiet house wearing nothing but my mauve cotton panties, the color looking indistinguishable from grey in this dim light. I was trying to listen for other noises, but there were none to be heard over the incessant, yet somehow very comforting sound of the crickets. I could feel a small draft of air lightly caress my sweaty skin, reminding me that my goal was the shower, nothing else. I knew you were already sleeping, or I would have been welcomed as I entered, and so it felt more urgent to wash the grime and sweat off my slender body before seeking that safe place beside you in bed.

My muscles ached dully when my consciousness decided to take stock of how I felt physically after the exercising. Running my fingertips lightly over my stomach, I could feel the muscles there being extra tender, and I knew it had been a good work-out. My fingers idly slid further down, trailing over the front of my sweaty panties and sending a tiny shiver through my body, causing me to smile a little and wistfully think of you sleeping there in the other room. Maybe in the morning…? I blushed softly at the thought that sent a warm stir through me, and pushed my panties down over my hips, letting them drop to the floor and stepping out of them. Reaching into the shower and turning on the water, I felt that exhilarating sense of being alive again. Naked now, my body with a soft sheen of perspiration as I viewed it in the mirror. I felt a little vain studying myself like this, my long raven-black hair reaching the top of my small breasts, my slim waist, the fairly flat stomach güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with just a hint of fullness, the strip of trimmed black pubes and the crevice hinted at below, nested between my shapely hips and thighs, firm from all my running and exercising.

Again I caught myself lightly touching myself without really having consciously decided to, and that old pang of Catholic guilt flared up briefly, making me blush again before shaking it off, realizing the need was there, and thinking that I hoped you would be wanting to in the morning….

The thought was definitely not of the right kind to make me stop this beginning stir of arousal, and I bit down a chuckle and a swear word, forcing myself to stop and rather step into the shower that I had been wanting up until now. The water splashing down over my body after a long work-out session was one of the best sensations I could imagine concluding the work-out with. Unless of course making love was an option. The warm thought was not forbidden, but my focus was definitely not on the shower anymore. My skin was acutely aware of the water caressing it in the most refreshing way. My soapy hands did a cursory cleaning of most of my torso, eliciting a sigh of contentedness as they cupped my breasts, squeezing and pulling my hard nipples in a way that I consciously conceded was no longer just about cleaning myself. My eyes were closed as I allowed the water to splash down on my face while my other hand found its way between my thighs, the pleasure of the touch accepting the need I felt. I wanted a release, needed it, and shouldn’t be denying myself, not in the night time, in the dark and quiet solitude of being the only one awake on the whole planet, at least in this shower, and these fingers, my fingers, know better than any how to touch and rub and pinch just right, so good that my own moans surprised me and made me halt for a moment.

The splashing of the shower was all I could hear, but my moan had suddenly made me self-conscious and ashamed as if suddenly concerned that the rest of the world was awake and sitting just outside the door, listening. I giggled at the foolishness of the thought, but pulled my fingers regretfully from my the warm flesh of my puss, the moment of desire quelled by that dumb guilt again, and thinking I should save that desire for when you wake up in the morning. The awareness and promise of waking up to a morning romp made me somehow keep the simmering of lust down while I washed and rinsed my hair out, quickly scrubbed down the rest of my body, and dried myself off. The pulsing of my desire was absolutely still there, but I had an iron will when I decided to, and the Catholic guilt was still capable of reinforcing that resolve. Tying my hair back in a wet ponytail, I slipped a nightshirt on and tip-toed out into the hallway. There were no sounds other than the soft dribble of water going down the drain in the shower, the whisper of the air condition, the crickets chirping outside, and – now I heard it – the soft and peaceful sound of you snoring on the other side of the bedroom door. I smiled to myself and very quietly pushed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the door open. A weak nightlight by the door bathed the room in an intangible blue blur, but it was enough to make out the contours of the bed, the nightstand, your clothes in a dark heap on the floor, eliciting a rolling of my eyes and a smile as my eyes took in the shape of you in the middle of the bed.

You were deep asleep, obviously, or my noises coming in and showering, oh especially the moan – the thought made me blush again – should have been enough to alert you. The soft snoring wasn’t loud enough to bother me, and so I carefully slipped under the covers beside you. You were lieing on your side facing me, and positioned right in the middle of the bed as if claiming all of it, but there was room enough for me to snuggle in close, turning to wriggle back against you and pulling your limp, sleeping arm around my waist. It was such a safe and comfortable position, and I would probably have drifted off fairly quickly too.

That was when I felt something lightly poking against my bottom. Something warm, and while not hard, it was unmistakably your naked cock. The realization that you were sleeping in the nude next to me sent my awareness to the max. Back in full were my feeling of need, and while I tried to wriggle away a little bit, it was like your cock had a mind of its own and was intent on staying in touch. It was easy to feel that my accidentally brushing against you had caused your cock to start hardening, and my little wiggles did not help any, apparently. Soon it was full and hard, pulsing against my rear, somehow wedged between my cheeks, and its presence was making it impossible for me to think of anything else, much less go to sleep.

It was like being possessed. I knew it wasn’t right, I knew I should let you sleep… but your cock was a hard negotiator, poking bluntly against my night shirt and wedged between my glutes, every little motion from either of us causing another stirring reminder of its presence, its warm and firm presence, so close to where its base instincts wanted it to be. I knew you were sleeping, or there would be a different rhythm to your breathing and your arm wouldn’t be so limp around my waist. I could feel your body responding instinctively pushing forward as I couldn’t help myself from tensing my ass cheeks around your throbbing member, and it sent another stir of desire through me. Quietly I slipped a hand down under the covers, finding the hem of my nightshirt, and tugging it slowly up to around my waist.

Now I could feel your hard, naked cock against my skin, pushing between my thighs, sliding against my panties, your body actually slowly pushing and thrusting, your arm holding around my waist, but no sign of you being awake, and the rush of excitement this all sent through me was illicit, wrong, but oh so right, so sensual and erotic, that hard cock nestled between my thighs and actually pressing against my pussy through my panties when I arched my back and pressed my rear back against you just so, knowing I should either wake you, or at least move away, but the desire güvenilir bahis şirketleri was real and that iron resolve about waiting till the morning vanishing like dust in the wind, you were actually grinding against me, and my hand slipping between my legs to rub myself through my panties, my breath short and quick with the lust so powerful that I had to bite my bottom lip to stop my urge to gasp and moan, little noises of pleasure still escaping me as I slowly grind my pelvis with your throbbing member between my thighs.

My fingertips brushed against your hard shaft as it came poking forward again and I moaned softly, feeling how real you were, how hard and warm and ready, and my fingers pushed the fabric of my panties aside to allow you to slide against my naked, warm and wet flesh. My need was all-consuming, my fingers flitting across my clit while your cock slid slickly along the lips of my sex, its hard shape caressing my pussy so erotic that I had to touch it, press against its underside, hold it hard against my slit as I imagined riding it, your breath hot against my neck as you gave a sleepy moan in response. I didn’t know if you were still asleep or awake by then, but your hand was firm as it laid flat against my lower belly, pulling me against you, sliding up my naked torso to find my left breast, cupping and squeezing it, and I moaned out as the first wave of a small orgasm hit me, pushing my eagerness to the next level, my fingers stirring my clit as my other hand held and guided your cock against me, caressing and pressing it tight to my entrance as I wanted it, needed it, shuddering with the burst of pleasure when the head slipped inside me, not deep, just feeling how big and hard and warm and perfect you were as my muscles contracted and squeezed it, popping it back out even as I came.

My body continued grinding while your arm grasped me tightly, and again my fingers guided your throbbing cock into me, and I arched my back and felt you go deeper, deeper, filling me, filling the need I had, my body moving with its own base needs, gyrating back against you and driving myself onto that hard shaft, over and over again. I felt your weight shift as you rolled on top of me, and it was your motions now taking over, driving me into the mattress, taking me with your need, your hands roaming my sides and breasts, grabbing my hips while my hands clutched the sheets and my teeth clenched through the exquisite pleasure of my pussy being filled and filled again by your rock hard penis, slowly pounding, relentlessly pushing me towards another climax, and I could feel you thickening, swelling, the motions hurrying, and I reached underneath me just as you pulled out, my fingers there to rub my clit as my orgasm hit, but finding your cock and cupping it against me, pressing it to my clit as you groaned and shuddered, the squirts of hot, sticky semen in my hand as we made a mess together, both of us moaning and panting, your body finally relaxing again as you shifted your weight off of me.

I turned my head and smiled at you, staying still as my body shuddered lightly with the aftershocks, calming down from the peaks of bliss. Your look said it all, and pleased me immensely, and gently you pulled the sheets over us.

“I don’t know how I will ever deserve you, you are amazing.”

I closed my eyes and whispered back.

“I know.”

The playful smile on my lips spoke volumes back.

And so we drifted off to sleep.

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