A Learning Experience Ch. 03

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I was pleased to see Sandy’s bedroom light on as I cruised slowly past her house. It was pretty late so technically this would be considered a booty call. The good thing was that Sandy not only didn’t mind booty calls, she’d also pulled a few herself since the first time we’d hooked up. I parked around the corner and tossed some pebbles from her driveway up at her window, thinking that was just a bit more romantic than sending her a text message asking if she was horny. She came to the window and gave a quick wave, so I headed over to the front porch to wait for her to come down. It had only taken the first night of sneaking downstairs before she’d gone to the trouble to figure out what needed to be lubricated or avoided in order to make it quietly from her room to the front porch. I was sitting on the porch swing when she came out wearing a bathrobe.

She sat beside me and I couldn’t help but check out her hard nipples pressing out against the thin material of the summerweight robe. It wasn’t all that chilly so I wondered if it wasn’t the anticipation of what we both knew was to come that had turned her highbeams on. We talked for a bit about what we had each been up to both since we’d last seen each other as well as earlier that night but my eyes kept being drawn back down to her hard nipples which appeared to me to be anxious to be sucked. I asked Sandy what she was wearing beneath her robe and she smiled, but was intentionally evasive. Finally, I just asked her straight out if I could check for myself and she agreed.

I had her stand with me and positioned her so that the maximum amount of light from the nearby streetlight was illuminating her, then began to unfasten the belt. As I opened the front of her robe, I let out an involuntary moan because she was stark naked underneath. The non-tanned parts of her seemed to glow in the low light as my cock rose within my shorts. I had her sit on the swing again while I dropped to my knees before her. I kissed my way up her smooth thighs from her knees, alternating sides until I reached the narrow patch of brown hair that she kept trimmed down for her bikini. With her legs spread wide, I kissed all the way around her pussy before running my tongue up its length a few times, causing her to suck in her breath and drop her hands to my hair.

She was producing abundant juices so I took a few minutes to lap up as much as I could, devouring her nectar even as she continued to produce more and more. bakırköy escort Gradually, my tongue found its way up to her clit and I focused on licking and sucking it while I slid a finger into her slippery slit. She was breathing heavily, careful not to let a moan escape in the quiet of the summer night when the neighbors, as well as her parents, probably all had their windows open. There was a subtle movement of her hips in rhythm with my finger sliding in and out of her juicy pussy. I knew from experience that, as she approached an orgasm, this rhythm would increase dramatically. She also knew that I really enjoyed eating her pussy, so she had learned to take her time and enjoy the slow build of an intense orgasm.

I’d learned to detect not only the gradual increase in the rhythm of her pelvic movements, but the increasing secretions within her pussy as well, as she got closer to cumming. I loved it when she came because it meant that she was experiencing an intense level of pleasure so, although I loved going down on her, I was never disappointed when I knew she was close. I continued to slide my finger in and out while I licked and sucked her clit and she went from running her fingers through my hair to holding my head against her pussy. When we were someplace where it was safe to do so, Sandy loved to be loud and celebrate the pleasure she was feeling, so I knew that she was fighting the urge to do so as her body started to tense up. I continued licking and sucking, glancing up occasionally for a glimpse of the whiter skin of her breasts or the look of pleasure on her face. Finally, with a soft grunt that wanted to be a louder moan, she started to shudder as she came.

I didn’t stop stimulating her until I knew she was done cumming, then I raised my head and smiled up at her before standing up. I sat beside her on the swing again, my shorts tented out, and gazed at her in the light from the streetlight as she recovered. With a sigh, she opened her eyes and turned to me with a big smile on her face as she brought her lips to mine. As we made out, my arm was around her on the back of the swing and my free hand quickly found its way to her succulent breasts. I loved Sandy’s breasts so much that it was hard to keep my hands off of them, even when the time was not appropriate. My palm delicately caressed the smooth skin, particularly along the underside, then gently brushed over her hard nipple before moving beşiktaş escort over to the other breast. Meanwhile, her hand soon found its way to the bulge in my shorts and, after some brief caressing, she pulled out my tool and gently pumped it in her fist.

After a minute or so, she pulled away from me and asked in a whisper whether I’d like her to return the favor, but I answered that I’d rather have her sit on it. I didn’t elaborate that I wasn’t feeling quite done enjoying her tits yet, so I wanted to be able to keep my hands on them for a bit longer. I smiled as she pulled a condom from the pocket of her robe because it confirmed what I already knew about us being totally in synch. I suggested that the wicker chair might be better than the swing so we both stood and Sandy let the robe slide off down her arms then laid it on the swing as I tried not to be too distracted to get my own shirt off. Still holding the condom, Sandy helped me out of my shorts and underwear, my stiff cock standing straight out.

I quietly moved the wicker ottoman aside and sat in the oversized chair as Sandy reached down to roll the condom over my tool. Then, kneeling over me, she guided my protected tool into her snug pussy as she lowered herself onto it. With her luscious tits right there in front of me, I had a hand on each as she started to slowly ride up and down on my cock. While I was certainly enjoying the feel of her hot pussy sliding up and down my throbbing cock, I was temporarily lost in her tits. I gently caressed both of them, running my hands all over the smooth skin and over her stiff nipples, before bringing my mouth down to lick and suck those hard nipples. While my lips and tongue were working on them, I let my hands slide around to Sandy’s ass and squeezed a cheek in each hand while pulling her down hard on my cock.

Eventually, I kissed my way up from Sandy’s nipples to her neck then went back to making out with her while still holding her ass and pushing up hard into her pussy each time I pulled down on it. We weren’t fucking hard and fast; I was thrusting deeply into her and pulling nearly all the way out so that she was feeling the full length of my shaft. Even through the condom, her pussy felt absolutely outstanding as it slid up and down my tool; even more so, the longer I fucked her. As we both started breathing harder, we had to stop making out, which was becoming more difficult, anyway, as we also beylikdüzü escort started picking up our pace. Despite the cool night air, there was a layer of sweat spreading between us as our bodies rubbed together.

Though I could feel my orgasm building, I sensed that Sandy was going to beat me to the punch as she started riding me even harder and her pussy seemed even more hot and slippery. I stayed with her, pushing my cock into her each time she came down, trying to get her to her orgasm before worrying about mine. When she seemed to go into slow motion, I knew she was cumming and just let her take control. She tensed up, shuddered a few times, then went completely relaxed and let out a long sigh. Instead of starting to ride me again, she gingerly got up off the chair and slipped the condom off me, then grabbed the cushion off the ottoman and set it at my feet. She knelt before me and took my cock in her hand, gently pumping it as she lowered her head to lick my balls.

I relaxed back against the back of the chair and watched as Sandy worked her oral magic. When she’d thoroughly tongued my balls, she held the base of my shaft, continuing to pump, and lowered her mouth over it. Closing her lips around it, she slid them up and down while I fought the urge to moan. Instead, I ran my fingers through her long brown hair and enjoyed the pleasure she was providing. I was surprised I’d been able to hold out as long as I had already so I knew it wouldn’t be long, especially under her expert stimulation, before I was blowing a load down her throat. She knew me well enough that she could tell when I was nearing the point of exploding and knew what to focus on to get me the rest of the way there.

I had to resist the urge to push my cock up toward her mouth as a felt my orgasm getting nearer and nearer. I did my best to just relax and let her continue what she did so expertly and, as I felt my cock swell and was right on the brink, she took me the rest of the way there. A couple more passes of her lips along with her pumping hand and I was spurting into her waiting mouth as she swallowed my incoming load. Once she was certain that I was completely spent, she let my cock fall from her mouth and rested her cheek against my thigh, still kneeling on the ottoman cushion.

“You are absolutely phenomenal, do you know that?” I asked her.

“I did have a great teacher,” she replied, “though I always feel as though I could use more practice.”

“You want me to bring the softball team next time?” I asked in a mock serious tone. She gave me a swat on my thigh as she laughed quietly.

“No,” she responded, “I want you to come over more often.” I took her face in my hands and looked down at her.

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” I promised.

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