A Lesson In Anatomy – Part 2

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PLEASE NOTE: Sorry about the format/editing, sometimes it doesn’t come out when I copy & paste it on here. Hope you can bear with it – constructive comments welcum! Also feel free to give suggestions for next part.


“Let’s take a 30 minutes break, boys” the teacher said. For the first time in the history of the school, no one wanted to take a break – but they dutifully shuffled out of the auditorium, eager to return.

The teacher walked up to Anna and gave her an evil smile. “This is only just the beginning, you little tramp. By the time I’m done with you, both your cherries will be poppy and it’s very likely you’ll be knocked up.

Oh don’t look so shocked – you’re just getting what you’ve had coming a long, long time. Your stepmother and I pledged at the same sorority, so when she and Mother Superior told me about how much trouble you’re always causing, I knew it was time to for you to taste your own medicine!”

With that, she nodded at the two burly men and left the room. Anna’s eyes opened even wider as she realized that these two would have absolutely no qualms about doing whatever the hell they wanted with her. And she was right.

The first man, easily 6”4 with arms that looked as wide as both her thighs put together, stepped between her legs – still strapped down in the stirrups. He smiles in the same evil way the teacher had. “Mmmm, the pay on this job sucks…but the perks are DEFINITELY worth it.”

Anna heard a zipper as the big man finally let his big, fat throbbing cock out of its prison. It was a good thing for her she couldn’t actually see the enormous fuckmeat that was about to penetrate her virgin pussy and pop her cherry.

The two men knew there wasn’t much time, so without warning the first one started pushing his thick cock into Anna’s pussy. “FUCK she’s tight! That’s the damn tightest pussy I’ve ever tried to screw – man, I don’t know if I’m going to get my cock all the way in there!”

“Guess you’re just gonna have to force it in!” the other man suggested, while coming closer and closer to Anna’s head. “Don’t worry about hurting her, I’ll keep her nice and quiet over here.”

Just as Anna was about to shriek from the searing pain of having a huge cock rammed down her tiny, tight little virgin snatch, the second man replaced the gag in her mouth with his own cock.

“That’s right you little bitch, get me all nice and wet, it’ll make it easier on you when it’s my turn to fuck you!” Anna’s eyes were bulging with the strain of trying to breathe as one big cock was pounding in and out of her painfully sore pussy, while the other one was rammed deep down her throat.

“Oh yea you little slut, that’s good, suck it real good. Nice and wet, yeah! You like getting your face fucked, don’t you?”

“Man I’m gonna cum, she’s so fucking tight I can’t hold it anymore! OH YEA!!! Take that you little whore, I’m shooting my sperm right up your worthless womb! How do you like that, huh??”

And with those words, the first man withdrew most of his cock, then slammed it in as hard as he could. He groaned loudly as he emptied his big balls, spraying buckets of hot sticky cum deep into Anna’s belly. “Mmmmm I bet you’ll be a hot preggo bitch.” He said before stepping away to wipe his cock.

The second man got between Anna’s legs now as the first one stuck his cum-covered cock into her mouth. Anna tasted the thick, hot, salty spunk and felt the leftovers of his cum leaking down her throat. Meanwhile, the second man was busy rubbing his spit-covered cock over her pussy lips.

Anna involuntarily shuddered as she realized that this second man didn’t just want to fuck her – he wanted to make her cum.

“Come on you little slut, you know you like it – you know this is what you’ve always wanted. I’m gonna fuck you good and hard!” With that, the second man rammed his cock deep into Anna’s pussy.

If her mouth hadn’t been busy being ravaged by the first man’s cock, they would’ve heard a loud moan escape her lips. By now, her pussy had already been stretched a little, and her spit on the second man’s cock made it slide in, nice and slippery. He fucked her hard, as he’d promised, but started rubbing her clit at the same time.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum! God I’m gonna fill your womb with my sperm!!!” The second man said. Anna felt a wave of thick, warm liquid fill her belly – so much more, it seemed, than when the first man had cum inside her.

She desperately wanted escort london to cum herself at this point – who was she kidding, two men fucking her was a dream come true! But before she could find blissful relief, the teacher came back and the men both got cleaned up and zipped up their pants.

The teacher stood between Anna’s legs and shoved a short but very thick dildo into Anna’s pussy. “Well, looks like these guys had quite a good time with you. Now we’ll just keep their sperm inside of you a while longer.

Now, don’t worry – even though it’s likely that at least one of them will have impregnated you, we’re not taking any chances. There will be plenty more deposits in the next few days!”

With that, the teacher smiled cruelly at Anna. After a few minutes, she said: “I have another little surprise for you, but that will have to wait. Now I’m going to have to clean you up, get your pussy all nice and dry for the rest of our exam.

Don’t want you to get to comfortable, now do we!” With that, she laughed harshly and ripped out the dildo. Anna felt, rather than saw, an ice cold washcloth being shoved deep into her pussy as the teacher wiped out the remains of cum inside her.

Long sharp nails dug into the tender flesh inside and outside of her most private areas as the teacher took great pains to clean her out with as little concern for Anna’s comfort as possible. Finally, after she was satisfied, she shoved a wad of paper towels into Anna’s pussy – those gray, public restroom ones that feel like sandpaper.

Anna grimaced but the ball gag was firmly in place once again, so all she could do was make gargling sounds.

A few minutes later, the boys filed back into the auditorium – practically running, so eager were they to resume their anatomy lesson.

A lot of excited whispering took place as they each took their seats. Once the auditorium was silent again, the teacher took the paper towels out of Anna’s pussy and got ready to resume the lesson.

“Well, now that we’ve all had a little break, it’s time to continue with the exam. As you can see from the big screens, the candle is still held firmly inside of Anna’s anus by the duct tape. I’m now going to remove the tape and slowly pull out the candle to demonstrate why this process is very helpful.”

With these words, the teacher ripped off the duct tape, leave bright red little welts on Anna’s backside. Anna’s sphincter started contracting involuntarily and threatened to start pushing the candle out, but the teacher kept two fingers pressed against it to keep it inside.

“Now, as the anus adjusts to being stretched a little, it will become more accustomed to object insertion. The candle is of course just one step in a graduation of objects designed to ultimately accommodate a large metal speculum.

Now, if you’re pressed for time you can, of course, start by stretching the anus with a dildo or vibrator, but for this lesson I thought it would be helpful to go through all the steps, one by one, so you can see how, if properly approached, the anus can be stretched quite significantly.”

In the far back of the auditorium, a young boy who knew the girl on the table started rubbing his cock through his pants. He’d fantasized about doing all these things to her for a long, long time – and he wanted to do many other things to her still.

“Now I’m going to remove my fingers, and you’ll see that, as Anna’s sphincter contracts naturally, it will slowly push out the candle.” The boys watched in fascination – as did the two men.

The two burly men started salivating in hopes that, during the next break, they would be allowed to deflower the girls anus.

Impatient with the process, the teacher pulled out the candle once a few inches had come out of Anna’s anus by itself. “Alright, now as you can see on your screens, the anus stays open just a little bit – but not nearly enough yet.

What you want to achieve in order to accommodate the speculum is a nice big gape. The next step is to select a larger object to continue stretching the anus. In choosing an object for this step, you may consider a wide variety.

You can use store-bought sex toys, doctor’s implements – but you can also use objects that can be found in any household, therefore saving you the time, money and hassle of having to locate or buy a specific tool.

For today’s lesson, I’ve selected a large organic carrot. This is particularly useful because it’s quite long and fairly thick – you’ll see it’s about twice as thick as the candle escort service was.

Because it’s organic, it’s quite lumpy, but that’s not a problem. You don’t need to peel it, just rinse with cold water. I like to keep them in the freezer where they stay fresh and crisp.”

With that, the teacher turned her back towards the boys and leaned down to where a cooler was standing. In the first row, the boys realized that she wasn’t wearing pantyhose but stockings – held up by nothing, as there were no panties underneath her tight skirt.

A hint of a smooth, bald pussy beckoned to already aroused young boys – a few of which had already creamed their boxers.

The teacher removed a large nubby carrot that had been nestled among two bags full of ice cubes, keeping it frozen.

“At present, I’m going to insert it with the tip first – you could, however, choose to insert the wide end first. This choice depends on how much physical exertion you’re prepared to put up.

The bigger the object, the more force you will have to apply. When you are pressed for time, this is certainly a viable option – and can often produce very satisfying results.”

Anna shuddered as she felt the ice cold tip of the gnarly frozen carrot graze her anus. Her sphincter contracted furiously as she tried, helplessly, to prevent the frozen vegetable from gaining access to her anus.

“Sometimes you will find a little resistance – this is easily overcome. You place the tip of the carrot like so, and then you keep one hand wrapped around the carrot while placing the other one on the back part of the carrot.

And then, with one smooth push” and with that, the teacher brutally shoved the frozen carrot deep into Anna’s anus, forcing it to stretch significantly more. “And there you have it!”

On the screen, the boys saw only a tiny bit of orange and green from the back end of the carrot peeking out from Anna’s ravaged anus.

Tears formed in her eyes and her whole body shivered from the searing pain. The combination of having her asshole stretched and having something ice cold shoved in there was unbearable.

“Now, we’re going to put duct tape on the carrot in the same way as we did with the candle to make sure it stays in there.”

The two burly men had almost fainted as they had watched, mesmerized and in technicolor, how the fat gnarly carrot had been forced into the girl’s asshole. One of them excused himself to use the restroom before blue balls would prevent him from further pleasure; the other one had just blown a load that was now dripping down his pant leg.

“Ok, now it’s finally time for the vaginal exam. I’m sorry I’ve kept you all waiting for this, but far too many women don’t get this very important rectal exam so I wanted to make sure YOU are all aware of it. That way, if your girlfriends and later wives don’t get them at the doctor’s, you can make sure to perform them yourselves.”

After the two men had their way with Anna and the teacher had cleaned her pussy and thoroughly dried it, she had left her sitting as she was so that her pussy could reach its natural state after the onslaught of two large adult cocks.

“As you can see, during the break I removed the speculum from Anna’s pussy. You may wonder why I did this. The reason is very simply. I want you to have a very clear understanding of the fact that it is very normal and quite easy to stretch the vagina.

This may sometimes be painful but it is part of a woman’s lot in life, so don’t worry about that. Some women may just complain to whine or gain sympathy.

Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, just remember this: a woman’s pussy can be stretched wide enough to fit a baby’s head through it.”

With that, the teacher took the metal speculum – which, after initially removing it from Anna’s pussy, she had kept in the icebox with the carrot and a few other things she had as yet to use. The metal was hard and cold in her hand, and she took great pleasure in putting the tip of its mouth snugly into the warm folds of Anna’s still moistened pussy.

“I will demonstrate what I mean. After I removed the speculum about 35 minutes ago, Anna’s vagina returned to its normal state – tightly closed. I will now use the speculum once again to open it nice and wide for our exam.”

With that, the teacher repeated her earlier actions, forcing the hard cold metal speculum deep into Anna’s pussy. Anna’s chest was heaving as conflicting feelings of pain rushed through her. The cold metal was scraping the insides escorts in london of her pussy again – and the inside was now a lot more sensitive after she had practically been raped by the two big men.

Secretly, she had enjoyed their large cocks forcing their way into her tiny little pussy. Yes, it had been painful – but there was something so sensuous and deliciously wicked about the position she was in.

When the first man’s cock had poked and prodded her resistant hymen repeatedly, until finally he’d broken through it, she was ashamed to admit that, had it not been for the ball gag, she would’ve begged him to fuck her anyway.

“Now, as I’ve told you before, I like to slide the speculum in and out of the vagina a few times to make sure it’s positioned well. After I’m happy with getting it as deeply into the vagina as possible, a few clicks will open it up nicely for us.”

This time, the teacher clicked it a few more times than before – and the speculum was now at it’s highest setting, the cold metal digging into Anna’s insides as it forced her pussy to open past anything it had experienced before.

The big screens in the auditorium – purchased with the generous donation of a wealthy school alum and, therefore, state of the art – showed every little detail in pixel perfection. The boys gawked at the picture presented to them: the stark contrast between the soft, deep pink velvety texture of Anna’s bald pussy and the harsh metal of the speculum.

“Now I’m going to show you how to take a pap smear and other cell samples. There are a number of different tools available for this, as you can see on the little tray next to me.” The man behind the camera zoomed in on the small medical table that was positioned next to Anna’s right foot.

On the table was a metal tray with a number of different tools and instruments. The first one looked like a very big q-tip. It had a very long stick and a much thicker cotton bud.

The second one looked like a small version of a scrub brush used or pipe cleaner – made of hard plastic with lots of bristles, it didn’t look friendly at all.

An assortment of tubes and wires were also present, none of which looked like they belonged near a girl’s body.

“First, I’m going to use the cotton swap. This is very quick and easy – you just stick it into the vagina as far in as possible, until you hit a wall. That’s the cervix. Once you reach that, you just swirl it around and that’s your sample.”

“Next, this bristly brush is used to check for a variety of abnormal cells. This may be unpleasant for some girls but you must be very detailed with this, so take your time.

Slide it in through the opening of the speculum, and then scrape it around the inside of the vagina. You may want to do this a few times to make sure you have enough cell samples.” Using more force than was necessary, the teacher pushed the hard plastic bristles into the walls of Anna’s pussy, around and around, scraping cells.

“Now, let’s see if we can get the camera to zoom in so you can see the cervix.”

The man behind the camera almost blew another load as he zoomed in on the dark pink fleshly circle deep inside the girl’s pussy.

A tiny little moist-looking dot in the middle, it looked almost welcoming. In a moment of frenzied fantasy, the man imagined himself forcing a finger through the girl’s cervix – something that he would obviously keep to himself.

“Now, we’re going to take this a little further and I’m going to show you a little bit of the uterus – this is the womb, where babies grow. To do this, I have to slightly dilate Anna’s cervix so I can snake a camera through her cervix and into her womb. “

As the teacher prepared Anna’s injection and the camera tube, Anna became unconscious.

Sensing another opportunity to violate the troublemaker, the teacher suggested another break.

The boys were huffing and puffing as they unwillingly left the auditorium.

The teacher produced smelling salts to wake Anna up.

“Now, now – you didn’t really think you could just pass out on me, did you? My two friends here weren’t all that keen on science in their school days, but they’re sure keen to do some experiments on you!

Oh and…just so you know – I’m going outside to tell the boys that you’re tired and we have to resume the exam tomorrow.

That way these two can have some special alone time with you!” The teacher smiled cruelly, laughed and left.

Anna’s eyed widened in fear. The speculum was still in her pussy, the carrot slowly defrosting in her asshole. She was still bound and gagged. Without anyone to come back and check on her, who knew what these two would get up to?


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