A Letter To My Love_(1)

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Big Tits

I don’t think I’ve ever told you exactly how I feel when you make love to me.
Kissing you sends shivers down my spine. Your lips pressing mine, our tongues lightly touching at first, teasing. As the passion increases, they dance, intertwined, playing with each other. It makes me dizzy with desire for you.

I love the feel of your arms around me. Of your hands caressing my back, my arms, and my face. And I love to touch you, to feel your strong muscles under your smooth skin. I love running my hands along your chest, playing with your hair and making your nipples hard. When that happens, I can’t resist kissing and sucking on them. It pleases me so when I feel you shiver from it. I love to follow the trail of hair on your stomach with my mouth, knowing it will lead me to a place of great pleasure.

How can I tell you how much I love your cock? That beautiful appendage that drives me to ecstasy. I want you to think of how I make love to it. Softly rubbing it against my cheek. As it glides past my lips, I kiss it. You feel my warm breath as my mouth opens and my kisses get hot and wet. My tongue glides up and down the shaft, getting you very wet. So wet, that as I put my mouth on the head it just slides right in. God, I love the feel of you in my mouth. Especially when I can feel it grow so big and hard. As it hits the back of my throat and I give that slight gag, (It turns you on so, though you deny it) and you get even bigger. Relaxing allows you to slide even further down, and I can massage the head with my throat. You always reward me for this with a moan of pleasure, which turns me on even more. Knowing how much I’m pleasing you excites me, so I’m always thinking of new things to do with my mouth to surprise and tantalize you. Like the way I tilt my head from side to side as I glide my mouth up and down, or run my tongue in circles around your shaft as I’m sucking. I know how much you love that, baby. I know it with every moan you give, with every sigh you release, and with the throbbing I feel as I fuck you with my mouth.

Shall I tell you what you do to me? How with nothing more than a mere look, you cause my nipples to harden and my pussy to twitch. I find that amazing. And when you touch me, my love, I don’t think there are words to describe the shivers I feel from the touch of your hands. You know every centimeter of my body. You even know bursa escort bayan exactly when and how to change the pressure of your caresses, so you can get through my ticklish spots without tickling. I love when you run your hands all over my body, then following close behind with your lips. Starting at my fingers, working your way up my arms onto my shoulders and the hollow of my neck. That spot always gets me. You tease me by kissing me there softly, knowing before long I’ll be begging you to bite, just a little. And you gladly oblige. My breathing deepens, and my breasts rise higher, nipples erect, calling to you. Not wanting to neglect them you gently knead them, squeezing my nipples, watching them extended to their full size. This is when I need to have you suck them, to take them into your mouth and send sparks of desire right between my legs. You know how much I want your mouth to chase those sparks, but you also know how much I love a slow build up, so you tease. You kiss your way so slowly down my stomach, inching your way closer. You know I’m getting wetter, and still you tease. My hips slowly push themselves toward you as my legs slowly part with a will of their own, and still you resist my body’s pleas. You continue to drive me crazy, moving your mouth closer, kissing my auburn curls. I know it must be difficult for you to keep up the tease as well. With the redolence of my excitement filling your nose and the sighs and moans of my delicious torture filling your ears, how you can resist just diving in I don’t know, but somehow you do.

It’s right about now when I lose all my resolve. This is the point you love to get me to, When I spread my legs, bring my hands down and spread my lips open and beg you “Please, baby, please eat my pussy.” And this is where you can no longer hold back. You can’t resist that pussy spread wide, wet and glistening with my clit swollen and hard. You know my begging is genuine, because you can see my tunnel expand and contract, throbbing with desire. I need your mouth on my clit. I need you to just engulf and devour it. And you need to taste it as well, so starting at my ass; you slowly lick up to my clit. My moan and shudder is all the encouragement you need. Your lips cover my clit and you suck and nibble and do the most delicious things to me with your tongue. I always try to figure out escort bursa exactly what it is your tongue is doing, but then I just get caught up in the feeling and let my mind take a back seat to my body.

The orgasm begins. My nipples are hard, my pussy tingling. My brain is just swimming from the pleasure my body is receiving. As you hit my favorite spots, I let you know. “Yes baby, right there.” My voice, breathy and hoarse with excitement, begs you to go on. “Oh God baby, it feels sooo good.” My moans get louder. I’ve been holding back to prolong the buildup, but I no longer have control. Legs trembling, hips pushing themselves hard into your face, I need to cum. I need the release. I reach down and spread my pussy open as far as I can, giving you maximum access to my hard, aching clit. “Suck it…Suck my clit.” Your sucking increases, my body tenses and the river begins to flow. That wonderfully sensitive “G-spot” of mine does it’s thing and my juices squirt out like a geyser. Stream after stream of my sweet nectar ejaculates from my pussy. The more you suck, the more I cum. A perpetuating climax. You know there is no way you can drink it all, but you sure try like hell. Finally, I feel I can cum no more, I beg you to stop.

My love, you have made me feel so marvelous, so incredibly loved that I pull you up and kiss you with all the passion you have instilled in me. I love tasting myself on you, and embrace your tongue in my mouth.
I love the feel of you on top of me. Your chest soaked with my passion, your hardness pressing against me. My legs wrap around your waist, encouraging you to enter. Knowing that I’m still very swollen inside, you take your time, savoring the exquisite tightness. My body has not had a chance to calm down and before you’re all the way in, I cum again. Not violently, like before, but softly, sweetly, holding you tight as my body shivers.
How do I describe the feeling of having you inside me? Your cock being as large as it is, fills me so that I can discern every vein as they rub against my inner walls. How I love contracting my muscles around you and squeezing you so tight that you sometimes can’t move. Or at times when I squeeze and inadvertently push you out. (Maybe I need to cut down on those Klegle exercises just a tad.) Though you always manage to get right back in, exciting me with long deliberate strokes. görükle escort bayan Teasing me by just putting the head in a few times and then quickly, without warning drive it home, causing me to cry out in delight. Gradually, your strokes get faster and harder and that’s when I can’t get enough. That’s when I throw my legs up on your shoulders and grind my hips in circles, meeting your every thrust. Or I’ll grab my ankles and pull my feet back to my own shoulders to allow you to penetrate me as deeply as possible.

And there are still times my darling, when even that is not enough. The times when I need you to ram your cock into me, to fuck me hard, animalistically. Getting on my hands and knees lets you know that. My ass is perched up high, my pussy wet and inviting as you fuck me with everything you’ve got, causing me to cry out and grab the sheet with each hand. As I cum over and over again, I once more flood the bed. Well, to be honest, the bed the floor, your balls, your legs, my legs…let’s face it anything that’s relatively close. “More.” I beg you. “Fuck me…Fuck my pussy hard!” I entreat you. And you oblige.

As much as I’m enjoying this and as many times as I have cum, I still await my greatest pleasure. That, my love, is when I feel the throbbing of your cock. I know when you’re getting close, for my pussy stretches as you grow inside me, pulsing, getting ready to fill me. That, to me, is my favorite reward. When you pull my ass up against you, your entire body tenses and becomes still, and all I can feel is your cock swelling and contracting. Filling me with your hot cum. I love squeezing every drop out of you…Milking you until you become so sensitive that you hold me perfectly still. Calming yourself as you lean down and kiss my back and shoulders. There are times you know when I can’t resist being the little imp that I am and giving you one last squeeze, just to hear you gasp. Then slowly, you vacate your hot, vice-like environment, and leave me to collapse on the bed.

So there you have it my darling, what I love most about making love to you. I realize that this doesn’t begin to cover the variations on a theme that we’ve experienced over the years, but the sentiment and the feelings are always the same. I am as desirous of you now as the first night we spent together. I have not grown complacent over the years. If anything we’ve had a long time to learn every little nuance about each other’s bodies and still delight in discovering new things to make each other squirm with pleasure. You are an extraordinary lover who, like the finest wine, improves with age.

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