A Life Changing Ring Ch. 07

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Todger65

Chapter 7: Fun Within my Family

I had trouble getting to sleep, between the hundreds of slutty memories of Jill, the feeling of sucking off the black bouncer, but the images of my mom were the worst or maybe the best whichever I was wide awake. I just had to jerk off as I pictured mom’s nude body. As I imagined mom naked on her knees between my legs sucking my cock I shot what must have been the biggest load of cum in my life. I lay back and relaxed as I caught my breath.

The next thing I know I’m waking up to my mom sitting on my bed looking down at me, “Sweetie wake up.”

I sit up and quickly cover my still exposed cock, “Mom why didn’t you knock?”

“Sweetie I did knock but you were out cold. And based on the amount of dried cum all over you it must be because you tired yourself out jerking off all night,” she said with a naughty grin.

“Oh god mom please stop this is so embarrassing.”

She giggled and got up to leave, “Jim based on what I saw you have nothing to be embarrassed of,” and gave me that naughty grin again as she closed the door.


I got up, took a shower, shaved, and all that other fun stuff to get ready for the day. After getting dressed I headed downstairs to find most of the family sitting for breakfast. Meagan and Jill had still not made it home. Dad and my brothers were sitting talking about football waiting for their food. Pam was helping mom finish with breakfast.

I sat down and had to listen to their football talk, now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate football but when you are stuck listening to people talking about it every day of the year you get sick of it. And it seems they were having some dispute this morning.

“Dad I’m telling you, you should start Farns this year as quarterback,” Dave said.

“Don’t listen to him dad,” Kevin jumped in, “Farns is ok but Harding is way better. Besides Farns caught his girlfriend with another guy so he’ll be distracted.

“Boys I know you’re trying to help, but I’m not starting either of them this year. I’m starting Brown; he’s bigger, faster and has a much stronger arm. Jim do you have an opinion?”

“Yeah but you won’t like it,” I answered.

“Let’s hear it little bro,” Dave smiled.

“Ok, my opinion is you three need to find a topic to talk about that doesn’t have to do with a bunch of men rubbing their bodies together,” Mom and Pam both burst out laughing. The look on dad’s face was priceless though for a second I thought that might be the last thing I see. But before my dad or brothers could kill me Jill walked in through the back door.

Jill was barefoot carrying her high heels, her dress was a mess, and her hair was horrible. But as bad as she looked from across the room up close was so much worse. Her makeup was smeared all over her face, and from the look of her hair and dress she took more than one load of cum over her body during the night.

Mom gasped when she saw her, “Oh my god Jill is that what I think it is all over you?”

Jill let out a drunken giggle, “If you think it’s cum from about a dozen guys, then it is.”

She started to sit at the table but mom stopped her, “Jill don’t you dare sit at my families dinner table like that. bakırköy escort Get out of my house. Go rinse off with the garden hose if you have to, but you aren’t welcome in my house like that.”

Jill just shrugged and went back outside. A few minutes later she came back in. She was soaking wet and completely nude, “Is this better sis?”

“Jill what the fuck? Put some clothes on,” mom screamed. I’m not sure how long it was but for what seemed like forever we were treated to a show of our hot mom struggling with her equally hot and naked sister as she tried to cover her nude body. Mom finally got Jill out of the kitchen.

We sat there in silence for several minutes. Pam finally broke the silence, “Boys I think you can close your mouths now.”


Thanks to the show they put on and the memories from Jill I went for a run after breakfast hoping to get my mind off of the thought of my mom and aunt having sex. Despite running ten miles, every time I closed my eyes there was my mom’s amazing nude body. I had to find a way to get these thoughts out of my head. The only way I could think of was by experiencing it for myself and thanks to the ring I had the perfect way.

After cleaning up after my run I found mom in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast, “Hey mom where is everyone?”

“Hi son. Let’s see Meagan finally got home from her night out and is in her room, your dad sent Dave and Kevin to do some work out on the high school football field, Pam went out with friends, your dad is working on plays or something for this year’s team and my slut of a sister is passed out in the guest room. Why do you ask?”

“No reason really I was just wondering. Do you need any help before I go out?”

“Oh where are you off to?”

“A few of the guys are going to that new action flick,” I lied.

“Well thank you for the offer but no I don’t need any help, go have fun with your friends,” mom told me before kissing me on the cheek.

It took all my will power not to just grab her then and there as I felt her large breast rub against my arm as she kissed me. I had to rush out of there in an effort to hide the large tent in my jeans. I yelled good bye to mom as I went out the front door then snuck around to the backdoor to sneak back in.

I quickly found dad bent over his desk working on something. My plan was quite simple really; if I wanted to fuck mom then the best way was to become her husband. I was about to make my move when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket; it was a text from mom asking if I would mind picking up a few thing before I came home. I send her a message that I’d stop by the store after the movie. I was about to put my phone back in my pocket when it occurred to me that mom or someone might try getting to get a hold of me while I’m controlling dad or that I may need my phone for some reason. So I put my phone on the floor before I turned the ring to the circle then touched dad’s arm. Again I had a brief moment of disorientation before finding myself sitting at dad’s desk in his body.

Of course the first thing I wanted to do was run down stairs and get frisky with my new wife but then I remembered nearly breaking Pam’s nose and ankle; so I figured it would be better to get accustomed to being in this body before going after mom. The first thing I noticed was beşiktaş escort just how much bigger dad was compared to my body. Dad is 6’6 with broad shoulders and weighed over 240 pounds of mostly muscle thanks to his years as a football player and coach where as I’m 5’11 with an average build and weigh about 180; so despite the 30+ year age gap dad felt so much more powerful compared to what I was used to.

Just standing up was awkward because I knocked his chair over thanks to miss calculating dad’s strength. I took a few laps around the room, picking up my phone in the process, to get used to walking in this larger, stronger body. I couldn’t help thinking that if dad felt this powerful at 52 what would it be like being this strong at my age; I did a few push ups and sit ups amazed at how simple it was to do them. While doing that I suddenly get a familiar feeling, dad needed to take a leak.

I rushed to the restroom, bumping into the walls once or twice along the way; but when I got there I suddenly freeze before pulling his zipper down. I realize if I continue I’ll be holding my dad’s dick and get a sudden urge to turn off the ring and leave dad to his own devices. Just as I was about to do just that a voice in my head says, “Hey dumb ass how did you expect to fuck your mom as your dad without touching your dad’s body?”

I laugh to myself and at what an idiot I was being. By that point it didn’t really matter how I felt I either had to get the job done or dad was going to need new pants. I quickly undid dad’s jeans and took care of business. The thought of fucking mom again entered my mind and had a clear effect on my new body and in no time I was sporting dad’s fully erect cock. I have to admit I was a little surprised by what dad was packing; the cock I was holding was over nine inches long and thicker than an energy drink can and the balls hanging below each had to be bigger than a golf ball.

Without really meaning to I soon found myself stroking my or should I say dad’s hand up and down nine inches of rock hard cock. It was strange stroking a cock that wasn’t mine yet feeling everything that was being done. It was while I was busy doing this that the bathroom door flew open. I turned still holding my cock to see Meagan standing in the doorway, “Daddy what the Hell!?”

It was at that moment I realized two things: one clearly in my rush to pee I forgot to lock the door and two I had gone to the bathroom that us kids used not mom and dad’s bathroom or the guest bathroom downstairs, “Oh shit its not what it looks like Meagan.”

“Well then daddy, what is it because it looks like you were jerking off in your children’s bathroom?”

“I… uh…”

“Will you at least put it away?” she yelled before turning away.

I quickly put my shrinking cock back in dad’s jeans and rushed out of the bathroom. In my haste I nearly run to my room but caught myself and go to my parents’ room instead.

Several minutes later mom came to their room, “Ok what the fuck is going on?”

“Uh… What?”

“Don’t what me! My daughter just came to me in a tizzy because she caught her dad playing with himself.”

“I wasn’t doing that mo… Julie I swear I was just taking a piss.”

“She said you were hard; explain that?”

“Explain that ha! What do you expect when your sister beylikdüzü escort was parading around nude this morning?”

“Oh so you were jerking off thinking of my sister is that it?”

“God damn it no I was hard because of her. I was not fucking jerking off!” I’m still not really sure where it came from but in a calmer voice and with a big grin I told her, “besides I have you for that.”

She got a shocked look on her face then burst out laughing, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Well it’s true,” I smiled and shrugged.

“Well I guess if my tease of a sister has left you so worked up maybe I should help you out,” Mom said with a wicked grin as she reached down and started undoing my jeans.

After getting caught by my sister I had lost my erection but mom’s actions were more than enough to get my motor revving again. I pulled her into a deep kiss, our tongues trying to tie the other’s in a knot. When we break the kiss I look down at mom’s amazing tits covered in an old t-shirt and overcome by my desire for mom and the power coursing through dad’s body I grab mom’s shirt and rip it down the front.

Mom gasped in surprise, “Damn honey what has gotten into you?”

“Nothing babe but I’m about to get into you,” I teased as I started kissing down her neck to her bra covered tits. After teasing my way down her neck around the edges of her bra then back up to the other side of her neck for a few minutes I pull the cups of her bra up over her large full breast and lock my lips over her hard right nipple. As my mouth was busy with mom’s tasty nipple my hands were busy undoing and dropping her jeans.

Mom let out a deep moan as I worked my right hand into her panties and soon two fingers into her dripping pussy. For the next five minutes I put every ounce of my new strength into giving mom as much pleasure as I could until she started moaning, “Oh… yes… baby…right there… oh god… yes… oh fuck… so close… Oh yes cummmming.”

As mom’s voice rose to a high pitched shriek her head fell back, her eyes rolled up in her head and her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers. Her orgasm was strong enough that her legs gave out from under her. I had to hold her upright with the fingers in her pussy and my left hand around her back. Even after her orgasm had passed I had to hold her up as she got her strength back.

“Holy fuck Bruce you’ve never done that before,” mom said between gasps.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it babe but I think it’s your turn now,” I smiled down at her as I pushed on her shoulders.

She smiled up at me, “Wow really? Okay.”

Mom dropped to her knees and after undoing the button and zipper on my jeans pulled them and my boxers down with one hard yank releasing my hard cock. Mom gave the head a big kiss then a little lick before wrapping her lips around my hard shaft. It was my turn to throw my head back and moan as mom sucked, slurped and tongued my hard cock. I would have liked for that moment to last for eternity but with the image of mom and Jill in my head and actually seeing mom on her knees in front of me sucking on my cock, or at least the cock currently attached to me, I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Of fuck here it comes,” I shouted as I started filling mom’s mouth with dad’s huge load.

I was still coming when the bedroom door open, “Daddy I’m sorry I… Oh my god really!” Meagan yells after seeing her mom sucking her dad’s hard cock.

After I shot the last bit of cum into mom’s mouth turned to Meagan and swallows the cum in her mouth with a load gulp and said with a big smile, “You know sweetie maybe you need to learn to knock.”

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