A Little Excitement

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It is one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, the ones with the distinct feeling of boredom and blah in the air. My hubby is channel surfing in the living room. I walk into the living room and plop down next to him on the couch. We exchange glances that remark how bored we both are, then we just stare of into space for a few moments thinking about how to improve the afternoon.

Being the horn dog my hubby is he suggests, “You know, one of your sloppy wet blowjobs would improve my day.”

I reply, “Yeah, but what do I get out of it? It’s not like giving your head gets me off like it does you.”

Always being the smartass he is he retorts, “I said it would improve my day, I didn’t say anything about getting you off.”

“Fuck you, I want a little excitement to break up the monotony of the day too.”

We fall silent again. I stand up to stretch out, as if somehow moving around will help with the boredom. I reach up high, and then bend over to touch my toes. While I did not directly nor intentionally point my ass at my hubby, he gets a nice little view of it while I am bent over. This sends ideas racing through his brain apparently because he gives me a little whistle of approval.

As I stand back up I teasingly say, “Don’t get any ideas buddy. You want this you are going to have to work for it today.”

Calling me on my bluff, “Whatever, you are the biggest cock sucking slut of a wife I know. I just say the word fuck and you panties fall right off.”

Normally he would be right. I can barely go a couple days without having his rock hard member pounding my pussy, but today my internal sex engine is cold and needs a bit of a jump start. Today I need a little bit of excitement.

“You’re such an ass. But unfortunately for you today I don’t feel like dropping my panties for some ordinary run of the mill fuck, so you want to get that dick of yours wet then I suggest you make it worth my while.” I counter.

While our relationship was never been based on him having to chase me, because let’s face it I wanted him from day one just as much as he wanted me, the occasional challenge does help ramp things up to a whole other level. He gives me that smile that tells me the hamster is running full speed on that tiny little wheel inside his head. Suddenly the boredom starts to melt away and give way to the hint of excitement.

“I have an idea then.” he finally offers up.

Knowing him he has some crazy idea that has just popped into his brain, but every one of his hair brained sex ideas have turned out to be amazing and incredible. I am so curious as to what he has in store.

Trying not to show too much enthusiasm, “Oh really and what is that?” I ask.

“Let’s go shopping at the mall.” he says.

“The mall? That is your grand idea, the fucking mall.” I reply back.

What could he be thinking? How is going shopping supposed to get us out of this funk? I mean sure I love shopping, what woman doesn’t, but he loathes it and gets very cranky when we go.

“Look sweet cheeks,” I so hate it when he calls me that, “you said I had to excite you, not tell you every little detail. So go put something decent on and get in the car cause we are going shopping.” he says demandingly.

God he can be so pushy sometimes, but that is one reason why I love him. When he is dominating like this it is an absolute turn on for me. Without another word spoken, I stick my tongue out at him, and trot off to the bedroom to get dressed.

I istanbul escort get in a quick shower, taking only about 15 minutes, and then I spend another 30 minutes in front of the mirror trying to fix my hair. I know how much it pisses him off when I spend so much time on my hair. Well 30 minutes is not that much time, but he certainly thinks so. After giving up on ever getting my hair to do what I want it to do, I get dressed and head back to the living where my hubby is impatiently waiting for me. As I enter the living room he gets up to meet me halfway. He drinks deeply of my lips, while his rough manly hands explore my body. His touch always sends shivers all over me. As his hands pass over my ass he seems to take notice that he can’t feel my panty line underneath the capris I am wearing. Without skipping a beat he quickly moves his hands to the front of my pants to unbutton and loosen them. His hands work feverishly to unbutton and then slightly unzip my capris enough to slip inside. I feel the excitement in his kiss as it becomes more passionate and forceful, the whole while his fingers discovering I am going commando.

I am a little fevered at this point, but nowhere near to the flash point of having my engine lit just yet.

“Well, I couldn’t find any pair of panties that matched this outfit, so you had better take me shopping for some.” I tell him and I remove his hands from my underneath my pants. I re-zip and button my pants back up and head out to the car.

We arrive at the mall, and go through several clothing stores. Funny thing is he doesn’t seem interested in the clothes. I on the other hand can’t stop looking at the selections and some of the deals going on. When I find a few items that I like he grabs them out of my hand and puts them back onto the rack and drags me out of the store. After about six stores I get fed up.

As he pulls me out of the sixth store, I pull away from his grasp and ask, “What’s up, why are you taking me into stores if you’re not going to let me shop?”

“Cause I haven’t found what I was looking for.” he says sharply.

“Well what is it you are looking for?” I ask.

“I will tell you when I see it. For now just keep looking at the clothes, and trust me when I say you are going to love the surprise.” he replies back.

I take him by the hand and simply say, “Lead on then.”

We hit two more stores, and I watch him more than paying attention the clothes this time, but I still can’t figure out what he is doing. It is like he is casing the whole store for a robbery. In the second store he finally calms down and asks me if I see anything I like. I point out an outfit of interest to me. He has me grab them and leads me off to the changing rooms.

“Take me with you, I want to see you try them on.” he whispers in my ear.

He has never wanted to see me try things on. I am now really curious as to what he has in mind. So I lead him into a changing room that barely has enough room for the both of us, but is just spacious enough to allow me to change.

No sooner do we enter when he leans into my ear and whispers, “I am going to fuck you right here, right now.”

“You can’t! People might hear.” I whisper back. I am not exactly known for being a quiet fuck. In fact I am a down right screamer. I don’t know if I can hold it in.

He unzips and unbuttons my capris, slips the waistband over my voluptuous ass, and avcılar escort lets them drop to the floor.

He whispers in a more sinister voice, “Well then I guess you had better be quiet.”

He yanks off my top, and drops his pants to his ankles. All I can think is ‘what an ass’. He doesn’t even get naked himself, but I am here standing completely in the buff. And to boot I can’t even make a sound. This is our first time having sex in public…, and suddenly I realize how turned on I am. I want him to fuck my like a dirty whore right now. I could care less about anything else. The last thought that passes through my mind is he is not off the hook for this dirty little trick. It finally dawns on me that the reason he kept taking us to so many different stores was he was looking for the perfect changing room in which to violate me.

I push him back far enough to allow me to bend down so I can impale my mouth onto his raging member. I start sucking his cock like a starved slut, and ensure I get it nice and lubricated with my spit. He rolls his head back as he enjoys every lavishing attention my tongue bestows upon his manhood. It doesn’t take long before I coat him in a very slippery sheen of saliva. Once I am satisfied his cock is as wet as my pussy has become I stand up, turn around and poke out my ass.

He needs little instruction beyond that. I spread my legs apart as I feel him guide the bulbous tip of his cock to my aching opening. With barely any sound he slips it deep inside. I love the sensation of his cock inside me. It is not too small, not too big, but just perfect. He stretches my tight little twat out just enough that is pure pleasure I experience. He is now balls deep, and I can feel his throbbing rod buried deep inside my belly. It is such an amazing feeling.

He grabs my hips, and begins sliding his cock in and out of my tight little hole. I stifle my moans the best I can. I just want to scream from the top of my lungs how bad I want him to fuck me. Having to focus on keeping quiet makes this even more thrilling. It is like I can feel every bump and vein of his cock with more clarity than I ever have before, and it is driving me insane. He continues to pump his meat in and out in nice rhythmic strokes. ‘God this is driving me crazy’ is all I can think.

I want to scream ‘fuck me harder daddy’, but I can’t. This is so unfair the pleasure he is giving me, but I am unable to release any of my excitement in the usual fashions. I try focusing on the feeling of his cock sliding out and plunging back in again, but that only makes my desire to scream out even worse. This is such torture. I am loving it and hating it at the same time. I can’t believe he is doing this to me. My body seems more in tune with every touch and sensation he is giving me. Then I feel him quicken his pace.

I feel the forced thrusts as he slams his cock deep inside my pussy. In and out, in and out, in and out, harder and more passionate than before. I can no longer hold my orgasm in, but I can’t let it out at the same time, so I just tense up. My quim wraps tightly around his manhood making it more unbearable to feel his cock pumping in and out without being able to scream, but I manage somehow. The pleasure is so intense I experience an earth shattering orgasm unlike anything I have experienced before. And it doesn’t seem to fade as my hubby continues to fuck my pussy relentlessly.

My only saving grace was that he couldn’t last şirinevler escort much longer himself, and with my pussy wrapped so tightly around his dick I could really feel his shaft pulsate like never before as it erupted with load after load of hot gooey cum deep inside my honey hole. And the sensation of knowig he was cumming only intensified my orgasm even more. At this point my orgasm became so overwhelming that I am not sure how much longer he continued to fuck me. I think I blacked out for just a moment as my body tensed from an unbelievable amount of pleasure.

It took me a moment to regain my senses and realize what had just happened. I just experienced the most amazing fuck of my life, and now I was completely drained and I was extremely happy.

He let his cock pop out of my pussy and a little cum dribbled onto the floor. Using my hands as braces I walked myself up the wall until I stood straight up again.

I lean in to hug him, and more so he could hold me up as my legs were like Jell-O, and whisper, “I think you made a huge mess inside me.”

He whispers back, “Yeah I did, and your pussy made a huge mess all over my cock that I need your help cleaning up.”

I look up at him, and he looks back at me, then down to his cock, and then back at me. I pick up on the not too subtle hint that he wants me to lick his cock clean. He has been trying to get me to suck his cock after he has cummed in me for years now, and it has never been something I was willing to do. But after the amazing fuck and orgasm he just gave me I would probably do ass to mouth right now if he asked for it. But I don’t tell him that. Without any more words I bend down and devour his cum covered cock.

I suck and lick every inch of his manhood clean of our love juices. Once satisfied I have gotten every last drop, I stand back up and ask the question, “What about all the cum on the floor?”

“You like the shirt you picked out right?” he asks.

I simply nod a yes, curious as to what he was planning, and without any warning he grabs it and wipes up the cum from the floor with it.

“Good, because I think we have to buy it now.” he winks.

Shocked, I think well hell I want the pants too, so I wipe the mess dripping from my pussy with them so I wouldn’t leave a noticeable wet spot in the crotch on my capris that I would be wearing out.

“Ok, I guess we are getting the whole outfit. I am glad I didn’t take you to a really expensive clothing store.” my hubby chuckles.

We get dressed and straighten ourselves out. As we open the door we see one of the retail ladies, and by the looks of her she has been in the retail business a very long time, standing outside with folded arms waiting for us to come out. We got the distinct impression that she knew what we had been up to.

Without missing a beat my goofy, quick witted husband says, “We’ll take these!” and heads off to the cashier counter.

The lady tries to say something, but I have learned to be quick on the heels of my husband when he does things like that. She never gets a word in, but continues to stare us down. I don’t think my hubby really noticed her, but I sure did. He ripped of the tags and handed them to the cashier, who seemed a little annoyed that he did that, and gave her his charge card as well. She didn’t protest, just rang it up and charged the card. My hubby bundled up the clothes to hide the stains we had just left on them the best he could, and she bagged them with little haste to get us out of the store.

Needless to say, on those occasional boring days we have figured out how to make them a little more exciting. Unfortunately for me I opened Pandora’s box, so now my hubby expects me to suck his cock clean after he fucks me good and hard. Oh well, at least I get a good pounding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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