A Look By Any Other Name

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Dear Reader thank you for reading my ADULT FANTASY story. Please vote. Also comments, good or bad as long as they are constructive are welcome. For those that want to correct grammar and punctuation, go for it. There’s plenty to keep you busy. Just keep it to yourself. Or instead get a life. A million thank yous to the great folks at LIT for this awesome web site.

It was Sunday night and it was my usual night off. I had plans to spend the evening with Gina, my on again and off again girlfriend. She had phoned and called it off and I wasn’t sure if she had called off the evening or our whole relationship. Over the past several months we had tried talking things over but it never quite seemed to fix things between us. It appeared we were in the final chapter of a dying relationship. Or had it actually ended? I pondered on that as I hung up the phone. It did not matter.

At the age of twenty-five things were going pretty well for me. I had a rough go at it for while though. My dad died in a plane crash when I was only fourteen. Mom and I were emotionally devastated. I became quite rebellious. Mom wisely invested the money from the insurance settlement. Fortunately, she had been able to achieve some security and she actually put a decent chunk of the settlement away for me. So when I got out of the army, two years ago, I was able to make a good down payment on a nice small house. Mom lived a few blocks away. The army really settled me down. I now worked two jobs that I loved. I owned a small landscaping business and played bass for a really hot local band. My life was full and I was also thankful for the good friends and family I had.

Sure I felt bad about Gina. That night something in me had snapped. It was like I was tired of the disappointments. Sure I was going to miss Gina. She was hot and she was older than me, which made it more exciting. She was thirty- four, interestingly a mere nine years younger than mom and nine years older than me. I knew however, it was time to move on.

I had always been attracted to older women. As I got older and more independent, I got bolder and more unabashed with my preferences for older women. In fact a couple of weeks ago my mom kidded me that if my current tendency continued she’d have to start setting me up with some of her own friends. I came back at her and named a couple of her friends who I thought were particularly hot. Mom looked really hurt but I assumed she was kidding. I told her that too bad she a steady boyfriend or else I might be interested. I was only half kidding. Mom chuckled and told me to watch my self as she flicked me with a dishtowel.

Mom was a hottie. She was in excellent shape and had beautiful features. She was medium height and had straight auburn hair. Her body was that prefect balance of firm and curvy. And yes along with my love for women who are older than me I have had some fantasies about my mom. They were however just that, fantasies. I had a great relationship with mom. She had stuck with me and extended her support as I melted down with rage and delinquency after dad died. For about eighteen months I was a feral child until I spent about four months in juvenile hall for fighting in school, I had injured my opponent. I had been on probation until I joined the army. Now I tried to be as supportive and loving as I can to her.

It’s funny how things sometimes happened. I had just gotten off the phone with Gina. I had not even contemplated what to do with the dinner for two that I was preparing. Instead I and ran through a quick inventory of the good, the bad and the ugly in my life. I found no ugly and concluded things were mostly good when the doorbell rang. Mom stood there choking back the tears and looked like she was struggling with some bad and perhaps even some ugly.

“Sorry I came by unannounced. I …I just needed someone to talk to. If it’s not a good time I can come back later.” She was visibly upset.

“Mom please, come in. It’s always a good time for you. What happened?” I hadn’t seen her so upset since she had agonized over my adolescent shenanigans.

She walked into my home and no sooner had the door closed behind her she burst out into tears. Instinctively, I hugged her pulling her close to me wrapping my arms around her. She buried her face in my chest and sobbed.

“I’m so embarrassed and ashamed,” She cried desperately trying to regain her composure, “I just called it off with Bill.”

Bill was mom’s boyfriend. Usually he was a nice enough guy to her but I had found him to be somewhat pompous and full of him self.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t realize that he meant so much to you.” I really didn’t. I had always figured their relationship was a bit more casual than serious, “What did he do?”

“Oh Jack…It’s not like our relationship was that serious. It’s just that he said some really mean things to me.” I was still hugging her and she looked up at with her tear filled blue eyes.

“That asshole!” I was pissed, “What did he say?”

“Jack please istanbul escort calm down first and I’ll tell you what happened.”

“Ok I’ll be calm if that will help you.”

“Alright, he told me that he didn’t find me attractive any longer. That I was getting fat and my ass was too big. I work out regularly and watch what I eat. Why…why did he say these things.” She buried her face in my chest again and sobbed. Peering over her shoulder I automatically looked down at my mom’s backside. There was nothing big about her shapely round bottom. Her jeans were tight and she looked quite attractive.

“Mom there’s nothing wrong about the way you look. And Bill really has no room to talk with his big gut and folds. I think that was just a lame excuse. That spineless idiot was just looking for an out. Trust me you look great.”

“I know you’re right Jack. I usually am confident about my looks. But I guess it just hit me hard and shook my self esteem.”

Slowly she was feeling better. Her tears subsided. I assured her again that Bill was wrong and she had nothing to be worried about as far as her looks and personality go.

“Oh Jack thank you for being here. You’ve all I’ve got now. You know just how to make your mom feel better.”

“Why don’t you stay for dinner? You’re in no shape to be spending time alone this evening.” The dilemma of what to do with my semi-prepared dinner for two was solved.

She broke our embrace. She regained her composure. She expressed concern that she was imposing and I assured her she wasn’t. I poured us some wine while we prepared dinner and ultimately sat down for a nice meal. Mostly we talked about our failed relationships and how we really are better off without them.

We cleaned up the dishes and put them away, as we chatted and sipped our wine. I was at the sink finishing things up. She stepped behind me and gave my shoulders a squeeze.

“Thank you for a wonderful dinner son. I’m sorry to hear about you and Gina.” She said softly, “I’m sure you’ll find someone else that will suit you better.”
“Yeah I know I will mom. But sometimes playing the game and getting to the point of comfort with someone is frustrating. I’m not worried about being able to find someone else and neither should you. Remember you are one hot lady and way cool as well.”

“Jack you say the nicest things.”

“I meant every word,” I smiled at her playfully and teased, “Now do you think any of your girl friends might be interested in me.”

“Ha, Ha,” she said sarcastically, ” I don’t think they could handle you.”

I really wanted to ask her, partly as a joke, if she’d be interested. I mean she really did look hot. But instead I decided to change the topic.

“Hey lets go out to the hot tub and finish the rest the wine while we soak. The night is still young and I’m having a wonderful time.”

“I’m having a great time too. I don’t have a suit here but if you’ll loan me large tee shirt to wear it will do.”

So we headed off to the hot tub. The night air was perfect with just a hint of coolness. We sipped our wine and chatted casually. The tee shirt that she wore clung to her and accentuated her full bosom. I could see the outline of her full medium sized breasts. Maybe it was my imagination but her tits looked as if they bobbing in the bubbly water. I tried hard not to be obvious about my staring.

While I struggled to maintain my composure and to keep my eyes in their sockets, my old dog Timber decided to make an appearance. Timber was about ten years old and had been part of the family since he was a pup. Mom really loved him. He ambled over to her with a slightly arthritic gait. Mom turned her back me and bent over the side of the tub to give Timber some attention. She was on her knees in the tub and her ass was completely out of the water. She wore the skimpiest G-string. Her ass was round and firm. Her hips were shapely and curved into her toned thighs. She looked so sexy.

I had an instant raging hard on that strained against my swimming trunks. A million thoughts raced through my mind at once. Maybe it was the G-string or maybe it was the wine, but that instant, I saw mom as a complex sexual creature. It was like a barrier broke inside me. She was no longer just a distant sexual fantasy one among many. Rather, she became a possibility, a desire. I imagined her needs, her preferences and saw myself fulfilling them in so many delicious ways. I wanted to touch her and show her how sexy she really was.

I started to reach for her. I got scared and felt guilty. It was like reality fought back and intruded into my thinking. She was my mother and she would never go for it. I withdrew my hand and shook my head with guilt as I looked away. It was at that instance that she looked back at me. She hastily pulled the tee shirt over her backside.

“Oh Jack…Not you too!” She stormed out of the tub and ran into the house.

My gut turned into a bottomless avcılar escort pit that seemed to swallow my racing heart. I quickly ran after her and grabbed a towel on the way to cover my still raging cock. I called after her. But she didn’t seem to hear me.

By the time I caught up to her. She had taken the tee shirt off. She covered her self with a towel and threw the shirt at me. It hit me in the chest and fell to the floor.

“Mom…” I started, not knowing what to say. I knew she had caught me looking. But hell, a guy sometimes just can’t help it. “Look we can talk about this. Can’t we?”

“There’s nothing to talk about. Now where the fuck are my clothes.”

“Mom please…” I felt like I was losing her.

“Don’t give me any more of your bullshit. You sure know how to sweet talk someone. But it’s only words. I saw the look on your face. You think I’m fat don’t you? You and Bill are just the same…Bah… I hate men.” She frantically dried herself as she looked away.
“Mom, the look on my face wasn’t about you being fat, because you’re not. I looked away because I was having thoughts a son shouldn’t have about his mom. I was embarrassed.” I tried not to sound feeble but I was ashamed. I hated to see her hurt.

“Bullshit,” She was angry, “You can’t prove that.”

“Mom you’ve got to listen…I…I …”

“I can’t believe you Jack. I thought you cared. You’re just like that asshole Bill.” She interrupted me and her words stung me.

I just stood for a bit, not knowing what to do. I knew that she got like that when she was angry. Usually, I’d let her blow off some steam and talk it over when she calmed down. But there was something about her comparing me to Bill that I could not stand. She started to walk away reaching for her clothes. I didn’t know what came over me. Impulsively, I grabbed her arm with my free hand and turned her to face me. Her towel slipped a bit revealing a perfect breast that heaved with her rapid breath. She looked at me, too angry to cover up.

“No you listen to me mom. And look at me. You see this,” I pulled the towel away and my cock was still straining against my shorts. Her jaw went slack and her anger was dissipating. Satisfied that she saw it; I covered my self up again with towel. And certain that I now had her attention, I continued, “I told you the truth and if you want to get angry with me you get angry about me getting a hard on and lusting over you. You can be pissed because I was checking out your ass and thinking about how I’d like to touch you and do all sorts of things with you. I’m really sorry I had these thoughts and I’d be glad to talk it over. But don’t put me in the same category as Bill, ever!”

She stood there for what seemed to be an eternity. Her tit was still exposed and she looked at me. Her gaze shifted from my face down to the towel held at my waist. She took a step closer and covered her chest with the towel. She moved in closer and buried her face in my chest as she cried.

I held her close and told her it was ok. She wrapped her arms around me and held me. My erection was resting on her hip but she didn’t seem to notice.

“Jack sweetie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize how touchy I was about what Bill said. I’m sorry I doubted you. Will you ever forgive me? I feel like a crotchety old lady.” She looked up at me with her blue her moist with tears.

“Mom you’ve forgiven me for far greater offenses. Think nothing of it. I wouldn’t call you a crotchety old lady, either. I’m sorry you’re so hurt.”
“Thank you. You sure know how to make a gal feel good about herself.” She laughed and nudged my erection with her hip.

“Gosh I’m sorry about that.” I shifted slightly to move my cock away but she held on to me.

“Oh you don’t have to feel bad about that. It’s ok and I can use the flattery.”

“Mom I’m sorry about what I said, you know about your ass and stuff. Guys usually don’t have thought like that about their moms.”

“Did you mean it? Or was that just some more sweet talk to placate you’re hurt mom.”

“Of course I meant it. I still mean it and you can feel it I know.” I tried to move my cock away from her side.
“Yes baby I can feel it, it pretty obvious.” She chuckled and gently nudged my cock again.

“Jeez mom, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“Jack dear there’s nothing to apologize about. In fact by what I’ve seen you should proud of that.”

“You’re not mad? It’s not wrong to be aroused like this?” I felt like I was going crazy with lust. Holding her and feeling her rub on me was almost more than I could handle.

“Jack, I don’t what’s wrong anymore. All this evening I’ve been having thoughts and feelings a mom shouldn’t be having about her son also. When you turned away from me in the hot tub, I misunderstood and it crushed me. Now I feel so wonderful, being held like this. Feeling you so big and strong. Is that wrong Jack?” I felt her breath hot on ear as she whispered to me.

“All I now is şirinevler escort I don’t want you stop mother.” I kissed her neck.

” Baby, I may come to regret this but I just can’t stand to be alone tonight. So if you’ll have me, even if its for one night, I’m yours…all yours.”

She stepped away from me and pulled my towel away from waist. She let her towel drop to the floor. She stood in front of naked except for her tiny G-string. Her nipples were hard and her tits were just awesome.

“Mom you look fantastic.” I moved in closer and held her tightly. We kissed passionately our tongues intertwining. I felt her body with my roaming hands. I kneaded the flesh of her wonderful ass as my tongue found it’s way into her warm accepting mouth. I was delirious with lust. My cock ached for release. She grabbed it and stroked it gently.

“Mom let’s wash off in the shower together.” I felt like I needed to do something so I wouldn’t come right then and there.

Slowly we let go of our embrace. I led her by the hand toward the bathroom. I stopped periodically along the way. I kissed her and caressed lovingly. In the bath she stepped away from me. With her back turned she seductively took of her G-string and gave a breathtaking view of her ass. When she turned, she revealed a beautiful fully shaved pussy. “You like?” she asked. Playfully she gave my aching cock a stroke and stepped in the tub. It didn’t take me long to follow her into the steamy shower.

Under the warm spray we kissed and fondled each other. We took turns washing each other and intimately explored each other’s bodies. Rhythmically she stroked my member. She got down on her knees before me and looked into my eyes. My cock was right before her face.

“Jack you have a beautiful cock and mommy’s gonna make you come.” She plopped it into her mouth and went to work. She gave me the most intense blowjob I could have ever imagined possible. “Come in my mouth baby. Let mommy taste you.” She took me all the way in and I shuddered with an orgasm that weakened my knees. “Mmm…” She cooed.

We were dried off and laid on my bed. I made love to mom. I kissed her lovely body all over. I sucked on her nipples and nipped them with my teeth. I worked my way down to her bald mound and inhaled her intoxicating scent. I ate her and tasted her juice. She came several times calling my name as I licked and kissed her clit.

“That’s it baby eat my pussy…Jack you’re making mommy come again.”

My cock was hard and she guided me in her. Kissing her I fucked her long and steady. She writhed with me with pleasure and urged me on.

“Mom you feel so good. I can’t believe this is happening this is so hot.”

“Yes baby fuck me hard. You’re making me come again…Come with me baby…come with mom. Ah…ahh…oh.” With a grunt I felt my self explode in her. She wrapped her legs around me and held me in. “Jack I can feel you coming inside me. God it feels so good.”

We laid together in silence. We kissed and caressed. I felt wonderful. Our bodies entwined together. Mom looked stunning in the dim light of my room. I had lost track of time or maybe time just did not matter then.

“Jack do you have any regrets about this?”

“Mom this is wonderful. How could you even think I would have any regrets.” I hugged her tight and kissed her on her forehead, “Why do you have regrets?”

“No baby I don’t. You’ve made me feel so wonderful. But this is…it well you know its…”

“Mom I know this is incest. It’s partly why so hot.”

“Yes it is incest, it feels so wicked and naughty.” She giggled and tickled my side. “Its like dream or a secret fantasy.”

“You know I’ve had fantasies about you before.”

“Really? Were they as good as or better than this?”

“Mom this is definitely much better. You, you’ve known me all my life. I feel like I can be my self and not be uncomfortable.”

“Me too sweetie. You know, I never allowed myself to have fantasies about you. It felt too dangerous. But two weeks ago when you joked about dating some of my friends and even dating me. I realized that you were grown and had turned out ok I let myself go. I had all kind wicked thoughts about you. For me too it’s much hotter in the flesh.”

She rested her head on my chest. She was cuddled nicely at my side. My hand caressed her shapely bottom. My cock was semi-rigid as she gently stroked it. It did not take long for it to come to life.

“Looks you’re ready to get more of mommy aren’t you Jack?” She was squirming next to me grinding her ass on my hand.

“Mother, you are so hot I can’t seem to get enough.” I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly, “tell me what you want me to do.”

“Oh Jack your hand feels so rough on my ass. Squeeze it tighter, yes like that…Mmm…you can slap it if you like…” Mom seemed really into it and it excited me. I started slapping her ass.

“Yes, baby…harder…spank me like I’m a dirty slut…make me do things …ouch…yes baby harder… I like it rough.” My hand was reddening her ass. But with her lying like that I only had access to one cheek.

“Get up.” I ordered her, “Get up your hands and knees. Let me see your ass.”

Mom dutifully obeyed me. I was still lying down and her face was near my cock. “Is this how you want mommy Jack…Is this good …tell me I’ll do anything!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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