A Matter of Trust

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“Just remember, if you get nervous or want to stop, say the safety word and we’ll stop. It takes a lot of trust to do this and I want you to know you can stop it at anytime. Are you alright so far?”

Your voice seems to quake a little as you look into my eyes and squeak, “Yes.”

Slowly, I bring a dark, silky scarf up to your eyes and wrap it around your head, brushing your cheeks with the back of my hands as I move. Gently, but firmly, I tighten the scarf into a knot behind your head.

“Can you see anything?”

Opening your eyes behind the shroud, you can barely make out the fuzzy glow of the many candles lighting the room. “Nothing in detail, just the glow of the candles.”

“Perfect. Are you doing ok?”

This time, the answer comes a little easier. Again, it is simply, “Yes.”

You feel my hands gently take you by the waist and turn you around. Softly, my hands glide up your sides bringing a tingle to your flesh as I slowly slide up your shirt. You lift your arms, allowing me to expose the upper half of your body. With your hands still above your head, my hands skim down your arms. Your skin seems alive with sensation. You feel the very edge of my nails as they drag lightly down the underside of your still-raised arms. My nails cause a tickling sensation as they draw across your smooth underarms. My warm fingers creep across your breasts, pausing at your hardening nipples to give them a gentle squeeze. They continue to trace random patterns across your smooth stomach. They leisurely steal toward your back; and then, they are gone. You are aware of my warm breath near your shoulder. The heat flows gently across your sensitive flesh; then, it is gone. A tender kiss in the small of your back almost startles, but you enjoy the surprise. Then, another kiss grazes the back of your neck.

“Everything ok?”

Again, you utter a simple, “Yes,” even easier than the last time.

My hands make their way around your waist. My thick thumbs skate along the edge of your waistband. My fingers nimbly unfasten your pants. My hands trace back toward your ass and I slowly slip your pants over your hips. You can feel the warmth of my breath again as my face passes mere inches from your nearly exposed ass. My hands slowly slither down your legs revealing more of your beautiful flesh to my gaze. Sensations race through your legs and crotch. My hands glide from the front of your legs to the back, massaging your inner thighs, the backs of your knees, your calves, sometimes squeezing your flesh, sometimes scraping my nails lightly. You shiver slightly each time I change my touch. Your flesh occasionally shows goose bumps. When I reach your ankles, you silently assist me by first raising one foot then the other to help me finally remove your pants.

You stand there naked, except your panties. You become more and more aware of your anticipation of what is next. Your nipples tighten and you feel the moisture accumulating inside of you. Your skin twitches at the thought of a touch, even before it happens. As the back of my hands skim across your ass, you jump slightly. Momentarily lost in your thoughts and arousal, the sudden contact is exciting and a bit surprising. Again, my thumbs slide along your waist between your body and your last remaining piece of clothing. Gently, my fingers trace wandering paths between your belly button and your thighs, pulling the thin material of your panties away from your flesh. My movements almost feel as though I am more interested in exploring your body than actually removing your clothes. Perhaps I am.

Finally, my hands slip your panties down, exposing you completely. As they reach your thighs, you suddenly feel my tongue against your back, lightly licking meandering trails down your spine and wandering off to the left and right. Before you realize, your panties are down to your ankles. Again, you help me by lifting one foot and then the other. I stand and wrap my arms around you bringing your body firmly against mine; you feel the gentle breeze of my breath against your ear.

Quietly, bakırköy escort I whisper, “Are you ready to keep going?”

Your mind races for a moment; you are most nervous about this part. Your mind has doubts, but your body pushes your mouth forward. Almost as if your taut nipples, tingling flesh and swelling pussy speak for themselves, you find the word tumbling out of your mouth.

“Yes.” It almost comes out as a breath rather than a word.

You feel the wonderful effect your answer has on me as I press against your back. I move away and you sense me walking around the room. You feel my hands upon your shoulders. Tenderly, they slide down to your wrists bringing your arms out in front of you. Leaving your hands out-stretched, you feel a breath of air go by your shoulders and the soft feel of silkiness drapes across your shoulders. Smoothly, the material whispers across your shoulders as I slide it back and forth across your back. I wrap one end around your upper arm and unhurriedly pull it toward your wrists. A slight sigh escapes your lips as the silk snakes down your arm. I reach your out-stretched wrists and begin wrapping the silky scarf around them. You feel your wrists being bound and are aware of the rising resistance building in your mind. Firmly, I pull the scarf into a knot around your wrist. Sensing your concern, I pause.

“Are you doing ok? Just say the word if you want to stop.”

Your mind swirls and urges, ‘No, stop this; I’m scared.’ Yet, other parts of your body scream, ‘Don’t stop. This feels right.’ Your mind battles with your body. Your breasts still tingle from the sensations of the silk dragging across them. Your flesh seems alive. You feel your lips engorge and start to spread of their own accord.

“Do you want to keep going?”

My tone tells you it’s fine to stop but also hints at how much I am enjoying this exploration of your body, how much I want you to trust me and how much I want to continue. You build up your determination. The word stands at the tip of your tongue denying your mind’s fear. Defiantly, it leaps from your mouth.

“Yes,” you answer simply.

To reward your strength and trust, I lean forward and take your nipple into my mouth, sucking firmly while swirling my tongue around it. Your body jumps in response to the unexpectedness of the action and the intensity of the sensation. Pulling away after a moment, I lead you by your bound wrists to the bed and gently guide you to sit. I urge you onto your back, raising your bound hands over your head. You feel me brush against you as I lean forward and attach the scarf to the bed. You can move your arms and twist your wrists, but you certainly cannot free yourself. You expect the fear to return. However, you are surprised you simply find yourself more aroused.

Almost as though on cue to reassure your body, you feel smooth, silky scarf wrap around one of your legs. It circles your leg, spiraling from your ankle to your inner thigh. Involuntarily, you spread your legs to allow the sensation to wash over you. As I drag the silk up one leg and begin wrapping it around the other, my hand comes perilously close to your swelling pussy. You know it is spread wide open as you can feel the rush of warm air against the folds of your lips. You are ready to be touched this very moment. As the scarf finally slides down your other leg, you feel it being wrapped around your ankle and feel a knot being cinched. You feel your legs pulled apart slightly and realize you now have but one free limb. Your mind races again, but this time you are quite surprised. Instead of fear, you are struck by the growing needs of your body. Your chest heaves slightly with quickened breath, your nipples stand at attention begging to be touched and your pussy fills with moisture. Rather than fear, you react with new thoughts – thoughts of urgency.

“Are you doing ok?”


This time there is no hesitation in your voice. Your answer sounds almost pleading as it comes out slightly drawn. beşiktaş escort Sensing you have turned the corner and your lust has overcome your fear, I move to wrap the last scarf around your ankle. With much less ceremony, I knot it to your ankle and the bed. You are now laid out before me; arms above your head, legs spread, with slightly quickened breath, awaiting my attention. Quickly, I dart from the room to get our toys.

Returning a moment later, I begin placing several items on a nearby dresser. I glance over to see you squirming slightly, opening and closing your legs, as if that might somehow satisfy the growing need between your legs. I pick up a large feather from the dresser and stand over you beside the bed. I lazily wave it just above your body, randomly circling your torso from your neck to your thighs. I watch you squirm as you feel the slight breeze of the feather and raise your body as if begging to be touched. Finally, I sweep the feather across your breast, twirling it around your nipple. Your flesh crinkles as your nipple hardens; a soft moan escapes your lips. I move to the other breast and find the same reaction. With the feather, I randomly trace different parts of your body. I move it up and down your arms and you squirm; it tickles. I draw the feather across your stomach and to your thighs; you thrust your hips upward as if trying to fuck the feather. At the backs of your bent knees, you actually giggle from the sensations.

I draw the feather across your pussy; first, along your sensitive flesh where thigh meets hip, and then directly up your swollen lips. You gasp with excitement. As the feather crosses your clit, it feels like the most delicate tongue lapping against your most sensitive flesh. Your hips buck upward; you crave more. I pull the feather away and trace it around your face. Your skin feels electric. I trace your smiling lips and you smell the results of your excitement. Between your legs, you feel your wetness pour out and drip down across your ass. Again, I focus my attention between your legs. I drag the feather over your lips, twirling it on your clit as it stands proudly waiting for more attention. The moment you feel you could cum from only the feather flitting across you, it is suddenly gone. You moan and squirm; searching for my next touch and hoping it will be make you cum.

“Are you doing alright?”

“Yes! Yes! Please don’t stop!”

I cannot tell if you are commanding or pleading. For a few moments, I watch you squirm within your bonds. I simply watch your body as it moves craving my touch. Your body almost screams for attention. It is time to move on. I grab a small bowl from the dresser and take from it a small round object. I hold it above your body, mere inches from your stomach, and gently drop it toward your belly button. You jump and let out a small yelp as the cold object settles against in your belly button. The sensation of ice against your hot flesh is almost too strange to comprehend.

“You must try to stay absolutely still or you’ll ruin this surprise. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes. Yes.”

As the object sits on your belly, the cold diminishes somewhat and a slight chill spreads through your flesh. Goose bumps appear and you find yourself even more sensitive. You feel every movement of air caress your body. Using one of the objects, I gradually trace the outline of your lips. Your lips part slightly and I press the cold object into your mouth. As it warms, you realize it is simply a frozen grape. I randomly drop or place several more grapes on your body. Each lands softly and instantly heightens the sensitivity of the nearby skin. After dropping several around you and having a few roll against your side, I take one final grape and trail it along your inner thigh. It moves side to side, inching toward your pussy. I roll it to the very bottom of your lips. Your body involuntarily twitches and a few more grapes roll off. Ever so slowly, I glide my fingers and the frozen grape along your inner lips. Your lips quiver beylikdüzü escort under the chill and you leak more juices as if trying to warm the cold object against your flesh. Finally, the grape hits your throbbing clit. The cold causes your clit to visibly contract; the intense feeling rushes throughout your entire pelvis. Leisurely, I roll the grape down, until it’s poised before your opening. Pressing slightly, the still-chilly grape pops easily into your slick pussy. The walls immediately contract around the grape and squeeze almost as they do when you cum. Reaching around, I grab a grape that has fallen to your side and slip it into you as well. Your pussy spasming around the grapes is like nothing you have felt before. Your eyes roll beneath your blindfold.

Suddenly, you feel the feather again grazing your stomach. Most of the grapes have warmed enough to only feel cool against your skin, but you are still hypersensitive. The feather brushing your flesh is akin to thousands of tiny fingers on your skin. Each time the feather caresses your tingling flesh, an intense rush races through you. Soon, you are writhing against the scarves binding your wrist and ankles. Your body savors the delicious torture. The tingle of the feather’s touch seems to linger even after I have moved it elsewhere. The sensory pleasures accumulate and begin to carry you toward release. You are so embroiled in the sensations; you hardly notice I no longer touch you with the feather. Yet, sudden warmth on your pussy quickly garners your attention.

My lips engulf your dripping, swollen sex. My tongue twirls against your lips, sucking and teasing them with sudden warmth. I move to your clit and draw it between my lips, encircling it as I suck. Your hips buck against my face. Your excitement builds and your legs begin to quake. Not quite prepared to let you cum, I move between your legs; I begin sucking on your lips and sliding my tongue in and out of you. Slowly but surely, your body releases the two well-warmed grapes. As each one pops out of you and into my mouth, I feel your pussy contract against my tongue. My tongue tenderly licks each engorged lip and I pull away from you. Sitting up and smiling, I watch you wriggle as I munch on the grapes.

“Are you doing alright?”

“YES!” You almost seem annoyed.

“Do you want my dick inside of you?”

“Yes! Yes! YES!”

Smiling with a bit of satisfaction, I crawl between your spread legs and press the head of my dick against your clit. Leisurely, I rub the head back and forth and in circles, stimulating your clit and causing you to moan and writhe beneath me. Unhurriedly, I press my dick down and effortlessly slide between your engorged lips; your pussy pulls me into you. Into you, I press my cock head, stretching you as I enter. Inch by inch, I fill you. For the first time in quite a while, you are basically still. You concentrate on the sensation of me filling you. Finally, I am buried to the hilt, but I simply stay still feeling you contract around me.

Without moving my hips, I reach for the feather and begin to draw it across your sensitive skin. Again, you squirm. Each time you move, your pussy twists, turns or slides back and forth on my dick. I continue to use the feather on your most sensitive spots: underarms, sides, behind your knees, across your nipples. Although I stay absolutely still, your head lolls back and forth. Arms flexing against your bonds, you fight to stop the torturous tickling. You continue to writhe on my cock. Your pussy gyrates on my dick and the feelings caused by your thrashing are incredible. Your breathing has become ragged; it’s out of control as are you.

“Do you want to cum?”


You begin to convulse around my shaft. Just as your orgasm is about to begin, I take a grape and press it firmly against your clit. The sensation makes you absolutely erupt. As you thrash, wracked with an explosive orgasm, arms pulling against scarves, bound and spread legs shaking, my engorged dick swells inside of you. Still without moving my hips, my cock explodes into you. Your cream and mine fills you as our orgasms rush. As your orgasm gradually fades, our mixture begins to seep from you. I collapse onto my elbows and we slowly catch our breath.

Quietly, you whisper into my ear, “I can’t wait to use these scarves on you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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