A Minor Case of Infidelity

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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This is just a fantasy. The material in this story is for adults only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and older.


My name is Brad Shumway. I’m 46, white, and a progressive. I’m 6′ tall, 180lbs and still somewhat muscular. I’ve got blonde hair with blue eyes. I’m married to my lovely wife, Lois, of 18 years. We are very happy and enjoy each other’s company. In my twenties and thirties, a lot of women came on to me because of my hair and eyes plus I’m not bad looking. Now that I’m over 40, that rarely happens anymore. My wife and I enjoy our sex life so I’ve never even thought of straying.

My wife works with several charities and has for many years. She told me I should be doing something for charity also. So I decided to volunteer for community service. I was assigned to help with several projects in a black neighborhood. This particular assignment is for a Baptist church. They are doing several community projects plus they have an on-going program sort of like the Habitat for Humanity. They go around the community and help repair houses for people who can’t afford the repairs. I enjoy doing this kind of work. The church pays for some materials and others get donated. The help comes from us volunteers.

I’ve been doing this kind of volunteering for over a month now and I love it, especially helping people who can’t afford to make the repairs on their own or don’t have the skills. I’m really good with my hands and I’m a pretty good handyman. There’s not much I don’t know how to do when it comes to working around a house. The people in the church are amazing. They are all intelligent, good looking and just good people. They have all told me they appreciate all my help and I really enjoy the work.

On the sixth Saturday that I volunteered, a gorgeous woman came to me and asked me if I would help her with some projects around her home. I’m intrigued with her. She reminds me of a black actress named Diahann Caroll who was big in the 1980s when I was a horny teenage young man but who has been on TV basically since the 1960s. She tells me she’s divorced, 55 and alone. She’s 5′ 8″ tall and roughly 125lbs. She’s got beautiful light chocolate colored skin which looks perfect. She has no blemishes and very few wrinkles. Her hair is medium brown and was obviously styled at a beauty shop. Today she’s wearing a beautiful white with yellow polka dots sundress. She says she doesn’t date much. I ask her what is wrong with the men around here. She laughs at that and kisses my cheek. I tell her I’ll be at her house next Saturday about 8am. She hands me the address, thanks me again and we say our goodbyes. pendik escort I watch her as she walks away and, wow, is she hot.


The following Saturday, I arrive at her house and knock on the door. She opens it and she is looking really good. She has on short shorts and a blouse that is fairly see-through. She doesn’t have a bra on because her nipples are poking out nicely. She has amazing legs and she’s wearing flip-flops. I notice her toenails are painted red. This woman is a vision. The men around here must be blind or maybe they are all married or gay.

We work together on her projects. They are all not very hard. The hardest is a minor roof repair. By lunch, I’m finished with all but two of the things she wanted done. She takes a break and feeds me. We talk and learn a lot about each other. She’s college educated in a state college. She has a BA in business with a computer science minor. She’s still working and has a very good job. She says she paid for all the materials I used today. She just doesn’t have the skills or the tools necessary to do the jobs herself. I’m fascinated with her and can’t understand why she’s not being pursued by some male.

We finish her other projects in the early afternoon. We are both sweaty because it’s like 92 and humid. Her near see-through blouse is now fully see-through and her breasts are magnificent. She asks me if I’d like to take a shower before I leave. I tell her I’m fine but she eventually talks me into taking a shower in her bathroom, telling me I’ll ruin the upholstery in my car with all that sweat. That was my major mistake. I’m standing in the shower washing up when the shower door opens and a naked, hot as hell, black woman steps in.

“Shirley! What are you doing?”

“Saving water.” She smiles at me. She washes herself all over and then uses the shower head to flush out her pussy. “Wash my back for me, Brad.”

Holy shit I’m in trouble. My penis is starting to stand tall and mentally I’m being pulled in two directions. I want this woman and yet I want to remain faithful to my wife. After I wash her back, she turns around and sees my cock pointing at the ceiling. “Oh, my, what have we here?” She grabs it and begins to wash it which isn’t needed because I’ve already done that.

She says “Brad, you obviously like what you see. Would you like to fuck me?”

I look her in the eyes and say “God, Shirley, I’d love to fuck you but I’m married.” I show her the ring. I know she’s seen it earlier today. It’s hard to miss.

She says “Your wife would never know. I’m not going to press you for this but once. I haven’t had sex in six weeks now. I’m horny and I think you are just the most beautiful man I have ever seen.”

“I’m sorry, kartal escort Shirley, I really would love to fuck you but I can’t…I really can’t.” If I wasn’t married, woman, you’d be in trouble.

“Please, Brad.” She kneels down and takes my cock into her mouth. I moan. God, how can I stay faithful to my marriage vows around this woman.

I pull away from her and she stands up. She says “Brad, you can use both of my holes.” She turns around, bends over and spreads her gorgeous butt cheeks. “My husband used both my holes for over 10 years. They are both yours if you just say yes to my needs.” Holy fuck!!

God, this woman is killing me. Lois doesn’t do anal although I have begged her for years. Shirley stands back up and looks me in the eyes, “Please, Brad,…PLEASE!” I look down and she is magnificent. Her body is something else again. I’m guessing but I believe her measurements are close to 38C-25-38. Her tits are wonderful and have sagged hardly at all. She’s got an outstanding ass. Her pussy is not shaved but it is well trimmed. I love the shade of her light chocolate skin.

“Shirley, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a couple of orgasms with my mouth but I can’t fuck you even though I really want too.”

Shirley looks sad but she says “Okay, if that’s all I can get, I’ll take it. Thank you very much.”

She turns the shower off and we dry off. Soon she’s on her bed with her legs spread and knees up. Holy hell!! My cock is so hard it’s throbbing. I crawl on the bed and kiss up the inside of her right thigh. I kiss her pussy and then kiss down her left inner thigh. She’s moaning. I move back up and take her right nipple in my mouth and begin to suck and nibble on that. She continues to moan. She has her hands in my hair. After a couple of minutes I move over to her left nipple and pleasure it. Then I kiss back down her fairly flat stomach and over her pubic mound. “Oh, God Brad. You’re driving me crazy!”

I begin to kiss around her pussy and then lick up and down her outer labia. She’s moaning and has her hands in my hair again. After a few minutes, I spread her outer labia apart and I’m struck by the pinkness of her inner lips and clit. I’ve never been near a woman of color before, sexually that is. I think the difference in the color of her skin and her inner goodness is wonderful and so sexy.

I begin to suck on her inner labia. Each time I pull them with my lips, she squeals. She smells so good. Her pheromones are driving me crazy and her pussy juice is ambrosia. After a few minutes of sucking, licking and pulling her inner labia, I begin to tongue-fuck her. She starts to move while I’m tongue-fucking her. She’s starting to fuck my face. Her hands are still in my hair and her hips are pumping into maltepe escort my face.

She says “Brad, please put your thumb in my ass.” I hesitate and she yells “PLEASE!!” I slip my thumb into her ass. She says “Now fuck me there!” I begin to move my thumb in and out of her ass. I’ve never done that before. She really breathing heavily. My tongue is in her vagina but my nose is rubbing on her clit which is pretty big. She still pumping into my face and soon she screams, her ass raises off the bed and she says “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…” I can feel her ass muscles tighten around my thumb and her pussy muscles are trying in vain to tighten on my tongue.

When she comes down from that orgasm, I move up to her clit and suck it into my mouth. Her clit is so big that it looks like a little penis. I start to flick my tongue over the tip. Almost immediately she arches her back and screams again. She hasn’t moved her hands. She’s pulling me hard into her juicy cunt. It’s becoming hard to breathe. She cums for over a minute and then pushes me away. I take a deep breath.

I stand up to get dressed and she suddenly sees what I’m doing. She jumps up and says “Please don’t leave, Brad. Let me help you out. I love to suck cock. I want to taste your cum. PLEASE!” She has a hold of my cock.

I say “Sorry, Shirley, NO! We are finished. I got you off twice, that’s all that is going to happen. I can’t go any farther.” I walk out of her bedroom and into the bathroom. I start to dress. When I finish, I wash my face, my hands and use the mouthwash. I then start to walk out of her house. She’s in the front room on the couch crying.

She says “I’m sorry, Brad. I shouldn’t have come into the shower. I apologize. But thank you so much for the two orgasms and for all the work you did on my house. You are something. The best oral sex I’ve ever had. But I shouldn’t have forced you to do that.”

“Shirley, you didn’t force me. You begged me and I voluntarily went down on you. For what it’s worth, if I wasn’t married I’d probably be fucking you in both holes right now. I just can’t.” I lean down and kiss her. She turns it into a French kiss.

She says “Thanks so much for everything, honey. Why are all the good men married or gay or in jail? Life fucking sucks.” She’s crying hard again.

I tell her goodbye and walk out of her house. God, I’m glad I got out of that place. She’s hot as hell and if it weren’t for my wife, I’d probably never leave. I’m going to remember her for the rest of my life, that’s for sure.

The next weekend, I don’t show up at the church for work. I don’t know if I can go back there. She’s a member of that church and the temptation would be too much if I see her again. I know I’d eventually end up with my cock plowing into her. The pastor calls me later that day and I tell him something has come up and I won’t be back. I tell him I really enjoyed helping. He thanks me and wishes me luck in whatever I do and blesses me. If he only knew the real reason I won’t be back, would he still bless me?


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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