A Moist Date Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: The Dance Club

Again, if you’re under 18, read something else. If you’re not turned on by romance and hot sex between women, this is not for you…

* * * * *

For just the first half of their evening together, Monica and Jennifer had gotten very “close”, very fast. After returning to their table and some questioning looks from their waiter, they settled in for a drink to finish the meal and discuss where they would be off to next. The difference in their relationship between when they had left for the bath room and then returned was like night and day. They openly held hands at the table, rubbed each other’s feet under the table, and gazed lustfully into each other’s eyes.

After a few moments to settle back down, they decided to go on to “The Hole”, an exclusive dance club in town that catered to a very fast crowd. They paid the bill and took Jennifer’s car, since it would be easier just to go with one. And it would give them a few more moments alone together. As Jennifer drove, Monica freely slid her hand under the brunette’s black leather miniskirt and slid her fingers in and around her thong.

“Hey, baby, I’m going to drive off the road if you don’t hold off for a while,” whined the voluptuous Latin girl.

But Monica wouldn’t stop, she had a whole new world to “explore”. “Don’t worry, I just want to smell my fingers when I want to be closer to your pussy while we’re at the club.” With that, Monica raised her left hand to her nose a sniffed. It was a heady aroma of leather, sweat, perfume and cunt juice. “Hmmmm.”

Jennifer laughed as they parked the car and got out. Her thong was a total wet mess now, but she loved it that way. It meant she was having fun.

The two girls held hands as they swayed to the club entrance. There was a line stretching down the block. All types of people were hoping to get in. But it may not be tonight.

“Oh, no. It’s mobbed tonight.” Monica said as they pulled up in front of the roped off entrance. A huge bouncer stood with a clipboard. Few were getting by. “This is not a good sign. We’ll never get in.”

Jennifer thought a moment, then turned to whisper in her date’s ear. “I have an idea, come with me and follow my lead.” She pulled her blonde girlfriend by the hand to stand right in front of the bouncer.

“Hey, we need to get in, dude. Whaddaya say?” Jennifer thrust her breasts out of the straining blouse under the black leather jacket. She knew two girls walking up to him decked in black leather, boots, platforms, holding hands, would at least get his attention.

“You on the list, ladies?” He asked.

“No, but I’m sure we can get on.” Jennifer suddenly swung Monica around to face her tightly, bent her arm behind the blonde’s back, clutched the back of her head, and locked her mouth to the juicy red lips. She made sure to make it a wet, sloppy kiss, filling her mouth with that long, serpentine tongue. While surprised by the sudden move, Monica gladly responded and opened her mouth to receive the girl’s hot tongue. They both moaned in passion.

After a few moments of this lip munching, they broke the kiss and looked at the bouncer. “Yeah, that’ll do it, girls. You’re in. Have a great time and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” The bouncer smiled broadly, removed the velvet rope, and ushered them to the front door. The girls swayed into the club, wiping the saliva from their chins with the back of their hands.

It was dark inside and took their eyes a moment to get adjusted. Music thumped through their bodies, strobe lights flickered, voices formed white noise, bodies moved in all directions. It was just the right place to have fun.

Jennifer led the way, holding Monica’s hand, heading toward the main room and the bar for a drink. Monica looked around at the side rooms, the couches in seclusion, and saw one or two very female couples lip-locked in feverish make-out sessions. There were many more male/female couplings, but, with the course her date had taken so far, she was particularly in tune with the girl-girl sessions that were taking place on the side. Just before reaching the bar, she briefly noticed an extremely busty Nordic blonde in some kind of shiny black cat-suit sitting on the lap of an equally very busty Asian girl on the couch. Their arms were wrapped tightly around each other and their faces were joined at the mouth in deep tongue-kiss. While seeing them briefly, Monica did notice the busty blonde’s high platform boots dangling from the Oriental girl’s lap. Then she was at the bar with her beautiful girl-date and ready for a drink.

The girls had several drinks while being hit on by every guy in the vicinity. They didn’t pay for a drink in about an hour, but discouraged any further moves by the guys. It was simply a matter of saying, “She’s my date tonight, big boy.” And making out in front of them. They got the idea.

“Hey, baby, you wanna dance?” Jennifer asked Monica. “I’m ready to fire up the place.”

“Sure, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri let’s go. I’m getting tired of saying no to these guys anyhow. Time to grind it.” This time, Monica took the lead, grabbed her girlfriend’s hand and took her out to the broiling dance floor. Bodies were jumping, grinding, gyrating to the music almost in unison to the heavy bass beat. They quickly got into the rhythm and moved together, breast to breast, practically crotch to crotch. They held each others hands or ran them over their leather-clad thighs and ass cheeks. It was warm and they began to work up a great sweat. But who cared about sweat, they were into the scene.

While dancing, Monica began turning around to face away from Jennifer. To her surprise, as she turned, she faced directly into the busty Nordic blonde who was grinding away just like her. Next to her was the equally big-titted Oriental girl, moving with her eyes closed. The Nordic blonde looked at Monica through lidded eyes and smiled, moving more to face her as they both danced. The two pairs of breasts were so huge that they couldn’t help rubbing in time with the music. Nipples hardened immediately. The Asian girl smiled at Monica, then looked over her shoulder and smiled at Jennifer, moving over to her as her new dance partner. All of this happened so naturally and quickly that Monica didn’t think much of it, especially since everyone always danced with everyone at these clubs. But she did feel some moisture begin to gather between her legs. Especially when the Nordic girl reached out one hand and placed it on Monica’s leather-covered hip. A sultry smile grew on the big-breasted stranger’s mouth.

As the music continued to beat, Monica began to check out this new dance partner. She had a very 1960’s look with heavy eye makeup, white lipstick over very full lips, long fake eyelashes and a black beauty mark by her upper lip. Her hair was light, almost platinum blonde and teased up into a ’60’s style flip. Facially, the girl had the indolent sensuality of Pamela Anderson. She wore a shiny black lycra cat-suit that hugged her like a second skin. The tank top squeezed her breasts into very deep cleavage that bounced as she danced. Her thigh-high black leather boots were tied all the way up and accentuated her tight, round ass. She wore a very short black leather biker jacket very similar to the one Monica wore. It didn’t look as if it could close over her breasts. As she was chewing some Day-Glo lime green colored gum, Monica could tell she had a gold tongue stud. Very sexy. Monica new she had a date with her, but this was a very interesting turn of events. Another interesting attribute she noticed when the Nordic girl raised her arms while dancing. Her armpits had a good growth of blonde hair matted with sweat. Monica had not seen a girl, especially one so beautiful, with unshaven armpits. This produced a curiously erotic reaction in the girl as her imagination began to flow, along with some fluid from her cunt. For some strange reason, Monica began to fantasize about french-kissing the busty blonde’s hairy armpit. She suddenly felt the need to dance closer to those upraised arms to get a closer look–and sniff, if she could.

While Jennifer thought nothing of Monica turning around during the dance, she was a bit surprised when the busty Asian girl moved over to wedge herself in front. She was a knock-out looker, that’s for sure. Jennifer had never seen an Asian girl with breasts that size. She thought, from the way she moved, that she must be a dancer–of some kind. As she noticed Monica dancing with the Nordic blonde, Jennifer’s attention was drawn to this new beauty grinding in front of her. The girl had very thick, long, straight black hair that hung over her shoulders. Her face was one of the most sensual she had ever seen. Thick, pouty lips covered in glossy burgundy lipstick–much like her own–heavy eye make up–and just the look of a sexual predator. Her almond shaped eyes lidded with sensuality yet, when gazing at Jennifer, she knew what she wanted. Her outfit set off her body perfectly–black stretch lycra belly shirt tank top that squeezed her 36DD breasts tightly together to form cleavage that Jennifer wanted to sink her face into. One fashion accessory Jennifer noticed were the short black kid leather gloves on the girl’s hands. The Asian girl wore skin tight matching black lycra hip-hugger bell bottoms which outlined the girls tight, round ass cheeks. As she moved, Jennifer could see her belly button with several gold loops. The low ride of her pants reached down almost to the top of her cunt, but not quite. An incredible black dragon tattoo encircled her belly button. The bottom of the bell bottoms rested perfectly on a pair of black leather platform high heels that revealed perfectly painted burgundy toe nails. And to top it all off, she wore a short stylish black leather biker jacket that was open and no match for her tits as she moved her arms. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri This was any girl’s Asian wet dream! But suddenly Jennifer noticed one other unusual thing. As this new girl slid in front of her, dancing sensually, she raised her arms up and revealed a healthy growth of black hair under her armpits! As sexually active as the Latino girl had been with other women, she had never seen a girl with such armpit hair. Usually they were closely shaved both under the arms and cunt. This was something new, and it turned her on for some strange reason. She noticed the hair matted with sweat and wondered what it would smell like. She thought she might find out sooner or later. Jennifer and the Asian girl moved together, breast to breast, as they danced. The new girl smiled seductively at her as four nipples grew very, very hard. This was going to be interesting!

The dance beat continued to pulse, in time with Monica’s breasts rubbing against those of the Nordic girl. The two girls had placed one hand on the other’s hip to connect them. The busty blonde’s arm went up to rest on Monica’s shoulder. Her hand clutched the back of her head. Monica looked into the girl’s eyes, as the Nordic girl brought their faces slowly together. Monica was mesmerized, entranced by this sexual animal writhing against her. Her eyes shifted to the blonde’s full, glistening lips as they drew closer, closer. Just as she began to open her mouth to prepare for a kiss, the busty Nordic girl slid her face aside, bringing those lips to Monica’s ear.

“I’m Vixxen, baby. Vixxen. Who are you? I need to know who’s makin’ my cunt so wet.” A warm, wet tongue licked at her ear softly.

Monica’s pulse was pounding to the beat. As sexy as the bathroom scene was with Jennifer, this was getting to her even faster. She turned her face in so she could place her lips by Vixxen’s ear. She smelled of perfume, sweat, and leather from her jacket. An incredibly sexy smell. Before speaking, she sniffed deeply to remember the odor. “I’m Monica,” she felt the Nordic girl’s hand massaging the back of her head and neck, feeling her long nails scraping at her scalp. Unable to think of anything else to say, and unsure if she should return the lick, “I love your outfit, very sexy.”

“Thanks, Monica. With no bra or panties, it feels so good, especially on my tits and cunt. Why don’t we go sit somewhere and get to know each other?” Another lick, but, this time she felt the tongue stud.

“I’d love to, Vixxen, but I’m here with my date, Jennifer. I don’t think–“

“Oh, don’t worry about her. I’ve got a date too. Ronni and I have been seeing each other awhile. We work together. She’s cool with it. Let her dance with your girlfriend. It’ll be cool. When they’re done, Ronni’ll bring her over to join us. Really, it’ll be cool. Come on, babe.” Monica felt Vixxen’s hot breath on her ear, then her lips and tongue as she quickly french kissed her ear. It was too much to pass up. She glanced over at Jennifer and saw the Latino girl grinding together with the Asian girl with the huge tits. They were staring into each other’s eyes and moving tit to tit, crotch to crotch. She would have come just looking at them if she hadn’t been brought back to the Nordic blonde by a hand grabbing hers. Fingers interlaced.

“Okay, I guess so. But let’s not go so far.” Monica waved to get Jennifer’s attention and, when the brunette glanced over, pointed to the couch area. Jennifer nodded briefly then returned to her attention to the sexy Asian girl.

Vixxen led her by the hand toward the dark couch area off the dance floor. Their hands were sweaty yet interlaced tightly. Monica allowed the busty blonde to lead while she got a better look at her ass and legs. They were incredible. The cheeks were round and hard, the waist wasp-narrow, the legs very well- muscled. She followed closely behind the other girl until they reached a secluded area of plush leather club chairs and couches. People were coupled in various embraces or talking intimately. A club chair was open and Vixxen drew Monica around and guided her down to sit in the chair. As Monica settled into the chair, the other girl immediately sat in her lap and snuggled down to face her. Vixxen’s arms wrapped around Monica’s neck, drawing their faces closely near. She leaned into Monica’s ample breasts while Monica’s arms reflexively went around the Nordic girl’s waist and shoulder.

“Oh, this is cozy. I love sitting on a girl’s lap. It gets us close, ya know?” Vixxen breathed into Monica’s face as they gazed into each other’s eyes. “No one cares here, we’re all friends. Hey, you feel nice, baby. You like this?”

Monica was swept away by the speed by which this was all happening. Her cunt, below her black leather jeans, was juicing so much she thought she had orgasmed. Her nipples had been hard but now were like rocks. “Yeah, this is nice, Vixxen. Very nice,” was about all she could breathe.

“Hey, I güvenilir bahis şirketleri like these leather jeans, Monica, I have a pair like them! Very sexy, very hot on you.” Vixxen said as she reached her long-nailed hand down to Monica’s leather-covered crotch and massaged slowly. She reached down between her legs and around to her ass crack, then up and down her thigh. Monica closed her eyes and almost came right then and there. “Yes, very nice. Mmmmmmmm….” Vixxen held her hand to her nose and sniffed. “Very nice, Monica. I like that smell. Do you?” She held her hand to Monica’s nose. Without thinking, Monica sniffed her own leather/sweat/cunt smell.

“Yeah, yeah I guess I do. You’re very hot yourself, Vixxen. I like your outfit too. And…” Suddenly Monica realized the beauty mark by the girl’s lip was actually a small tattoo of a pair of female lips by her own upper lip. “That’s an interesting tattoo. I didn’t notice it before.”

“Oh, yeah. I got it for Ronni. Cool, huh? I always like her lips somewhere near mine. Let me give you a closer view, huh?” With that, Vixxen drew her face slowly toward Monica’s. The girl realized this was the moment she had been waiting for since the Nordic blonde had jumped her on the dance floor. Their eyes locked until Monica looked down at Vixxen’s lips approaching hers. She saw Vixxen’s tongue with its stud slide out to run along her white-lipsticked lips and moisten them in preparation for kissing Monica. Monica quickly did the same as she ran her tongue over upper and lower lip, slicking it for the mouth to mouth contact about to happen. The two big-titted blondes finally kissed. The two full feminine pairs of lips mashed hotly together, mouths immediately opening to allow long, thick, saliva-coated tongues to intertwine and slide from one mouth to the other. One girl’s tongue would slide wetly along teeth and gums, exploring the inner reaches of the other girl’s mouth. Then the other girl would suck the other’s tongue deep into her mouth, teeth scraping teeth, lips mashing against lips. Burgundy and white lipsticks smeared from one mouth to the other. Saliva leaked from each girl’s mouth onto her chins and upper lip. Monica felt the unusually sexy sensation of Vixxen’s tongue stud whipping around her own tongue and teeth. The combination of Vixxen’s soft tongue and lips with the hard surface of the stud made the french kiss incredibly erotic. She sucked at Vixxen’s tongue, savoring the taste of the girl’s saliva and feel of the brass stud. Vixxen kissed Monica knowing the tongue stud was having its desired effect.

While the girls were making out in their dark corner of the couch area, their hands feverishly massaged backs, necks, roughly plunged into hair. Vixxen had wrapped both arms around Monica’s neck as their faces moved from side to side at right angles as the kiss increased its passion and depth. Cheeks hollowed as tongues were sucked into mouths. Monica’s hand clutched Vixxen’s ass cheek, while Vixxen had found Monica’s face and chin, framing it with a thumb and forefinger, then sliding up into her hair. Their breasts were pressed against each other, nipples hard. They moaned into each other’s mouths as their passion mounted. In the darkness of their corner, with people partying all around and paying no mind, the two beautiful, busty blondes were left to their intimate make-out session. Clubbers were too involved with their own revelry to notice the girls locked in passionate embrace.

Jennifer had seen her girlfriend Monica led from the dance floor to a dark area of couches by the busty blonde girl who looked like a taller Pamela Anderson. Curiosity about her date quickly passed through her mind until this incredible Asian girl grinding against her demanded her attention. Monica would be fine, she’d catch up to her–after all, this girl was with the blonde, wasn’t she? They seemed to be together when they approached her and Monica. Suddenly she felt the Asian girl’s hand slide around to the rear of her black leather mini skirt and clutch one ass cheek, massaging it while drawing their crotches together in a grinding motion. Their faces drew closer and closer, only an each or two apart as they continued moving to the heavy bass beat. The beat was beginning to mirror the rising pulse of Jennifer’s leaking cunt. She could feel a slight dripping down the inside of one leg. The busty Asian girl placed her other hand with its kid leather glove on her cheek, near her mouth and nose. She slowly massaged the cheek with the leather-covered hand. Jennifer could smell the heady aroma of the leather. The Asian girl seemed to know what effect the glove would have as the gorgeous brunette sniffed at the leather. She massaged around her cheek and nose, giving the girl a good feel of the soft, supple kidskin glove.

“Who are you, baby? I have to know who you are, who’s making my pussy so wet and my nipples so hard.” The Asian girl breathed the words into Jennifer’s face, smelling of Scotch and peppermint. “You have such a nice, tight leather ass, baby.”

Jennifer watched the full pouty lips move with the words. She noticed the brass stud in the girl’s tongue and it added to the lust that was building between her legs. “Jenn, Jennifer. Who are you? My nips are probably just as hard as yours now too.”

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