A Moment in Time

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This is my first submission on . I hope that all of you enjoy it. Please give me feedback and what not so that I can improve my skills. I would like to know if you think that it should be continued or not etc. Enjoy!!


The soothing waves continued crashing onto the shore and around the pier. With the sun slowly setting in the west I stood at the end of the pier deep in thought. The salty air tickled my nose as I breathed. It was definitely something that I loved about living on the beach. I gazed into the horizon as the last of the sail boats guided themselves back to the harbor. There were a few surfers left out on the crashing waves trying to get a few good ones before they headed back in. As I stood there, I could not help but wonder if I would always be alone. With a sigh, I turn around and slowly make my way back to the little beach house I called home.

I walk into my little home and rummage around trying to find some little something to eat. Much to my avail all I could find was oatmeal and some cereal. Not much of a choice in my books. I would have to do some shopping tomorrow when I went into town. I finally got a bowl of cereal and plopped down on the sofa to watch whatever I could find on the television. Of course, there wouldn’t be anything worth wild on so I just left the news on not really paying it much attention. Once the cereal was gone, I went and washed my dishes and lay across the sofa vaguely listening as I drifted off to sleep.

Groggily I open my eyes and look at the clock on the wall. It was only a little after six. Sitting up demetevler escort I look out the blinds and see that the sky is clear and know that it would be a perfect day to spend out on the water. My shopping could wait a little while. As I go through the house I strip out of my clothes so that I could put my wet suit on. I get to the bathroom and find it right where I left it. I lousily brush my teeth and walk over to the toilet. I look down at my five inch flaccid cock. I couldn’t help but wonder when I would ever find the right person to settle down with. Here I am a single gay male living on the beach and still couldn’t find someone. With that thought, I put my wet suit on and head out to grab my board.

As I walked out to the water, I couldn’t help but notice there was already a hunk sitting by the water on his board. He looked deep in thought so I let him be. I nodded my head to him as I walked by. I couldn’t help but noticed his crystal blue eyes. It felt as if he could see my soul with just a glance. Not to mention, he had saggy dirty blonde hair that was already wet. Just the thought of running my hands through that hair had me turned on. I looked him over and I could tell that he was in shape. From the looks of it, he might be a few inches taller than my six foot two inches.

With a sigh I continue out to the water. As I step in, the sea water swirls around my ankles as my toes sink into the squishy sand. I slide onto my board and start swimming out. I notice that there are some nice waves out today. I otele gelen escort duck dive through the choppy part and continue my journey out. I finally make it out and get ready to get the next wave. I look behind me and see the wave starting to form and I start paddling to get it. I caught the wave and I was off. I was lost in the moment and didn’t notice that I was no longer alone and I was not the only one who had managed to catch the wave.

I went to curve back so that I wouldn’t lose the wave and ran face first into the hunk that had been on the beach. Needless to say, we both went flying off our boards into the water. I surfaced choking on the salty water that I had inhaled as I tried to gasp for air before going under. I look around and see the hunk come up a few feet away from me.

“Hey dude, I am so sorry. I didn’t know that you were that close behind me. I didn’t even know that you were out here.” I said as he got his bearings. He turned and stared at me with those gorgeous eyes. I playful smile lite up his face.

“It’s no problem. It’s partially my fault. I shouldn’t have just trailed you so close without your knowledge. By the way my name is Eric.” He grabbed his board and paddle a bit closer.

“My name is Steven. I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new to the area?”

“Yeah, actually I just moved here yesterday. I couldn’t wait to get out here on the water. It was a long drive across the country to get here. I was born here in California and got a wild hair after I graduated balgat escort and moved to New Jersey.”

“That’s awesome. Hey, you want to catch some more waves? Then if you need a hand unpacking I could help if you would like.” I said blushing slightly.

“That would be great and sure let’s get some more waves before all the armatures get out here.” He laughed as he got on his board and darted off.



I was so deep in thought that I barely noticed the stud walk out with his board. I could tell that he was checking me out. I had been lost in thought about what all I needed to do since I had just got here the evening before. I couldn’t help but look at his perfectly sculpted surfer body as he went out to catch the waves.

Without thinking, I grabbed my gear and went out after him. Might as well make the best of this while I can I thought to myself. I let him get some distance before I really started getting out there with him. I was a pretty good distance away so that he wouldn’t notice me. He really seemed at peace out here on the water. He positioned himself for the wave and I followed suit. I caught it with him. I hadn’t expected him to turn so fast and we ended up plowing into each other.

I looked around as he spoke when we finally came up. He looked as sexy as he was apologizing. I didn’t want him to think that it was his fault because it really wasn’t. We chatted for a while and I really didn’t want him to see what he had done to me. I was so hard that I didn’t think I could function properly. I was glad when he suggested surfing some more so that it would take my mind off of my current situation. It was really a bonus when he suggested that he help me unpack and get organized.

As I swam off I couldn’t help but notice him smile and come after me. I all of a sudden really couldn’t wait to start unpacking. This just might turn out to be more of an adventure then I thought.

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