A Morning Tease

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It was nice to have him all to myself for a day. All too often, we are too busy to enjoy a great deal of time together. But on this day, he was mine. We had the entire day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. Waking up slowly, I looked over at him to find that he was already awake, just gazing in my direction.

I said, “Good morning” as I brushed my fingers across his cheek.

“Yes, I plan on it being a very good morning,” he playfully said. “I think we’ll spend the morning right here and we’ll see just how good we can make it. I think a little early morning teasing would make for some fun.”

Sliding next to me, his tongue began to work its magic. As his tongue trailed along my neck, I could feel my body respond instantly. It was as if he could lick my entire body from that one spot on my neck. Tingles shot all the way down my legs. His hands were entwined in my hair, his fingers gently combing through it. I felt his hands move to my face as his tongue continued making circles in all the right spots. Holding my face tenderly in his hands and looking down at me, he offered his lips to me. Our lips parted, making way for each others’ tongues. I felt his tongue scrape over my teeth before it circled over mine. A lingering kiss was followed by soft, gentle kisses on my face.

Slowly, he slid down my body, his tongue never leaving my skin. My nipples were erect, seemingly begging for his kisses as he flicked his tongue over one, then the other, gently nibbling at them. His mouth became more insistent. Parting his lips, he took my nipple between them and gently tugged at them, pausing to rake his teeth over them. With one hand, he cupped my breast firmly. Ever so slowly, his tongue made its way further down, lingering on my belly button, probing it, tickling it. I felt his tongue trace a line down to my inner thighs, licking and kissing them.

Almost begging, I whispered, “Find that spot, baby. I need your tongue on my clit. Don’t make me wait. Please, baby.”

He was enjoying how he was making me feel by teasing me with his tongue. I could Escort Bayan see how much he was loving having me plead with him. Instead of giving in to me I heard him tease, “Soon. But there is so much more of you to explore.”

Raising my left leg to his shoulder, his tongue ran its way up and down the length of my leg. I felt kisses on my feet and watched as he took my toes, one by one, into his mouth to suck on. I needed some kind of touch, some pressure applied to my clit. I knew he wasnt’t nearly through with what he had in mind, so I reached down to massage it myself. Quickly, he grabbed me by the wrist and pushed my hand away.

“I said, not now! Can’t you wait? Just lie back and enjoy, baby. Don’t rush.” The sternness of his voice startled me.

I could see the look of intent in his eyes and could hear it in his voice. I know how he loves to take me so far, to make me so hot for him that all I can do is beg for him to fuck me. It’s a little game we play sometimes. At times, I’m the teaser, other times he takes on that role. Today, it was him.

Releasing his hold on my leg, he lowered his body to mine, pressing against me. For just a second I felt his cock rub against my thigh and I tried to move so that it was closer to my clit. His laughter told me that he wasn’t going to let that happen yet. Grabbing my arms, he pushed them above my head and pinned them to the bed. Crawling over me, he positioned his cock just inches away from my mouth. Not close enough for me to reach it with my tongue, but close enough to make me try. I darted my tongue out, trying to flick it over the tip of his cock, but he pulled back just a bit more.

“Damn you! I hope you’re enjoying this little game today,” I yelled as I tried to writhe my arms out of his grasp.

“Immensely, my precious. I love having you here, under me, so hot and wet that you would do anything to have me fuck you. But I don’t think I’ve heard you tell me just how much you want me, yet,” he continued teasing.

Knowing that he wasn’t about to give me what I needed Escort until I complied, I gave in pleading, “I need you, now! I need to feel that hot cock of yours plunge into my pussy. I want you to bury it inside of me so deeply that I’m screaming. Please, baby. Fuck me. Tell me what you want to hear. Anything. Just fuck me!”

“You want it now, don’t you? You want to have me slide my cock inside of you right now. I don’t think you deserve it, yet. Maybe it’s not even my cock you need, just a cock. Or just anything to fill your pussy. I’m going to get a drink when I come back, if you really want my cock, you’re going to have to convince me just how badly you need to be fucked.”

There wasn’t a hint of teasing in his voice as he said that. For a moment, I wasn’t quite sure if this was a part of the game or not. He’d never left me alone in bed like this before, aching for him. As I watched him make his way to the bedroom door, he turned and with just the slightest hint of a smile, he opened the door and walked out.

My hands, were now free to do as they pleased, and they immediately began massaging my clit, but that wasn’t nearly enough. I reached inside the bedside cabinet and pulled out one of my larger vibrators. I didn’t know if it would please or displease him to come back and find me fucking myself like this, but at that point I really didn’t care. His silly game was leaving me frustrated this time. Plunging the purple vibe into my slick pussy, I began a full on assault with it. I had the speed control set as fast as it would go, I was slamming it in and out of me, but still it wasn’t enough. I needed a cock I needed his cock.

I heard the door open, but didn’t stop to look at him until I felt his hand covering mine as he pulled the vibe away from me and tossed it aside. Looking up at him then, I tried to figure out what he was planning next.

“Were you enjoying yourself? Did that vibrator give you the pleasure you need? I knew if I left you alone for a few minutes, you wouldn’t be able to resist fucking yourself. That’s all Bayan Escort you need, isn’t it? Just something to fill that pussy of yours?”

“No, baby. I need you. I need to feel you slide between my legs and push your cock into me. It’s your cock I need. You’ve made me so fucking hot for you. I can’t take any more of the teasing,” I hoped this was what you wanted to hear.

“Me? You want my cock now, so bad, don’t you? Enough to beg for it.”

“Yes, now. I’m tired of your game, baby. Just come to me and fuck me! Please! I don’t want to wait any longer,” my pleading with him was just what he wanted.

His smile lit up his face as he began to strum one finger over my pussy lips. Slipping a finger inside of me, he smiled down at me saying, “ I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to give you just what you need.”

His cock, now fully erect and full of life pressed against my thigh as he moved back down my body. Staying on top of me, positioning himself between my legs, he placed his hands on the calves of my legs and raised them to his sides, with my toes pointing upward. Holding my legs apart, he leaned forward and allowed his cock to press even harder against my pussy. I felt my lips part completely as he pushed his way inside of me.

Each time he pushed into me, I could feel his cock probing deeper. I loved the feel of his balls as they slammed against me. Our eyes were locked on each other, his cock pounded quickly in and almost out of me. There was no tenderness, no gentle caressing.

“This is what you want? What you need? My cock slamming inside of you?” He knew exactly what I needed. “Tell me!”

“Yes! I need you! More, baby, fuck me harder. Your cock is just what I need.” I could barely get the words out, but I knew he wanted to hear them.

I heard him moan, I watched his eyes clinch tightly shut, I felt his firm grip on my legs. My body responded to his, as I arched toward him, squeezing his cock tightly. Just as I sensed that I was about to explode, I felt his hot cum rush inside of me, causing a flood of my own.

Feeling his weight collapse on top of me, I began caressing his back, telling him how much I loved him, how wonderful he is to me.

“No, my love. It’s you that makes everything wonderful,” his voice was full of gentleness now. The game was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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