A Mother Knows Best

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Author’s note: All characters in this fictional story are over the age of 18. This is a story about incest between a mother and her son. If this offends you, read no further. This is my first story and I’d appreciate constructive criticism and votes. Enjoy.

After a grueling first year of college, I was happy to be going home for the summer. The past year had been brutal. I had quickly learned that college was a completely different experience than high school. The school work was much tougher and I was pushed to my limits during sports. I played on my college’s lacrosse team and worked out every day to stay in shape. The thought of going home and being able to relax for a while without any cares was great.

I was excited to go home and get away from it all. Throughout the previous year, I grew frustrated with my sex life, if I even had one. In high school, I’d dated a few girls, but never got far with them. During my freshman year of college, women threw their bodies at me simply because I was on the lacrosse team. Most of them probably didn’t even know my name. I was not about to give up my V-card to a random girl.

At the same time, I was by no means inexperienced with girls. I knew how to talk to women and I was confident. I’d gotten countless blowjobs and handjobs as well as ate a few girls out. From the girls I’d been with, I knew I had a “larger than average penis,” which added to my confidence.

Having good looks was not a problem for me either. I was just over 6’3″ and had a muscular figure. I had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. To sum everything up, I was waiting for the right woman to come into my life. In doing that, I wasn’t having a lot of luck. I thought a lot about my sex life during the drive back home.


It was dark out when I pulled into the driveway. I staggered out of my car to the front door and rang the doorbell. Mom answered the door. When she saw me, she threw herself at me and gave me a big hug. Her hands roamed my body as we hugged, but I didn’t think anything of it.

“Jake! We’ve missed you so much! Welcome home,” she said.

“Hi, Mom. I missed you guys too,” I replied as I pried her arms off me.

“Come on in. I’m cleaning up dinner, your father is watching the game on TV, and your sister is away at summer camp until tomorrow,” Mom said as she waved me in.

I followed her into the cozy house of my childhood and into the kitchen. In the light, her jaw-dropping body was illuminated. Long blonde hair draped over the back of her pink V-neck shirt, the fabric stretching over her hourglass figure. Mom’s firm DD tits jutted out from her body. A short blue jean skirt hugged her round ass. Her long, tan legs supported her 5’6″ build. She had the body of a swimsuit model and worked hard to maintain it.

It wasn’t until around my second year of high school that I noticed I how attractive Mom is. I knew all my friends talked about her behind my back, but it didn’t bother me. I thought about, and sometimes even masturbated to, having sex with Mom myself!

“Oh come on! These referees are blind!” my dad shouted from the den, making his presence known.

I peeked my head into the room and said, “Hi Dad.”

He turned the TV off, got up and gave me a strong handshake. I could see that he had gained quite a few pounds since my departure for college. He had grown a scruffy beard and looked grumpy.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Tired, but doing well.”

“Good to hear it. Sorry I can’t stay and chat, but I’ve got work in the morning. I have to go to bed.” Dad said.

Although I was slightly disappointed I couldn’t talk more with him, I said goodnight and he lumbered upstairs.

Mom looked saddened at the lack of communication between Dad and I. After moment of silence, she said, “It’s late. I think I’m going to go to bed as well. I put clean blankets and pillows on your bed for you. It’s great to have you home again, Jake. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Mom.”

I headed for bed myself after I brought my bags in and unpacked. That night, I stayed up late recalling the rough history of my parents’ marriage.

My parents met each other in college. They got married right after graduation. A couple years after that, Mom became a stay-at-home mother with me, the oldest of two children. My younger sister, Sarah, was born a couple years after me. I could remember how Dad worked long hours every day, usually not returning home for the night. Mom would find lipstick and perfume on his shirts when she did the laundry. She never said anything because she feared her life would fall apart.

Anybody could tell that Mom was lonely in a failing marriage. Her normal, happy attitude

changed into a sad, depressed one. The love they shared was lost. Their relationship seemed distant. They lived their own separate worlds. Eventually, I dozed off.


I awoke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. As istanbul escort I walked down the hallway, I heard moans coming from my parents’ room. The door was cracked open just enough that I could peek in. I wasn’t prepared to stumble upon my parents having sex. Mom was lying on her back on the bed. I could only see her legs wrapped around my dad’s ass, pulling him into her as he fucked her.

As I secretly watched, my own cock came to life and tented in my shorts. I quietly slipped my shorts off and was about to jerk off to the show in front of me when Dad grunted and began to flop on Mom like a fish. It had barely been a minute since I started watching. Dad rolled off Mom and I could see the look of annoyance on her face. She didn’t say a word even though I could tell she wanted to scream at him.

When I turned back, I realized my shorts were still around my ankles and my cock was shrinking in my hand. I pulled them up, went to the bathroom, and headed straight back to bed. The minute I got back in my own room, I flung my clothes off and started furiously jerking my shaft. I masturbated to the vision of Mom sucking my cock deep into her mouth. I imagined fucking her pussy and filling her with my potent seed. The thrill of seeing my own mother like that was like nothing I’d ever felt before; It was unreal. I jerked off three times before dozing off


I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. I tossed on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and headed downstairs. Dad sat in his usual chair at the end of the dining table, sipping hot coffee and reading the newspaper. He was already dressed in his suit for work and his briefcase rested on the ground next to him.

Mom was in front of the stove, cooking sizzling bacon and making scrambled eggs. She was wearing another one of her skimpy little outfits; I’ve taken a notice to them in the past few years. Mom was wearing a white low cut top that exposed a lot of cleavage and a pink skirt that was so short that when she bent over the stove, you could see her yellow panties. Dad didn’t even notice her sexy outfit.

I said good morning to them both and sat down at the table. Mom served me breakfast and sat down between Dad and I. She kept looking at me with oogly-eyes, but I disregarded it. We all silently ate our breakfast. After ten minutes or so, Dad glanced up at the clock and began to panic.

“Shit! I’m going to be late. I have to go. Bye!” he shouted as he scooped up his briefcase and ran out the door.

“Have a good day!” Mom shouted out, but he was long gone.

She turned her head back towards me and asked, “What do you want to do today?”

I thought for a minute and replied “I’m not sure. Did you have anything in mind?”

“Let’s watch a movie,” she suggested, “My choice which one we watch though.”

“Alright. That’s fine.”

We went into the den and Mom said, “Sit while I find the movie to watch.”

I smiled, nodded my approval, and took a seat on the couch. I watched Mom walk over to the rack we kept our DVDs in. She leisurely bent over, reading the titles. Each time she reached down for another case, she dropped her shapely ass lower. Mom ended up squatting as she searched for a DVD.

Mom didn’t find the movie she was looking for in the rack so she sauntered over to a bin of discs we put our other DVDs in. As she stood there, she began to sway her hips slowly from side to side as she sifted through the numerous movies we owned. I was mesmerized by the sight of her body. The image of her from last night popped into my head and I pictured her totally naked. I felt my cock begin to stir.

Finally, she plucked out a movie and tossed the disc in the DVD player. Mom moved her hips seductively as she strolled back to the couch. She plopped down right next to me and reached across my body for the remote control on the other side of the couch. Her arms were not long enough to reach it, so she stretched across my body even more. Mom’s low-cut shirt gave me a perfect view of her tits. The view did nothing to stop the growth of the swell in my shorts. I was slightly let down when she finally reached the remote and sat back up.


The movie was decent. It was about some guy who was trying to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend from savage guerilla fighters. Around halfway through the movie, my mom laid her head on my shoulder and draped her arm over my chiseled chest. Taking the opportunity to touch her, I wrapped my arm around her body, holding her against me. She smiled and seemed to like that.

I could feel the side of her breast move alongside my body with her every breath. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could clearly see her dark areolas and nipples poking through her tight, white shirt. Every few seconds I’d sneak a peek at her breasts. A huge bulge had formed in my pants and was hard to the extent that it ached. I was gazing upon her avcılar escort incredible body when I heard moaning. I looked up in horror to see that the movie had a sex scene in it.

The girl in the movie was blowing the guy. I held my breath in hopes that the scene would just end before the couple went any further. It didn’t. They both stripped down and the guy began to eat the girl out. I felt my mom fidget a little and out of my peripheral vision, I saw her hand sneak between her thighs. The sight of everything around me was too much. I was above and beyond aroused. I was trying to stay as still as possible, praying that my mom didn’t see the huge swell in my groin.

My heart stopped for a second when she moved again, this time sliding her hand from my chest down to my thigh. I was in absolute terror. She was bound to notice my erection by now. My fears became reality when she moved her hand a bit and touched the edge of my hard-on through the fabric. We both froze for a second. To my complete surprise, Mom began a rubbing motion on my crotch with her hand. My cock ached even more when she did this.

I glanced back up at the TV. The two in the movie were humping away at each other. Suddenly, I felt my mom’s hand leave my thigh. I looked down to see what she was doing when I saw her face gleaming up at me with a smile I’d never seen before. Her eyes gazed deep into mine. Mom’s face slowly leaned towards mine and I naturally leaned into her. Our lips parted instinctively then collided in a lustful kiss. Mom’s lips were warm and her breath was minty fresh. Her tongue darted into my mouth. Our tongues found each other and intertwined. That kiss was much different from the love pecks on the cheek we gave each other before.

Using the hand she rubbed me with, Mom expertly pulled off her skirt, never missing a beat in our passionate kiss. My hands roamed over her body, feeling her stunning figure. Mom abruptly parted her lips from mine and effortlessly yanked off her T-shirt. A few strands of silky blonde hair fell in front of her face. Her heavy breasts hung free and her perky nipples pressed against my torso. Beside me, my gorgeous mother wore nothing but her sopping yellow panties.

Mom pressed her tits together and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I opened my mouth but couldn’t manage to say anything. I was completely speechless.

Mom smiled mischievously, then leaned into my ear and whispered, “Better than the view from last night?”

I froze in embarrassment and guilt. My face got hot. She caught me! Still stunned, I nodded yes.

Mom once again smiled the way I hadn’t seen before. It was a face filled with passion and lust.

Staring into my eyes the whole time, she got up from the couch and knelt in front of my crotch. My head began to spin with thoughts of “Is this really happening?” I’d wanted Mom for so long but it in that moment it seemed so wrong. It’s incest! She’s my Mom, and she loves me though. My mind was swimming in uncertainty.

Mom somehow sensed my uncertainty and said, “God, Jake, I’ve wanted you for so long. It’s been hell keeping my hands off you because you’re my son. But I can’t take it anymore! I have to have you.”

I was taken aback by her statement. Before I could reply, she was already tugging on the waistband of my shorts. I lifted myself up for her to pull them off. As she pulled them over my crotch, my fully erect cock sprung from its cage nearly hitting her in the face. Unfazed, she continued to tug them right off my feet. I ripped off my shirt and threw it aside. Mom’s face returned to my lap. Her eyes grew wide in awe at the size of my eight inch cock.

She smiled as she spoke softly, “Is this big dick for me?”

“Uhhhh….umm,” I stammered.

Mom giggled playfully at my attempt to answer.

“I can’t wait to feel this giant cock in my mouth,” she teased.

Mom’s fingers wrapped around the tip of my hard-on and she ran her hand down to the base, and then back up to my cockhead again. Pre-cum oozed out from the tip. Her fingers clenched around my cock and stroked it a couple more times, coating the shaft in my pre-cum before she eagerly lowered her head to it. Her tongue flicked out and licked the tip. Mom’s lips moved even closer and kissed its purple head, sending a wave of pleasure through my body.

Her bright blue eyes looked up at me as her mouth, without warning, engulfed my throbbing manhood. She consumed my cock into her warm mouth like a pro. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she tasted her own son, me, for the first time. Her mouth seemed bottomless until my cock hit the back of her throat.

“Ooooooooooohhhhh Mom! That feels so good,” I moaned.

She hummed on my cock, “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

I shuddered at the overwhelming feelings she was causing me. Mom frantically bobbed her mouth up and down my shaft. One hand massaged my balls while her other frigged her vagina through her soaking wet panties. I pulled şirinevler escort the stands of hair out of her face and gently held it behind her head, guiding her movements. Muffled moans escaped her mouth. My pre-cum was pouring down her throat as she doused my shaft in saliva. Her cheeks were hollowed out sucking my cock for all it was worth.

Mom brought her full, red lips off my cock with a pop and turned her head to the side. Her tongue ran down the sensitive underside of my manhood to my balls. She clutched my shaft in both hands and furiously jerked me off as she sucked my delicate balls into her hungry mouth.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned as my head fell back into the couch cushion and my eyes rolled back.

She removed my hairy balls from her warm mouth and in a hoarse voice said, “Do you like it when Mommy sucks your big, juicy balls? Talk dirty to me, baby. Talk dirty to your mommy while she sucks your big, hot prick!”

I’d never talked dirty with a girl before so I mimicked a guy in a porno I once saw.

“Fuck! Deepthroat that cock you slut!”

“Ohhhhhh…that gets me so fucking wet!” she moaned.

Her hands dropped to my knees to hold her up. Mom’s head moved back to the sensitive, purple tip and rapidly slid my throbbing manhood back into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my prick wildly. Saliva ran down her face as she continued pleasuring my member. I drove my hips forward, jamming my cock down her throat. The sheer girth of my cock cut off her airways and choked her for air. Mom’s nostrils flared while I held her face there for a few seconds before she pried herself loose, gasping for oxygen.

Before she could fully catch her breath, I separated Mom’s long, blonde hair down the middle and wrapped her hair around each of my wrists. Mom’s hair was like a horse’s bridle. I had full control of her movements. I pulled her face towards my crotch and launched my cock forward into her mouth. I forced every inch of my manhood down her throat. The tip of her nose pressed against my shaven pubic hair. I held her head on me for another few seconds before releasing my grasp on her.

Mom struggled for air momentarily. When she caught her breathe, I started to violently fuck her face. I lifted my hips from the couch with each thrust, plowing my raging cock into her warm mouth.

“You like sucking dick, don’t you slut?” I growled.

“Mhhmmmm” Mom hummed on my cock, sending jolts of pleasure through me.

Her hand was back to fiddling her pussy. I started to feel my impending orgasm, so I let go of her head and let her slow the pace down. Her sparkling blue eyes stared up at me as she slid my prick in and out of her slippery mouth. She skillfully pressed my cock against her cheek while she sucked and she used her free hand to cradle my balls in her fingers.

I glanced up at the TV once more just in time to see the couple climaxing. The credits began to roll as I felt the tingling sensation in my balls, building me up towards my own orgasm.

Mom shoved her mouth down on my prick and pulled it back out making popping noises each time her lips left the purplish head. In between deepthroats, she managed to say, “Do you……want to…..blow your big load…..in Mommy’s mouth?”

“Oh fuck, Oh…fuck yeah!” I groaned.

She took my entire cock back into her mouth in one go. After withdrawing my cock from her moist mouth yet again, she rolled her head back, moaned quietly, and took sharp breaths. I quickly realized what had happened. Mom gave herself an orgasm while blowing me. That was enough to send me over the boiling point.

“Mmmm that’s good,” Mom moaned.

“I’m…I’m gonna…” I mumbled.

Mom put my prick right back in her mouth as my body shuddered though an intense orgasm. I kept my eyes on her as I unloaded my first blast of sticky, white cum into Mom’s mouth. Then, a second blast of hot, creamy cum spewed into her mouth. No sooner than when she hungrily swallowed every last drop, did a third string of sticky cum blast from my bucking cock all over her face. Mom’s head slowly rose from my crotch moments later. I was shocked. I had drained my balls into her mouth and she didn’t lose a single drop of it. She sucked my cock back in and cleaned every last bit of my cream off the tip. She released my cock from her cum guzzling mouth and scraped some of the cum off her face with her index finger. With a hefty amount on it, she looked up at me and sucked her finger clean.

Still in pure ecstasy, I muttered, “Mom, you’re fucking incredible.”

She giggled and pulled herself up onto the center cushion of the couch next to where I sat, my cum still all over her face. After her amazing blowjob, I viewed us as lovers and thought the scandalous deed we committed wasn’t wrong at all. I yearned for more of her. Mom, smiling, placed a hand over her drenched panties. “My turn!” she said.

I reached over and brushed her tits with the palms of my hands. My fingers went to work making small circles around her areolas. I lightly rolled my fingers over one of Mom’s perky nipples and placed the other in my mouth. I gently sucked on the soft, supple flesh of her breast. My fingers pulled and flicked her nipple. I alternated playing with and sucking on each one. Mom threw her head back, gasping with pleasure.

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