A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 16

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“Are you feeling-” Lisa swung up and around on him and positioned herself over his cock.

“Master. I’m not tired in the least. All I want is to feel you inside me. I want you in my ass and pussy and mouth. I want you all over me and inside me. Please master.” Lisa begged.

Without any hesitation he got up and picked her up and carried her across the room and down the hallway and into her room. He closed the door and laid Lisa on the bed.

“Master.” Lisa said as she looked into his eyes. “Please. No matter how much I bleed or cry or hurt or cum. Please use me. Use any hole and don’t stop until you cum.” Lisa begged.

“I want you to cum inside of me master. I don’t care if it takes all night.”

Gregory’s cock stiffened hard and he pressed his swollen thick head against her pussy.

“For you my slutty sexy toy. I’ll fuck you until I cum in every hole.” He replied and pushed his thick cock inside of her. Lisa didn’t bother to restrain her scream as his cock expanded her pussy and pressed against her soft cervix.

Lisa noticed the difference, it was subtle but it was there. Her cervix was low and soft and instead of hurting, his cock felt…

“Amazing!” She moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist. Gregory went from slowly fucking her to ramming his cock harder inside of her. Lisa never cried though. All she could feel was the incredible pressure of his cock as it hit against her cervix and every sensitive spot inside her vagina.

“Oh master! Please! Don’t stop.” Lisa moaned. “I can feel it coming master!”

Greg felt her pussy tighten and squeeze him as her orgasm moved in quickly.

“Fuck me! Yes! Ah! Fuck I’m…I’m cumming!” She screamed and Greg felt her moist warmth surround him. Without hesitation he pulled out and pressed his red and swollen head against her anus.

Lisa froze and her eyes went wide as his wet head spread her tight pink anus open wide.

“Your so fucking tight!” Gregory grunted as her ass squeezed him.

“It’s so big master! Oh fuck it’s huge!” She whined.

Gregory moved just the tip of his head in and out of her anus. Using his thumb he began rubbing her aroused clitoris as he fucked the very entrance of her ass.

Lisa had never felt such pleasure in her life. A new sensational orgasm washed across her body and within seconds she came. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and Gregory took the opportunity to slide in further. Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. Gregory pushed his entire cock into her anus until his balls were flush with her ass.

“Oh my god!” She screamed as he pulled out and then pushed right back in and started quickly picking up pace.

“Oh fuck yes! It’s amazing! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I think…master! I’m gonna cum again master! I’m gonna cum don’t stop! Oh fuck me master! I’m cumming!” She screamed and her anus gripped his cock with immense force as her pussy gushed cum onto the bed.

Gregory pulled out and like she was a mere rag doll he spun her around until her head hung off the side of the bed.

“Open up.” He demanded.

Lisa opened her mouth and he slid his cock straight in not bothering to prepare her. Lisa didn’t care that her anal orgasm juices bakırköy escort covered his cock and were sliding down her throat. What mattered was that his cock was sliding freely down her relaxed throat and expanding her.

She loved the feeling of his warm massive cock filling her throat. She watched his tight testicles as they moved above her face and could see the thick veins of his cock every time he pulled out. Gregory felt the blazing need to burst from within his balls. He was at his limit. Gregory pulled out and spun her back around and tossed open her legs and pushed his massive cock straight back into her pussy.

“Master fuck me!” She shouted.

Gregory felt her soft cervix as it welcomed him with tight moist grips. Like it was trying to swallow his cock every time he pounded her. Lisa didn’t bother containing her moans as the feeling of another orgasm rolled up. Her pussy tightened and her cervix squeezed his cock. Lisa watched his face tense up and somehow she knew. She cupped his head in her hands and forced eye contact.

“Master. I’m gonna cum! Cum with me master! Cum inside me master!” She moaned.

Gregory’s testicles were on fire with a raging lust. Her words struck him at his core and without any restraint he started fucking her with the single intent to cum.

“Oh god! It hurts! Your cock feels so fucking good master!” She screamed.

“Don’t stop master! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard master!”

“I’m gonna cum. I’m going to fill my slutty toy.” Greg grunted.

“Yes master! Cum for me master! Ah! I’m cumming master! Cum with me!”

Gregory didn’t refuse the invitation. With painful pleasure his balls tightened and his cock expanded and he released. Lisa felt her own vagina squeeze as he expanded and she felt the explosion of his hot semen fill her up. Gregory pounded her cervix and pushed his semen deep inside her.

“It’s so thick.” She moaned.

Gregory pulled out and pushed his cock straight onto her anus.

“Oh shit! Yes cum in my ass master!” She shouted.

Gregory grabbed her hips and started pounding her tight anus and his cock began pumping massive cum load after cum load deep inside of her. So enthralled in his release he barely registered Lisa’s own moans as she experienced her very first orgasm brought on by anal sex.

Gregory pulled his still throbbing cock out and Lisa turned slowly and started massaging his cock with her hands. She held out her tongue and made sure every last thick white drop of cum wasn’t wasted. Gregory felt his exhaustion hit hard as he fell onto the mattress beside Lisa. She wrapped her arms around him and started stroking her fingers through his hair.

“Thank you master. You’ve made your toy so happy.” She said.

Gregory smiled and fought the heavy weight of his eyelids.

“It’s okay master, sleep. I’ll be right here with you all night long.” Lisa said and before he could respond, his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep. Lisa smiled and sank onto the enjoyable feeling of holding a man who she realized she was feeling more than just obedience for. Even as she felt him she could also feel his still warm semen inside of her holes. Thick and creamy. A sensation she realized she wanted beşiktaş escort much more of.

Lisa wasn’t too thrilled to be going to work without Gregory since normally when she

worked he would be there. With that thought in mind though she bent over the side of the bed and pulled her ass cheeks aside for her master who slowly inserted a medium sized black silicone plug with a heart shaped handle. It went into her tight anus and Lisa felt the soreness from her everything being stretched the night before.

“Good girl.” Gregory said and she got up and pulled up her black pants and situated her shirt.

“Thank you master.” She replied and they walked out to the car and got in.

“I’ll pick you up at two. My class is an early morning one today so I’ll be done by nine.” Gregory said.

“You are also meeting this Marsha woman too?” Lisa asked.

“Oh yeah, that too.” Gregory said with less enthusiasm.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Marsha is…more of a…I don’t know how to say it. But I’m happy with you and my mother. I don’t really want a third.”

Lisa felt a tingle of happiness knowing that she and Linda were enough for their master.

Gregory dropped her off at the back door and watched her go in before he drove off towards a two hour day of school. He had one more semester left and then he would have his massage certification.

Linda had woken up several times intending to get up but to little avail. Gregory had put her through more squirting orgasms than she had ever had in her life. While she enjoyed clitoral and cervical orgasm more just because they felt…harder and longer. Her squirting orgasms took more energy out of her and left her feeling drained. Linda tried to get up but fell back to sleep.

By the time mid shift rolled around Lisa had assisted nearly three dozen customers and almost all of them purchased something. Around ten, a new employee; Kate walked in. She was a short girl in her early twenties with a bright smile and a curvy body. She had milk chocolate skin and a pair of breasts twice Lisa’s size and an ass that was both tight and round.

Lisa cupped her own ass and thought that maybe she should go to the gym to tighten it up.

“Good morning. I don’t think we have met.” Lisa said.

“Hi, I’m Kate. Nice to meet you.” She said and looked around. “Any idea where Greg is?”

Lisa felt a tightening in her chest and couldn’t help but frown.

“He is off today. Why?” Lisa asked.

“Oh, no real reason.” Kate replied. “Do you know him well?”

Lisa smirked and replied; “I would like to think so, yes.”

Kate looked Lisa up and down and then circled to the front of the desk.

“Have you seen his dick?” Kate asked.

Lisa tightened her jaw and said; “yes I have.”

“I’ve heard it’s huge. Is it?”

Lisa put out her hands showing the approximate length and cupped her wrist showing the approximate girth.

“Shut up, that’s impossible. Are you serious?” Kate asked.

“I’m not joking. He is massive and…”

“Kate.” Valarie called, “come here please.”

Kate hurried over to Valarie and Lisa breathed a sigh of relief. She realized that she was feeling jealous. Melissa beylikdüzü escort had never really had a boyfriend…or a master before. Yet she was feeling jealousy.

She glanced over to Kate again. Kate had some great curves and she wasn’t overweight but Lisa knew that Gregory wouldn’t leave her for Kate. She also realized that she was definitely feeling butterflies in her stomach thinking about Greg when she thought about the term master…and boyfriend. Lisa’s attention was taken from her inner thoughts as a woman walked in. She was in her late thirties at least with a fairly curvy figure for a middle aged white woman.

She had short brown hair and wore a red dress that flowed around her. She walked up to the counter and smiled at Melissa.

“Good morning. Do you happen to know if Gregory is here? I have an appointment with him and I am a little early.”

“Are you Marsha?” Lisa asked.

Marsha looked a little taken aback to have a stranger know her name.

“Well, yes I am.”

“He isn’t here yet but you are happy to browse around and wait for him.” Lisa said.

“Thank you.” Marsha said and then stopped and looked back at Lisa. “Do you happen to know Linda by any chance?”

“Yes I do ma’am. Why?” Lisa asked.

Marsha smirked; “you must be Gregory’s toy then. I know Linda is his slave. Lucky girl to have slept with Gregory.”

“You’ve had sex with Greg?”

Both Marsha and Lisa turned to see Kate standing with eyes wide.

“Well…it’s more complicated than that.” Lisa said, blushing hard in the face.

“Who are you?” Marsha asked.

“Just an employee ma’am.” Kate said and looked back to Lisa. Before anyone could say another word, Greg walked in through the back door and when he realized all eyes were on him he stopped and stared.

“Good…morning?” He asked more than said.

“We have an appointment.” Marsha said and walked straight up to Greg. He led her to his room and shut the door.

“You fucked Greg?” Kate asked again.

Lisa hadn’t really intended to say anything more on the matter but Kate wasn’t letting it go.

“No…We have sex regularly.” Lisa said.

Kate shot her a look of disbelief.

“Is Greg monogamous or polyamorous?” Kate asked. “Does he share? Would you share?” She asked Lisa.

Lisa wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m not looking for a boyfriend or shit. But I’ll be honest. It’s been nine months since I’ve had sex. I…I…used to be…something special to someone but then it changed. Now I’m looking to be that something special with someone again. You know?” Kate asked.

“But why Greg?” Lisa asked.

“Because I have a thing for tall muscular white guys. Is he into BDSM?” Kate asked.

Lisa’s blushing face was all the response Kate needed and then she noticed the thin collar around Lisa’s neck. Realization dawned on her.

“Oh my god. You aren’t his girlfriend are you? You’re his submissive.” Kate said.

Lisa blushed even harder and felt put on the spot.

“Holy shit you are!” Kate shouted. “What’s it like?” Kate asked.

“It’s…incredible. I’ve never met or been with anyone who frees me the way that he does.

He controls me but makes me feel free and he gives me more pleasure than I’ve ever had before.” Lisa said, even as she said that she felt a tingling deep inside her.

“I want that so badly. My last dominant was…not good. Let’s say that. I really want a man who knows how to handle and control and appreciate an obedient submissive.” Kate said.

Lisa bit her lip and sighed.

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