A New Life Ch. 07

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Tracey’s story continues from chapter 6. Erin has had a threesome with her mother, Brandi and Jill, Brandi’s sister. Matt is returning from his business trip and reveals what is really happening.

A short recap from Chapter 6:

Erin gave me a wicked smile and looked over at her mom,

“Mom leave your clothes off. You’re my fuck doll and I want you naked.”

Erin pulled a red leash out of her bag and clipped it to her mother’s collar.

“Hands behind your back mom.”

“But Erin, there could be people outside, either here or back at our house, what if they see?”

“Then they’ll know you’re my slave mom.” Erin smiled wickedly at her mother again and started leading her downstairs.

We walked out the front of the house and over to the driveway, Brandi got in the backseat of the car with Erin. Lucky for Brandi no one was out so she hadn’t been seen yet. We drove back home and when we got to our house and pulled into the driveway one of our neighbours was outside watering her garden bed. Erin led her mother out of the car on her leash and our neighbours jaw dropped. We were kissing goodbye and Erin then led her mother across the lawn, completely naked, on her leash and collar and into their house. I looked over at our neighbour, quite attractive in a cheerleader sort of way and in her early twenties. I smiled at her and waved. She smiled back at me and waved. I thought to myself, I really must go over and introduce myself to her one day.

When we got inside my phone buzzed and I checked my messages. It was from Matt, telling me he loved the mother, daughter, sister show. He was coming back early as they had signed a big deal. He’d be back tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to see him. Pussy was good, but I was missing my husband’s warm, hard cock.

Sunday Evening

Justine and I were lying in my bed, propped up on pillows with our arms around each other. We had a glass of wine each and the bottle in an ice bucket beside the bed. It had been a big day and we were both pretty worn out. We had the tv on with a split screen. On one side it showed Erin fucking her mother with a strap-on. On the other side Jill had been moving from room to room tidying up the house. The setup was very good, the cameras switched with the movements in the rooms if you left it on auto. Jill was only dressed in her white collar and white high heels. She finally finished fussing around and poured a glass of wine, sat on a kitchen stool, crossed her legs and started drinking the wine.

Not long after Kelly and Erica walked in. We flicked the screen to just be on Jill’s house and turned up the volume.

“Hi mom.”

“Hi Jill.”

“Hi ladies, did you have a nice day? Mine was very, eye-opening.”

“We can tell,” Erica said.

“So, what did you get up to girls?”

This was fantastic, Justine and I were watching the tv showing Jill’s house and it was like watching a live tv program. The sound and picture quality were amazing, coming through in full HD.

“We went out to the club again mom. You really must come with us next time we go. We met up with those two milfs we told you about. They’re so hot and both have really hot daughters as well. We ended up performing for them again.”

“Really, so tell me more, what are their names? What are their daughters like?” Jill said.

Kelly walked over to her mother, “How about we go upstairs, get a little more comfortable and we can tell you more. What do you think mom?”

Jill smiled at the two of them, “I’d love to.”

The camera switched seamlessly to a shot of Jill, Kelly and Erica walking upstairs and then entering Jill’s room. Jill lay down on her bed while Erica and Kelly stripped off and then joined her.

Kelly started talking, “So mom, their names are Cindy and Betty. Can you believe it? Betty! Cindy is a slim brunette, really hot, with green eyes and about 5’7″. Betty is only about 5’2″ but really curvy with one of those ‘come fuck me’ bodies. She’s blond and has the cutest blue eyes.”

Both Kelly and Erica were stroking Jill while telling her this story. Justine and I were stroking each other’s pussies as we watched!

“We met up with them at the club mom and they were begging us to put on a show for them again. I asked them if they’d like a private show that could go a bit further and they were both saying ‘yes’. So, I asked if we could go back to one of their houses and that way things could be a bit more open, things could go a bit further. They virtually dragged us out of the club to their car. We ended up back at Cindy’s place and that’s when things got really hot mom. Erica and I just started undressing each other as soon as we walked in. We were naked in their lounge room kissing each other while they watched. God mom, it was so hot not knowing if anyone else was in the house or was going to walk in! Cindy asked us to go down on each other while they watched and we did it straight away. We made love in front of canlı bahis them for the next hour while they just touched and played with each other. Betty kept saying it would be so hot if her daughter would do this. Afterwards Cindy dropped us back here and I said to her that maybe they could come over one weekend and we could put on another show for them. Cindy loved that idea and was just saying, ‘yes, oh yes.’ Mom I know it’s really kinky and taboo, but I’d love you to be part of that. Would you do that? Would you join Erica and me while two other milfs watched?”

Jill held her daughters face in her hands and said, “yes, anything for you baby girl,” and kissed Kelly lightly on the lips. God it was so hot watching Jill and Kelly, a mother and daughter, lying naked next to each other kissing like that, I was getting so turned on.

Kelly pulled back from her mother, looked at her and said, “How far would you want to go mom?”

Jill looked at Kelly and said, “As far as you wanted me to.”

“What if we asked them to bring one or both of their daughters back? Would you perform with them while we watched?”

“Yes, anything you wanted me to do.”

“Would you ask their mommies to join you? Would you help them to play with their daughters? I know they’d love to with a little bit of encouragement.”

“Yes, yes I would Kelly. Anything for you.”

“Anything mommy?”

“Yes, anything baby girl.”

“Show me mommy, show me you’d do anything. Lick my pussy while Erica watches. I want my girlfriend to watch while you go down on me mommy.”

Oh, fuck this was hot. I didn’t think Kelly was into that. I knew she was kinky enough to play with her girlfriend in front of her mother, but this was a whole new level. Jill was smiling and crawling over the bed, she looked at Erica and then back at her daughter, licked her lips and then lowered her face between her daughter’s legs. Oh my god her tongue was out, lapping at Kelly’s clit, this was so hot.

“That’s right mommy lick my pussy. You like watching don’t you Erica? I bet you’d love your mommy to do this to you as well. Or maybe you’d like to watch your mommy go down on your brother? I bet he’d like that. Your hot big titted mommy sucking on his cock while you watched. Oh yeah mommy, lick my pussy while my girlfriend watches. Erica, call your mom, tell her you’re staying here tonight for a sleepover, put her on speakerphone so I can hear. I want to talk to her as well while my mom’s licking my clit.”

Oh my god this was so kinky, Justine and I just looked at each other with mouths open, was Erica really going to ring her mom? She was reaching for her phone; she was doing it.

“Hi mom, sorry for ringing so late, I just wanted to let you know I’m staying over at Kelly’s tonight.”

Erica’s mom replied, “Oh honey that’s ok. Are you sure Kelly’s mom’s ok with that?”

“Oh yeah she’s just having something to eat but she’s fine with it. Do you want to talk to her?”

“Yes, yes I probably should.”

Oh wow, was Jill really going to talk to Erica’s mom? Pull her mouth off her daughter’s pussy and talk to another mom? She was. Justine and I were rubbing each other’s clits while we watched this play out. Jill lay her head on Kelly’s thigh and started talking,

“Oh, hi Kendra how are you.”

“Good thanks Jill, I hope it’s ok Erica staying at your place tonight?”

“Yes, oh yes it’s more than fine. I love having both the girls here. In fact, we’re all in Kelly’s bed at the moment having a little slumber party. It’s too bad you’re not here too, I’m sure Erica would love to have you join us, maybe next time? We’ll have to catch up soon.”

“Yes, yes we will. I’d love to be there with you and the girls, I really miss how close Erica and I used to be. Seems like you’re the cool mom now.”

“Oh no not at all Kendra, like I said Erica would love you to be here,” Jill looked at Erica and smiled, “enjoying our daughters’ company just like I am. Anyway, I better go now but I really want to have you over soon, kisses and hugs gorgeous.” Jill went straight back to licking her daughter’s pussy.

Kelly had been rubbing her mother’s pussy the whole time she was having this conversation; I couldn’t believe it. Justine and I kept watching the three of them make love, rubbing each other’s pussies. It was so hot to watch Kelly and her mother finally succumb to their desires. Eventually Justine and I fell asleep before Erica, Kelly and Jill had finished.

Monday Morning

Matt’s flight had landed, and I was on my way to pick him up. I was so excited to see him again. It seemed like he had been away for months. Unfortunately, Justine had gone into work, but I had arranged a special welcome home surprise for him. Brandi and Erin were waiting back at our place, so kinky! Matt came out of the gate and I jumped into him and started kissing him. I couldn’t wait to start fucking him, but it was probably best I didn’t do it here. Matt was telling me bahis siteleri how they had made a big sale; the business was going really well and his partnership in it was really going to pay off. On the drive home I leant down and sucked his cock, it felt so kinky, so right! When we walked into the house and up to our bedroom my surprise was waiting. Brandi and Erin, kneeling down, naked, collared, and waiting to serve my husband. I was so excited!

“Do you like your mommy and daughter present honey?”

“I love it babe.”

I took Matt’s cock out and fed it to Brandi. God she was good at swallowing cock. Erin was licking it as well, sharing it with her mother. Matt was just moaning, his eyes rolling back in pleasure. Brandi was feeding Matt’s cock to Erin, then pulling it back and sucking on it herself. I couldn’t believe how hot it was to watch a mother and daughter sharing a cock, it was just unbelievably erotic.

“I made you two fuck dolls. Do you like them babe?”

“Oh yes, I love them. I’d love to watch them fuck each other; I’ve only ever seen it on the screen. I want to see it in real life babe.”

I grabbed Brandi and Erin and led them up to the bed.

“Kneel up and kiss each other, suck each other’s tits, Matt wants to watch a live mommy daughter lesbian show.” God it was so wicked saying that, I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. Matt and I sat down on the sofa to relax and watch the show. I was stroking his cock while we watched.

Matt started talking to me, “Oh my god babe, I can’t believe your stroking my cock while we watch a mother and daughter kiss. This must be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

As we watched Erin pushed her mother down onto her back and said, “I’m going to ride you mom.”

Erin then placed her pussy onto her mothers and began grinding against her. We could hear their slick pussies rubbing against each other. It was so unbelievably hot to be watching this with my husband. His cock was throbbing and I was sure he would cum any moment. I went down onto my knees and took his cock into his mouth and sure enough Matt exploded. His cum shot straight down my throat, I don’t think I even tasted it.

“Sorry babe. I got way too excited watching this. I can’t believe Erin is scissoring with her mother. I’ve seen them on the screen before, but this is just so much wilder watching them live.”

Brandi and Erin were in a world of their own, groaning, moaning, telling each other how much they loved one another, how they were going to keep fucking in front of audiences because it was such a turn-on to do something so taboo, so forbidden while others watched.

Matt looked at me and said, “I need to talk to you babe. I need to explain something to you.”

“I’m all ears babe, but if you don’t mind can I keep watching?”

Matt started talking, “Of course you can babe. I know your enjoying watching and there’s a reason for that. About three months ago I came across a variation of the chemical I’d been researching at work. It’s a combination of endorphins we’d been developing for a new perfume line. The perfume was extremely successful, and we have made a big sale on it, that’s why I was able to come back earlier than expected.

The variation I came across, I kept to myself. It only seemed to work on female subjects, increasing their libido and especially their attraction to other women. It’s completely harmless and seemed to enhance a person’s feelings of love and also greatly increase their reception to whatever kinks they may have. It also seems to have acted similar to a virus as any females that come in contact with a female exposed to it also start to act the same. You see babe that’s why we are watching Erin and her mother make love, you exposed them to it. I used it on you as I thought it would be good for our love life. It certainly has but I never expected it to go this far. I’ve developed an antidote that will nullify the effects and I’ve got it here now; I’m going to spray it on you.”

“Wait,” I said. Matt just stared at me. “I love what’s been happening, it’s so kinky, so dirty and it has brought us closer together. I love the fact that our sex life has just exploded. I don’t want that to change. And besides that, how hot is it to watch a mother and daughter making love right in front of us.” I smiled at Matt when I said this last bit.

“Wow,” Matt said. “I didn’t really expect a response like that.”

“From what you’re telling me Matt all we are doing is acting on desires we already have. Look at Brandi and Erin, I know her previous girlfriend wanted to watch exactly this with her sister and now she’s living it out in front of Justine and me. Erin had obviously considered it as well. Then there’s Jill, Kelly and Erica. Kelly had obviously had kinky thoughts about performing in front of her mother, she had already started asking Erica to seduce her mother. The list just goes on, I think you’re helping people rather than hurting them. I say let’s keep going bahis şirketleri and see where this takes us.”

“Well babe you make a good argument. I’m happy to continue if you are. Now why don’t we go and join Brandi and Erin.” Matt had the biggest grin on his face when he said this.

We climbed up onto the bed, Matt came around behind Brandi and cupped her gorgeous breasts, I did the same with Erin. We had them face each other and this started them kissing again. God I’d never get over how hot this was, I leant into Erin’s ear and said, “You love kissing your mom while we watch don’t you?”

“Yes,” Erin said breathlessly.

“What if we brought more people to watch, would you like that?”

“Oh yes.”

“Would you like me to fuck you with a strap-on while my husband watches?”


I reached over and grabbed the strap-on from my bedside table, pulled it on and tightened the straps. Erin raised herself up on her knees, holding onto her mother’s shoulders, and I pushed my cock in. At the same time Matt pushed his cock into Erin’s mother. They both sighed and looked at each other.

I whispered in Erin’s ear again, “Kiss your mother while we fuck you.” Erin immediately began kissing her mother, squeezing Brandi’s beautiful breasts and pinched her nipples.

Matt and I were driving our cocks in and out of the mother and daughter pussies faster and faster. I whispered in Erin’s ear, “Tell your mother she’s your fuck-doll.”

“Oh mommy, you’re my fuck-doll, my mommy slut. I love fucking with you mommy.”

“Tell mommy you want to invite Jill, Kelly and Erica over for a party. Tell her you want to perform for them at the party, you want your cousin and her girlfriend to watch while you fuck mommy in front of them.” I was still driving my cock into Erin and Matt was doing the same to Brandi, they were both moaning in pleasure.

“Mommy, mommy. I want to ask Aunty Jill, Kelly and Erica over so we can fuck in front of them. Will you do that for me mommy?”

“Oh yes baby girl, of course mommy will. I’m your mommy-slut and I’ll do anything you want me to.”

Wow, I couldn’t believe it. Brandi and Erin were willing to fuck in front of their own relatives, in front of Brandi’s sister and Erin’s cousin. Erica wasn’t going to know what to do when this happened! I was thinking about the two milfs Kelly had performed for as well. Maybe I should have Erin ask Kelly to invite them as well. I could have a lesbian orgy organised at Brandi’s and Matt and I could watch from the comfort of our bed! I leant down and whispered in Erin’s ear again.

“You’re going to ask Kelly’s two milf friends, call her, ask Kelly to come to your house next Friday and ask her to invite them. You’re going to make your debut performing in front of an audience. It’s going to be your aunt, your cousin, her girlfriend and the two milfs they know. Will you do that for me Erin?”

“Yes, oh yes I will. May I cum mistress?”

I’d forgotten how rhythmically I’d been pumping Erin’s pussy, “Yes, you may cum.” I smiled when I said this. Erin started convulsing on my cock, she was cumming so hard I thought she was going to have a fit. God it felt good watching her spasm on the end of my cock. Her mother was doing the same with Matt. God this was glorious, a mother and daughter fucking my husband and me. I was going to make them understand how to be fuck-dolls, I was going to make them understand the true meaning of rapture. Both Brandi and Erin had passed out after cumming, I started taking to Matt.

“Would you mind if I got them to put on a lesbian show for some friend’s babe?”

“No of course not, as long as I can ask something later?” Matt said.

“Yes babe, anything.” Matt smiled at me when I said this, as if he was holding onto something.

“I’ll let you know when I’ve decided babe,” And he smiled a wicked smile at me.

Brandi and Erin started to stir, “Erin, I need to talk to you.” We walked out of the bedroom while Matt was feeding his cock to Brandi again. She was slurping it up, god I still couldn’t believe how good she was at deepthroating cock. She’d keep Matt occupied for hours.

Erin and I walked down to the kitchen and we grabbed a juice each. I had a kinky plan and I wanted to see if Erin was open to it. We were both naked and it was so hot to be looking at an eighteen-year-old thinking of how I could corrupt her!

“So, Erin, I understand your cousin met up with some interesting ladies. Has she told you about them?”

“Yes, yes she has. Would you like to hear about them?” I nodded my head and smiled.

“Well, Kelly has been going to a lesbian club with her girlfriend Erica and apparently, from what she’s told me, they’ve been putting on shows for the women there, sex shows.” Erin smiled when she said this. I knew the idea was turning her on.

“So apparently, from what I’ve heard, they’ve not only put on some pretty hot dance routines but also done a private show for two of the older ladies they met.”

“Tell me more Erin. What do you know about it?”

“Apparently they went back to one of their houses and put on a private show for two of the ladies which was pretty out there, pretty hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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