A New Life for Debbie Ch. 10

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Abbie and his team were so excited : it was the finale of the World Cricket tournament and it was taking place there in Singapore! They couldn’t stop day dreaming of it. Finally it was Dee who proposed the guys to go there. She would organize a night for girls only in their apartment near the whore house. Abbie jumped on the occasion as any man of English origin would have! He may have been black as coal, but he had been bathed in that sport with all his friends since his early childhood.

Affairs at the Chinese brothel would be certainly very low, so the management had decided to offer all the girls a day off. Therefore, the night between girls transformed into a whole day. Abbie would stay in Dee’s bedroom at the Chinese brothel to prepare for the match with his gang.

Dee’s apartment was spacious with five big bedrooms with king size beds. Normally it was the meeting point of the whole family but one of the men was often not there as the Organization had sent him on some mission, such as accompanying a girl to Morocco if she was ill or had not satisfying results in the cash she earned. Such girls were often affected to some less busy establishments of the Organization. As Dee and her daughters were among the biggest earners, they were not concerned but that left one of the girls alone while her sisters and her mother were fucked quite hard by their mates.

Dee didn’t want to let the single girl alone at the Whore house but she didn’t want to fuck Abbie and let her lonely daughter listen to the antics of her mother and sisters. Her maternal instinct couldn’t accept it! So, Dee had taken the habit to invite her daughter to share Abbie with her. The reverse had not been automatic : at the beginning, when Abbie was far away, her daughters had trouble inviting their mother to share their own mates. It may have been simple respect or fear of comparison as Dee was certainly the hottest girl of the four.

Dee had bigger breasts, more beautiful legs and buttocks, longer and thicker hair, more talent in applying her make up, sexier gait, natural elegance with any dress than her daughters. She could put on anything from a burqa to a micro-skirt and look sexy in it! She could even walk and dance sexily with six inches stiletto heels, a feat none of her daughters had been able to able to match! The differences were not that evident but they added and finally most men would have chosen Dee for a night out.

At the beginning, Dee’s daughters never offered her to share their own mates with her but then she didn’t want to go to the apartment to brood alone and then her daughters couldn’t go either to the apartment on their own as Dee was the only one allowed to exit the premises without supervision with them. Even Abbie hadn’t that possibility, a new proof of the high regard the top brass accorded to Dee.

The rumor said Dee would be soon transferred to the escort girl department where she would be expected to service very important business men on an International basis for fees reaching up to ten or twenty thousand dollars a day. For that astronomic price, the girl was to be very educated and Dee had been a high school professor, very sexy and Dee was so hot she could have ignited a fire in the desert. The girl had also to attend formal dinners with high society wives, receive guests for a party wearing a Versace or Dolce & Gabanna cocktail dress or receive a president and make him at ease immediately. Her mission could last from a single day to a week or longer and she could be called on the opposite side of Earth, arrive fresh and ready for anything. Of course, she would have also to cope with all the sexual needs of her customer! Secretly, in her heart, Dee was contemplating that bright future but she was also fearing it : would she be up to it?

Dee closed the door and contemplated her daughters. The situation was reminiscent of their old house, in England. Maybe, tonight, there would be a house attack and they would be spirited away again… She intended to enjoy the day and the night, just for the sake of the old times.

– A pleasure to get rid of our mates for a whole day, don’t you think so, girls?

They laughed heartily. It was so pleasant to be between girls, just the mom with her daughters once more! It was cool being together and not thinking to the guys who would pay to fuck them in a few hours. Janet prepared them a cocktail of her composition. It was so delicious that she had to prepare a second glass then a third until the bottle of Gin was empty. They were tipsy, not really drunk but their inhibitions had certainly dissolved in the alcohol vapors. They now laughed for no actual reason, except the pleasure of being together.

Dee had ordered food for four from a top class restaurant. She had chosen the aphrodisiac menu : oysters, asparagus and such things served with very hot sauces. The recipes must have been really effective as the four girls felt really horny. In fact, if their mates had been there, they would have retired Zonguldak Escort to their bedrooms and raped them! But these stupid guys were busy watching some fools playing with a ball and a bat. The girls would have preferred to play with another bat, a round and very stiff one indeed!

The girls decided to try to cool down in the Jacuzzi on the sun deck. It wasn’t meant for four and they would be cramped. They managed to enter it. They were stark naked and there was much involuntary touching between them : hips, breasts, elbows, feet and shoulders came in contact and if you wanted to back away, you entered in contact with just another girl. Finally, they reached a result diametrically opposite to the one they had looked for : they were getting really horny as hell!

– What d’you think our guys are doing right now?

– Drinking, swearing, screaming and wooing the referee, for sure!

Joan served four glasses of wine.

– Imagine that Al, last year, left me alone in my bed all the night to watch the TV! I had to satisfy myself with a dildo. He even stayed in the lobby to snore alone when it had been finished. I snubbed him for a good week afterwards!

– It must be something in the male genes! My own sucker of mate did the same! It’s far better to be here together.

– Don’t be too harsh on them, girls : most of the year, they service us quite conveniently. Personally, I’m quite satisfied by Abbie’s big cock! He really knows how to please a girl!

– Sure, Mom! But they failed us tonight and they should be punished for it!

– What do you intend to do exactly, Samantha : get outdoors, pick up four guys and herd them here?

– Hey, stop that, Janet, you are under my responsibility. I would have to get out and pick up men for you! With that damned tournament, I’ll have to walk the streets like a cheap whore for hours!

They switched on the TV and, on the first channel they flipped through, they found a porn movie with two girls exchanging passionate kisses and caresses on a bed while two other ones did the same on the carpet. The girls seemed to be really in their roles. In no time, Dee and her daughters were glued to the screen, imagining they were with the girls exchanging hot caresses.

Dee and her daughters had never really experimented in that direction except with Ying when they presented the Inmates show but it was just a warm up exercise to put the pressure on the assistance and induce them to pay the fee for fucking one of the girls. When Ying had entered her father’s harem, Dee had formed two couples : herself with Janet and Joan with Samantha as they worked nicely together but they were just playing. Al and Justin had assets their girly mutual attraction couldn’t compete with!

Joan giggled in the water spraying water all around.

– Did I tell you I had a thryst with a girl at college?

– Was it a real affair, Sister?

– No, we exchanged a few kisses, she unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my bra over my boobs. She sucked my nipples. It was delicious and I reciprocated but we stopped short when we started to caress our pussies through our jeans. We were too shy!

– Really? Have you been ever shy, sis?

– Remember : I was a virgin when a guy I don’t even know paid a lot of money to pop my cherry!

– Yes but you can be technically a virgin and have a very active sex life!

– Oh, Janet! Do you imply I was a whore?

– But you are one, now! Is it a problem for you, sis?

– Not at all! I really enjoy it, you can be sure of it! I wouldn’t want another job! I’m a sex-addict and proud to be! Don’t tell me you never experimented with another girl!

– Uuuhhh! During a party, I was given a dare to French kiss a friend. She was reluctant but I kissed her on her lips and forced my tongue into her mouth. Then she opened up and we really kissed one another. For sometime afterwards, we walked hand in hand and exchanged side glances but we never went further.

– God! I would never have imagined two of my daughters had such adventures… Did you do your homework on occasion?

Dee could feel her nipples getting taut but they were safely hidden under the water. Their small talk had made her excited just because her daughters had told them of their little experiences of girl to girl contact. They amounted to nearly nothing but a more seasoned lesbian girl could have changed their lives then! Would they have been happier with their lives would remain unresolved.

Janet suddenly asked a question :

– Do you think the girl on the left is cuter than I am?

– If you want us to compare, you’ve better stand near the TV. We will be the referees and decide who has the lithest figure, the biggest breasts and the cutest ass!

– OK but if I do it, you too, sis, and why not you, Mom?

– Because I’m your mother! I’m much older than you. The comparison wouldn’t be fair!

– You’re kidding, Mom! The management has issued Zonguldak Escort Bayan the last month statistics : you earned more than thirty percent more than any of us and you had the flu for four days! We may be younger but you still have more sex appeal than us! What is your secret, mom?

– Hey, look at the TV, Joan, this one has hair on her pussy and butt hole : it’s disgusting!

– You’re right. Tell me : when did you shave yourself, Janet?

– Yesterday morning, Mom and I waxed my bum hole this morning! Check yourself!

Janet turned around and got on all fours, pushing her pert bottom up in the air. Dee could examine her huge tits hanging down, swaying like a pendulum whenever she moved. It was too much for a loving mother. She knelt beside her daughter and ran her finger on her pussy. There wasn’t even a trace of stubble. Then she explored the crack of her ass : it was as smooth as a baby’s skin!

– Good, Janet! You’re taking good care of your body!

Without thinking to it, Dee grabbed her daughter’s hanging tits and massaged them. She was still breast feeding her new born baby. As soon as he would be weaned, the couple who had paid a lot to adopt him would come and take him away. Thus, Janet was still in milk. Her mother bent down and took her daughter’s breast in her mouth and started to suckle her. Janet moaned with the indescribable pleasure of being milked by a stern mouth.

– Oh my God, I can’t believe you are milking my breast, mom!

– Milking you, Janet? Why not?

Without any other comment, Dee resumed her suckling, caressing the nipple with her tongue. She could feel the body of her eldest daughter shuddering with the pleasure she induced with her tongue.

Janet relaxed finally and accepted the caresses of her mother, begging her to stop but offering her tits for more suckling. Dee felt emboldened but the alcohol she had drunk may have had a big part in that boldness. She wetted her finger in her mouth and pushed it into her daughter’s pussy

– What are you waiting for, Joan and Samantha? Suck my tits and put your fingers in my cunt or my ass, Joan… Hey, please, use your saliva to lube it : it really hurts! Good, now, Samantha, offer the same service to her!

Janet finally closed the circle when she took Samantha’s nipple in her hands and pushed a finger in her sister’s twat and another one in her ass. The room was suddenly filled with moans, groans and slurping noises. The four girls were quite busy giving and receiving pleasure from their respective partners.

As pleasure waves rocked their bodies, the girls became more and more excited. The moves of their tongues and fingers became even more frenetic. Dee knew they had reached a no return-point : they were about to make them cum one another and their mother was taking her own part in it. After that, what would prevent her daughters to find release together? Uuuummphhh : Who said that getting rid of inhibitions makes you happier? At least now, her daughters would have no inhibitions regarding sex with men, women or in group!

– Hey! Listen : I’m about to cum! It would be so nice if we cummed together, don’t you think so? Are you ready?

Her three daughters announced in a chorus that they were more than ready!

– Then, try to count with me : three,…two,… one,… NOW!

Joan found it deliciously naughty to cum under the command of someone else, even though it was her own mother! It made her feel so submissive! Their common climax was one of the best they had had in their lives! They collapsed on the bed with arms and legs wide open and entwined. They emerged from their stupor after a long time. The girls discovered soon that their lust hadn’t abated. They kissed one another but it wasn’t sisterly or motherly kisses but true love kisses, aiming to spur desires and encourage both girls to even more daring feats!

Dee had her hand on Samantha’s rump. It was shivering and shuddering in anticipation. She bent down and covered her daughter’s buttocks with pecks and real kisses until she reached her ass hole. She froze for a second : it was something she had never done to Ying or to Abbie. She pressed the tip of her tongue against her tiny puckered rosette. Samantha bore down and her anus yielded under the pressure of her mother’s tongue, letting it in by a fraction of an inch. Not disheartened, Dee rubbed her tongue along the rim of her daughter’s asshole. She called for her two other daughters :

– Want to imitate me, J and J? It’s so easy! But if you are disgusted, you may still watch the TV : there is a soap opera on channel seven!

– Sure, Mom! What shall I do?

– It’s so easy! Sit down behind Samantha, spread her buttocks with your hands to uncover her anus and lick it as you would Tyrone’s cock!

Janet hesitated, unsure about what to do, then she went on her four, crawled over and approached slowly her sister’s ass. She drove her tongue out of her mouth and, Escort Zonguldak slowly and quite reluctantly, the tip of her tongue reached toward its goal. Dee watched it ouch Samantha’s asshole. She quivered with excitement. Dee took Samantha’s nipples in her hand and caressed tem. Sam started to moan helplessly. Dee made a sign to Janet, who started immediately to lick her sister’s asshole. Dee couldn’t move a finger : she was petrified but the erotic show her daughters offered her. Her pussy was in fire, oozing red hot lava and her clit was throbbing.

– Your turn, Joan! You’ve seen how to do it. You’re going to lick good your eldest sister.

Dee couldn’t hide herself she was turned on watching her three daughters eating their asses with such an appetite. Joan’s bottom was now wobbling in front of her eyes in the most alluring way. She couldn’t stop herself from bending toward her daughter’s bottom and starting to rim her asshole. She started slowly at first, licking the edge of her tight little hole. Joan seemed to enjoy it a lot, she stopped to lick her sister and screamed. She resumed her licking but she was shuddering hard and her hips were wiggling madly. dee had difficulties following her. Joan bucked and pushed herself back on her mother’s face. Her asshole suddenly popped open in a clear invitation for deeper caresses. Dee couldn’t decline such an invitation…

Dee started to push her tongue into Joan’s ass, slowly, little by little, until her hole was wet with saliva, then she made her tongue in a pointed cone and pushed it deeper, probing inside as far as she could go, faster and faster. Joan was squirming violently against her face. Her pussy was weeping for attention and the lewd caresses of her mother had ignited a fire in her belly. Her tits were tingling and her two sisters were in the same state of excitation! The train they had formed on the instigation of their mother collapsed on itself, separating into couples who focused their attention on a girl only! They were so desperate to continue enjoying one another that they just chose the nearest partner : Janet with Samantha and Dee with Joan!

The room was reeking with sex odors : wet pussies and sweat but none of the girls cared really. Janet had taken the leadership in her pairing with Samantha. She had rolled over her sister onto her back and Janet lay on top. Samantha’s hands were holding desperately onto Janet’s cute ass as their tongues probed each other’s mouths. Dee would never have thought they had such a hunger for one another!

She had had a torrid sixty nine with Joan and they rested alongside in the aftermath of their climax, watching Janet making out with Sam. Dee opened slowly her legs and started caressing her clit as Janet and her partner’s release was approaching pretty fast. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch two of her daughers making love!

She felt her pussy tingling just looking at their sexy passion rocked young bodies. She felt so proud of being the mother of these cute girls. Their tits were simply perfect, big and perky with their taut nipples poking out, advertising to the world just how horny they were. Their bottoms were firm and high perched, swaying so seductively when they walked. their bald pussies were so much enticing but what she preferred was still their beautiful tits. Dee didn’t know whether, for a man, they would be more pleasant to suck, lick or squeeze around a big cock

Dee’s eyes wandered down Joan’s body, drifting up between her legs and stopping on her hairless mouth watering pussy. She giggled, thinking to all the pleasures they could share today! She had a really nice pussy with pouty nether lips and a nice clit. God, she was lusting after her own daughter! But it was her fault : she was so hot! Dee just wanted to go up to her and French kiss her for a long time.

Samantha suddenly interrupted their duo. She was feeling put aside, having had no opportunity to mingle with her mother!

– Hey, Mom, why don’t you spend some time with me? Are you cross against me? You spent hours with Joan!

– Really? I never forgot my other daughters, darling. It’s just the first time I’m in command during such an orgy. Usually I’m given directions. Sorry if you felt that way. Come. I feel sticky with sweat and I’m reeking girl cum. I need a good shower! Care to join me?

She took Sam’s hand and hugged her. Her daughter felt really sad with tears in her eyes. Dee kissed her face, licking the tears away. When Sam had calmed down and started smiling, Dee took her chin in her hand and looked her in the eyes.

– Luv, you must never feel left out. You are always in my heart and there’s no possible way out!

With their hands tightly entwined, Dee led Sam into the bathroom, flicking on the water and putting it to hot. She faced her and caressed her hair lovingly, pushing back the locks that covered her face. She tucked her hair behind her ears, leaned forward and kissed her gently. Her tongue darted forward and slipped inside Sam’s half open mouth in a swift move. Her daughter froze and left her in total control. Sam might be now a seasoned whore, perfectly able to manage alone a dozen paying customers with apparent laid back attitude, she was still her daughter and ready to submit to her mother’s orders.

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