A New Life Pt. 01: The Beginning

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Big Tits

My name is Brittany and I am my boyfriend’s sex slave.

It didn’t start out that way. We met three years ago and after a couple weeks of being friends, we started dating. We had what most would consider quite a normal courtship. Because I have trust issues, I made him wait for sex. We didn’t have sex until our second month of being an official couple, but once we started, it was all I wanted. Feeling him inside me was my absolute favorite feeling in the world.

Six months in, my lease was up on my apartment, so I moved in with him so we could spend more time together. Once I moved in, we were having sex multiple times a day: when we woke up, when we both got home from work, usually after dinner, and again when we went to bed… and a few times in between- so it would allow for a bit of experimentation. I was surprised to find out that the times he would be rougher with me are the ones I would end up thinking about most when we weren’t together. I couldn’t get enough of him and it seems he couldn’t get enough of me.

I was very submissive and, Maraş Escort as it turns out, he was far more controlling than I ever thought before. Sometimes, he would grab me and, without prompting, bend me over and use my pussy. There were many times it seemed he was taking out his stress for the day on me, from violently groping my breasts, to slapping my pussy sore before a nice rough fuck. I never argued or fought back. I loved being controlled. I’m almost embarrassed admitting it, but these were my favorite sessions. I loved being treated like a personal whore for the man I love.

One day, we were sitting on the couch after a good fuck. I had my legs spread and my cunt on display for him. He absolutely loved watching his cum leaking from my pussy. He told me he’d been reading about relationships like ours online that were more defined and asked if I would mind if he gave me some rules.

“I guess that depends on the rules”

“Well, for the most part, they’d be pretty basic… like you not wearing clothes unless I choose them.”

“And Maraş Escort Bayan what happens if I break these rules?”

“I would punish you.”

“What kind of punishment?”

“Nothing you can’t handle, and you’ll always have a way out. You know I love you, I’d never truly hurt you. Besides, I know how much you like getting your pussy hit.”

“Why don’t you make your rules, then we’ll discuss it.”

The next day, I came home from work to find a piece of paper pinned to the refrigerator with a list of rules on it:

1. Never wear clothes in the house unless they are picked out for you. If you are cooking, you are allowed to wear an apron.

2. You are always on display. Whenever sitting, your legs must be spread enough for your pussy to be visible.

3. Your body belongs to me and only me. It is mine to use when and how I please.

Three simple rules. Just reading them made my pussy drip.

He would usually get home from work about an hour after me and I always tried to have dinner Escort Maraş ready for him when he walked in the door (I’m looking forward to being a housewife someday). I decided that for this dinner, I’d show him how I feel about his rules.

When I heard his car pull up, I met him at the door wearing nothing but my apron. I led him to the dining room and pulled out a chair form him to sit at a table set for one. He looked confused, but didn’t say anything yet. As I turned to head toward the kitchen, he spanked my bare ass and I yelped as I walked away. I came back with a single plate of food and set it in front of him.

“You’re not going to eat?”

“Of course I am.” I replied as I untied my apron. I lifted it over my head and let it fall to the floor, exposing my naked body to him. I watched as his eyes skimmed my body, down over my 34D chest, to my cleanly shaved pussy. He looked as if he was trying to hold back a smile. I leaned in so my breasts were in his face when I whispered in his ear, “I agree.”

“Enjoy your dinner” I said before crawling under the table, unzipping his pants, pulling out his already-hard cock, and wrapping my lips around it. As I eagerly sucked him off as he ate his dinner, I resolved that this is my place. This is where I belonged, and I was excited about our new life together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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