A Night after the Casino

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My wife, Adriana, was away for the weekend on a scouting shoot for her interior design job. And boy was I bored. I put a message up on FaceBook to see who wanted to hang out on Friday night. I got a lot of lukewarm responses, but one seemed promising. Our friend Leslie had just dumped her boyfriend and was looking to blow off some steam. We tossed around dinner, a bar, etc. but finally settled on a night at the casino. Leslie had plans with some work friends for Happy Hour, so I set to pick her up at her apartment after she had a chance to get cleaned up.

I pulled up outside her high rise apartment right on time at 11 and texted her that I was downstairs. She came right down and we headed out to see if we could get lucky. The casino was packed and it took us some time to find a table where we could both play. Our luck wasn’t very good so we decided to take a break and headed to the bar. I was driving so I just had a few beers. Leslie, who is a light weight to begin with, started with a double rum and diet and quickly followed it up with another. The cocktails really loosened Leslie’s tongue. I learned more about her in those two hours at the bar than I had in the 3 previous years Adriana and I had known her. She is so interesting. She has been thru so much personally and with her family. I never knew just how strong she was. She laid out for me all about her ex, Joe, and why he had to go. He really hadn’t treated her well, at all. And, according to Leslie, he was horrible in bed and was never “there for her.” She told me about her time volunteering at a hospice in Florida and how much she had gotten out of it and how it shaped what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Anyway, Leslie was pretty drunk by the time that last call rolled around so we decided to hit a diner on the way back to her apartment. I found a parking spot right around the corner from the little mom and pop place. As we walked she grabbed my arm to steady herself. Her skin against mine was so warm. It felt really good. It was electric. It caused my arm to tingle. I put any prurient thoughts out of my head and just enjoyed my walk with a pretty lady on my arm.

A late night burger for her and french toast for me; pretty standard fare. The conversation turned a little bit mature from what had just been purely platonic. She asked if I had ever cheated on Adriana. I hadn’t. Not since we had been serious. I have had a few opportunities when traveling for work and had even considered it once, but it just isn’t my style to cheat. Then she asked if Adriana had ever cheated on me. The question startled me. Of course not. She never would. That’s definitely not her style. The way she asked and the look in her eyes, I had missed something. Hadn’t I. I tried to put it out of my mind and get back to my meal and our conversation, but with a new topic. I couldn’t stop thinking about Adriana cheating on me. I know that a few years ago she was in NYC with an old coworker of hers. Was that when it happened? If it had ever happened, that is when it would have been.

Leslie must have sensed what I was thinking about the realization that I had come to. She got up from her side of the booth and came and sat next to me. She put her arm around my back and grabbed my hand. I needed the warmth and compassion. I just learned that my loyal wife had cheated on. We paid the check and walked back to the car arm in arm. Leslie was hanging on me. I think as much drunk and needing the support to walk as feeling lonely and needing a man’s touch. We got in the car for the short ride to her apartment. I had my right hand on the gear shift. She put her hand on top of mine. Her skin was so soft and hot. It felt natural to have it sitting on top of mine. Her thumb softly brushed back and forth over my hand. The sensation ran through my body. I started to get excited. I was having a hard time driving. I was distracted thinking about all that was going on and what my wife had done to me. Did she cheat? Is one of her friends trying to seduce me? What am i going to do in about 2 minutes when we pull up to her house?

Leslie was chatting with me the whole ride back to her place, but I can’t remember about what. I pulled into the guest parking spot outside of her apartment and put the car in park. I didn’t turn it off though. I think that I wanted to be able to make a quick escape if she really was trying to seduce me. Because I wasn’t going to be had. Was I?

We chatted for another few minutes in the car outside of her place. We recapped the night and the fun we had. Then there was this awkward silence. Like we were teenagers out on a first date. We realized that the night was over, but didn’t know what the next step was supposed to be. Were we supposed to hug? A kiss on the cheek? Finally the tension broke as Leslie bent over and leaned in for a hug. I hugged her back and was relieved that the night was over. We hugged for a while; we lingered. It felt good. It felt right. But it was starting to get Escort Bayan awkward again. She started to pull away and said, “alright. I better get going up to bed. Thanks for a great night.” She leaned back in to give me a kiss on the cheek. But I was turning my head to look her in the eyes and thank her back for a great night. That’s when the kiss aimed for my cheek landed on my lips. We both lingered for longer than we should have, but broke the kiss before it really got started. We looked and each other and laughed. Then, as we looked into each other’s eyes, the laughter stopped and sexual tension from all night came to a sudden head. We both leaned in to kiss each other.

The passion was palpable. We kissed like horny teenagers. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. We exchanged little bites on each other’s tongues; that pain was new to me and I liked it. My hand grabbed the back of her head and I pulled her even closer in to me. I grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked her head back to give me access to her neck. A low moan from her told me that she liked the control I was exerting. I kissed down her neck to her collarbone. I alternated between light kisses, long licks and quick bites. Leslie moaned telling me that she liked my efforts. It was all the encouragement that I needed. I kissed back up her neck; light little kisses, until I got to her ears.

I started with her lobe. A little bite. A suck and pull with my lips. I took my tongue and traced the outside of her ear. I blew hot air. She moaned and arched her back. Her hands were rubbing on my chest. I whispered into her ear that this was so wrong but felt so good. I kissed down her cheek and our mouths met again. Our kiss restarted from where I had broken away for my mouth’s field trip. My right hand was on the back of her neck. My left was rubbing deeply on her arm. Up and down. I was gathering the courage to go for a her breast. But before I could, Leslie pulled back, put both of her hands on my cheeks and said that we needed to take this upstairs. I turned off the car, got out and chased after her as she practically ran for the door to her building.

In the door and up the three little steps in the lobby we went, practically sprinting. She pressed the elevator button with her hand behind her back as we continued our makeout session. We didn’t have to wait long for the car. The door dinged and opened and we fell inside. She fumbled to push the seven button as our kiss continued. My hands reached down behind and found her ass. It was so tight and firm. I took two handfuls and lifter her. I pressed into her, holding her body off the ground and against the wall. The pressure of my weight on her chest made it difficult for her breathe. She liked that. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in closer. The elevator stopped at 7. It was both the longest and quickest elevator ride.

I put her down and Leslie grabbed my hand and led me out of the car and down the hall to her room. She put the key in the door as I kissed her neck from behind. As I bit her neck I reached around with both hands and cupped her breasts. I kneaded them through her bra with vigor. She let out another moan to let me know that she liked it. She pressed her ass into my crotch and gave it this subtle but sensational little grind. It was really doing the trick on me. Finally, under our combined weight, the door flew open and banged against the stop. We tumbled in and managed to get the door closed behind us.

Leslie pushed me back on the door. Hard. She pressed against me as we started kissing again. Her hands ran down my chest, gave my pecs a squeeze and continued down to my belt. As we kissed, her hands worked my belt, my button and then the zipper on my jeans while her lips kissed my stomach. She lowered my jeans and then boxers. She followed my jeans down with her whole body and kneeled before me. Her hands stroked my still growing cock. Her right hand jerked me off as her left massaged my balls. She stared at my cock as if she was hypnotized by it. Then she leaned in and kissed the head. She licked down the side and back up. She pressed my hardness up against my stomach and licked the underside. Up and down. She took each ball into her mouth and sucked. It felt so good. But I couldn’t wait for the main event. She was happy teasing. But I wanted the prize. I reached down with my left hand and grabbed her by the hair. I wound her hair around my fingers. I pulled her head off my nuts and lined her open mouth up with the tip of my cock. She knew what I wanted. What I needed. I guided her mouth and tongue onto me. She took it all in pressing her chin into my balls and her nose into my trimmed bush. And she held it there not because I held her there, but because she wanted me filling her mouth. She pulled back. All the way to the tip and breathed in deeply. And then back down, taking it all the way to the hilt. She developed a rhythm. All the way down and then all the way to the top. Escort I watched in awe as her cheeks depressed with her sucking. The whole time following her lips with her right hand stroking me. Her left hand rubbing, tugging on my balls. I was moaning. The sensation was passing from her lips and thru my cock all the way down to my toes. Then she looked up at me as she sucked. Our eyes met. I have never seen a lust like that in any lover I have ever had. I was getting close. I knew it and I think she did, too. God did I want to fill her mouth my seed. I wanted to give her my whole load, watch her swallow and lick her lips. Like I knew that she would. But I didn’t want the night to end.

I used my left hand still wrapped in her hair to give her that little pull up that all lovers know means to stop, don’t let the night end so quickly. Reluctantly she acquiesced, took one more big suck and popped my cock out of her mouth. The pop of her sucking leaving my meat was audible. It was a great sound. I guided her to her feet and our mouths met in a heated kiss. I scooped her up into my arms and carried her down the hallway to where I assumed the bedroom was. I laid her on the bed and proceeded to undress her. I took it slowly. I wanted the anticipation to build. I fought off the urge to just get her naked as quickly as possible, to let our passion take over.

I unbuttoned her silk blouse slowly. Each button was replaced by a soft kiss. The first one at the nape of her neck. The next in her cleavage. Finally, slowly working my way down her flat stomach to her high-waisted jeans. I kissed my way back up her stomach all the way to the back to her neck. I followed my kisses with my hand, lightly brushing on her skin. I could practically feel her skin tingle. I could feel her goosebumps grow. I could feel her tremble oh so lightly under my caress. As I continued to kiss her neck, my hands found her tits. I massaged her mounds through the light fabric of her bra. I hadn’t realized how well endowed she was. Her boobs were more than a handful. How had I missed that? I rubbed her breasts. Grabbed her nipples and twisted and pinched. She was more sensitive than I expected or I was a little rougher than intended. She winced in pain at one point. I didn’t apologize. Instead, I bit her neck. She winced again but I knew that she liked it.

My left hand went to the clip in the middle of her cleavage. In one quick move I unlatched her bra and freed her from her tit prison. I slid my hand under her back, sat her up and tossed her bra onto the floor. 2 pieces of clothing gone and 2 more to go.

I wasn’t in a hurry. I kissed down her neck and across the flat of her upper chest. I alternated between kisses and licks and sucks and little nibbles. I traced the outside of her left breast with little kisses. I tongued her sensitive skin. I stuck out my tongue and made big circles around her flesh. Then more circles, smaller circles working my way up to the nipple. My left hand massaged her right breast. Kneaded it, gripped it like the throttle on a motorcycle. I rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Pulled as I twisted. Then my mouth got to its destination. I found her large and swollen areola. Her eraser sized and button hard nipple was right above it. I licked them both; flicked them both with my tongue. Leslie moaned. I was having the desired effect. I was turning her on. She was enjoying the attention I was paying to her chest.

I removed my left hand from her chest and ran it down the side of her body. I stopped when I found her jeans. And then back up to breast. And then back down to her jeans and then back up to massage her tit. And then back down. This time, my finger tip teased under her jeans just a bit. A light trace and back up to her breast. A lick on her areola. I sucked her nipplie into my mouth. I pursed my lips and sucked. A moan escaped her lips and she wrestled her back against the covers on the bed.

My left hand slid under the waist of her jeans. Back and forth from her hip to her buttons. Gently. Just enough for her to feel. Then I undid the first of her buttons. Then the second and third. I didn’t take them off despite her raising her hips to give me access.


I moved my mouth down her left breast, across her cleavage to her other nipple. I sucked it into my mouth. My mouth was met by my left hand. I combined the kneading of my hand with the sucking of my lips. It was driving her crazy. The moans were deeper and longer and louder.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I shifted my weight slightly and used my right hand to tug off her jeans. I expected panties. I wasn’t sure her style. I looked down to see what type she had on. If she had planned this, there would be something sexy, a thong, something lacy maybe. If this had just been lust taking over, something sensible like cotton briefs or boy shorts. There was nothing but some light blond bush. No panties at all. Hot.

I discarded Bayan Escort her jeans onto the floor. My right hand traced down from her breast along her stomach, past her belly button, brushed over her bush, near her pussy, but continued down her inner thigh. When I reached her knee, it came back up over the same path. My nails traced her skin. Up her inner thigh. Heading towards her honeypot. Closing in on it. But past it. Up her stomach to a squeeze on her breast. Then back down. Past her belly button. Brushing over her bush. Getting close enough to feel the heat coming from her desire. But I passed it again. I continued down her inner thigh to her knee. Then back up. This time coming closer to her hole. This time going back down her left thigh. My knuckles dragged across her skin coming back up her thigh. This time I stayed the course and brushed directly up her mound. The knuckle of my middle finger dragging over her lips. Over her clit. But I didn’t linger.

Her anticipation was building she needed me to touch her. My knuckle brushing her entry was too much. She let out a disappointed sigh as my hand found her breast again. This time not planning to leave for it’s return trip south, not for a while. I wanted to tease her some more. But, she had had enough teasing. She grabbed my right wrist and lead me to her sweet spot. She growled at me to touch her.

And touch her I did.

With my middle finger I traced her entry. I lightly and slowly circled her hole. She was wet. Very wet. I circled her entry and then moved up and found her engorged clit. I brushed over it lightly and she gasped. Back down to her hole. I entered her with my the tip of my middle finger. Slow, light circles just barely in her. A few circles. Then out and up to her clit. There, more of the same. I traced the outline of clit, playing with her hood. Very light circles. A few of them and then down to her hole again. This was more than she could take, was willing to take she grabbed my wrist and forced me to enter her. I was happy to oblige.

I inserted my middle finger all the way into her. It went in with no resistance. She was so hot and wet. I pushed all the way into her; my palm pressed into her pubic bone. And I left it there. I bent it up towards her pubic hair and made small rotations. I found her spot right away. I could tell. Her breathing changed. Her moans changed. She was almost chanting.

Small rotations with my middle finger. Then bigger rotations. Then I pulled out a bit and then all the way back in. Then out some more and all the way back in. Big rotations too. It wasn’t long before I was full-on finger banging her.

Her excitement grew. So did mine. I knew what I needed. I needed to taste her. I skipped any romantic moves. No kissing. No light biting. No tracing her skin with my tongue. I just repositioned my mouth over her clit and gave a lick. God she tasted so good. Like the nectar of the gods. I sucked her clit into my mouth. I sucked on it like it was a little cock. I used my tongue to run her hood over the sensitive tip. Our anticipation climaxed. I was wanton. I couldn’t wait any more. As my middle finger pistoned in and out of her, making big rotations, my tongue went to town on her clit. I treated it like a boxer treats a speed bag. I licked it back and forth. Hard and fast.

In and out with my finger. Making big rotations.

She was getting close. Her hand found the back of my head. Steering me exactly where she wanted me. It was all the encouragement I needed. I doubled down on my efforts. Faster in and out with my finger. Faster rotations. Faster licks with my tongue. And then the flood gates opened. She came and came hard. She went silent. Not a noise. Not even a breath. Her shoulders pressed into the bed. The small of her back elevated off the bed. Her whole body shuddered, quaked, vibrated. Her pussy muscles beared down on my finger, holding it in place. Her whole body seemed to levitate off the bed. She stayed like that for what seemed like minutes but must have really been only a few long seconds.

I stopped the rotations. I stopped moving my finger in and out of her. I stopped licking. I was a bit afraid to move. I just breathed my hot breath onto her pink, wet skin.

She came back down to earth after a bit. She grabbed my head with both hands and brought me up to kiss her. We kissed deeply. She sucked her juice out of my mouth. She licked her juice off my face. She put her tongue back in her mouth and purred to me, “I have to have you. Take me now.” She reached to her left, opened her nightstand and pulled out a box of condoms. She ripped one open and handed it to me. I put it on in a rolling flash. I pulled back my hips and lined up my cock with her hole.

I slid in so easily. Her pussy was so wet. And warm. I pressed my pubic bone against her. I was in so deep. She moaned. Her eyes were closed. She was enjoying us being united as one. I pulled back until I was barely in her. I paused. I pushed back into her. She moaned. Again and again. We developed a rhythm. My thrusts were met by her raised hips. I put my arms next to her shoulders to give me some leverage. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled her body off the sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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