A Night at Johnny’s

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“You going to Johnny’s after work?”

Tia looked up and saw her coworker leaning against the door of her office. Regan was wearing that tight white sweater with the black pants. She had her hair in a French braid and Tia would bet a million dollars that she didn’t know how sexy she actually looked at that exact moment. Regan was flicking the tip of her tongue against her upper lip and the shiny ruby stud was showing just a bit.

“I don’t know. Are you?”

Tia tried acting nonchalant about this situation, but it wasn’t working. Of course, she wanted to go. Since starting at the advertising agency, she had been desperate to go out to the weekly Thursday evening bar night. It seemed, however, that there was always a reason not to go. The first week, she had been so overwhelmed with her new job that she had stayed late at the office. The next month, she was dealing with the crap that Warren had left her with and now, she was finally able to go.

“Of course. I can’t imagine a better evening than socializing with the same geeks that I work with all day. I mean, you think I don’t just absolutely love when Charlie tells the same ‘Jackass’ jokes every week.”

“Then I’ll go too.” Tia smiled. She was so nervous about Regan and it drove her crazy. Regan was always so hyper and bubbly and here she was making a cute joke and all Tia could do was smile.

Regan smiled and then, just before walking down the hall, she glanced up and down and said, “You look cute today. You should wear red more often.”

Tia blushed as red as the silk blouse she was wearing and watched as Regan walked the few steps down the hall and then turned into her office.

A few hours later, the two women were sitting in the dark, loud cave of Johnny’s. Johnny’s was a tiny bar in the basement of a building where the main floor was a sushi restaurant and the top floor had two law offices. It was right in the downtown area of the city. Tia always wondered what urban planner thought putting apartments, bars, restaurants, law offices, and a dry cleaners on the same street was a good idea.

Tia was sitting next to Regan and across from the two women were Charlie and George. The two men had just Bostancı Escort finished their second pitcher of beer. They were laughing and swapping stories about their girlfriends. Tia and Regan just smiled and continued to watch the entertainment. The entertainment, of course, was watching these two forty something geeks try to compare each other’s girlfriends. So far Charlie was winning in the category of ‘whose girlfriend is more neurotic about the bathroom being clean.’

“We should go do some tequila shooters. I doubt Humpty and Dumpty will notice we’re gone.” Regan was sliding off the barstool and held her hand out. Tia grabbed Regan’s hand and they made their way to the bar.

“What will it be my lovely ladies?” Jason had been the bartender of Johnny’s for almost a year and loved when Regan showed up with her work colleagues. He loved how flirty she was and although he was old enough to be her father, he loved the attention.

“Two tequila shots each. This is Tia. Tia this is Jason. Jason loves flirting with me, but I know he has a super sexy wife at home who pleases him.”

Jason blushed bright red. It was true, but knowing that Regan still flirted with him made him feel good.

“Here you go ladies. Enjoy.” Jason poured four tequila shots and passed over four lemon wedges and a saltshaker. He watched as the sexy women licked their hand, sprinkled salt, licked off the salt and then gulped down the shot. After the second shot, both were a little tipsy.

“I love this song. We’re dancing.” Before Tia had a chance to protest, she was being dragged onto the dance floor. Regan wrapped her arms around Tia’s neck and they began to dance. Tia didn’t know what song it was, but it sounded Latin and she moved in rhythm to Regan’s grinding. By the end of the song, both were covered in sweat and breathing hard. They stumbled over to the bar and ordered two more tequila shots. They drank the shots without the salt or lemon.

“You better not be driving home my sexy ladies. Let me know when you need to leave and I’ll call you a cab.” Jason had been very successful in his business and caring for his customers was one of his important traits. Bostancı Escort Bayan He watched the two women nod and grinned as the shy Tia dragged Regan onto the dance floor as some old eighties song started playing.

Tia and Regan were so consumed with each other and so extremely drunk, they didn’t notice that the bar was slowly emptying. Neither of them remembered Charlie or George saying goodnight and they definitely forgot that Jason had announced last call almost an hour before the bar was closing. By two in the morning the two women were hyper, drunk, and very affectionate towards each other.

“How are you getting home?” Jason was ushering the two of them out the door and was ready to call them a cab.

“I live up the street Jason. You can watch us if you want.” Regan giggled and kissed Jason’s cheek. She then grabbed Tia’s hand and they stumbled their way down the street. Jason grinned and locked up the bar. It had been a good Thursday night and he hoped he made enough to break even.

“I’ve never done this before.” Tia was almost whispering as she watched Regan fumble with the keys to her apartment. They had made their way down the street and were now standing outside a gray metal door. The apartments in the area were very modern and Regan opened the door and then looked at Tia.

“Never gone home with a coworker or never gone home with a woman?” Regan was waiting for Tia to respond. She knew that both of them were very drunk, but at the same time she thought she had read the signs correctly. Tia had been desperately flirting with her for the last month and she realized she had to make the first move.

“Both.” Tia blurted out the one word response and then leaned forward. All her inhibitions were gone and she kissed Regan hard. She pressed her warm lips against Regan. Regan stumbled back into the apartment and wrapped her arms tight around Tia. The girls were a tangle of arms and legs and someone’s foot was able to kick the door shut. Tia was pressed hard against the wall as Regan nibbled her earlobe.

“I take it you want to though.” Regan’s teeth were nibbling against the soft curve of Tia’s neck and her hands were Escort Bostancı fumbling to undo the silk blouse.

“Unhuh.” Tia could barely speak and when she felt Regan’s hands caress her flat stomach, she could barely think. How was this woman turning her on so much? A month ago, she was almost marrying some guy and now she was making out with a coworker.

Regan pushed away from Tia and led her up the two steps to the loft. Her apartment was one main room with a door on the left, which was the bathroom. The walls were a light green. In the middle of the room was a king size bed with pink flowered sheets. In one corner was a small kitchenette with white appliances and a marble countertop. The other corner had a white desk with books and an open laptop. Tia’s eyes scanned the room and she learned so much about Regan in those few short seconds. She barely had time to process what she had learned when she was pushed onto her back and felt Regan climb on top of her.

“I’ve been told I’m aggressive in bed. Tell me if I’m too much.” With that, Regan pulled off her sweater to reveal a white lace bra. She unzipped her black pants and as they slid to the floor, Tia saw she was wearing the sexiest pair of black satin panties. Tia could only stare as she finally got to see Regan in the nude. Regan undid her bra and slid out of her panties. Her pussy was completely bare and Tia must have moaned because the next thing she knew, her skirt was being tugged down, her panties were pulled off, and her legs were over her shoulders. She felt Regan’s tongue on her pussy lips and she didn’t realize how wet she was until Regan moaned, “God you’re so wet.”

Regan pulled off Tia’s silk blouse and kissed her lips. She wanted her to taste her pussy juices. She reached to undo her bra and then pulled it off.

“You are so sexy. You know that right?” Tia could only nod. She was so close to cumming. Regan grabbed Tia’s hand and slid it against her pussy. Regan rubbed her fingers against Tia’s clit hard and fast. Both women moaned and rolled all over the bed. Each had one hand on the other’s clit while kissing frantically. The room was dark and the moonlight was shining in from the floor to ceiling window.

Tia came first and cried out. Regan got so turned on as Tia’s whole body shook that she ground her hips against Tia’s hand and came as well. The two women collapsed on the bed. The tequila shots, the night of dancing, and the intense sex wore them out and they fell asleep on the large bed.

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