A Night At The Cabin

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As we pull into the driveway of our cabin, the snow begins to fall even faster than it had in the 2+ hour drive. I had picked you up from the house earlier in the day, and told you to pack a bag but leave any cold weather clothes behind, since you won’t be needing them. A grin on your face told me that you understood perfectly what I meant. You hop into the car excitedly and say, “Let’s go!”

I open the doors to the cabin, and the smell emanating from it wafts over us. The smells of the outdoors mixed with the smells of cabin living are wonderful, and we can hardly wait to get inside and start a fire. I unpack the trunk and throw the luggage into a corner of the bedroom. I then tend to the huge fireplace in the center of the room. Putting the logs quickly into the fireplace, I start a roaring fire in no time. While this was going on, you were in the kitchen unloading some of the groceries for our weekend. You uncork a bottle of wine and pour 2 glasses, handing one to me, as you come over by the fire. The cabin quickly heats up enough to where we do not need our jackets, or even the flannel shirts we both wore here. Taking the wine glass from your hand, I unbutton your shirt, very slowly, looking into your eyes the whole time. When I get to the last one, I help you shrug if off your shoulders, leaving you in just a t-shirt, and obviously no bra! Slightly turned on by this, Eskişehir Escort I try to reach my hands under your shirt. Laughing, you push my hands away and say, “There is plenty of time for that, Doug.”

Reaching back for another drink of wine, you inadvertently let your guard down for just a second. Jumping on top of you and dragging you to the floor, I wrestle you until your arms are pinned above you, and me sitting on your hips. Laughing and struggling to move, you realize that you can’t. I have decided it is “time” and proceed to lift up your shirt, baring your already erect nipples to what is left of the chill in the air. Slowly lowering my lips to one of them, I take the whole nipple into my mouth and suck gently. Forgetting about holding your hands up, I take the other nipple in my hand, rubbing it and pinching it slightly. Changing nipples, I then nibble and suck and then gently bite, the ensuing moan from your lips tells me that you like it.

Your hands have been busy also, grabbing my shirt and ripping it open, tearing the buttons off of the shirt. You then head a bit farther south, grabbing for my buckle and opening my jeans to reveal a VERY hard and stiff cock. Grabbing the cock with your hands, you pull me up to your waiting mouth, where you engulf my cock with your lovely lips. Taking as much as you can, you swirl your Eskişehir Escort Bayan tongue over and around my now hard prick. Settling down to a rhythm, you push your head in closer, taking more of me into your mouth. Moaning out your name, I tell you to play with my balls and asshole. You gladly oblige me taking my balls in one hand, and your other hands snakes around and begin to play with my asshole.

Switching positions a bit because of a crick in your neck, you ask me to lie down and you get on top of me, putting your pussy right into my face. I hungrily attack your clit, even before you get a chance to start back in on me. I have my nose halfway buried into your pussy as I lick and suck on your clit. Loving the way it’s shaved, I run my tongue all up and down both sides of your pussy. I take a finger and shove it into your now sopping wet cunt, getting the juices all over it. Knowing what comes next, you try to shove your ass against my finger, but with a light slap on the ass, you let me put it in at my leisure.

Slowly I put the finger into the first knuckle. You shudder in pleasure, as you know there is much more to come. The second knuckle goes in just as easily. This whole time, you have stopped working on my cock so you can enjoy the feelings of my finger in your ass. I sneak another hand down to your nipples and pinch Escort Eskişehir just at the moment that I sink my finger in all the way. That elicits a mighty groan, and you cum for the first, but not final, time of the night. I begin to finger fuck your ass, but it is obviously not enough for you. You need more, and I am happy to oblige you, I take another finger and work it first into your pussy, then again slowly into your asshole.

Shoving my tongue deep into your pussy, I do my best to fuck both of your holes, but it obviously isn’t enough. Pulling you off my face, I make you scoot down a bit, to where your beautifully shaped ass is just above my rock hard dick. Taking my cock in my hand, I work it slowly against your pussylips and then allow you to sit down on my cock. You gasp in a little pain as it works deep inside you. Holding you gently with one hand, and the other hand still has fingers buried in your ass, I move you into a nice steady up-and-down rhythm. You beg me for yet another finger, and I again oblige you, putting now three fingers deep into your ass.

This makes you buck more and more, and it also makes your pussy tighten up even more, gripping my cock as you’ve never gripped it before. I tell you to slow down, because I don’t want to cum yet. You grind even faster, screaming out my name to fill you deep with my cum. Not one to disappoint, I grind my hips deep into you, filling you with as much of me as I can, blasting a jet of cum that I can feel with my fingers in your ass. Slowly taking my fingers out of you, you are able to turn around with my cock still buried in your pussy. You lay against me and we drift off into sleep in front of the fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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