A Perfect Day with Baby Ch. 1

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AUTHORS NOTE: While characters in the story refer to each other as Baby and Daddy, this is not necessarily meant to be an incest story. Enjoy it however you like.

When you come in this morning I’ll be ready for you. I’ll meet you at the door to embrace you, and when I pull you tightly to me you’ll feel my erection poking you. I know how much you’ll want to drop to your knees right then and free my penis from my pants, so I hold you tight to me till I have enough of your hot kisses. As usual, you kiss me with a fever. Your tongue diving furiously into my mouth, our mouths crushed together in an ecstasy of want. As I hold your face in my hands I return every kiss with equal passion, our teeth scrape together and our tongues explore with rough movements.

For days I’ve done nothing but think of this moment when we’d be together and all the things I long to do to you. Somehow I have managed not to touch myself for a few days so I’ve built up quite a load of cum for you, Baby. You take your clothes off, undressing quickly, before you take me into your sweet mouth. Usually I masturbate at least once when I know you are coming over so I can last as long as possible inside your heavenly pussy; but I wanted to save my cum all for you. I know how much you love to get Daddy’s cum.

It won’t take long for me to finish since I’ve been restraining myself. I’ve been ready to explode for three days just thinking about you. Standing before you, watching you work my cock with your pretty little mouth will bring me off quickly. Seeing the obvious contentment on your beautiful face when I’m in your mouth always melts me. You let me know with your mouth the same way you do with your perfect pussy that I belong inside you. It must be true.

When you feel my cock jerk in your sweet Baby mouth you’ll know you’re about to get the first item on your list for today: An extra large load of hot come, Daddy’s been saving just for you. You’ll take your mouth off me and lean back to finish me with your hand. Your caress is just right and soon my huge hot load comes out to splash your pretty face, your mouth, tits, and flat stomach.

I’ve been watching your work the entire time and so I recover quickly and pull you to your feet. I take your head in both my hands again and kiss my baby deeply. Kissing away any of Daddy’s cum that landed on Baby’s pretty face. Whatever landed on your neck, your breasts, nipples, and stomach I massage all over till you’re sticky and covered with your Daddy’s cum. I’ll bet that just reading this you can smell the aroma of my semen, just like I can. In my mind I can smell the heady mix of the scent of my cum with the sweet, dizzying smell of my Baby’s girl-pheromones and sopping wet pussy.

Now I take you to with me to the shower to wash you clean. Under the hot spray I wash every inch of my baby’s body to make sure my little girl is perfectly clean. I have special plans for Baby today so I make sure every inch of my girl is ready to eat off of. My fingers don’t miss an inch of your perfect body. I’m careful to clean every crevice, inside and out as we caress in the steamy air; kissing and touching till the hot water grows cold.

After Daddy towels you dry we go straight to bed. I lay you on your back and climb on top of you to keep you warm. I take my time kissing you, like I want to. Your face and neck. Nibbling your ears and teasing with the tip of my tongue. You can feel my hardness against your belly and thighs. I can tell by the small jerky movements of your hands and hips you want to pull me right down on top of you and shove me inside, but you know Daddy has other plans.

I kiss my way down your neck to your hot little titties. I love to kiss and suck them, especially your nipples which were made to be in my mouth. It feels so natural suckling your breast that I’m tempted to spend the day there, resting my head on your chest and sucking your perfect nipples. Daddy has far more interesting things in mind for his little girl, so after I spend sufficient time showing love to both of your pale pink nipples, I lick my way down your stomach to your bare shaven little pussy.

My Baby’s pussy is perfect. It is the tightest little slot I have ever encountered and kurtköy eve gelen escort yet it fits me perfectly. I can tell your pussy was made just for me and that inside you is where I belong. I want to stay inside you forever, Baby. Fucking your tight little pussy in every imaginable position and angle. God, I want to keep you in my arms, exactly where you belong, until the sun falls out of the sky. I want to fill you with a million of my babies. If only that were possible. If only.

I raise your knees so your thighs are around my head, allowing me to access my goal. I could spend a thousand years eating your little pussy, and although I’m eager I take my time before diving in; kissing, licking, and nibbling at your mound and thighs, circling all around before I finally split you open with the tip of my tongue. I slip between your lips at the bottom and lick all the way to the clitoris, opening your powder pink labia like the petals of a rose. The gasping moan and exclamation you let out make the time I patiently took worth every second.

While I stick my tongue inside you and lick all around I run my hands all over your thighs and ass, tracing my way back up your marble hard stomach to your breasts. I use my hands on your nipples while I lick and suck your clit and drive my tongue inside. I can’t resist pulling your little labia into my mouth. They are so tight and firmly toned they barely budge, so I move my hands back down to open you up. With full access to your flower I lick and suck all around driving deep inside and sucking your clit. You start to moan and twist around on the bed a little bit as your fingers snake into my hair and hold tight.

I cross my fingers like I’m wishing for good luck and slip them inside you. I work them in and out and all around while licking and sucking determinedly at your clit and labes. When you really start to move and thrash I know my Baby is getting close. I know how much our dialog turns you on when we fuck. “Is it good for my Baby?”

“Oh yes, Daddy. I love Daddy’s cock. I want to make Daddy cum. Does Daddy love my little pussy?” But I know now is not the time to talk to you. If I wake you from the trance-like state of your oncoming orgasm you’ll grab me by my hair and pull my face to yours, then demand to be fucked by your Daddy. If I hesitate then I might even find myself thrown on my back by my hair while you babble something about how bad you need to ride your Daddy’s cock and climb on top of my steel hardness.

As much as I would enjoy that I’m too happy with my face in your pussy, so I wisely keep silent. I turn my fingers into a hook shape and switch the force of my thrusting to the outward stroke so that I’m massaging the g-spot as I continue to lick and suck your firm little clit into my mouth. With my other hand alternating between your nipples and massaging your mound you soon cum for me while you mess up my hair with both of your hands.

Now I come back up to kiss you and hold my girl. You taste your pussy on my face and are ready to be fucked, but I have other plans. We have all day today and I plan to use it well. I’m careful not to bump my erection against you, because if you feel my hardness I know you’ll go crazy wanting it inside, and that will ruin the day’s itinerary. After a moment’s rest I lay back and ask you to sit on my face. I have spent long hours wondering just how far I can get my tongue inside you and today I mean to find out.

I lay back and you get up on your knees and position yourself above my head. I grab your ass with both hands and pull you right down onto my face. You’re already starting to moan with pleasure as you put both hands on the wall for support. My hands are kneading your ass and thighs as I drive my tongue inside your wet pussy. Every time my fingertips graze your little asshole you jerk in anticipation. I know how much Baby likes her tight little rosebud played with.

I remember how you thrashed beneath me when I’d grab your ass to pull you closer as I’d drive my cock deep inside you while your honey tunnel clutched me as tight as a condom. How you squirmed and sighed with passion as I’d rub the dripping girl juice all over your kurtköy genç escort backdoor. How you cried out with pleasure when I’d finally slip a finger inside your tightest of holes and fuck you so gently there, while my cock kept pistoning in and out of your dripping pussy. “Is it good, Baby? Is it good for you?”

“Oh God yes, Daddy. I love anything my Daddy does to me.” I love the way it drives you crazy being penetrated in both places at once, love how with my finger inside your ass I can feel my cock sliding inside the velvet vice of your pussy, gripping my hardness as tight as a glove. One day I’m going to fuck that sweet little rosebud and come inside your ass, Baby’s teeny-tiny little starfish. Your backdoor fits so tightly around just one of my fingers that I almost feel guilty thinking about that future day.

On this day though, I’ve got my mind on my work. You’re holding onto the wall while underneath you I’m driving my tongue up into your tight slit. I ask you to turn around so you can watch yourself riding my face in the mirrored wall at the foot of the bed. I want Baby to see what I see when we make love. You are never more beautiful, Baby, than when we are pleasuring each other. This isn’t quite what you want to see in the reflection. Baby prefers the sight of my cock going inside her pretty little puss. Bored with the mirror you see something that is far more interesting. My naked body is stretched out before you, and you can see my raging hard erection glistening with precum as it leaks from the slit at the mushroom head all the way down my shaft. You lean forward and take your prize in both hands before lowering your hot little mouth to engulf me. I don’t want to come in your mouth right now and your eager sucking is already getting me boiling. Luckily, I know that in a few seconds you’ll be far too distracted to keep sucking me.

Bent over across my body, you’ve given me the fullest possible access to your tasty little snatch and tiny butt-hole. With my tongue buried inside you I’m staring right at your little rosebud. I’ve been dying to lick your cute little asshole for weeks, but also hesitant. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have any interest in doing something so nasty and on any other woman I wouldn’t even think of it, but every inch of my baby is beautiful. Every part of my lovely little girl tastes like nectar. How could there be any way that I could enter her that could ever be wrong?

While I’m sucking at your pussy I slip one hand underneath so I can play with your clit. I love the taste of your pussy and I am reluctant to let go of the tight labe that I’ve sucked into my mouth, but I know that now is the time. I slip my thumb into your taut canal to wet it in the sweet girl-juice, then begin to rub little circles on your clit. I feel you moan around a mouthful of my cock at the same time I hear the sound. I know you want more penetration so I rub your clit with my fingers while I fuck your pussy with my thumb. You stop sucking me for a second and release my tool from your hot mouth, and I know that now is the time. I lightly graze my tongue over your little asshole, wetting it with my saliva and your pussy juice.

Any pretense of sucking me has gone from your mind as you grip handfuls of the sheet beneath us in tightly clutched fists. I know if I could raise my head to look in the mirror I’d see your gorgeous face twisted with ecstasy as I lick all around your tight butt while I continue to finger your pussy. I can tell you want to talk about something, you love to narrate or hear me speak whenever we fuck, but all you can manage right now is a sharp series of “oohhhs”, which I know want to become, “ooohhh God, Daddy!” I take this moment to slip out from under you on to the floor where I can reach the items I stashed there earlier. I pull you by your tiny hips to the edge of the bed so I can reach you again with my mouth, darting my tongue inside your pussy and all over your little ass while I reach for the two vibrators.

I’m lapping eagerly at your pussy hole, sucking on your labia and fucking with my tongue while I turn on the first vibrator. I leave your soaking wet pussy glistening with my saliva as I slowly slide my kurtköy kendi evi olan escort tongue back to your waiting ass. You’re bucking your hips slightly, trying to drive my tongue inside your slick little butt hole when I gently, teasingly graze the vibrator over your pussy lips. You cry out plaintively when you feel the vibrator on your pussy, I drive my wet tongue into your ass as I push the vibrator into the slick depths of your little puss. As I fuck your tight snatch with the vibrator and rim out your little ass you start bucking harder and gyrating your hips while you continue to clutch the bed sheet like your life depends on it. I can tell by your moaning and talking, (Oh God, Daddy, oh Goodddd) that my baby is on the way to a wild orgasm.

I push the vibrator all the way inside your pussy while I softly lick at your asshole and kiss your tight cheeks as I reach for my other surprise, a smaller vibrator the size of a finger. I turn on the small anal vibrator as I continue to kiss and nibble at your ass cheeks. Your little back door flexes like a tiny mouth while deep in the juicy depths of your pussy the big vibrator continues to push you toward a massive climax. You continue your litany of moans and babble as I slowly push the tiny vibrator all the way inside your ass.

Now you’re talking again, so I know the vibration in your ass is about to drive you crazy. My Baby loves to talk when she’s about to cum for Daddy. The last time I used the anal vibrator on you; fucking you on your back with the little machine buried in your tiny asshole, you babbled endless proclamations and questions. “Oh God. Daddy. Oh yes! Oh it’s so good. Fuck me, Daddy! Yes! Baby wants Daddy’s cum. I want to make Daddy cum. It’s so good. Is it good for Daddy? Do you like my pussy? Oh Daddy, tell me you like my pussy. Say my name, Daddy. Oh, fuck me!”

As I fuck your ass with the little vibrator, the one in your pussy is crammed in to the hilt and I’m working it in small circles. You’re bucking your hips now trying to bring the wave of your oncoming orgasm crashing down. As usual I know what you want to bring you screaming to a climax. You need Daddy to tell you. “Yes, that’s it, Baby. Give Daddy your little girl cum. You look so beautiful, Baby. I wish you could see Daddy fucking your pretty pussy and ass. Yes Baby. That’s my good girl. Be a good girl now and cum for Daddy. Make your pussy wet for Daddy like my good little Baby Girl.”

You’re up on your knees now with your face buried in the mattress. I pull you right to the edge of the bed and you feel my cock bumping against your ass and thighs as you buck against me. I reach around your stomach to rub your clit and bring you off, while you thrash like crazy letting out a stream of high pitched moans and little gasps. “That’s right, Baby. Give Daddy what he wants. Make yourself come. Let Daddy feel that little girl cum in my hand.” While I jam away at your clit I give your ass a couple of smacks with the other hand bringing you right to the edge. To push you over, I only need to say your name. “Oh, Lainey. Come for me, Baby. You’re so beautiful, I love your little pussy. I love to be inside you any way I can. Oh, Lane, come to me. Cum for Daddy, now.” You collapse on the bed and your whole body shudders and convulses with the power of your orgasm.

You put your feet on the floor to keep yourself from sliding off the bed. Your hips twitch with the vibrators still buried in your tight holes. I shut them both off and slowly withdraw them, first from your pussy then your ass. I drop them too the floor as I lower myself for a last tantalizing taste of your holes. I kiss, lick, and suck your open pussy; drinking your girl juice, making you moan again. I glide my tongue up your pussy lips and give a last teasing lick to your tight butt-hole as I kiss my way up your back. You can feel my hard cock nestled in your slick ass crack as I stretch out on top of you and kiss your neck.

I lean over onto my side and pull you close against me, kissing and nibbling your ear. You’re out of breath and trembling as you snuggle into my arms and put my hand right where you want it, on your breast. You reach down and slip my cock between your thighs where it can tease and nudge against your soaking pussy. I throw the covers over us before you put my hand back on your tit and hold it there with your own. We hold each other tight as my cock slips inside your pussy, right where I belong. With you in my arms where you belong as we fall asleep for a little rest before the next round of lovemaking we have planned today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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