A Prostitute and Toilet Sex

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I knew my next client had booked my services for 90 minutes; he wanted a kinky time. I also already knew he paid to put an enema in my ass; this client, Mr. Reid, loves to fuck my ass after he inserts an enema into my rectum. Mr. Reid pays for this type of anal pleasure once a month. Although he visits my room four times per month, he usually pays for a quickie and only reserves my services for 25 minutes; however, when there is anal play, he books 90 minutes of time.

I knew I would see him this week; Mr. Reid is going to lick my asshole deep. I’ve eaten fruit, yogurt, and soybeans for the last 36 hours. I know my rectum is fresh and clean. I have to make sure everything is spotless; Mr. Reid is very particular about his hygiene.

I always have my bathroom cleaned on the days Mr. Reid visits. I also spray everything down with a disinfectant. Mr. Reid often likes to fuck me while I sit on the toilet. I need to have my bathroom sanitary.

I’ve spent the last few hours exercising at the gym, and I picked up some items from the store. Now that I have just showered, I want to put a few of my sex tools in the bathroom; I know Mr. Reid will want to spend some time on the toilet.

I take out two water bottles from underneath the sink. I fill the bottles with warm water, and I place a little soap into each bottle. I place the bottles on the table next to the sink. I know Mr. Reid will squirt water up my ass; he likes to play with the nozzle as he squeezes my ass full of liquid. He always tips more money when I hold the water in my ass while he fucks my asshole. He likes to cum in my ass; then, he gets off watching me dump his semen and the water from my ass into the toilet. He usually fucks me again in a very demeaning way. He can go for a long time. His cock is big, and I don’t mind being his subject for 90 minutes.

He likes my nipples out, so I wear a bra with only the underwire. My tits are round, raised, and ready for him to suck. I’m wearing a really short skirt and a long blonde wig, per his request. He likes me in costumes.

Mr. Reid is an older man, and he likes to order me around. He talks dirty and demeaning, but I get paid extra to hear it; and he likes when I play the submissive. I kind of get off on it too; I like listening to his dirty talk. He likes my nipple clamps; he really has fun with those naughty little pinchers. I made sure I placed the nipple pinchers with the other toys in the bathroom.

As I freshen my body in the bathroom, I hear a card swipe. I know Mr. Reid is inside my room. I immediately step outside the bathroom, and I see his beefy and strong body. His shiny bald head looks fuck worthy. He is just finishing wiping his hands with an alcohol pad.

As soon as he sees my tits, he walks towards me, and he immediately starts to suck on my left nipple. As he suckles and moans, he stops and looks at me, and says, “I’m so ready to fuck your ass, Lacey. Your body is so tight and your ass is so juicy; I’ve been thinking about your stink hole since yesterday. Fuck, I’m going to fuck your sweet hole hard.”

Since he pretty much paid for the works, I am in a ‘do as you’re told’ type of situation. Mr. Reid then goes back to sucking my tit; he sucks hard and long. He immediately takes his hand and reaches down towards my twat, he places his whole hand under my skirt, and he feels my bare pussy.

Mr. Reid then Büyükesat Escort asks, “Have you fucked a lot of cocks today?”

I answer, “No.”

Mr. Reid then asks, “No, what?”

I remember, and I answer, “No, Mr. Reid.”

He then says, “That’s a good girl.”

Mr. Reid then placed his middle finger on my pussy and spread my twat. He rubbed my clit and said, “You feel wet. You must want it now.”

I looked at him, and answered, “Yes, Mr. Reid. Fuck me now. My pussy is open and ready for you.”

He immediately unzipped his pants. His cock was rock hard. He pushed me down on the ground. While I was on my knees, he said, “Suck my big cock, whore. Suck it good, like you’re supposed to suck it, you filthy slut. You have to earn my dick inside you.”

I took my hand and slid it over his large shaft. I then guided his large penis head into my mouth, and I sucked the tip until I worked up a nice lube in my mouth. I then started to cock fuck his dick with my mouth. He took his hand and held my head on his dick. He rammed his cock inside my mouth several times with speed and force… “muh, yeah, muh”…is all the sound I could manage as I sucked every thrust he gave with force and accuracy.

Mr. Reid said, “Yeah, you like it, slut. Come on, suck it like I pay you. Fuck ya, bitch. You’re a good. Fuck…”

He then stopped fucking my mouth, and he pulled out his cock. He walked to the bathroom. As soon as he entered the bathroom, I heard him click the nipple clamps. He immediately said, “Wench, bring your obedient body in here.”

I walked my wet pussy in to the bathroom. He walked up to me and kissed my neck. It felt so good. He then slid his tongue down to my tit and flicked his tongue around my nipple. As I moaned in pleasure, he clamped my other nipple with a nipple clamp. I squealed a little, and he said, “Ya, you like the pain, don’t ya, wench?”

Mr. Reid started to suck my other tit hard. The sensation of pain and pleasure was taking my body to wonderful places, and my pussy was extremely wet. He released the clamp for a few seconds as he sucked my swollen and sore nipple. He said, “Fuck, you have some thick and juicy nipples. They are so fat.”

Mr. Reid then placed the clamp back on my nipple, and said, “Oh, ya, baby. I like to hurt you good.”

I whimpered, and said, “Yes, I like being your servant. Hurt me good, master.”

My nipples felt on fire, but it felt like painful ecstasy. He giggled my sore tit with his hand.

Mr. Reid then took his strong arms and turned me around on the chaise lounge nestled along the bathroom wall. The nipple clamp dangled from my tit. He noticed the water bottle on the sink, and he said, “Get your ass ready.”

My ass was up in the air, and I leaned forward on my elbows. He reached around with his hand and started caressing my nipple. Within seconds he placed the other clamp on, so now both nipples were clamped. I let out an audible, “Oh, master. Master. It hurts, Master.”

It felt good, but I could feel the pain. I wanted him to feel in control.

Mr. Reid said, “Take the pain, it’s going to turn me on while I fuck your ass. I need to give you a wash first.”

I knew exactly what he meant, he wants to fill my ass with water before he slides into me. As I stay on the chaise with my ass up in the Elvankent Escort air, Mr. Reid swiftly grabs the water bottle and gently inserts the nozzle into my rectum. He pulls the nozzle out of my ass and then he slides it back inside me. He is teasing my butt. Within a few moments, I begin to feel the sensation of warm water fill me.

My ass feels full of liquid. Mr. Reid places the water bottle back on the table, and he says, “Now, let’s see how long you can hold this load. Don’t let a drip out of your ass.”

Mr. Reid takes his finger and starts finger fucking my ass. I adjust to the sensation of keeping my sphincter tight as I hold a load of water in my ass. He works his finger inside my asshole. The feeling is sensational.

Mr. Reid pulls me upright. I stand in front of him squeezing my sphincter tight. My nipples are so sensitive. He removes the clamps. He starts to immediately suck my nipples. My breasts are so sensitive and my nipples are red; they are extremely swollen and erect. His tongue feels so good. I relax a little and a dribble of water is released from my ass. He notices and takes my body and bends me over the sink.

As I’m bent over the sink, he says, “Remember to hold your ass tight.”

Mr. Reid then took a large dollop of lube and smeared it all over his shaft. Within seconds, he was working his cock inside my ass. My ass felt so full, I fought the urge to explode and release my ass water all over his cock. He’s so kinky, he would get off on my ass water.

As his thick dick head entered my asshole, he thrusts forward with a quickness, and about half of his cock slammed inside my ass. I screamed, and I let out a squirt of water.

Mr. Reid said, “Oh, ya. Hold it tight, baby. Hold your ass tight. This feels so good. I’m cleaning your ass nice and strong. This is a good wash.”

The deeper he went inside my ass, the more water trickled out of my asshole. He liked it, he liked having my ass water drip on him. I couldn’t blame him, I enjoyed the feeling of fullness. He rocked his cock back and forth inside of my ass, and his other hand fondled my clit. I moved my ass with his movement. He was getting deeper with every thrust.

The deeper he went inside my ass, the tighter I clinched my ass cheeks; I wanted to hold as much water as I could. Mr. Reid started to fuck my ass faster and harder. It felt like his whole cock was sliding in and out of my ass. I tried desperately to hold my ass cheeks tight as he fucked me hard. It hurt.

Mr. Reid fondled my clit fast as he fucked my ass, I’m unsure how much water was still inside me. He fucked so hard, and he said, “Yes, bitch. Let your master fill your ass with hot cum, slut. I want to watch you shit it out too. Ya, your fat cum bucket is so hot right now. You’re going to be so clean.”

Mr. Reid power fucked by butt..bam..bam… “Fuck,” he said.

Mr. Reid released his liquid into my rectum, and he left his cock in my ass for a few minutes. He then pulled out his cock and told me to dump my load in the toilet; he wanted to watch. I felt full, and I was happy to shit out his semen and water. I made my way to the toilet, and as soon as I sat down, water gushed out of my ass like a faucet. Mr. Reid stood in front of me stroking his cock. He liked what he heard, and he liked what he saw.

I sounded Beşevler Escort like a waterfall. I didn’t know so much water was inside my ass. Before I could finish dumping out my load, Mr. Reid approached my me, he bent down by the toilet, and he started licking my twat with force. He started at the top of my snatch, by my clit, and I then slid my body down, so my whole twat was out of the toilet, and in his face. As I leaned back on the toilet, he munched my pussy with intensity. I continued to drip water out of my ass. He slurped, he nibbled, and he finger fucked my pussy hole. He grabbed the water bottle and squeezed more water into my ass. I clenched my ass cheeks tight.

After several minutes of licking my pussy and playing with my ass, he climbed on top of me and fucked my pussy. He liked to fuck me on the toilet. He went deep and strong into my twat. Mr. Reid said, “Ya, Fuck me back hard. Release some of your ass water on to my cock. Ya, I know you’ve been a good girl.”

As I fucked him back strong, I loosened my sphincter and released some ass water. Some liquid got on his taint, and some water trickled down into the toilet. Mr. Reid said, “Ya, Keep shitting water out.”

Mr. Reid fucked me hard. The harder he fucked me the more ass water I released. With every deep thrust he gave me, I released a squirt of water on his body. We went back and forth like this for several minutes. Mr. Reid said, “Ya, keep shitting on me. Keep shitting that water out baby.”

He fucked my pussy deep. After several thrusts, he quickly pulled his cock out of my snatch and released his semen into the toilet. Mr. Reid then sucked my nipple for a second, and said, “Damn, you feel good.”

Mr. Reid wanted one last lick. He said, “Bend over on the toilet and spread your ass wide.”

As soon as I did what he asked, he spread my ass cheeks extremely wide. He then said, “Mr. Reid wants to kiss you goodbye.”

He started to tongue fuck my asshole. He pushed his hot, fat tongue inside my ass, and then he pulled out his tongue and started licking my butthole. He then started power thrusting his tongue in my ass, over and over…again and again…his tongue fucked my glory hole. Mr. Reid then slid he thumb inside my pussy; I couldn’t help it, I fucked his face and thumb hard. I rocked my snatch up and down on his thumb while I pushed my ass towards his face. I was so wet.

He fucked and sucked my asshole strong. I couldn’t help but ride his tongue in my ass. I lifted up my leg, so my ass could open wider. He took full advantage and went deeper with his tongue. I loved the feeling of double penetration, and his tongue felt moist and strong in my anus. As I rocked my ass back and forth, I started to feel an orgasm. He immediately started rubbing my clit with his hand, while his thumb was still in my twat. As I fucked his hand and face with speed, I said, “Yes, Mr. Reid. Kiss me strong, baby. Yes…Yes…Right there.”

I had a great orgasm.

Mr. Reid gave me a few more power thrusts with his tongue and thumb, then, he pulled out of my holes and kissed my ass cheek. Mr. Reid then said, “You give the best goodbye kisses.”

He pulled his pants up and looked at me and said, “Go wash your ass. I don’t want my cum on you for too long.”

He threw a large tip on my vanity, and he walked out the door.

I sprayed the toilet with disinfectant before I lowered the lid and flushed. I felt calm, relaxed, and sticky. I needed a shower. As I started the shower, I thought about my classes. I have a paper for class due next week. I need to work on that soon. My life as a prostitute. I like the rush, the attention, the sex, and the clients. I never see myself leaving the industry.

~~~Thank you~~~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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