A Reckless Encounter

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It was yet another 3 months since we had made love. I felt useless. She would rather go to sleep at an early hour than have sex, and this happened a lot! 3 months since last time. Another 2 months before that. Before that I couldn’t say. I’d be lucky if we made double figures in a year! I’d often thought about finding someone else to have meaningless sex with, but I’m not confident talking to new people and have never “chatted up” anyone before. I’d contemplated seeing an escort but money was the issue there! I felt useless, trapped and pathetic. This week I had felt especially desperate as I approached my 30th birthday. Every night had seen me near enough begging for sex, dreaming up fantasy after fantasy, only to be rewarded with “I do love you”, a hug and then sleep! Sexual frustration and depression had well and truly set in.

Tonight I decided to invent a drinks night with a few friends that I knew she wouldn’t want to see. So while she slept again, I drove to the local park just to walk and clear my head. I found something soothing by looking at the stars on a clear night sky and it seemed to help my problems seem smaller. In the back of my mind I always had a little fantasy that I would stumble upon a dogging site and my voyeuristic fantasies could be fulfilled.

As my line of business involved the park, running a weekly outdoor exercise class, I entered the main gate knowing the rangers were long gone for the night and I would literally be the only person here. As I strolled towards the river that runs through it, I couldn’t help think about all the times I had dreamt of bringing her here for a night of wild outdoors sex under the stars with only the tiniest risk of being caught. An idea that thrilled me, but not her in the slightest!

I reached the river and was instantly reminded of why it was my favourite part of the park. The sky was clear, the moon was nearly full and it shone brightly for a few minutes, lighting up the river and the surrounding trees. It looked like a perfect painting before heavy clouds covered up the light and the area fell into darkness. I carried on up the riverside slowly, slipping occasionally on mud, tripping over the odd stone or stump, with only just enough light to make sure I wasn’t walking into the river itself. This was actually a bad idea! How stupid I felt that I’d rather walk in the cold, wet mud in the dark than stay at home in the warm. Still I tried to clear my head of any negative thoughts and carried on walking. It was then about 50 metres or so up ahead I saw a small torchlight.

As I neared the torchbearer a hundred thoughts raced through my mind. Was this a Ranger? Am I not allowed to be here? Am I about to be mugged or worse killed? I slowed my walking as the torch came nearer, the light bouncing round with the person’s steps. The light reached me and for a second I became visible to the torchbearer. Suddenly the torch was turned off and with the brief bit of skylight I saw the figure step off the river walk into the trees. Now I was really scared.

As I contemplated turning and running away I reminded myself that I was fairly strong and trained regularly, and although having never been in a fight and having lived a pretty uneventful life, felt an urge inside me to keep walking in case I was about to miss out on an enormous but possibly violent experience.

I reached the area the figure had turned off and stopped. Nerves had got the better of me. With my feet ready to jump into a sprint I spoke out loud. “I know someone’s there and I’m going to level with you. I’m worried that either you are about to attack me or you think I’m going to attack you which is not the case at all so I’m sorry if I’ve scared you and I’m just going to keep on walking!” I felt every muscle in my body tighten and I was ready to run at the slightest sound of someone coming towards me. But instead of an attack I was met with a female voice. “It’s ok, I

Know you’re not going to hurt me and I’m certainly not going to hurt you. I don’t know why I hid to be honest. Feel a bit silly now!” She stepped forward from the trees; I could make out her figure but could not see her face. She sounded around the bayan tuzla escort same age as me, well-spoken with the slightest touch of posh about her. As the moonlight skipped in and out of the clouds I could see the odd fluorescent strip on her jacket like a sports coat. With each breath a cloud of steam rose up in front of her.

“I’m just out for a run, which turned into a jog and has now turned into a walk” she said as she giggled.

I laughed and replied “I’m on a ‘let-off-steam’ walk in the cold, down by a wet and muddy river!” This was met with a laugh as it looked like she brushed her hair back behind her ear. “Anyway I’m sorry to have startled you” I said as I took a step forward to get out of this fairly awkward situation. I was not good at talking to strangers, or even people I knew, and I was a bit shaken from the rise of adrenaline I had felt moments ago.

I stepped to the left of her only to feel her hand grasp mine. In a flash she pulled my arm as she stepped across in front of me and leaned forward, our lips met. Her other hand reached around the back of my head as her tongue parted my lips and connected with mine.

My mind raced in split seconds as I took in what was happening. I was instantly erect, even though I had no idea what this woman looked like. She could have been the complete opposite of my type! I was kissing a stranger in the pitch black and a new type of adrenaline rushed through my body. I reached my hand around the back of her body and she thrust forward, every inch of her body touching mine and the tip of cock pushed up against her pubis. She pushed further into me against my erection and started grinding her hips against it. It was at that moment I lost control, freed my hand from hers and wrapped both my arms around her body, one across her shoulders, the other went for her bum and instantly started squeezing her cheek, our tongues twisting around each other. The steam rose from both our fast and shallow breaths as we let out small moans of pleasure.

I left her mouth and started deeply kissing her neck as I pulled her tighter, She whispered in my ear “oh my god, this is… just….wow….” She let out a brief groan of ecstasy between each brief word as she struggled to put a sentence together. She then reached both arms to my front, parted my jacket open and pulled it back over my arms. My arms were locked to my sides as she clamped her mouth onto my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. Her hands were cold on my chest as she slid my shirt open, exposing my naked skin to the cold night air. Her hands slowly travelled down to my beltline, clumsily searching a way to open such a complicated device in the pitch black. I shook off my jacket and helped. My belt fell open and she took no time in opening my fly zip. Her movements slowed right down as pressed her mouth up against mine, her tongue deep inside and her hand slowly running down my stomach. Her fingertips slowly entered my boxer shorts, pulled them towards her exposing my very erect cock. Her hand slid down my boxers, I felt her palm just against my tip, and then all five fingers clamped themselves around.

My breathing increased and I let out moan after moan of pure ecstasy. It felt like the first time I had ever been touched down there and I felt like I could have cum at that instant! She pulled my trousers and boxers down to my knees and squatted down. Slowly grabbing the end of penis she pulled it down towards her and suddenly the top felt very warm. I was totally relying on touch sensation as it was pure darkness; I could make out her figure but still no physical details. I realised this mystery woman could be anyone I wanted! My favourite celebrities, my college crush, my ex, even my girlfriend! I tried to picture a face but nothing came as I was too preoccupied in the moment.

The warmth came from her tongue and lips wrapping themselves around my bell-end. As she took more and more of my cock in her mouth I could hear squelching noise as her saliva got squeezed between my cock and her tongue. I dropped both hands onto her head and for the first time felt long, soft hair tied back into a ponytail. pendik escort I rested one hand on top of her head, running my fingers through her hair while my other hand gripped around her ponytail. I let my hands go limp so not to put any extra pressure on her and could feel her head bouncing backward and forwards as she furiously sucked me.

She took every inch of me with each thrust, an experience I had never felt before! Without meaning to I blurted out “God I want to fuck you so bad!” She stopped and spoke back, while still gripping my cock “god yes, fuck me now, fuck me hard please!” I bent down and pulled her to her feet and kissed her again. My hand went straight into her lycra running tights and straight between her legs. She was very wet already. With my index finger I slowly pressed against her labia, feeling the hot, thick liquid on my finger. I felt for her opening and my finger instantly slid deep inside. She clamped onto me with her arms and lifted a leg up to my side so I could get deeper. Without a moment’s thought I slipped my middle finger inside her hot wet pussy as well and started sliding them back and forth. Her leg got higher, her grip got tighter, while my fingers did the word I pressed against her clit with my thumb. Her moans were so loud I did wonder if anyone was nearby hearing this, or indeed, watching.

My fingers darted in and out of her and it was less than a minute before she came heavily. My free hand reached around to her backside, squeezed tightly on her glute with the tip of finger just cheekily close enough to her anus. Her orgasm was loud, a breathless moan with each wave of pleasure that sounded almost tearful as well. Eventually her moans slowed and she became slightly limp in my arms. I hugged her tightly and kissed her again, for a second it felt like a real kiss that only true lovers experience after an orgasm, slow, breathless and soft.

Without really meaning to I spun her around, one hand still down her tights pressing against her very wet pussy. I sank my jaws onto her neck and she writhed with pleasure, grinding her backside against my cock as her back arched. I gripped her tightly around her chest, as her back arched more I let my hand slide onto her breast. They were bigger than my girlfriends and in her Lycra sports top were pushed up and close together. They felt how porn star tits look!

I pulled her top forward and grabbed her right breast, more than my hand could fit. I opened my fingers to take the full size of her breast before sliding my index and middle finger around her nipple. It was already erect; I gently squeezed, twisted and tugged at it before moving onto the left breast and doing the same. Her bum pushed hard against my erection and I could feel her cheeks wrapping around my cock, my tip getting glimpses of the soft spot around her anus.

She turned her head and between kisses whispered “Are you going to fuck me then? Bend me over and fuck me!” In what could have been the ultimate moment ruiner and the worst thing I could have possibly said I that time, with her cheeks muffling my words I said “I haven’t got a…. you know….” The back of my mind posed the question ‘should I have unprotected sex right now? This is amazing but should I be stupid? Who is she? Has she got something? But no answer was provided by my thoughts which were soon interrupted by her saying “make me cum again then” as we kissed again, the rear of her body pressed against mine, her handing reaching up behind my head, my hand sliding deep between her legs again. I pulled her hard against me; her hips began to grind again. I squeezed her breast tightly as my fingers found her wetness again.

I started slow but my hand was soon furiously going back and forth trying to make her cum hard again. I could hear her breathing get fast and heavy again and with each thrust and wet slap of my hand her pussy juices squelched. As her orgasm took her, she bent forward unintentionally. Her upper body just hung while her arse pushed even harder against my cock. Because of the angle my fingers had slid out from her pussy and were speedily rubbing against her clit. This only heightened her tuzla kendi evi olan escort pleasure and as she screamed out with each breath, I swore I heard her scream my name, but I dismissed it she released herself from my grip and stood away from me.

She stretched her hands up to the sky arching her back and letting out another moan before saying “fu..cking..hell!” Her foul mouth really turned me on. She turned to face me stepped close and said “that was amazing. It wouldn’t be fair of me to go without making you cum though would it?” I barely had time to answer before she was squatting before me again, sucking on my cock with more speed than before. Not one to talk dirty or otherwise I felt the moment take control of me as I whispered” yeah that’s it. Yeah baby make me cum. Make me cum.” Her head bobbed faster and faster, orgasm was going to happen very soon and she knew it. Talking dirty and just letting myself go made it happen even quicker, as I felt the sensation rise up my spine I let quickly exclaimed “yeah….baby…that’s…it…I’m gonna….fucking hell….” expecting her to pull my cock out as I had never had a woman let me cum in her mouth. Instead both her hands reached around to my glutes, pulling me close against her. An instant feeling of guilt passed over as I contemplated what was about to happen for the first time ever. Words would not form out of my mouth, just noises. The feeling of guilt was taken over by some animalistic presence and as my voice deepened I clamped both hands onto the back of her head. There was no stopping it now whether either party wanted to stop last minute. One final thrust from her mouth and I felt the tip of my cock go into her throat, my crown was past her tonsils. It was the most amazing sensation as my cock pulsed and shot jet after jet of cum down her throat. I arched back and all I could scream out was “Fuuuck!” which seemed to echo for ages! I could picture our shadows, her on her knees, me arching back, hands gripping her head, our silhouettes in front of a giant moon as I let our years of built up frustration.

We both became limp and let our grips relax. She rose to her feet and cuddled into me as I could hear her swallowing the last drops of my cum. She held me tightly and cuddled me like a lover. Our pulses were still racing. She stepped back to let me re-dress myself. I tried to think of what to say, but what could I say? No words or phrases came to me during this totally new encounter as I rebuttoned my shirt.

I took her hand and kissed her deeply. She spoke first. “That was just…wow.”

“Wow. Yes that’s err… pretty much my thoughts.” We both giggled. “So…..I errr…. what… to do now?” She laughed again and took my hand. “Walk me back to the gate.”

We walked hand in hand away from the river and towards the gate. It took about 10 minutes before we saw the gate and the street lighting. I realised soon I would see her face, but just before we got to the light she turned, kissed me, ran her hand down the side of my head and started jogging away. I shouted after her “whets your name?” But no reply, just the sight of her turning around as she reached the light and blowing me a kiss before running off. I stood for a few minutes, contemplating how creepy and desperate I’d look if I ran after her or tried to follow her, while trying to take in what had just happened. As I headed back towards my car the memory of her possibly screaming my name during her orgasm came back to me. I stood shocked, frozen to the spot, my brain going mad like I’d just seen the most inexplicable twist in a movie. Her voice suddenly seemed familiar, the posh hint to her words. Did she know me? She might have seen my face when her torch shone at me! I desperately racked my brains, the only females I encountered were clients in my exercise class, some of whom were very attractive and flirty, one of which had a slightly posh voice, and just as I thought I had put 2 and 2 together and realised who it was, a wave of sense took over me, explaining how huge and impossible a coincidence that would be and to stop thinking stupidly. As I drive home I thought of my girlfriend and if I should use this as an incentive to finally break up. My thoughts were clouded by the possibility of who that could have been though.

I entered my house to find her fast asleep on the sofa as she probably had been for hours. Still aroused and confused I left her as she was and headed up to bed. I would not get any sleep tonight.

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