A Second Round

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Sitting at the bar was a beautiful woman, sipping a fruity drink in a short, tight, emerald-green dress. I got up and headed her direction, flagging down the bartender to get us a set of drinks. As it was delivered, I slid into the seat next to her, introducing myself in a smooth manner I had picked up through years of bar-hopping experience. She raised her glass at me and thanked me for the drink.

I smiled and replied, “maybe later tonight we could have a second round.”


I could feel her nails clawing my back as I suckled sweetly at her perky nipples which were very much enjoying the attention my mouth gave them. She was warm, soft and smooth. I might have fancied myself in love if I could remember her name she was so intoxicating, but I couldn’t. After meeting her in a bar I had invited her back to my place. She accepted, and here we were, tossing and turning in my king sized bed, rich sheets swathed around us.

My hand moved down, caressing her stomach, mound and outer lips, before dipping into her wetness, smearing it everywhere while finding her clit. I started making slow circles, and she moaned in response, pressing her body against mine, her obvious arousal at my attentions causing me to stiffen and become hard. I could feel heat emanating from canlı bahis our bodies as I rubbed my erection against her leg to show that I wanted her just as much, if not more, than she wanted me. My fingers were still working her pussy and I was enjoying the simple sounds her mouth was making.

Before she could utter another word, I dipped my head low, and licked and kissed my way to and around her cunt, eventually sticking a finger in her, my tongue still exploring every crevice. I felt her tight, smooth flesh flex. Her body jerked, and I pressed my finger in deeper, harder, before removing it, only to replace it with two, then three.

An orgasm was building in her body, I could see that she was on the edge, about to come, but I didn’t want her to, not yet. I stopped my movements and she whimpered in protest, whispering a hoarse, “please.”

“But I just love teasing you so much,” I replied, moving my head up to capture her mouth in a passionate kiss.

Without warning I plunged my hard cock straight into her and pounded about as hard and fast as I could go. She screamed out, and once again her nails were embedded in my back. It didn’t take long before she hit her peak, clenching around my penis in the most delightful way. It took everything in me not to spurt my seed bahis siteleri into her right there and then, but I had something else planned.

I slowed my pace before withdrawing my still hard dick. My hand went back down, and I rubbed a few times, liberally coating my fingers in her juices, before slipping my hand between her cheeks, finding her tight, puckered hole. I could feel her tensing up, so before she could utter a word, I covered her mouth with mine again, and pressed against the ring of muscle, working in small circles to ease my way in. She soon lost herself in the kiss, and closed her eyes, letting her senses take over her body. I took advantage of her momentary leave of reality, to fumble with the bottle of lube on the bedside counter.

She shivered when I pressed a newly lubed finger into her ass, slowly beginning to scissor and pump in and out, in and out. Her eyes opened and widened for a breath or a moment, before she surrendered to the new sensations flooding her veins.

I kept adding more lube to my fingers as I added a second and a third, working and stretching and preparing her before I placed my mushroomed head at her entrance and pushed my way in.

Her breathing became ragged and uneven. It was difficult to tell if she was enjoying herself or bahis şirketleri in pain, but her mouth remained closed, making no protest and I took that as a sign to continue. Slowly, I began to thrust with more vigor, and before I knew it she was moaning and yelling like I had never heard someone before. She apparently liked this new-found way of fucking someone, and I enjoyed myself as well. The tight walls gripped me in a warm embrace, milking my every movement, and I occasionally had to stop my rhythmic motion to rest, making sure I didn’t spoil the night too early. Each time I did, she would move and grind, wanting me, pleading with me to continue.

I pulled and pinched her nipples to keep her occupied while biting and sucking at her neck. Her skin was so smooth, and she reacted to every touch I made with movement or with a sound. Her voice was erotic, and as I started to pick up my pace again, in and out of her, the loud exclamations of pleasure finally drove me over the edge.

I went as hard as I could, grunting as I spilled my creamy white sperm into her hole. I paused while still in there, panting. For a few moments I was lost in the complete freedom and ecstasy of the situation before collapsing onto her still form. She smiled and game a small chuckle, while pushing me off and sitting up.

“That was amazing,” she whispered, her voice as seductive now as it had been before. She trailed a finger up and down my toned stomach, “maybe later tonight we could have a second round.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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