A Sex Party with Faith – story 9

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Big Tits

If you remember from my last story, I’d been invited to a sex party. I don’t know why, but when the day came around I chickened out. I’d been looking forward to it, but I wasn’t sure how things would go down on the night.

Faith called me the next day. I thought she’d be pissed that I hadn’t turned up, but she was fine with it. The idea was that no one did anything they weren’t comfortable with. There was another party in two weeks time and I told her I’d think about it.

In the mean time, I’d celebrated my sisters 17th birthday. We’d had a party at our apartment and a few of my friends from University came along and Katie hooked up with one of my friends, Richard. He was 20 and he seemed to like her. They’d spent the next week either in bed or out somewhere. To be honest by the time the party came round I hadn’t had sex since the club. Katie had made me think a lot about doing bareback with strangers and I’d stopped bringing guys back to the apartment to avoid the argument.

The closest I’d gotten to getting fucked was with some guy I met at the pub on one of my nights off. He fingered my pussy in the parking lot and I’d sucked his dick. He’d wanted to bend me over one of the cars and slide his hard cock into my wet cunt, but he had no condoms and I’d promised Katie I wouldn’t go bareback unless I knew them so I let him fill my mouth with his sticky cum and I swallowed it.

The night of the party came along and I got dressed up in a little black dress. Katie knew where I was going and surprisingly she was ok with it. Everyone had their HIV tests so in her mind I was being safe how ever many guys I let spunk in me. Honestly, I think she just wanted to stay at home with Richard and fuck, but I didn’t say anything. She’d made him get a HIV test and now she wanted his spunk in her as much as possible.

I arrived at Faith’s appartment little early, but everyone was there already. I took my coat off and received a lot of compliments. Faith told me I looked beautiful and the guys agreed. I felt horny and I’m sure I went red, which was weird. I never really been someone who blushed, but the comments I was getting were different than I’d received in the past. Normally guys told me I looked like I’d be a good fuck or what a dirty little slut I was.

“Do you have your keys?” Faith asked bringing me round.

“Yes. Why?” My heart was pounding in my chest and my pussy had started to get wet.

“We’re doing a key party tonight.”

“Let me guess. You pick two keys, one from the girls and one from the guys and they go off together?”

“Pretty much. But there are eight guys and only six girls. Normally the last two girls to get picked get two guys, but tonight as it’s your first time so you get to have two,” she smiled.

“Isn’t one of the guys here your brother?”


“What happens if you get his key?”

“It’s never happened.”

“But if it does?”

“I don’t know. We never discussed it.”

“To be honest,” John said, “We’re all waiting for that to happen. Everyone wants to see if they’ll fuck for us.”

The hat was passed around and the girls were paired with guys. My keys came out third and they picked two sets of keys from the guys’ hat. I got Graham and Chris. I’d started to talk to them straight away. I was going to let them fuck me so I thought I should try and get to know them a little. Then Faith’s keys came out and she was paired with her brother for the first time. I got the feeling that something was a little suspicious about it, but I didn’t say anything.

Mark turned to his sister. “Do you want to,” he said.

“I don’t mind if you want. It’s just fucking,” Faith replied.

He smiled as she sat down on the couch in front of him and pulled down his boxers, his cock leaping up and pointing at the ceiling. She took it in her hand and wanked his shaft a couple of times before taking the tip between her lips. Then she took the whole length, deep throating him, before pulling her lips up along the shaft.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Faith sucking on her brothers’ hard cock. No one else was having sex, they were Ankara bayan escort just content to observe. She sucked his cock for a couple of minutes before anyone spoke.

“I think it’s about time you fucked her,” Andy said to Mark.

I watched as Mark dropped to his knees in front of his little sister. Although, at 26 she wasn’t that little and at 32 he wasn’t that much older. I wondered how long they’d both been thinking about this, how many times she’d fantasised about letting her brother penetrate her.

Faith opened her legs and wrapped them round his back pulling him towards her. His cock hovered in front of her wet pussy.

“You sure this is ok sis?” Mark demanded.

She just nodded and licked her lips, tasting the precum he’d left in her mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was about to see. I know I’d fucked my sister, but it didn’t seem the same. That was mainly fingering and some licking. This was actually having her brother’s penis in her pussy and he was going to bareback her and then fill her with spunk. My mouth started to water and I felt someone standing behind me, slowly rubbing his erection against my arse. I looked around: it was Graham, one of the guys chosen for me from the hat.

“I can’t wait to fuck you,” he whispered into my ear.

I didn’t answer. The truth was I was desperate for a hard cock in me, but I wanted to see Mark spunk in his sister before I did anything.

I carried on watching Mark as he massaged her clit with the tip of his dick and then one of the girls called out, “Just fuck her already.”

Mark looked at Faith, almost if he was asking permission one more time.

She looked back at him. “I want to feel you inside me,” she said loudly and then looked down at her brother’s dick, the tip just a centimetre from her cunt. She watched, we all watched, as Mark pushed the tip of his dick against her opening and watched his cock disappear as it slid all the way into her. He pulled it out and then drove it back in, repeatedly he fucked his sister.

Everyone stood round watching, guys massaging their hard dicks or squeezing the tits of the nearest girls. Graham continued to rub his hard on against my arse. He unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving me in a little bra and panties. He pushed a hand inside my knickers and started to massage my clit. Another pair of hands groped at my breast, freeing them from my crimson lacy bra and squeezing my nips. They were Chris hands. He was my second pick and I knew that before I left tonight, both he and Graham will have filled my with cum. And after that, maybe some of the others would to. Faith said there ws a good chance a couple of the others would want to have a bit of a poke when they’d finished with their girls. Just to try out the newby.

I stared as Mark picked up the pace and Faith moaned loudly.

“Fuck me Mark. Fuck your sister’s pussy,” she moaned.

“You’re real tight sis,” he replied, but didn’t stop.

Faith had already started cumming. Thick white liquid coating Mark’s long cock and dripping from his balls onto the floor.

“She loving getting fucked by her brother,” Graham whispered in my ear. “I’d love to fuck my sisters.”

“How old are they?”

“17 and 24,” he replied.

When Mark started groaning I knew he was about to cum. I’d been with enough blokes to know when they were on the verge of spunking.

“Fill her pussy,” Andy called out.

I was a little surprised to hear Andy urging Faith’s brothers to cum inside her. He was her boyfriend after all. It was all the encouragement Mark needed, he grunted and groaned and rammed his dick into her one last time and then he strained as squirt after squirt filled his sisters pussy.

“Thanks sis,” he mumbled. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you for years.”

She smiled. “You can spunk in me whenever you want,” she replied.

A couple of seconds later, Andy was on his knees and his dick was pushing against Faith’s pussy lips. He was going to fuck her and mix his cum with her brothers. Mark’s girlfriend was already licking his cock clean.

“Let’s fuck,” Graham Escort bayan Ankara said. I looked around and took him and Chris by the hand and let them to the sofa. Chris pulled my knickers down and started to lick my pussy. Graham kneaded my breast and stuck his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately. I was desperate for his cum and Chris’s.

I pushed Graham down onto the sofa next to Faith, his dick sticking up in the air. I straddled him. I was in control and he kept trying to force me down on to his cock.

“You really want to fuck me,” I said.

“I want my dick in your pussy,” he replied.

“Then call me a whore,” I ordered him. It just sort of came out, I guess I wasn’t getting any better. I needed to be fucked like a dirty slut.

“I want to fuck you whore.”

I noticed everyone was standing around and watching. Less than a meter away, on the other part of the sofa Andy had turned Faith over and was now fucking her from behind like a dog, although most eyes were on me. I impaled myself on Graham hard cock, and it slid easily inside me. I started to ride it fast, taking the whole length into me. He wasn’t very thick, but it was long and struck my cervix with each descent.

His Girlfriend stood to the side so she could see his dick sliding in and out of my dripping wet pussy. I felt Chris’s dick against my back. Chris’s girlfriend’s wasn’t here. She had no interest in party sex and she didn’t even know Chris had been coming to them for several years. At 37, he was the oldest guy here, but no where near the oldest guy who’d ever fucked me.

I turned my head to face his. He was massaging my shoulder and breast while Graham had his hands on my arse, trying to control the pace I was fucking him at.

“Fuck me in the arse,” I said. I hadn’t done much arse fucking, it hadn’t been my thing, but ever since the bouncer at the club had cum in my bum I couldn’t help thinking about doing it again. I stopped bouncing up and down on Graham’s dick and remained still as Chris slowly pushed his dick into my shithole. He wasn’t as big as Graham and he wasn’t very thick either, which was better for me.

“You’re a real whore,” Graham said.

I smiled and slowly raised myself up; pulling their dicks from my body before lowering myself again and sucking them back in.

Chris bit my ear, not hard but hard enough I almost cried out. “Your arse is so tight,” he whispered.

“Call me a slut.”

“You’ve got a tight arse for a slut,” he said.

That’s when Graham copped on and starting calling me dirty names. Slut, Whore, Salope, Cumpot, Filthy Bitch.

“She needs a cock in her mouth,” I heard Faith call out.

Suddenly, I had two different cocks to choose from.

“No, suck Andy’s,” Faith said.

Andy jumped up and ran around the sofa. He dangled his cock in front of me and I took it in my mouth. The taste of Faiths pussy juice and her brothers cum filled my mouth. I slowly started to ride my boys, drawing the cocks into me and then partially releasing them before my cunt and arse reclaimed them. I felt so dirty, I’d never had my three holes filled at the same time before and it sent me over the edge. My pussy and arse hole started to rhythmically clamp down on their hard cocks. It sent them both over the edge and they both started to cum inside me. Graham filling my cunt with hot spunk and Chris filling my arse. I still had Andy’s cock in my mouth.

“Fill her mouth with cum Andy,” Graham said and Chris echoed.

He pulled his dick out, leaving the tip just inside and started to furiously wank the base of his dick. I held the tip of his cock between my lips waiting for his cum. Hands continued to massage my tits and arse and Faith started to finger my pussy.

“I’m cumming,” he mumbled and pushed his dick further into my mouth. He pumped two big squirts of cum down the back of my throat before I could use my tongue to catch the rest in my mouth. One of the girls, Jenny, a beautiful dark haired girl in her mid 20s clamped her mouth to mine and we opened mouth kissed sharing Andy’s cum before swallowing half each.

I Bayan escort Ankara stood up and clean myself up with some baby wipes before sitting down in one of the armchairs. It was my turn to watch Jenny and Margot, our French girl, get fucked. Jenny had picked James and Margot had picked Jimmy and Warren. I was starting to think there was some cheating going on. I’d been talking to Jimmy shortly after I arrived and he was desperate to fuck Margot. He hadn’t had the opportunity before and he’d never fucked a French girl. Interestingly, the only other person who hadn’t already fucked Margot was Warren and what do you know, he was now filling her tight French pussy with his meaty cock.

I pretty much figured that Andy had arranged it all. Everyone wanted to see Faith fuck her brother and that’s exactly what came out of the hat. I wondered if Graham and Chris had asked Andy to sort it out so they got to fuck me. I wouldn’t surprise me, two of the oldest guys here with the youngest girl, me.

I didn’t participate much for the next hour and Faith came to see if I was ok. She was a little worried. I told her I’d just been thinking.

“About what?”

“You told me that you could arrange individual and smaller group things as well,” I said.

“Yes of course. Anyone here that you fancy? There are 5 more guys and 4 more girls in the club as well. They couldn’t come tonight but you can meet them as well.”

“I’d like to spend a night with you and Andy,” I said and saw her smile. “I want to make love with Margot if she does girls and I want to fuck with you and your brother.”

She smiled again. “We can do most of that. I’m not sure about Margot though. She does girls, but she’s very picky about whom.”

I watched Warren fucking Margot’s arse while she sucked Jimmy’s dick. Margot had a beautiful round arse, small breast and perfect skin. Warren saw me watching. I don’t know what he thought, but he must have thought I wanted him rather than Margot and he pulled his dick out of her arse, moved over towards me, grabbed my ankles -spreading my legs- and pulled my arse to the edge of the armchair.

He pushed his dick into my wet, spunk filled pussy and stared into my eyes as he fucked me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wanted to fuck Margot as he pounded away. I smiled a him as he slid his long fat cock into my cunt and i moaned soflty, “Fuck my pussy, fuck it hard.”

He increased his pace and rammed his cock in and out of me like i like it. He must have been close because in less than a minute he was spunking deep inside me. I couldn’t feel very much, he must have already cum in Margotn, at least twice, so all I got was a spot of warmth in my cunt a pair of lips clamped around my nipple.

The party wound down and everyone started to go home. Accept Warren and his girlfriend who stayed in the spare room. Andy and Faith asked me to spend the night with them. Andy couldn’t get an erection, he’d already fucked half a dozen times by the end of the evening, but he watched as Faith and I made love for about an hour.

The next morning I woke up with Andy’s cock inside my pussy for the first time since the club. Only this time he was bareback and filled me with hot sticky cum. He’d got the message as well and told me dozens of times what a slut and whore I was while he was fucking me. As he started to spunk he told me I was a dirty little cum slut. That was enough to send me over the edge and I shuddered to my first orgasm of the morning. The second was when Faith licked Andy’s cum from my cunt.

I showered at their place and took a taxi home. Faith asked me if I was looking for a job. They were looking for a girl to work the bar in the club. I said I’d think about it, but I already had a job.

She then told me that I could earn a lot of money at the club on extra’s.

“How?” I asked.

“When you get off work, some of the clients will ask you to join them in a private room. Normally it’s older couple, wives who want to watch their husbands fuck young girls.”


“And they pay. 3, 4 hundred pounds. Sometimes more.”

I told her I’d think about it and went home. I didn’t take the job. I was happy working with Lindsey and I pretty much figured that Faith and her friends would see to it I got all the sex I wanted and safely.

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